The best mixed hob for a better kitchen experience

Mixed hobs – Review and comparison in 2021

Mixed hobs are a good solution for people who want to have more heat sources when it comes to food preparation. We have studied the offers from the online stores and we welcome you with a list that includes the most interesting options. If you don’t have enough time to go through it head-to-tail, find out thatElectrolux EGD6576NOK is in first place. This product is a built-in hob, equipped with four cooking zones, two with induction and two with gas, which offers you many functions that will be very helpful and has dimensions of 59 x 52 cm. If you want to see another variant, the second position is occupied by Bosch PSY6A6B20 .

Comparative table

It is a built-in hob, with an elegant design and easy to integrate in any kitchen, which provides two areas with induction and two with gas, in order to adapt the cooking process according to preferences. It has a lot of useful functions that will give you a pleasant experience.

To be able to use induction burners you need special dishes, which will involve an additional cost, if you do not already have such pans.

If what you are looking for is a mixed gas and induction hob, this model could be an interesting and very helpful option.

This hob is very appreciated especially by lovers of gas flame cooking, because it has three such burners, but it is also equipped with one on electricity, in case there are certain dishes for which you want to use such a source. It looks great, being a built-in model and has many useful key features.

There is only one cooking area that runs on electricity, so you can’t use two such heat sources at the same time.

You have three gas burners and one electricity burner, to use the heat source you prefer the most.

It is the choice of people who want a mixed version, which works with electricity, because there are two induction cooking zones and two with ceramic hobs. The cooking process of the food is easy to adapt according to the needs and the dishes available, and everything will be prepared safely and in a short time.

You do not have gas burners, if you are a fan of such a heat source, but everything works only electrically, with areas on induction and glass ceramic.

This hob is a mixed, ceramic and induction hob, which is simple to use, offers safety and helps you cook quickly.

In-depth reviews about the best mixed hobs

The list below includes some popular products from the online environment. This will make it easier for you to make a wise choice.

Mixed induction and gas hob

Electrolux EGD6576NOK

The best mixed hob for a better kitchen experience

This product from Electrolux is a mixed hob, induction and gas, which is appreciated by people who want to cook in a way as diverse as possible, but also safe, depending on the chosen heat source. You have two large burners and two smaller ones available, one for each source, so that you can choose the right one according to the size of the cooking pot, but also according to the speed you want.

Regarding the cooking areas, the large burners can be adjusted in such a way as to offer a power of 2.7-3.3 kW, and the normal ones 1.9-2.5 kW. There are useful functions such as: automatic shut-off, timer, child protection, residual heat indicator, protection against gas leaks. The control of the hob is done with the help of touchscreen buttons for the induction and mechanical part, regarding the gas burners.

This model of cooker is a built-in one. It measures 59 x 52 cm and weighs 11.5 kg. It is black, easy to clean and is powered by a 1.1 meter long cable.


Bosch mixed hob

Bosch PSY6A6B20

The best mixed hob for a better kitchen experience

This product is a Bosch mixed hob, with four burners, three of them running on gas, so having an open flame, and one with electricity, in case you want everything to be a little safer. You can juggle them at any time, depending on the fuel available and how quickly you want to prepare food.

No, it’s not a Bosch mixed gas and induction hob, but a gas and ceramic hob. You do not need special cooking utensils, but you can use what you already have. There are a number of key features in this model that are worth mentioning: Flame Select (allows precise adjustment of flame intensity), individual cast iron supports (for stability and easy handling), electric ignition, residual heat indicator and control with mechanical panel .

In terms of the power provided by this hob, it will be between 1800 and 5750 W, depending on the burners used and how many are turned on at the same time. This product is a built-in one, so it measures everything very well, and has dimensions of 56 x 49 x 3 cm. It weighs 11 kg and has a power cable 1 meter long.


Mixed induction hob and ceramic hob

Electrolux EHG6341FOK

The best mixed hob for a better kitchen experience

Electrolux EHG6341FOK is a mixed induction hob and vitroceramic. It has a total of four cooking zones, two of them with induction and two ceramic hobs. For those with classic energy, you can use any type of dishes, for the others you will need special pans. But you have safety, because in the case of the latter, only the pot / pan in which you cook will be heated, not the area.

This hob can provide a maximum power of 9.1 kW, if all four meshes are turned on. Large burners can reach between 2.5 and 3.7 kw, the normal 1.7 kW and the small 1.2 kW. You can adjust the heat intensity in 9 steps, to adopt everything as you need. The useful functions present are the following: fast heating, child safety, automatic shutdown, audible warning, timer and residual heat indicator.

The dimensions of this hob are as follows – 59 x 52 cm. The total weight is 9.58 kg. The model is a built-in one and is easy to install. It is black in color and can be cleaned very easily. You do not have cooking zones with gas burners available.


AEG HK634150XB

The best mixed hob for a better kitchen experience

If you want to buy a mixed hob, at a good price, it is possible that this choice will make you smile, if what you need is a cooking appliance that has both vitroceramic and induction zones, for a simpler adaptation of the process. food preparation.

For induction you have two meshes of different sizes, to use the one you need more. They need special vessels to drive the electromagnetic field and are cold when the pan rises from the fire. The ceramic hob areas are also two, one smaller and one larger, depending on the needs. In total, the power used can be up to 9.8 kW.

This hob is very easy to clean, its surface being made of glass. The settings are controlled using the touchscreen control panel. You have present functions such as: automatic shutdown, child protection, timer, audible warning at the end of the program and residual heat indicator. 57.6 x 51.6 x 5.5 cm are the dimensions, and the model is a built-in one.


Electrolux mixed hob

Electrolux EGE6182NOK

The best mixed hob for a better kitchen experience

Many of those looking for the best mixed hobs turn their attention to Electrolux, this brand being famous for the fact that it manufactures such items of very good quality. This is also proven by the product we are talking about now. It is a built-in model, which you can easily integrate in your kitchen, being black.

This cooker provides you with three areas with gas burners. These are of different sizes, so you can use the right one depending on the size of the dish, but also the speed with which you want to prepare certain foods. Each eye is equipped with an individual grill, which leads to a simple and quick cleaning. You also have a cooking area with electricity, glass ceramic, in case the gas supply is turned off or you simply prefer such a choice.

This Electrolux mixed hob has a mechanical control panel, placed on the side. The gas mesh ignites electrically and there is the function of automatic power off, in case the flame is accidentally extinguished. The product measures 58 x 51 cm and weighs 9.2 kg. The power supply to the electricity source is made with a cable that is 1.1 meters long.


Mixed plate Gorenje

Gorenje KC631UUSC

The best mixed hob for a better kitchen experience

Have you seen this Gorenje hob? It is appreciated primarily thanks to the fact that it will allow you to prepare food both gas and electric, having in this sense three cooking areas with flame and one that works with electricity (glass ceramic). No special dishes are needed to use it, but you can use the classic ones you are used to.

The three burners have grills on top, for a good stability of the pan in which the food is prepared. Two of them use a larger grille, which covers both, the third is separate. This facilitates the sanitation process. This is simple and due to the fact that the hob is made of safety glass, a smooth surface.

To turn on / off the power supply, the control panel is placed on the side, so that you are always at hand. The electric cooking zone has a residual heat indicator to know when it has cooled. You can’t use very large pots on it, because space is limited by gas mesh grills. The size of this hob is 59.5 x 51 x 10.1 cm, and the weight is 10 kg.


Built-in mixed hob

Hansa BHMI61414030

The best mixed hob for a better kitchen experience

The presence of the mixed, built-in hob is a favorite model for people who want to cook with both gas and electricity. It has the great advantage of the fact that it does not require special dishes, but you can cook in classic pans, and it has both standard burners, with individual grills, and disc type.

To use gas as a heat source, you have two meshes available, one larger, one smaller. For the ceramic hob, you also have two cooking areas, also with different maximum dimensions. The control of the settings is easily done, through a control panel placed on the side. The present functions are: automatic closing of the gas in case the flame is extinguished, self-ignition and residual heat indicator.

In total, this mixed hob, at a good price, measures 57.5 x 50.5 x 4.8 cm and weighs 10 kg. It is black, looking good in any kitchen. It is very easy to clean, thanks to the secure glass surface it has on the outside, but also to the individual grills that are easy to detach.


Electrolux KGM64311X

The best mixed hob for a better kitchen experience

If you do not have a very large budget and you want to buy a mixed hob, cheap and good, our recommendation is Electrolux KGM64311X. It is an incorporable variant, which is inserted in the kitchen worktop, with dimensions of 564 x 510 mm. It is gray, it is made of stainless steel, which is why you have to clean it in time and carefully, in order to keep its appearance for a long time, and it has two grills to support the cooking utensils.

This hob is equipped with three gas burners to quickly cook the necessary food, but also with an area that uses electricity. For all stitches you can use the same vessels, there are no special requirements in this regard.

To make the necessary settings, you have at the bottom a mechanical control panel, intuitive, which will allow you to adjust the intensity of the flame. Ignition is done automatically, if it is connected to an energy source, without the need for matches or other such elements. For increased safety during cooking on gas areas, the power is turned off automatically if the flame is accidentally extinguished.


Buying guide

If you want to cook in as diverse a way as possible when it comes to the heat source used, a good option is to choose a mixed hob, which can have a certain number of gas burners and another on induction, induction and electric or gas and electricity. How do you choose such products? We will tell you the following:

The best mixed hob for a better kitchen experience

Installation type : The first time, when you buy mixed, cheap and good hobs, you must clearly consider how to install this appliance. On the market you will find two types of models:

Built-in – they look very nice and elegant after being installed, they fit perfectly in the intended place, they take up less space, but they are more difficult to install and more expensive from a financial point of view.

Classic – are those variants that are easily installed, because they are models that should not be embedded in the countertop. They are slightly larger and often do not look so elegant.

Heat source : The purchase of mixed hobs, at good prices, also requires special attention to the heat sources used, to know if you will be able to use the appliance as you wish. Here are your options:

Electrica – is preferred by people who want a safe to use and affordable. These options are easy to clean because the surface is glossy, but they are more sensitive and can be damaged more easily. In this case, the cooking areas are harder to heat and the energy consumption is higher.

On gas – it gives you the great advantage of the fact that it heats up very quickly, the flame is easy to adjust and it is not pretentious in terms of cooking dishes. But it is not safe when it comes to homes with children and there is no possibility to set an exact temperature.

On induction – it is a very safe heat source, because it only heats the pot, not the cooking area. The temperature is maintained constantly, without fluctuations. The big problem here is that special vessels are needed, which have slightly higher prices than normal ones.

Technical characteristics : The best mixed hob should not be purchased until you are very well informed about a series of more technical details:

Burner type – these elements of a hob can be in standard form, with grills or disc. The first category are found in gas models and help to heat the dishes quickly, the disc type are present either on the surface or under the glass and allow a faster and more efficient cleaning.

Number of cooking areas – usually a two-burner stove should suffice, as it rarely happens that more than one is needed. More often, however, there are options with four elements of this kind, which have the advantage that you can choose the power of the burner.

Burning dimensions – here we refer both to the physical size and to the power that a certain area gives. You will find this information in the list that includes the characteristics of a product.

Control panel – can be electric or mechanical. The first looks very elegant and is found in glass-ceramic and induction models, the others, most of the time, are present in the gas variants.

Key features : When you want to buy a Ariston, Bosch, Whirlpool or another brand mixed hob, there are a series of details that, if present, can improve your experience:

Electric ignition – it’s a plus because it is not necessary to use another source of energy, if you have a hob that works on gas.

Child safety – a function that allows the buttons to be locked so that they are not accidentally pressed by the little ones.

Residual heat indicator – this is a feature that will help you figure out very easily which cooking area is still hot.

Touch control – a simple, elegant and fast way to make the necessary settings.

Dimensions : The size of a hob must be chosen carefully, especially when talking about built-in models, because they fit into cut-out spaces and must fit perfectly. For classic models, this is not such an important detail, but even here everything must be measured well, so as not to have unpleasant surprises.

The dimensions are very different, especially when we talk about the number of burners. The more cooking areas such a product has, the more generous its sizes will be.

The best mixed hob for a better kitchen experience

We have presented above the most important selection criteria. They will help you form opinions about the best mixed hobs and opt for the perfect option for your kitchen.

If you want to quickly see a wide range of products, online stores are at your disposal.

Frequent questions

How to cook induction on a mixed hob?

If you bought a mixed Hotpoint, Bosch, Beko etc. and it also has induction burners, you have to do the same as for any cooker with such areas. On the induction burners you use only special pots, set the power level and prepare everything you want at will.

The best mixed hob for a better kitchen experience

What kind of containers are used to cook on the hob?

It depends a lot on the type of device. It is one thing to have a mixed Beko hob with ceramic hob and gas, in which case you can use any cooking utensils that are normally used and another is for your appliance to have induction burners, in which case special pots are needed, with base that is compatible with such a source.

How energy efficient is a mixed hob?

If you choose to buy a mixed induction and gas hob, you should know that you will enjoy as little consumption as possible. Induction variants are famous for their low consumption, but also for the fact that they do not waste energy unnecessarily, but only heat the area where the food is prepared. The gas ones are also appreciated, because they provide heat quickly and the food is cooked in the shortest possible time.

Therefore, they will be very efficient and you will have a consumption as low as possible.

3 arguments to use the mixed hob

More and more people opt for a mixed induction and gas hob Whirlpool, Beko, Electrolux, Bosch, etc., or another variant that combines two types of fuel, because such choices have a number of advantages. Here are some of the most important:

The best mixed hob for a better kitchen experience

If one of the power supplies is not available, you can use the other

If the hob you have uses gas in some cooking areas and electricity in others (vitroceramic or induction), in the event that one of the sources is not available, you can use the other to freely cook everything you want. .

You don’t necessarily need special pots every time

Regardless of the combination of fuels used, the only option that needs special pans is induction. If you do not have available or at hand a cooking vessel specially designed for this, you can always use the classic dishes on the other areas, which use gas or electricity.

You can choose what gives you security at a given time

Among gas, induction and electricity, the safest option is induction, because with its help only the pot is heated, not the cooking area, which means that the hob will not stay hot when cooking.

Then, between gas and electricity, the safest option is electricity, because there is no open flame.

That being said, you can choose what types of burners to use, if safety is a priority for you, because you have children around.

The best mixed hob for a better kitchen experience

These are the reasons why you should consider purchasing one option or another. And, if you want a cooker as complex as possible, you can also try a stove with a mixed hob and electric oven.

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