the best non stick baking trays

Tavi – Review and comparison in 2021

Do you want a new tray to develop your culinary senses or would you like to bring your partner to bed for breakfast and you need a serving option? Maybe you would like to decorate a unique table in the living room. Find out here all the information you need to make the perfect choice and be inspired by what Romanians buy, such as theTefal Color Edition 27 x 39 Cm model, a version for baking, made of aluminum, with a non-stick coating, which allows distribution uniform heat in order to maintain the integrity of the preparation, when it is a countertop, for example, the dimensions (27 x 7.7 x 39 cm) being ideal for a family with at least two members. Another good example is the Vanora VN-E-C265 .

Comparative table

To make various dishes that use the oven, this aluminum utensil, with an anti-stick coating, proves to be a helpful addition to the personal kitchen, ensuring equal heating on all sides of the dishes, so they will cook the same , the height of 7.7 cm being useful for the production of larger countertops or breads, or to retain meat juices.

It will not be the ideal solution for making classic, round, simple cakes, considering the rectangular shape it has, the material can be considered thin.

With an affordable purchase cost and the quality of the brand specialized in cooking utensils, it is among the top choices of Romanians, not missing from their kitchens.

This dish has a special purpose, namely to help prepare muffins and salty products of small size, which can be eaten by hand, providing those with a platform with 12 small round shapes where they can grow small soufflés or other fluffy countertops. , for example, cleaning by soaking with water and rinsing with detergent.

It does not have the same degree of multifunctionality as other dishes, being intended, in essence, for muffins, and it is not recommended to use sharp objects, which can scratch the non-stick layer.

It will be attractive for those who want to try to bake muffins and other small cakes, the purchase cost being a strong point of the article.

With dimensions accessible to any type of oven, measuring 35 cm in length, and a durable, well-maintained stainless steel body, this article will be very good when it comes to preparing meat, vegetables, garnishes or pasta, for example, shape rectangular helping to place a large amount of ingredients.

The metal handles heat up, as does the rest of the body of the item, so it is necessary to handle it carefully when removed from the oven.

Balancing the characteristics and small shortcomings of the dish, we conclude that it will have a large audience, ready to try new delicious recipes.

In-depth reviews about the best trays

To use the right tray for the occasion, take a look at what Romanians buy when they are looking for such an object.

Tava Tefal

Tefal Color Edition 27 x 39 Cm

the best non stick baking trays This Tefal tray can be used to cook pasta, steaks, bakery products or pastries, presenting multifunctionality in terms of the use of aluminum, which spreads heat evenly along the surface. The material resists very well over time, having a non-stick coating, so that the detachment of food can be done without problems, and sanitation is easy.

The accessible dimensions, of 39 x 27 x 7.7 cm, are ideal for classic or electric ovens, the capacity being sufficient for large portions of food, so that the whole family is well fed. The rectangular shape is ideal for steaks, vegetables, countertops and bakery products, and the wider edges help for easy handling using protective gloves.

The baking tray can also be washed by hand, and in the dishwasher, so sanitization should not be a problem. Last but not least, it is accompanied by an affordable purchase cost, and comes from a brand that enjoys the trust of local buyers.

Muffin tray

Vanora VN-E-C265

the best non stick baking trays Do you want to make cakes? For new tests in the field of pastry, a muffin tray, a basic container in the human house, can help you, especially considering that this model enjoys a very good acquisition cost. You are offered 12 forms of cake, which can also be used for quiche or other small format dishes.

The tray uses carbon steel and has a non-stick coating, which is maintained by gentle washing with dishwashing detergents, using a non-abrasive sponge. It is also recommended not to use plastic or wooden knives or utensils on the surface, as it can scratch and, over time, rust. It can be used in both gas and electric ovens.

The cake tray is compatible with the dishwasher and has average dimensions of 35 x 26.5 cm, each muffin having 7 cm in diameter. For additional protection, you can use silicone or paper forms, or parchment paper.

Stainless steel tray

Vanora VN-SNS-TC35

the best non stick baking trays Here is a stainless steel tray that you can insert, without care, in the oven, this being a helpful object in any kitchen where cooking “experiments” take place. It has a good price and appropriate dimensions, totaling 35 cm in length and having a rectangular shape, so that you can prepare in it the main dishes, and garnishes or pastries or bakery.

For easy handling, it is provided with handles made of the same material, which we recommend you use only using a kitchen glove or a thick towel, when you take it out of the oven and it is hot, otherwise you risk burning. It is easy to clean with detergent, but it does not have a non-stick surface, so some foods can lead to the need for gentle rubbing.

Before first use, rinse with water and detergent, and wash after use, avoiding abrasive sponges. It is not missing from the lists of the best baking trays of the Romanians.

Pizza tray

Vanora Rotunda 33.5 Cm

the best non stick baking trays Here is a round tray created especially for the preparation of crispy pizza recipes, which has low walls and is suitable for electric or gas ovens. As a diameter, it has a value of 35.5 cm, so it will prove enough for a large portion.

Because it is made of a thin metallic material, it bakes a thin, crunchy and good dough, and the non-stick layer does not allow the ingredients to stick. Sanitation is easy, using a dish sponge and detergent. And I recommend the purchase cost to all those who want to specialize, at least at home, in the beloved Italian dish.

This tray, cheap and good, can be found in the kitchen of pizza lovers, and not only, and can become a container for presentation, not necessarily preparation, if you have nothing else at hand. It is necessary not to use metal or abrasive utensils on its surface, because that layer of protection (anti-stick) can be easily scratched, unfortunately.

Wooden tray

Wooden Home Styling Collection For Breakfast

the best non stick baking trays Would you like a tray for breakfast, to make a pleasant surprise, from time to time, to your life partner? This simple model, but also elegant, at the same time, is provided with high legs, so that the meal is made in the best conditions, and it does not lack handles, to be able to carry, without problems, the dishes from the kitchen to bedroom.

The construction is made of wood, presenting resistance to humidity, high temperatures and deformation, the feet remaining stable, taking care without difficulties by wiping or rinsing. It can fulfill three roles, of serving tray, laptop table or tray for crockery, and can be used for reading, in the garden, at a picnic, to

The dimensions are generous, measuring 50 cm long, 30 cm wide and 34 cm high (with legs outstretched), allowing the user to put all the desired elements for a hearty meal. It can be an interesting option for serving tea or coffee when you have guests visiting.

Oven tray

Cooking by Heinner, 35 x 26 Cm

the best non stick baking trays Prepare the tastiest steaks using an oven tray with a lid like this model from Heinner, which allows a larger family to enjoy delicious dishes.

The tray and lid are made of stainless steel, so they will last well over time and will not rust, if they are properly sanitized, giving efficiency in both electric and gas ovens. Before the first use, it is recommended to wash with dishwashing detergent and warm water, then, wiping with a little butter, oil or margarine, so that the food does not stick.

The small size, 35 cm long and 26 cm wide, is enough for three or four servings, and a height of 7 cm helps maintain the juices obtained during the cooking of stews and meat or macaroni and cheese, for example. With such an ensemble you can make a pork leg on the tray, juicy and tasty, or some juicy vegetables.

Cake tray

Guardini Chocoforme 25 Cm

the best non stick baking trays Here is a cake pan that is 25 cm long, so it will fit in most ovens, whether it is electric or gas models. The rectangular, tight shape helps to form the perfect bagel, a delicious cake or that delicacy with walnut, poppy or shit filling.

The container is made of steel, with a white non-stick coating, which will require little attention to handling because, if you use metal or sharp objects, it can scratch and affect the integrity of the preparations, they can be exposed to the metal material. Considering the material used in its construction, it is indicated that the time required for the thermal preparation of the dough will decrease considerably.

Any housewife will want such a tray, at a good price, in her arsenal of objects worthy of use both before special occasions and when she has a craving for something good or a homemade bread.

Plastic tray

Maxgermob 1157

the best non stick baking trays Here is a cutlery tray in the drawer that will be used to store those utensils that you use every time you eat, to keep order in the kitchen. It will be placed in a drawer with dimensions of 49 – 54 cm long, between 38 – 45 cm wide. If your drawer is larger, it can be changed by cutting with a cutter, according to the information provided by the distributor.

Given the formation of dedicated spaces, of different sizes, they will fit different things, such as forks, spoons or knives, or other cooking utensils. The item is made of gray plastic, so that it does not stand out and is a simple change for the inside of the drawer, sanitation being easy to achieve. However, we do not recommend placing wet cutlery there, as limescale buildup can stain the material.

With this simple plastic tray, you have at hand an easy way to organize, the purchase cost being more than favorable.

Silicone tray

Quasar & Co. For Macarons

the best non stick baking trays Here is a silicone tray that you can use to make those fluffy macarons tops, ideal, but which can be a very good and organized base for meringues, why not? The article can be placed in the stove oven, in the microwave, in the freezer or in the dishwasher, withstanding extreme temperatures, between 250 and – 40 degrees Celsius.

It is a large model, measuring 28.5 x 39 cm, which runs when not in use, given the flat and malleable shape. The heat is evenly distributed over the entire surface, ensuring even baking, and the product can be reused as many times as you need, because it will not be affected.

It does not require lubrication with oils or butter or the addition of flour, so that the dough does not stick, but it is recommended not to use sharp objects, including a knife, on the surface, because the silicone can be cut. It has 48 compartments for small biscuits or meringues.

Rectangular tray with detachable walls

Perfect Home Csatostepsi-72163

the best non stick baking trays This rectangular tray with removable walls fulfills two roles, namely as a container for cooking, but also for serving, because the walls can be removed so that the user remains with a large surface, with slightly raised edges, classic and simple, only good to use.

The component parts are made of steel, which is covered with a non-stick layer, which does not allow food to stick during preparation, which can be used in gas or electric oven, and can be easily sanitized with dishwashing detergent and hot water, being recommended to avoid scratching objects, however.

It has a shape in the corners, being a good example of a detachable rectangular tray for diplomat cake or for vegetables and steaks, among others, with high walls, 8 cm, which will not let the juice or juices slip out, presenting and high margins. The dimensions are average, 35 cm long and 24 cm wide, enough for two or three family members.

Buying guide

At the man’s house, many accessories and things are good, and among them are the trays of different kinds for independent, decorative or utilitarian purposes. Some will be used for cooking, others for serving or storing things, or even to beautifully decorate a table, for example. This object in various shapes, of distinct depths, finds its purpose, especially in the kitchen, being, most often, related to food.

How can you find out if the best tray you put your eyes on will serve you properly? Reading more about this product category in this article, of course.

Use:First of all, you will choose the object according to your needs, there are multiple typologies, of which the most popular are the versions for cooking and those for serving, storage or decoration.

the best non stick baking trays

Cooking options include pizza tray, cake or steak, and can have deep or wider shapes, depending on the type of dish. They can be made of various materials, including cast iron, stainless steel, Teflon, glass or silicone, which transfer heat to a greater or lesser extent. Prices differ depending on size, material and manufacturer.

The serving variants are made of plastic, wood, bamboo, porcelain, glass or metals, most of the times, having different dimensions, according to the users’ needs and their budget. They can have interesting designs, with decorations on the edge or legs, to increase comfort, for serving at the table or in bed.

Storage options , such as the cutlery tray, will have rectangular shapes, emphasizing utility, usually being simple, not expensive materials, easy to sanitize.

The decorative ones are trays, at good prices, with a more attractive design, in various shapes, from round, hexagonal, square and to those with mirrors and handles, on which you can put various things, from potpourri to crowns from plants or globes, depending on the season. They have various costs, depending on materials and sizes.

Types: Differences can be distinguished, especially between cooking options. Thus, there will be, among others, those for universal use (for any kind of preparation) or specialized, for steaks, cakes, pizza, muffin tray, for bread and cake, for fish or cakes or other specialized pastries.

The universal option is found in the stove when you buy it, being made of metal with a thick layer of enamel, on it you can cook anything, from steaks to grills or cakes.

The steak tray usually has a rectangular shape and thicker and longer walls, the bottom being flat and may have a lid. There are also options in oval or round format. It can be made of metals or heat-resistant glass, usually with cast iron variants.

For cakes can be trays, at good prices, in various shapes, with muffins formed, wavy edges, in round, oval or rectangular format, so that the user can produce the desired shape. Some have removable walls (those for the cake) to make the preparation easier to remove.

The ones for pizza have low walls and are round in shape, the right base having small ventilation holes sometimes, which help to form the crust and the crispy top.

The fish tray is worth mentioning because it will have the shape of such an ingredient, and can be made of cast iron or metals, which allow faster heat transfer, as a rule.

the best non stick baking trays

Materials: Cooking containers are made of various materials, but the most popular, which are worth mentioning, are stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron or enamel tray, which is relatively easy to clean and, if well maintained, lasts over time, cooking period being short.

Also worth mentioning are the heat-resistant glass trays, which distribute heat evenly, which are easy to clean, but are brittle, the silicone ones, good for unique shapes of dishes, such as muffins, or clay pots, with a lid of the same kind, for fries. , which requires attention to handling.

In the case of decorative or serving options, there is a wooden tray, with a pleasant appearance and minimal weight, more delicate options, made of glass or porcelain, durable aluminum or metal models or the cheapest, plastic ones.

Dimensions: Helps you decide how large or numerous the portions are and whether the container will fit in the oven. For large families, trays are needed, cheap and good, more generous in space, ie measuring around 30 x 40 cm, while for up to two people are enough containers up to 30 cm long.

The height determines what type of food you can cook, or how safe the things you serve are. Thus, for steaks or countertops or pasta, you need a tray with higher walls, at least 4 cm, while to bake thin countertops or vegetables or pieces of meat is enough and an option with shorter walls.

Shape: Indicates what type of food you can cook. Thus, in trays, at a good price, in square or rectangular shape you can cook vegetables, meats or cakes, where the available space will be roomy, but for a loaf of bread or a cake a narrower rectangular tray will be better.

For a cake top, a round one is preferred, the pizza tray being special, and for good cakes, such as eclairs, muffins or cakes, you can find variants in a specific configuration.

the best non stick baking trays

Heat source: Most trays can be used in both gas and electric ovens, but to make sure you use the item in normal parameters, you can also use the instructions given by the container distributor. Some people choose to use the oven tray in the oven and in the microwave, but there are situations in which it is not compatible and can be damaged, which is why we reaffirm that it is good to read the seller’s instructions.

In the end, we only tell you to choose the ideal option after checking in the online stores and some opinions about the best trays for any occasion, to make sure you make a purchase that will satisfy you. We wish you more shopping.

Frequent questions

How to prepare the mackerel on the tray? What spices are used?

Because it is a tasty fish, the mackerel can be cooked easily, using lemon juice, dried thyme (you can put dill, parsley or coriander, if you want to replace it), salt and pepper to taste and oil to grease the baking tray.

the best non stick baking trays

Simply gut it and wash it, removing the tail and head, cutting the fish into pieces up to 4 cm, sprinkling them with lemon juice and using the spices, placing the pieces in the pan and putting them in the hot oven for up to 20 minutes. , with a foil on top, after which it is removed and left in the oven for up to 20 minutes, removing and letting it cool.

Do cast iron trays need to be seasoned?

To maintain the properties of the material, the cast iron tray should be seasoned with oil before the first use and, periodically, after cleaning it very well. Thus, the food will not stick to it and will not absorb the smells of some of them, such as onions or garlic. There are also cases in which the utensil has already been seasoned at the factory, in which case this step can be skipped. Therefore, it is important to read the manufacturer’s instructions, so as not to affect the baking surface in any way.

the best non stick baking trays

Do I need special trays for the electric oven?

When you want an electric oven tray, consider what you want to use it for. The heat-resistant glass ones will be useful for steaks and dishes that you want to keep warm for longer, while the metallic ones help to cook the dishes faster.

You can also use silicone trays, for sweets, or with a lid, for steaks and stews. There are no restrictions regarding the type of tray, as long as the manufacturer accepts its use in the electric oven and it has compatible dimensions.

Top 3 recipes on the tray

Do you have free time and want to try some new recipes? Here are some easy-to-make examples in the oven.

Homemade bread

It’s a simple recipe that anyone can try, requiring 50 g of butter, 2 teaspoons of salt, 1 teaspoon of sugar, 400 ml of milk, 25 g of fresh yeast and 600 g of flour.

the best non stick baking trays

You will get a homemade bread on the tray to lick your fingers. First you make the mayonnaise by mixing the yeast with sugar and thinning it with warm milk, adding a little flour, then leave it to rise for 10 minutes, in a warm place.

Meanwhile, put the rest of the flour in a large bowl, then pour the mayonnaise and mix, adding salt and butter at room temperature, kneading the dough until it becomes tender. Leave it to rise for an hour, then shape it in the pan, leave it to rise once more and put it in the oven for up to an hour.

Roast pork on the tray

A recipe loved by Romanians involves cooking a pork chop on a platter with vegetables such as potatoes, peppers and onions. You need 1 kg of meat, one of potatoes, a few white or red peppers, two white onions, a few cloves of garlic, ground cumin, spices (salt, pepper, paprika), a glass of dry white wine for taste, and 2 tablespoons oil.

Cut the meat into thicker slices and season them, putting them in the pan, add the sliced vegetables (you add the potato an hour after the thermal preparation of the meat has started) and spread them in the pan, put them in the hot oven and pour the wine and a cup of water, leaving to bake for two hours.

the best non stick baking trays


An ecler cake on the tray satisfies your need for sweet and is also tasty. You need a choux pastry and vanilla cream and a diploma to produce a real wonder in the tray, so it will take you a few hours to prepare everything.

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