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Mini Refrigerators – Review and comparison in 2021

Ensuring the maintenance of fresh drinks and food in situations where there is no need or no space for a standard cooling device, the mini refrigerator is a product focused on efficiency and strictly practical principles. If you want to buy one for your car, office or home, and you are in a time crisis, we welcome you directly with two useful recommendations.Volltop DC-35P is the optimal solution for those who want to have at hand a high-performance model, with freezing function, average storage capacity and power supply both at the car socket and at 220V. Do you need a compact model, especially for the car space? We offer you as an alternative Waeco-Dometic CoolFreeze 31L CDF-36.

Comparative table

Refrigerator model designed for car use, in trucks, caravans, personal cars, which also allows power supply from the home electrical network, for trips or camping. It can also be used as a freezer, managing to reach and maintain an indoor temperature of up to -18oC.

The structure made of quality materials and the functions, superior to many models with the same volumetric capacity, make the price at which you can buy it quite high.

Premium version, medium size, able to keep frozen food even when the temperatures are high outside.

It offers a compact design, easy to store, with handles that allow comfortable transport and an average capacity of 31 liters. The cooling system and insulation allow you to maintain a temperature of up to -15oC, which means that you can also use it as a freezer, if needed.

It is one of the technical options that can only be powered by direct current from the car socket.

It is a model of portable, compact and efficient refrigerator, designed to be used by those who spend a lot of time in the car, whether we are talking about trucks or personal cars.

It is a technical version of mini bar type, with a capacity of 47 liters and a 4 liter freezer, suitable for hotel or home rooms, offices or homes where not much cooking is done. It works quietly and economically and allows you to adapt the opening direction of the door so that it fits easily in tight spaces.

It defrosts manually, so you will have to take care of its maintenance periodically to maintain its level of performance.

We recommend this model if you are looking for a cooling device that allows you to maintain a small amount of food and beverages in optimal conditions.

In-depth reviews about the best mini refrigerators

Do you need a small refrigerator for camping, long trips by car or for a studio limited in space? We offer you some selected models based on the feedback received from people who have already tested them.


Mini car refrigerator:

Volltop DC-35P

The best mini fridge Volltop DC-35P is a version of mini car refrigerator with refrigerated box structure, durable steel exterior, which offers better resistance to mechanical shocks than plastic, and spacious interior, with a capacity of 35 liters, considered average.

It is one of the versions designed to be powered by both direct current (12V / 24V) and alternating current, at 115 or 220V, which means that you can replace the car battery with a regular outlet, whenever you have the opportunity.

Cooling is done with the help of the compressor, and temperature management is easy, through an intuitive control panel with digital display. Because the system has enough power to maintain a temperature of up to -18 degrees inside, the device can also be used as a freezer. If you are wondering how well it behaves on hot summer days, we can tell you that it can maintain a difference of up to 40oC from the external environment.



Camry Auto and Home CR 8062

The best mini fridge The Camry CR 8062 model appeals to both your practical sense and aesthetic sensitivity, especially if you appreciate modern lines and metallic exterior. This time we are talking about a transparent glass door, which allows you to permanently see the stored food and drinks. The interior is lit and provided with a detachable shelf, and the temperature is maintained by the electronic thermostat and managed by the LCD panel, easy to handle.

It is a vertical model, with front door, and almost cubic design, offering a net capacity of 19 liters (medium to small) in a format with dimensions of 37.1 x 32 x 45.3 cm and weight of only 7.35 kg.

The insulation and the cooling system allow maintaining a temperature up to 20oC lower than the outside, and the comfortable handle helps you to open and close the door with hinges on the right. It can be used both as a portable mini refrigerator, with 12V DC power supply, and in the home, connected to the 230V AC socket.



Mini portable refrigerator:

Waeco-Dometic CoolFreeze 31L CDF-36

The best mini fridge Compact enough to be easily integrated into your personal car space and equipped with integrated handles for easy transport, this mini portable refrigerator from Waeco-Dometic is ideal for long trips and trips. It has a net capacity of 31 liters, in which you can easily store bottles or cans with your favorite drinks and food packages.

It works on the basis of a compressor and allows the power supply from the car battery, to direct current of 12 or 24V. The structure is of the refrigerated box type, with an opening at the top, and the interior is non-compartmentalized, in order to make the most of the space provided. The design includes LED interior light, to save energy, without sacrificing comfort and very good visibility.

You can use it both as a refrigerator and with the freezing function that allows maintaining a temperature of up to -15oC. The control panel is discreet and intuitive, with digital display, On / Off button and button for setting the temperature.



Mini fridge bar:

Heinner HMB-47NHBKA +

The best mini fridge Ideal for equipping hotel rooms, living rooms or studios limited in space, whose occupants usually eat in the city, this model of mini fridge bar perfectly complements modern spaces . It has a square format, with a black exterior and offers a capacity of 47 liters, efficiently organized. Thus, you have at your disposal a main compartment with a detachable shelf and two storage levels, and on the door two more spaces for bottles and cans. In addition, it includes a freezer with a capacity of 4 liters.

It works quietly, generating up to 41dB, so as not to disturb your sleep, and is part of the A + energy efficiency class, which means it helps you save energy.

It includes a thermostat controlled by a mechanical system, and the door is reversible, so you can fix it on any of the two sides you want, taking into account the structure of the space in which you will use the refrigerator. It defrosts manually and weighs only 13kg, being easy to move and transport.



Aro MF46W

The best mini fridge With small dimensions, only 44 x 50 x 47cm and total capacity of 46 liters, this version of mini bar fridge is very suitable in your home, if you need a small option to keep your favorite snacks cold and a few bottles of water or cans of juice. You can use it just as well for ice cream or ice cubes, because it includes a freezer with a capacity of 5 liters.

Inside, you also have at your disposal: main compartment with base and detachable shelf, plus the door with two shelves, one of which allows you to store large glass, 2 liters. The exterior is white, easily fitting into any kitchen, classic or modern, and integrating directly into the space of other rooms, without visually loading. The door is reversible, so it can be mounted on either side, as needed.

From an energy point of view, it is part of the A + class, consuming only 118Kwh per year.



Mini refrigerator with glass door:

Crown CM-68B

The best mini fridge If you need a refrigerator small enough not to take up much space, but large enough to store some food and drinks in it, we offer this option with a capacity of 68 liters. Its structure includes a box for vegetables and fruits, which you can take out if you consider it appropriate, a detachable glass shelf, with two levels of positioning, and a freezer with a capacity of 8 liters.

Because it is a mini refrigerator with a glass door, it does not include additional shelves on this component, but it offers you very good visibility inside, and the appearance obtained is modern and utilitarian.

Temperature control is provided by a mechanically managed thermostat, and in terms of consumption, we can tell you that it is a class A + model that uses an average of 149kWh per year. However, we draw your attention to the fact that it is not provided with an automatic defrost system, so you will have to take care of this aspect personally.



Star Light mini fridge:

Star-Light FTTV-81A +

The best mini fridge If you are used to cooking occasionally and you need a device that allows you to keep food cold for 1-2 people, we recommend this Star Light mini refrigerator, with a capacity of 81 liters. Inside you will find a spacious box for vegetables, fruits and vegetables, two glass shelves, detachable, and with several levels of placement, freezer and door with a shelf for eggs and two more for bottles, jars and cans.

It is therefore a roomy version, with a reversible door, which you can mount according to your preferences, so as to take up as little space as possible, and it is delivered together with an ice tray.

It has a height of 83.8cm, a width of 48cm and a depth of 56cm and is part of the energy class A +, generating an average annual consumption of 121kWh per year. The exterior is finished in white, to fit easily in small kitchens, without visually loading the space.



Mini fridge drink:

Husky Highcube HUS-HC 166 Coca-Cola

The best mini fridge If you want to equip the bar , shop, office or home with a mini fridge for beer, we recommend this version of the Husky Highcube brand, with transparent glass door and red exterior, customized Coca Cola, for extra color and energy.

It has a net capacity of 115 liters, and the interior is provided with 5 adjustable, durable shelves, made of metal. The door opens on the right, so place the device so you can take advantage of this feature, and it is provided with a handle. It has a height of 83.5cm, a width of 54.5cm and a depth of 56cm and works silently, generating up to 39dB.

It is an A + energy class model, with an average consumption of 110kWh per year and includes an automatic defrost system, which simplifies the maintenance process. The interior is illuminated so that you can easily view the contents, and temperature control is done mechanically, using a switch. You can store up to two crates of beer in it, the space being quite spacious both for half doses and bottles, as well as for 2 liter bottles.




Arctic mini fridge:

Arctic FB125 +

The best mini fridge You live alone and need a refrigerator, but you don’t want to invest in a model that is too big to consume energy unnecessarily? Try this variant of Arctic mini fridge, with a net capacity of 101 liters and the main compartment with two detachable shelves, a box for vegetables, greens and fruits, plus a roomy freezer with a capacity of 13 liters. For eggs, bottles and small jars, you have three more shelves mounted on the door.

The door is reversible, to allow mounting according to the requirements of the space, and in the accessories category you will receive an ice tray and egg holder. The device is equipped with interior light, adjustable thermostat to maintain the desired temperature and antibacterial filter.

It is a quiet version, generating up to 37dB and is part of the energy class A + models, with an average annual consumption of 169kWh. You can also use it to complete the main refrigerator, if you need more space to store food during the summer.



Buying guide

Mini refrigerators are cooling devices in small formats, designed to be used in small spaces or in situations where transportation is required outside the home. Although the purchase criteria are similar to those used for regular refrigerators, priorities change slightly.

The role of this guide is to help you choose quickly, a cheap and good mini refrigerator, suitable for the context of use , taking into account the size, capacity, strength, power supply and other relevant details.


The best mini fridge

Format and type of food: It is good to know that under the name of mini refrigerator you can find in stores several types of devices, slightly different: car models, mini bar options, refrigerators for drinks and classic models for the home, built in small format.

Those in the first category will definitely offer you the possibility of direct current supply (12 – 24V) and are available in refrigerated box type (with opening above) or mini bar (with front door and one or two shelves).

The option you choose depends on how you place the device. For example, if you place it in the trunk of the car, you will have easier access to a box-type model than to a version with a vertical door. Some models also include the possibility of connecting to the standard socket of the house, with integrated transformer or available as an accessory.

The mini bar versions already have the well-known format and structure with at least 1 inner shelf, vegetable box and, in some cases, space for the freezer, although you will also find options with shelves, designed especially for storing drinks. Refrigerators designed for the home, but small in size, also include door shelves and special compartments (for eggs, bottles, etc.).


Capacity: The category of car versions includes models with a capacity between 10.5 and 106 liters, the largest being dedicated to trucks, caravans, etc.

For a standard personal car, we recommend, depending on the space available, to go for a mini refrigerator, at a good price, of maximum 35-40 liters. It gives you enough space to store soft drinks and some necessary food on the way. There are tall and thin models, or wide and lower, so carefully evaluate the dimensions and measure the space in the car in order to frame the device as efficiently as possible.

In the case of the mini bar, it is about a storage capacity, generally between 10 and 45 liters, and design that falls below the height of 55 – 56 cm, designed to be placed, if necessary, inside a standard chest of drawers. . Most have a cubic design, but there are also tall and thin or low and wider versions, which allow adaptation to the intended space.

For those concerned with the models of mini refrigerators, at good prices, in the category of those intended for the home, we mention the fact that they generally offer a capacity of 60 to 105-110 liters. Above this level, we already fall into the category of regular, medium and large refrigerators.


Cooling power: Some models of mini refrigerators, cheap and good, will tell you directly what temperature they can maintain inside – the most common between -15 and +10 o C – in certain conditions of the external environment. Others will indicate how many degrees they can reduce the temperature inside than outside. Most can maintain a difference of up to 20 o C from the outside, and the best, which fall into the category of freezers, are able to create differences of up to 40 – 50 o C.

In order to orient yourself correctly, it is good to know that in order to keep well, food in the refrigerator is exposed to temperatures between 1 and 7oC, kept constant, and freezing involves between -15 and -23oC.


Energy efficiency class:Regardless of whether you choose a version of a mini fridge at a good price, for your car or for your home, we recommend that you look for a model that uses energy as efficiently as possible. The options available in stores cover, depending on the brand, the classes from D to A +++, D being the least efficient, and A +++ the best, but also more expensive. For an average budget, we recommend a minimum A + option, especially if you buy it for frequent use.


The best mini fridge

Compartmentation and endowment: The refrigerated crate versions can be with a single compartment – which allow you complete freedom to manage the space, but also a little less order, or divided into several areas.

In the case of mini bars and small refrigerator options for the home, you have to think if you want a variant designed especially for drinks, only with shelves, or you prefer a traditional structure with fewer detachable shelves, but with freezing area, for 5 to 15 liters capacity, box for vegetables or fruits, egg holder on the door, etc.

Some versions have glass doors, which allow viewing the contents, but insulate the interior less well, but most have a compact door. All include a thermostat with mechanical or digital control system.


Frequent questions

Is it worth investing in a used mini fridge?

Refrigerators are really among the products that you can buy quite easily online, because the replacement period has been reduced quite a bit in recent years. We recommend that you use this source if you have moved into a home, or live with rent and it is not the case to invest in a high-performance mini refrigerator model. From a financial point of view, you can get a price up to 30-40% lower than a new product.


The best mini fridge

How does a mini car refrigerator work?

The operation of such a product is very simple. It is placed in the trunk or in any space that allows safe and comfortable placement and connects to the car socket, directly or through a transformer. The best mini refrigerators work both at 12V and 24V direct current, as well as at alternating current, allowing the power supply from the home electricity network.


Which is better on the long road, the mini fridge or the car refrigerator?

For those who plan to use the device to keep food safe and cold drinks, during long trips, many opinions about the best mini refrigerators recommend the refrigerator box options.

The main advantage it offers is the free space where you can arrange sandwiches and bottles of water or juice as you want, so that you can take advantage of every inch. In addition, because it opens from above, you can fill it to the brim without worrying that the products will overturn when you want to take something from the inside.



Top 5 situations in which a mini refrigerator will be useful

The small size of this type of product is both its main advantage and an obvious weakness, depending on how it is used. Want to buy a mini fridge and don’t know if it’s an inspired choice? Check below if you fall into situations where such a product is the optimal choice .


The best mini fridge

Long car journeys

Regardless of whether you set off with a small car, caravan, bus or truck, you can’t carry a regular refrigerator with you. Mini refrigerators are therefore the only realistic options that can help you take healthy food and hydration fluids with you, without fear of spoiling or heating.


Student life

You just moved into the home and you’re not too sure about the common refrigerator on the floor? You can go for a mini version, which you can include in the room, without eating too much space, maybe even under the table or desk – in the area where you don’t need space for your feet, or near a wall covered with shelves in the upper part. You can use it to keep some good portions of food, the best mini refrigerators giving you enough space for something to drink and enough pans, plus an area of at least 30 x 30cm that you can use as a bedside table.


Studio with small area

If you live alone in a small studio, but convenient for the price, you can save space by choosing a mini refrigerator. These products are available in several sizes and storage capacity, so you can easily choose a model that gives you enough space for food, without taking up too much space on the ground.


The best mini fridge

Living room or baby’s room

For those who live in large homes, whether they are oversized apartments or one-story houses, it can sometimes be awkward to walk to the kitchen every time they want a snack or a glass of water. The mini fridge can also prove to be a life-saving solution, completing the main cooling device. Juices, beer, peanuts, ice cream, pretzels or cakes – everything you want to have at hand, you can put in a smaller model, located either in the living room, or even in the child’s room or in the guest room. But don’t forget that the best mini fridge for storage in such rooms is a quiet one.


Hotels, pensions and bars

The mini fridge is a “must-have” feature in hotel or guesthouse rooms that respect their customers, and the format with glass door and interior with many shelves is very helpful in cafes and bars, to keep drinks served cold. .

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