The best multifunctional vegetable slicer

Multifunctional Graters – Review and comparison in 2021

From turning Parmesan into powder to squeezing citrus and slicing potatoes, grators have different functions. Indispensable in our kitchens, they help us to perfect our culinary art. Thus, in order to find the right one, it seems necessary to focus first on the design, on the manufacturing materials and on the utility of the instrument. Among the proposals on the market,Borner Germany V5 5052001   is our first recommendation. It offers more efficient cutting possibilities thanks to its 3.5 and 7 mm stainless steel blades, it has a hand protection system and a side button for adjusting the cutting thickness, which allows the plates to be pushed forward / backward. The height-adjustable blades offered several different cuts: slices and sticks of various thicknesses and cubes. If you do not find this model, then you can call Vanora Home 5949088541 .

Comparative table

This is a pleasant to use grater, easy to assemble, with easy-to-change blades and really effective for every type of food. It is very easy to clean and maintain, and in terms of storage it takes up very little space.

It becomes a bit more complicated when it comes to preparing diced vegetables. Some users had to resort to videos with instructions or tutorials provided by the manufacturer, because the use did not seem very intuitive.

The Borner V5 grater is a good choice for people who want to cut fruits and vegetables quickly and easily. The ability to change the plate and thickness will allow you to get different results, with an impact on the menu.

By paying a very small amount, you can enjoy a multifunctional kitchen tool, efficient, durable and very easy to use. With Vanora Home graters you will be able to prepare dishes with cut or grated ingredients evenly and quickly.

When you hurry, any moment lost just for the sake of nostalgia will seem like an eternity. With this classic model, you must act carefully, so as not to risk seriously injuring your hands in sharp grills.

This model is recommended for lovers of multifunctional kitchen utensils and is also suitable for people who prefer to use manual equipment. The grater benefits from an easy to clean and store design.

The grater is a multifunctional device with which you can grind, grate or grind ingredients of different consistencies to help you prepare the most refined menus. It is also compact and robust, saving space.

Some users draw attention to the rather high noise level, and sometimes signal a low efficiency in terms of roots, which can be crushed rather than julienne cut.

If you want an electric grater with which you can cut or shave a wide range of ingredients, including cheese, then you can go for the Caso Design CR3X. But you must also consider the slightly higher price you have to pay.

In-depth reviews about the best multifunctional graters

If you do not know what products are available on the market and are very successful, and you do not have time to look for a lot of information, you can be inspired by the list of products prepared by us based on opinions about the best multifunctional scrapers.

Borner Germany V5 5052001

The best multifunctional vegetable slicer This plastic grater is held during use by a handle large enough for the hand to fit snugly. Two non-slip feet prevent the device from sliding on the worktop. The German brand model is supplied with 3 interchangeable blades, one for cutting, the second for the manufacture of 3.5 mm julienne sticks and the third for 7 mm juliennes. The device can also supply cubes.

Stainless steel blades are extremely sharp. There are 5 positions to adjust the height of the blades and, therefore, the cuts: very thick slices, thick slices, thin slices, very thin slices and “child safety”. It also has a sharp pusher that is attached to vegetables or fruits and allows you to cut them to the end, without risking injury.

A simple pass through a jet of warm water is enough for cleaning. With a sponge (obviously, pay attention to the cutting direction), you can sanitize the plates without problems. The body of the grater has no grooves in which the food could be caught.


Beper BP.400

The best multifunctional vegetable slicer With this multifunctional electric grater you can perform a lot of essential activities in the kitchen. This powerful tool (430 W) can process many types of food, from vegetables and fruits to chocolate, cheese or spices.

In addition, the device is also versatile due to the three interchangeable steel cones. The first is for shaving or grinding, but also for poultry prepared food. The second will help you cut julienne vegetables and fruits, such as carrots or zucchini. The third is suitable for cutting vegetable rings or rings. A spacious feeding tube ensures a consistent flow of ingredients, so you can finish the job right away.

Its neat and refined design minimizes the space occupied in the kitchen. In addition, when you are not using the device, you can disassemble it to save more space. The washing of the components is done without notable efforts. Many people are seduced by its appearance and format. In a metallic stainless steel color, combined with black plastic, this robot easily fits into the kitchen decor and offers a touch of modernity.


Manual multifunctional graters

Vanora Home 5949088541

The best multifunctional vegetable slicer At first glance, its aesthetics determine us to consider this model of classic grater. The hexagonal shape and its green color will make you feel good in the kitchen. In addition, the product with the dimensions of 14 x 12 x 33 cm is made of stainless steel, an alloy that does not rust and does not deform over time.

A plastic handle covered with rubber facilitates its maintenance, but also ensures safety and comfort of use. Thanks to this element, the user can initiate fast and precise movements without much effort. The base is covered with silicone inserts, which ensure a good adhesion of the device on the work surface.

This accessory allows you to act on a very large number of foods. Indeed, it offers 6 cutting or shaving thicknesses. Its users can choose between sliced, or delicately shaved, coarse, fine and ultra-fine. These alternatives indicate a wide range of uses. When you want nuggets or bigger pieces, use one of the sides. The other veneers are used for finer results.


Bohman BH02-521

The best multifunctional vegetable slicer This Bohmann kitchen grater is a practical, high-quality tool. In particular, it helps you to quickly and easily slice fruits and vegetables so that you can make ultra-fast salads. This model is suitable for use in the kitchen or even at the table. Easy to clean, just washed with a sponge. All blades are detachable.

With this multifunctional model, you can choose between different shapes: thick or thin slices and juliennes of 3.5 or 7 mm, which improves and gives a special style to your plate. For this, the 13 x 14 x 41 cm grater has 3 different interchangeable V-shaped blades, which can be stored in the special box delivered in the package.

Easy to use, this grater has a safety system that limits the risk of cutting yourself into sharp blades. This device is also safe to use: the non-slip folding feet keep it stable while the food guide protects your hand.


Buz 522

The best multifunctional vegetable slicer This multifunctional grater, at a good price, of 12.5 x 4.5 x 4.5 cm has 7 interchangeable blades that allow different cuts: 2 for chopping cubes, 14 and 7 mm, 1 with grill, 2 razor blades of 3 and 4 mm, 1 2 mm slicing blade and a waffle blade.

Remember, the blades are very sharp. Therefore, you must operate the food only with the help of the safety device, and the grater must be kept away from children. Also, the package contains an egg separator and a squeegee with which you can detach the fragments caught in the blade.

It has a collecting vessel, which is very practical for recovering vegetables or fruits cut into cubes, strips or julienne. You can then keep them in the refrigerator, or store in this container all the grater accessories for easier storage. To the accessories, add a drainer, in which you can leave the fruits and vegetables after washing them.


Instastyle Multi Salad Chef

The best multifunctional vegetable slicer This multifunctional grater, cheap and good, will help you prepare or store the most complex salads in the blink of an eye: greens, vegetables, fruits, cheese or ham will mix their flavors quickly before meals. The device includes 13 elements, each with its role in gastronomic activity.

You can use the special device to peel fruits or vegetables. There are other suitable blades for slicing, cutting into cubes or shaving them. For cubes, for example, there are 6 different variants of side sizes: 6, 12, 18, 36 mm, as well as 2 other double accessories of 4 or 8 pieces. The V-shaped grater is also provided with a protective support.

The device is equipped with a resistant and transparent bowl with a capacity of 1.5 liters, in which you can prepare salads and which you can store in the refrigerator, hermetically sealed with the sliding lid. Interchangeable stainless steel blades can be easily cleaned under running water.


Electric multifunctional graters

CR3X Design Case

The best multifunctional vegetable slicer With this multifunctional electric grater, lovers of raw foods and vegetables can make daily activities in the kitchen much easier. The device, which is equipped with a powerful 220 W motor, chops very well and bears fruit and, according to the manufacturer Caso, is also suitable for shaving / grinding nuts or chocolates, for example, and can be used as a practical baking aid.

The ingredients are shredded into several forms: coarse or finer vegetable sticks, the so-called “Julienne”. Alternatively, vegetables and fruits can be sliced or diced. The powerful engine ensures that the grater does not have to capitulate even to tougher foods such as carrots.

Blade tubes are made of stainless steel and therefore do not pick up odors or dyes from processed foods. If you want, you can put them in the dishwasher for easier cleaning, but experts generally advise against this procedure. The diameter of the inserts is 75 millimeters, and the product weighs less than a kilogram. In terms of footprint, it is also quite small, Caso having the dimensions of 14 x 23 cm, with a height of approximately 30 cm. The height is about 30 centimeters. This means that you have enough space left for the larger bowls under the ejection nozzle.


Blaupunkt Sjh501

The best multifunctional vegetable slicer Although the Blaupunkt SJH501 stainless steel juicer is heavier than the plastic one (4.5kg), it is stronger and more durable. Not only does it look spectacular in any kitchen, but it also gives the appliance the necessary stability in making juice or grating vegetables.-

The 2-in-1 appliance (juicer and grater) is equipped with a pusher for the safe immersion of vegetables and fruits in the blades of the device. It greatly simplifies the process of preparing juice and salad and protects the hands from wounds. Injuries caused by accidental starting of the appliance are no longer frightening to you or your children, due to the “accidental start protection” function. The mechanism will not start until you close the cover firmly and press the corresponding button.

Two speed modes of the product (70 and 120 rpm) will allow you to quickly and efficiently prepare a drink or salad of fresh fruits or vegetables. The first way is to prepare a drink from soft foods, such as bananas or tomatoes, and the second from solid foods such as pineapples, carrots, etc. All the juice that the juicer makes is collected in a separate 1000 ml container. With such a capacity, you can prepare a tasty and healthy drink for a large group of friends simultaneously. The device also has 2 stainless steel scrapers.


Concept ES1000

The best multifunctional vegetable slicer The Concept ES1000 grater has 5 sets of stainless steel blades. Here’s how you can use them: you can cut thin slices, for example cucumbers, or thicker slices (leeks, tomatoes, lemons, etc.). With the julienne blade you can cut beets or other vegetables into thin strips such as match sticks. You have a rough grater for onions or cheese, another, finer, with which you can grate horseradish without shedding tears. The resistance piece cuts potatoes for frying.

It has an ingenious safety locking system to start cutting only when the grater is fully mounted. The product is equipped with suction cups at the bottom that hold the 200 W electric car in place while you work.

It can be easily disassembled, so that you can clean the stainless steel and plastic parts that come into contact with food.


Livoo DOP192

The best multifunctional vegetable slicer DOP192 is a multifunctional grater at a good price, with a power of 200 W, equipped with 4 interchangeable cones to allow you to grate cheese, but also vegetables or spices, depending on your wishes. The 4 blades that you can change as you wish, will allow you to get results by scraping in a finer or larger format, as well as to cut or grind ingredients.

Very easy to use, you just need to place the right cone for the desired operation, arrange the cheeses or vegetables in the transparent tube and activate the only operating button present.

The grater also has a pusher that will make your use even easier, allowing you to easily recover food after cutting. As a bonus, its 4.5 cm wide compartment will allow you to cut the toughest vegetables. This electric device covered in stainless steel will fit wonderfully in your kitchen.



Buying guide

Before you start buying the best multifunctional grater, you need to know very well the small details that could make the difference between the devices that interest you the most. To do this, you need to consider the most important parameters to guide and motivate your choice:

Types: Manual vegetable grater: it was once considered the classic vegetable grater. Despite the evolution of the world and technology, it remains just as useful today because it does not require the use of electricity. This is the type that camping lovers and those who prefer traditional cuisine naturally prefer.

Electric grater: As the name suggests, the electric model requires connection to a power source. However, it is undoubtedly more comfortable, in the sense that it is much safer and much faster. Some models even offer hands-free mode with many options to facilitate your work and to perfect your culinary talent.

The best multifunctional vegetable slicer

Japanese grater: Unlike the classic grater, the Japanese one is made of plastic, not stainless steel, but it proves to be very solid, while providing maximum safety due to the pusher that protects you from wounds caused by blades. With a specific design, it is also very simple to use and very light, offering good cutting performance. In other words, the Japanese grater is mandatory in any kitchen, and the proof is its use by great chefs.

Tupperware Grater : Tupperware grater or storage basket contains, unlike conventional ones, a container with a variable capacity depending on the model, to be able to store food directly after it has been cut. The basket can also be used to store various utensils (blades, plates, etc.) of the grater, so that it can be more easily stored in a kitchen cabinet.

Accessories: Nowadays, scrapers perform more functions than their predecessors a few years ago. Some multifunctional models include, as already mentioned, a recovery container. This is extremely convenient, as it allows you to permanently separate from the wood choppers (bottoms). Cut or grated food goes directly into the bowl and you just have to prepare or store it.

Another interesting feature (especially for confectioners or pastry chefs) is the egg separator. It is a small accessory that allows the recovery of the egg white, while preserving the yolk. With this accessory, you will certainly not get rid of egg whites in yolks (or vice versa), which could mean compromising the menu and wasting ingredients.

Some models also have a cut-resistant glove. The accessory brings a significant increase in safety, because the razor blades can and must be very sharp. Some products also included a fruit and vegetable peeler.

The best multifunctional vegetable slicer

Blades: As a general rule, it is recommended to choose blades that are resistant, safe and immune to rust and collisions. Therefore, the best option is stainless steel, regardless of the type of grater you choose. Indeed, due to its special strength, this material is very practical. In particular, it can be washed in the dishwasher without the risk of rusting or leaving metal fragments in food.

Regarding the number of blades, it varies depending on the targeted operations and the dimensions of the results. You can buy multifunctional scrapers, cheap and good, with different blades for various sizes of cubes, julienne or washers.

BPA content: BPA or bisphenol-A is a chemical that is not only not beneficial, but is even harmful to health. However, you can easily find it in plastic, because it is used to strengthen and shape it. Therefore, if your body is particularly sensitive to this type of product or if you simply want to avoid the compound, make sure that the chosen product is completely free of BPA, for a clean menu.

Cleaning: Without being an essential criterion, compatibility with the dishwasher remains an essential parameter for a better comfort of use. It’s fun to hurry by cutting or shaving food, but cleaning the grater is another matter, because sometimes it will turn out not as easy as you thought.

It is undeniably advantageous to buy a detachable model that can be inserted in the dishwasher, for a remarkable saving of time. Hence the need to opt for stainless steel blades.

Comfort and safety:To use the grater properly, you must meet a minimum of comfort in use. To do this, check, on the one hand, the safety during use and, on the other hand, the ergonomics of the design. In terms of safety, most graters have a pusher that avoids any risk of cutting; if necessary, consider wearing a special glove.

The best multifunctional vegetable slicer

To better guide you on how to buy the best tool for as little money as possible, also check that the handling of the blades is very safe. In terms of weight and comfort of the device, make sure it is quite light and has a durable structure.

The lightest devices are plastic (up to 500 g), followed by metal (up to 1 kg). The heaviest are the electric ones, which can exceed 4 kg.

If you think that the information about multifunctional graters is becoming more and more clear for you, we invite you to continue reading answers to frequently asked questions and 4 benefits of graters.

Frequent questions

What foods should a multifunctional grater shave?

Mainly, the best multifunctional graters can prepare all kinds of ingredients: raw or cooked vegetables and fruits, regardless of their texture, roots, ham, boiled eggs, cheeses, citrus fruits, chocolate, but also nuts, hazelnuts or almonds. You can also grind various spices, such as ginger.

The best multifunctional vegetable slicer

Can I also use the multifunctional grater for cheeses?

Not all graters can grate cheese, or at least not any cheese. However, this information must be found in the operating instructions of each model. That’s right, it depends a lot on the type of cheese. Stronger varieties are recommended, such as cheese, Emmentaler, Parmesan, etc.

The best multifunctional vegetable slicer

How to clean the grater after use?

Many multifunctional scrapers, at good prices, can be safely sanitized in the dishwasher, but it is not valid for all, so always check the manufacturer’s instructions. Whether this is allowed or not, keep in mind that manual washing will better preserve the edge of the blade. If the grater cannot be put in the dishwasher, clean it thoroughly with warm water and detergent before rinsing and drying immediately.

4 benefits of multifunctional grinders and choppers

In 1950, the first steel kitchen grater was created by Jean Bron. This kitchen accessory has the advantage that it is simple and quick to use and allows various cuts. Here are the main benefits:

The meal is ready!

The major advantage of this small kitchen utensil is the ability to prepare food in a short time, such as cold appetizers, salads, raw vegetables, fruits. It is ideal for people who do not have time to cook or who prefer to eat healthy.

The best multifunctional vegetable slicer

Uniform and good-looking menus

With multifunction graters you can cook evenly and the food will be prepared excellently. By cutting fast, fluid, light and regular, you will cut the ingredients evenly, so they will be prepared at the same time. They will also retain all their nutritional properties and, last but not least, you will cook more hygienically. But let’s not forget the works of art that you can create on the plate, by cutting the ingredients for a professional presentation.

They are easy and safe to use

Ease of use is possible through the safety of the pushers to avoid any risk of cutting. Almost all scrapers have them. Otherwise, make sure you wear a cut-resistant glove. Kitchens can get the shapes they want with this handy accessory. Some models have even more legs that allow greater stability of the device, but there are also some models with self, integrated containers or buttons to press to facilitate use.

The best multifunctional vegetable slicer

It is easy to clean

Very easy to maintain, this tool generally cleans well and there is no difficulty in removing food debris that remains attached to the blades. Most models can be cleaned with warm tap water and wiped with a soft cloth, or even washed in the dishwasher.

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