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No Frost Refrigerators – Review and comparison in 2021

When furnishing your kitchen, choosing appliances is an operation that requires documentation, patience and perseverance. If you do not have enough time and hurry to finish the arrangement, we help you make the right choice. If you need a No Frost refrigerator-freezer that gives you the right storage space for a larger family, choose theBeko RCNE560E30ZXB . It has 501 l total net volume, it is classified in energy class A ++, you can adjust its operation and consumption when you are on vacation, it has a special compartment for perishable foods and an Everfresh + for vegetables and fruits. If this model is not available or if you would like a product with a lower storage capacity, Samsung RB37J5215SS / EF   is our second recommendation.

Comparative table

The supremacy of this product is unanimously approved by experts, especially due to the excellent quality-price ratio it presents. Its interior is extremely generous, being suitable for large families, but especially notable for its low energy consumption.

The freezing capacity is only 6.5 kg of food per 24 hours, insufficient if you live in the country and slaughter a pig or a calf, whose meat must be frozen as soon as possible.

This model offers the most and the most efficient specifications of all the variants included in the list, being the best choice for a spacious device.

Although it is an appliance from the upper range of the interior volume dedicated to the cold storage of a fairly large amount of food, both in the refrigerator and freezer, and has an impressive list of functions and specifications, the combine is neither energy consuming nor very noisy.

The elegant design finished with stainless steel lacks anti-fingerprint, which means that after each use, if you want it to keep its impeccable appearance, you must wipe it carefully.

It is a very practical and convenient product at a price, which you will not regret if you buy it.

The model stands out in several chapters, being equipped with the most modern technologies and functions, an above average storage capacity and, last but not least, it can be purchased at a rather convenient price in relation to its specifications.

This device offers flexibility in its storage options, but it may be necessary to remove a shelf to really take advantage, as the distance between the shelves is a little tight.

The refrigerator is a product worth buying, given its modern design, modern features, the right capacity for a family of 2-4 members and the attractive price.

In-depth reviews about the best No Frost refrigerators

If you want to be informed quickly and efficiently about the products available on the market, you can consult opinions about the best No Frost refrigerated combines offered by the manufacturer, traders and customers and summarized by us in this article.

Beko No Frost refrigerator-freezer

Beko RCNE560E30ZXB

the best no frost fridge freezer For a large family, supplies will be adequate. As a result, you need to make sure that your appliances meet this first condition. The Beko refrigerator that we present is perfect from this point of view, having the corresponding dimensions: 70 x 74.8 x 192 cm. The net volume of the refrigerator is 356 l, and of the freezer 145 l, with a freezing capacity of 6.5 kg of food per 24 hours.

Even if the capacity is impressive, the combine falls into the A ++ energy category, with an annual consumption of 343 kWh. The No Frost ventilation cooling system, the Energy saving mode Vacation and the LED interior lighting contribute to this performance. Both components of the appliance defrost automatically, and the autonomy in case of power failure is 24 hours.

The storage compartments are organized by 3 safety glass shelves and 4 door holders inside the refrigerator, to which is added a compartment for perishable food (raw meat, cheese), in which the temperature is 0-3 degrees, a drawer for vegetables Everfresh +, equipped with Active fresh Blue Light technology and a fast cooling sector, suitable for a 1.5 l or 4 dose bottle.



Combine No Frost Samsung refrigerator

Samsung RB37J5215SS / EF

the best no frost fridge freezer This Samsung No Frost refrigerator-freezer offers a total capacity of 367 liters to store your fresh food and frozen food with maximum efficiency. Includes a refrigerated part with plenty of storage space. You will notice in particular an XL shelf for storing large bottles, a shelf with maximum opening that you can slide for quick access to food, as well as 2 other shelves and a drawer for fruits and vegetables. The refrigerator offers its Multiflow ventilated cooling technology to ensure a uniform temperature in the compartment and optimal food preservation. This technology makes it possible to store all foods equally efficiently, wherever they are in the compartment.

The appliance also has an integrated freezer section at the bottom, with a capacity of 98 liters, distributed in 3 drawers. This storage method practically guarantees easy access to frozen food. This compartment is also equipped with No Frost ventilation cooling technology to prevent the formation of ice and thus you will avoid extra chore and excessive energy consumption.

This Samsung No Frost refrigerator-freezer uses a digital inverter compressor that can reduce the device’s power consumption by 20%, while ensuring outstanding quietness. The result is an A ++ energy class and a measured sound level of 38 dB. In the event of a power outage, the device keeps your food cold for 18 hours.



Combine No Frost Hotpoint refrigerator

Hotpoint XH9 T2Z XOJZV

the best no frost fridge freezer Fresh food like on the first day for two weeks is Hotpoint-Ariston’s promise for the XH9 T2Z XOJZV Day One combine. This A ++ model benefits not only from the No Frost cooling system, but also from some of its own technologies to preserve food as well as possible. The No Frost Hotpoint refrigerator has a volume of 369 liters and consists of a refrigerator with a capacity of 264 liters and a freezer of 105 liters. The two compartments have the same cooling circuit, using the same system that not only avoids manual defrosting, but also overcharging the electricity bill.

In the refrigerator, No Frost technology has the disadvantage of drying food: to remedy this, it is possible to adjust the humidity in the vegetable drawer. This drawer, called Ultra Fresh, also has a filter that limits the effect of ethylene, a gas that accelerates the maturation of certain foods. Under the vegetable drawer, Hotpoint-Ariston has placed a 3-in-1 area, which allows three times faster refrigeration or hygienic thawing of food. This compartment can also serve as a cooler area, where very fragile foods such as fresh meat or fish are stored at a temperature close to 0 ° C.

The refrigerator has an active oxygen generator which, according to the manufacturer, limits the proliferation of odors (ActiveOxygen technology). The freezer is divided into three compartments (including a XXL drawer) and is less technologically equipped. XH9 T2Z XOJZV Day One offers a super-freeze function. This consists in very quickly lowering the freezer temperature to accommodate freshly cooked food.



Hotpoint ENBGH19223FW

the best no frost fridge freezer Classified in terms of consumption in the energy category A +, the No Frost Hotpoint enbgh 19223 fw 450l a + inox refrigerator has a total capacity of 450 liters. The 302l refrigerator is equipped with 3 shelves inside, 4 shelves on the door and 2 vegetable containers. The freezer, with a volume of 144l, has a freezing capacity of 18Kg / 24h. In case of a power failure, its autonomy is 17 hours.

Due to the No Frost technology, present in the refrigerator and freezer, it avoids the formation of ice and the inconvenience of manual defrosting. The food keeps better and longer. In the refrigerator, the adequate level of humidity is maintained and the taste of the food is preserved.

Due to the “food protection zone”, the organoleptic qualities of the food are preserved, due to a constant temperature between 0 and 3 °. The compartment is ideal for meat and fish. Equipped with the Hygiene Advance system, it includes a real barrier for the proliferation of bacteria. Due to a special layer that covers the inner walls, the food is protected and keeps its freshness and original quality longer.



Arctic No Frost refrigerator-freezer

Arctic AK60406NFMT ++

the best no frost fridge freezer Whether it is the 253 l refrigerator or the 109 l freezer, the manufacturer has chosen for this Arctic refrigerator the Full No Frost cooling technology, which is particularly advantageous in the freezer, where the temperature below 0 ° C turns the humidity into frost. Due to this system, no insulating layer of ice is formed and not only thawing is avoided, but also overloading the electricity bill.

The compartmentalization system of the refrigerator with glass shelves has the advantage that they are extremely resistant and keep the freshness of the food better than the metallic ones. They retain splashes and prevent liquids from spilling on the shelves below. Glass shelves are an excellent support for food in light containers and are very easy to clean.

The combine also has 2 closed compartments in the refrigerator (Fresh Max 0 degrees, for perishable food and Garden Fresh for fruits and vegetables) and 3 in the freezer, of which the first for quick freezing, with a capacity of 6 kg every 24 hours. No Frost, cheap and good, has an energy autonomy of 33 hours.



Combine refrigerator A +++ No Frost

Liebherr CBNPes 5758

the best no frost fridge freezer This 70 cm wide NoFrost receiver with self-closing doors consumes 20% less energy than energy class A +++ and offers plenty of useful space. The NoFrost freezing section must never be defrosted and is not connected to the separately adjustable refrigerator. The BioFresh 0 ° C technique guarantees extended storage periods for fruits, vegetables, meat, sausages, fish and dairy products. The Liebherr CBNPes 5758 refrigerator has ventilated cooling for optimal food storage. In addition, due to this system you will no longer have the task of thawing, because it prevents the formation of ice. It consumes little (157 kWh / year), being an A +++ refrigerator.

The device has a large capacity of 381 liters, including 106 liters for the freezer, which makes it ideal for large families. A fan located inside the refrigerator ensures a better distribution of cold air for optimal food preservation. It also ensures a constant temperature. BioFresh drawers guarantee optimal and long-lasting freshness, keeping food at a temperature slightly above 0 ° C and in a perfectly adapted hygrometry.

Electronic adjustment allows adjustment to the most appropriate degree of temperature. You can view the refrigeration or freezing temperature at a glance thanks to the digital display to make sure it works properly, and the 7 color color touch screen offers many adjustment possibilities. LED lighting is efficient, environmentally friendly, because it does not produce heat and is economical. BluPerformance technology ensures a quiet operation and a space limited to the technical circuit, hosted in the base.



Bosch No Frost refrigerator-freezer

Bosch KGN39LM35

the best no frost fridge freezer The Bosch KGN39LM35 refrigerator-freezer offers a generous storage space of 279 l for the refrigerator and 87 l for the freezer. Among its many modular storage areas are the VitaFresh compartments which, due to the very low temperatures and an optimal level of humidity, perfectly preserve fish, meat, fruits and vegetables.

In addition, thanks to its MultiAirFlow system, this receiver distributes cold air evenly throughout the cavity. It also has No Frost technology, which prevents the formation of ice and thus saves you from thawing activity. The combine is equipped with the EasyAccess Rail system, which allows you to remove the VitaFresh compartments to create additional storage space. As one of the latest devices, this device can also connect via Wi-Fi, by adding an accessory.

Easy to install, the product has a perfectly suitable design and dimensions of 60 x 66 x 203 cm, allowing it to be placed right next to the side walls and furniture. With class A ++, this refrigerator-freezer consumes only 273 kWh / year and, therefore, does not charge your electricity bill. In case of a power failure, it has an autonomy of 16 hours to keep the food as fresh as possible.



Whirlpool No Frost refrigerator-freezer

Whirlpool W9 921D OX

the best no frost fridge freezer The Whirpool refrigerator combines a total capacity of 366 liters to store your fresh and frozen food. The 279 liter refrigerated compartment offers you a large space at hand, easily accessible. This compartment consists of a drawer for vegetables, one for perishable food, 5 shelves made of safety glass, adjustable in height, and 3 shelves for the door.

If you can easily organize your storage, your food will also be very well preserved. In fact, No Frost technology allows, thanks to the fan, the uniform distribution of cold air in the compartment. The fan also provides a level of humidity necessary for good food preservation. The return is also faster after opening the door due to this technology.

The cobina is also equipped with a freezer with a volume of 87 liters. The 3 drawers will allow you to store all your refrigerated food. The freezing power of 14 kg for 24 hours is very efficient in quick freezing of food. It offers a noise level of 39 dB, which avoids any hearing problems. Its energy class A ++ guarantees energy savings of over 20% compared to a classic class A device. In case of power failure for a maximum of 24 hours, your food will be kept impeccable.



No Frost built-in refrigerator

Samsung BMF BRB260030WW

the best no frost fridge freezer The Samsung BRB260010WW built-in refrigerator, with a net capacity of 267 liters (195 l in the refrigerator and 97 l in the freezer), benefits from integrated ventilated cooling technology, which frees you from the stress of thawing. In addition, it reduces your energy consumption by 20%. The No Frost system produces dry and cold air that circulates constantly in the unit. This guarantees a total absence of ice, facilitates maintenance and maintains a uniform temperature throughout the device.

It allows energy savings due to its digital inverter motor, which adapts its operation to the effective use of the refrigerator. The “Holiday” function eliminates the need to turn off the appliance for a long time. In fact, it keeps the freezer at a constant temperature, considerably reducing consumption. LED lighting provides quality light, produces little heat (is not dangerous to the touch), consumes very little energy and is ten times more durable than traditional light bulbs.

This unit is built-in, and can be easily fixed in the closet of your furniture. The freezer has a compartment that allows easy access to food by sliding the shelf (Easy Slide) and 2 other drawers. In the fridge, you can use a drawer for easily perishable food, 2 compartments for vegetables and fruits and 2 adjustable glass shelves.



LG No Frost refrigerator-freezer


the best no frost fridge freezer The comfort of use for the LG GBF62PZHZN Combi refrigerator is based primarily on the interior design. The volume of 384 l is distributed between the refrigerator (277 l), organized with the help of 4 interior shelves and 4 door supports, and the freezer (107 l), with 3 storage drawers. The model was designed to be very quiet. The emitted sound does not exceed 36 dB, which is very pleasant when you have an open-space kitchen. It also has soft LED lighting, which is brighter and less aggressive to the eyes.

LG GBF62PZHZN Combi is equipped with Multi Air Flow cooling system. Thanks to No Frost Total technology, you benefit from constant temperature and fast cooling, essential for good food preservation, for your health, and last but not least for automatic defrosting. The device is also equipped with linear cooling in the door – Door Cooling +, which ensures the balance of the diffuse temperature up to 0.5 ° C, for fresher foods and which are more difficult to spoil.

Finally, the LG GBF62PZHZN Combi has a powerful engine designed to last. The reliability of the motor is ensured by the Inverter Linear Compressor, a device that alternates circular and linear movements.



Buying guide

The true heart of the kitchen, the refrigerator is now present in many homes. The range of formats and options makes it possible to satisfy all lifestyles and consumption. Manufacturers are also trying to seduce users by constantly improving their models and offering new options. To facilitate your purchase, we have some tips in this buying guide for the best No Frost refrigerators.

the best no frost fridge freezer

Consumption: First of all, you should know that a No Frost refrigerator-freezer, at a good price or more expensive, still consumes energy. A first condition to limit this consumption is to buy a device adapted to your needs, and not one that is too big. You can choose between different energy classes, from A +++ to A. There are still lower class devices (B, C and D), but new devices from a lower class than A can no longer be sold since 2012 in the European Union.

But pay attention to the labels. If one may be tempted to believe that the best Class A + No Frost refrigerator-freezer automatically consumes less than one A, one must not forget to consider other parameters, such as volume, model, materials of manufacture, etc. For example, a type A side-by-side refrigerator will always consume more than a smaller one in the same class.

Capacity: The appliance must be chosen according to its volume, which you must adapt to the needs of the household. The combine works continuously, it is better to avoid it being half empty. On average, a net volume of 100 to 150 liters is recommended for one person and 50 liters for an additional person. Therefore, a household of more than 3 people will opt for a model of at least 300 liters.

Specifically, a classic device will suit a couple without children, while side-by-side combines are only suitable for large kitchens.

Independent or incorporable: Manufacturers are putting more and more effort into designing their products. Anti-fingerprint stainless steel, vintage look, various colors: buyers are spoiled for choice.

Built-in appliances are designed to be integrated into a specific kitchen cabinet and to become invisible. This housing must reserve a space of 5 cm on the sides and at least 5 cm in the back, so that the heat produced by the condenser can be evacuated. Independent appliances must also have a minimum of 5 cm on each side and back, so that the heat released can circulate. It is also necessary 10 cm between the top of the combine and the ceiling or furniture above.

the best no frost fridge freezer

In both cases, make sure that the appliance door can be opened wide enough so that the vegetable drawers and shelves can be removed without any problems. Indeed, on some models, the doors must be opened more than 90 ° to remove one of the compartments. This can be a problem if the device is placed between two pieces of furniture or in a corner.

Operating range: In the event of a power failure, the temperature in the freezer or refrigerator compartment remains low enough for a period of time. You will find the duration of this interval in the instructions for use of your refrigerator and can vary from a few hours to almost 3 days. Be careful not to open the freezer compartment during this period without electricity, as this would significantly reduce this time.

Options: The best No Frost refrigerators are evolving, and manufacturers are ingeniously competing to come up with new options, some of which are not vital, by the way. In any case, if possible, prefer a No Frost refrigerator-freezer model, at a good price, with safety glass shelves for better stability of the containers and easier maintenance. Finally, depending on the location provided, make sure the door is reversible.

Super freeze : The super freeze option allows you to quickly cool large amounts of food. This function is often superfluous: it happens very rarely, not at all daily, to put a large volume of food at room temperature in the freezer (the food purchased is usually already frozen). In addition, using this option leads to excessive electricity consumption.

Super cool : Super-refrigeration reduces the refrigerator temperature for 6 to 12 hours. This is not for freezing food, but for quick cooling. It is useful, for example, to refresh appetizers or a bottle before dinner.

Mechanical or digital thermostat: The digital thermostat is often very easy to adjust. The mechanical thermostat is sometimes located inside the device. In this case, it takes up space.

Door alarm:It produces an audible signal when the door is open or poorly closed for a certain period. It is especially useful for families with children.

the best no frost fridge freezer

“Holiday” function : Available on some cheap and good No Frost refrigerators, this function allows you to deactivate the refrigerator, keeping the freezer to keep food frozen. Some appliances also allow you to set the refrigerator to a temperature of 14 ° (enough to store certain foods, such as mustard or eggs), without affecting the temperature of the freezer.

Even if you don’t seem to have much trouble, we suggest you continue reading our FAQ section, as well as tips on how to organize food inside a refrigerator.

Frequent questions

What does the refrigerator combine mean and how does it differ from 2-compartment refrigerators?

Refrigerators refer to models that have a separate door for the freezer section. Therefore, there is a real separate compartment dedicated to freezing, completely independent of the refrigeration part.

the best no frost fridge freezer

The cooling system of the freezer for No Frost refrigerators at good prices is much more efficient than that of the freezer of a standard refrigerator and can reach the temperature of -18 ° C, necessary for the correct storage of frozen food for several months.

Why would a 2-compressor refrigerator be more efficient?

Some refrigerators can also have two compressors (engines of the cooling system) that allow the ability to operate, clean and defrost independently the refrigerator and freezer. At the same time, it guarantees a precise regulation of the temperature in each area, which is thus autonomous.

the best no frost fridge freezer

Are there side by side refrigerators with full No Frost function?

There are several models of side-by-side refrigerators equipped with the No Frost cooling system either only in the refrigerator or for both components. You can check the offers of the main refrigerator manufacturers (Samsung, LG, Whirlpool) or of less famous companies (Morris, Hitachi, Heinner etc) to watch different models ranging on average between 2800 and 18000 lei.

5 rules to store food correctly in the refrigerator

The most efficient way to properly arrange food in a refrigerator is the optimal storage temperature and shelf life. If there are no very strict specifications for the freezer, here are some good rules to follow for the refrigerator:

the best no frost fridge freezer

Between 0 ° C and 3 ° C: very cold area

You can store in this compartment raw meat, raw fish, shellfish, cold meat, seafood, dairy products, cheeses, thawed products, fresh fruit juice, cooked food. Wait for the cooked food to return to room temperature before putting it in the refrigerator (but not more than two hours) and store it in plastic boxes. Wrap pastries in aluminum foil.

Between 4 ° C and 6 ° C: cold zone

It is suitable for cooked meat and fish, unopened dairy products, cooked fruits and vegetables, pastries, homemade sauces. To keep the cheese longer, put a cube of sugar in its packaging. When they have no packaging, place the meat, fish and cheese on a plate and wrap them in a sheet of paper.

Between 8 ° C and 10 ° C: vegetable drawer

Contains fresh fruits and vegetables. Mushrooms can be stored in a paper bag or absorbent paper and do not need to be washed beforehand. The salad should be cleaned, washed, wiped well, then stored in a plastic bag or in a container covered with a sheet of absorbent paper, changed regularly.

the best no frost fridge freezer

Between 6 ° C and 8 ° C: door, temperate zone

You can put butter, eggs, pickles, sauces, mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, drinks (water, fruit juice, milk). Store tap water in a covered carafe for no more than 48 hours. Keep eggs in their original packaging and never wash them: their shells will become permeable to bacteria. It is also recommended to store them with the thinnest part down for optimal freshness.

Order food so you don’t throw anything away

In addition to storage in cold areas, arrange food according to the expiration date, to save food resources and money. So place the oldest and the ones started in front and the least urgent ones in the back. Throw away food you haven’t had in a long time, but it’s expired.

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