The best organic carob powder

Carob Powder – Review and comparison in 2021

If you want to replace, partially or completely, cocoa and coffee from your family’s diet, carob powder can be an inspired choice. One of the best products on the market, in this category, isNiavis Roscove Bio , an item that benefits from ecological certification, being recognized for its organic quality. The product is one of Italian origin and offers 250 g of powder rich in calcium, protein and pectin, without fat and without calories, a very good choice regardless of age. And if you want an alternative, another option worth considering can be Raw and Healthy Carob .

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It is a product with ecological certification, which guarantees your controlled origin and the absence of contaminants. It is offered in a 250 g package, ideal for replacing cocoa and coffee in a lot of delicious dishes for children and adults. It is an important source of calcium and protein in a varied diet.

The product should be consumed in moderate amounts, otherwise it may have some side effects, of which constipation is the most common.

It is one of the best alternatives if you want to limit the consumption of neurostimulants in the family, or when looking for suitable alternatives for young children.

It is a top product, with a carefully verified quality, from strictly monitored ingredients, labeled as ecological. It can be given to children and babies with complete confidence, including during periods of digestive disorders, or it can be included in various age-specific recipes.

Although the price-quality ratio is advantageous, the acquisition costs are higher than other variants in the range.

We especially recommend it to buyers who have young children and therefore need high quality products, without any contaminants, packaged in a protective atmosphere.

It is one of the best products, from the point of view of the ratio between price and quality, the quantity of 1 kg of powder being delivered at the price you pay for 250 g in the case of other brands. It does not contain genetically modified organisms, its origin is controlled and it is certified as an entirely vegan product.

The amount of 1 kg is quite large and must be used relatively quickly, so as not to degrade over time.

It is a proposal addressed to users who have experience with this product, appreciate it and include it frequently in their diet, the price offer being a difficult one to refuse, and the quality guaranteed by the brand.

In-depth reviews about the best carob powders

Carob powder, also known as carob powder, can be used successfully in many dishes, either for its particular flavor or as a substitute for cocoa, coffee or even chicory. Here are some of the most popular products on the market in this category.

Niavis Roscove Bio

The best organic carob powder Numerous opinions about the best carob powders mention the products from the category of organic or ecological ones, as the optimal alternatives when it comes to a healthier lifestyle. It is also the reason why we selected Niavis as one of the best choices.

This package of 250 g of carob powder can be used in many recipes for sweets, desserts, smoothies, puddings or hot drinks. Given its particular properties, the product is recommended in a dose of 15 – 20 g per day in adults, this moderate amount being the best option for you to benefit from its qualities, but not from possible side effects.

This cheap carob powder is a good source of calcium, protein and pectin, instead it does not have the neurostimulating effect that coffee and cocoa have, therefore it can be a suitable alternative for children.

Rapunzel Carobpulver

The best organic carob powder Another example of carob powder at a good price is this product, delivered in a metal box with lid, which will keep in the best conditions the properties, color and especially the aroma of the contents.

Choosing carob powder, you opt for German quality: 250 g of carefully selected product, from the best quality sources and certified Bio, for the safety and health of your family. The sweet natural taste and the delicate caramel aroma make it very easily accepted by children as well.

Another element worth mentioning is that when it comes to carob powder, important benefits are, among others, significant intake of calcium and iron. Even if it is not consumed in large quantities every day, it can be considered a constant source of minerals, which will improve your health. It can also be used in diets, the fat content is very low and the number of calories is low.

Deco Italy ECO light

The best organic carob powder If you are interested in carob powders, cheap and good, one of the nicest choices you can make is this product that has Bio certification, which is ready to surprise you with its intense aroma in each molecule of the 250 g in the package.

We offer carob powder for a very generous range of uses similar to those of more traditional cocoa. It can be used as a natural and healthy additive in bakery products, sauces, sweets, ice cream or drinks. It can be introduced in baby food from the beginning of diversification, being a good source of minerals.

When we talk about carob powder, the daily dose will not exceed 20-30 g, otherwise there is a risk of constipation or other side effects. It has the advantage of excellent solubility and a high fiber content, which helps to normalize blood sugar levels even in people with diabetes.

Solaris Carob Fruit Flour

The best organic carob powder Even if the product has a slightly different name than most, we are also talking about a carob powder, cheap and good, ready to be included in your favorite recipes, or to accompany you in new culinary experiments, for a richer and more nutritious diet. diversified.

For this carob powder, recommended uses are in various sweet dishes, from puddings and desserts that replace chocolate, to giving up coffee and its stimulating effects. It can also be used as a partial substitute for wheat flour, which has a higher glycemic index, being appreciable its high nutritional content compared to it.

Our proposal is an ideal example of carob powders, at good prices, in a small package, only 100 g, perfect to test how well you get along with this product, if you have not had the opportunity to test it so far.

Baby roscove powder

Crude and Healthy Carob

The best organic carob powder If you are interested in a reliable assortment of carob powder for babies, we recommend this product, with a good ratio between price and quality. We emphasize this because when it comes to your child, you need extra attention and caution.

Crud si Sanatos offers you one of the best carob powders that holds the certificate of 100% ecological and natural product, without external contaminants. The recommended dose for babies is 1-2 teaspoons a day, added to various foods. You can include it in his usual cereals, in a pudding specially made for him, or in a pandispan.

Rich in fiber and protein, vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron, this carob powder with antidiarrheal and antiemetic properties is recommended even for mild digestive disorders, significantly improving diet and making it better accepted by little ones during convalescence.

Bioking Carob Pulver

The best organic carob powder If you are already a convinced fan of this type of product and often make carob powder cakes, you probably need a package with a larger amount of product, so this proposal is the best option for you.

We are talking about a metal box with a lid with a tight seal, which contains no less than 500g of product. The fruits from which the powder is made come from Italy, from organic farming and do not contain and are not contaminated with genetically modified organisms.

The product can be used successfully in homemade sweets, having the role of sweetener and flavoring, offering something of the aroma and color that cocoa imprints. It is especially suitable as a carob powder for babies, in which parents take advantage of the fact that it does not contain caffeine and theobromine, which would shake the little ones. It can also be consumed as such, added to fruits, cheese, coconut flakes or whipped cream.

Sanovita roscove powder

Sanovita Karob

The best organic carob powder

Sanovita carob powder is one of the most advantageous offers on the market in this category, the large quantity, of 1 kg, made available to the buyer, being accessible at an extremely friendly price. It is, if you want, a special product variant for connoisseurs, this is the right choice.

Like any other product belonging to the brand, it also offers a quality guarantee, being certified as vegan. In addition, the label emphasizes that it does not contain any genetically modified organisms, so you can use it without worries regardless of the type of food you have chosen.

Given the large quantity offered in the package, we recommend it exclusively to people who frequently use the product. Its special aroma, together with the health benefits, make it a suitable choice regardless of age, this Sanovita carob being one of the right products from the beginning of diversification. Not to mention that it greatly improves the flavor of the first baby foods…!

Carob syrup

Crete carob syrup BIO

The best organic carob powder An alternative that offers you the benefits of carob in a form other than powder, is the one represented by a carob syrup that can be used both in the recipes mentioned so far, but also as such, or added as a sweetener in various drinks.

There has been a lot of debate about the benefits that carobs have for the body. They appear to have a very low glycemic index, which means that they have the ability to regulate blood sugar. The large amount of insoluble fiber seems to be very effective in regulating cholesterol. Polyphenols make it act as an excellent antioxidant, it is also a good source of calcium.

If you want to benefit from the healing effects of carob, it is recommended to use it before main meals, in the recommended doses depending on age, in courses of 2-3 months. The product presented is a BIO certified one and provides you with a volume of 350 ml syrup, gluten free and sugar free.


The best organic carob powder

A high quality, natural, tasty carob syrup is this product belonging to the BioAroma brand, from Greece, which offers you the aroma and sweetness of the Mediterranean lands at an affordable price.

The product is considered to be a natural source of calcium, iron and phosphorus, so it is a good idea to include it in a balanced diet. It is recommended against gastrointestinal disorders at any age, but it has good efficacy against osteoporosis, being recommended to include it in your daily diet if you are approaching menopause.

If you are not so much interested in the health benefits as the culinary ones, it is a very aromatic sweetener, which goes perfectly in tea or yogurt, in shakes and smoothies, in milk. or yogurt, but also in ice cream, cakes, cereals and other preparations. This product variant does not contain any preservatives, dyes, flavors or sweeteners, the 350 ml being perfectly natural.

Buying guide

Finding the best carob powder – this is not an easy task. Below, you can find some concrete criteria, explained for everyone to understand, about how you can distinguish a top product from a grandparent one.

The best organic carob powder

Degree of processing: Carob powder can be purchased fried, semi-raw or raw.

The best option is, as you can probably imagine, raw powder, because it contains up to 40% more amino acids than the cooked one. Another major advantage is the proportion of them: 6: 1 omega-6 fatty acids compared to omega-3, a ratio considered ideal, but which you will not find in other types of seeds.

Unfortunately, because this version, not thermally prepared, has a short shelf life, it is very difficult to find and can be purchased at higher prices than the others. You can distinguish it from others due to its light brown color.

The semi-raw version can also be marketed under the name of Raw Powder, which is not entirely true, because often, it is obtained by baking at a temperature of 90 degrees Celsius, a high value that affects part of nutrients. Its color is a slightly darker brown, resulting from exposure to high temperature.

The most easily accessible variant, at the most advantageous prices, is that of fried carob. In this case, the grains are ground after exposure to a temperature of about 200 degrees Celsius. The intense taste obtained in this way is what attracts most buyers, and the dark brown shade of the berries is appreciated because it gives the food a color close to that given by cocoa.

The affordable price makes this variant to be frequently used in homemade sweets, for aroma and taste, not necessarily for its nutritional value.

Packaging: The quality of the content, as well as its durability, largely depends on the quality of the packaging. Because we are talking about a spice, it is important that it be sold in a package that is as strong and tight as possible, in contact with the air as little as possible, which can be closed again after unsealing.

The most common and most accessible, carob powder is sold in simple plastic bags. Obviously, they cannot be closed again, so the only wise thing you can do is store the contents in airtight containers, preferably opaque.

The best organic carob powder

The immediately upper stage, from the point of view of the packaging, is represented by the bags with aluminum interior, with resealing possibilities. A great advantage, besides the actual resistance of the packaging, is in this case the possibility to eliminate a large part of the air entering inside, before resealing it. However, it may happen that the “zipper” of the bag does not fit perfectly, or loses its strength, and then you will reach the solution of makeshift containers.

An alternative of superior quality and relatively economical is that of metal boxes with lids, similar to those for ness, coffee or cocoa. If you really want a top alternative, you will choose products sold in thick, opaque glass containers with screw caps.

Quantity: If you are a beginner user of carob, we warmly recommend you to orient yourself towards a smaller packaging option, this being, as a rule, 100g. It is prudent to test and check whether or not the product is to your liking, before buying a large quantity, even if the price per kilogram is less advantageous.

If you have already established that carob powder is on the list of ingredients accepted by your family, you can opt for 250g packaging (you can take them to work to add to tea, milk or coffee) or 500g. There is also the 1kg packaging variant, intended for enthusiasts who frequently use it in the preparation of various sweets recipes.

The best organic carob powder

Origin: The quality of the product always depends on its country of origin and the type of agriculture in which it was obtained. We recommend that you purchase products that contain the EU logo, so they are certified for sale in Europe.

According to European labeling rules, the product also has the code of the institution that complied with the certification, which consists of 3 segments: the first indicates the country, the second tells you if the product is organic or organic, and the last is an indicator of the approved institution for certification.

The fact that the label boasts mentions as “organic” or “organic” does not guarantee that the product meets all the necessary conditions to receive this certification.

Frequent questions

What is carob powder used for?

Carob powder has multiple uses. In general, it is used for its sweet taste and caramel aroma, being considered a substitute for cocoa and even coffee.
It can be used as such, simply added in various recipes, for example powdered over cereals, over milk with semolina or over milk with rice. It can also be included on the ingredient list of more sophisticated recipes, such as ice cream, cakes, pandispans and so on.

The best organic carob powder

Constipation roscove powder?

Yes, carob powder is considered an effective remedy against digestive disorders, it is recommended even in children, in case of diarrhea. Consumed in the recommended amounts and as part of a high fiber diet, it will not have negative effects on transit.

Does carob powder have contraindications?

Although, officially, there are no known contraindications for carob powder, apart from the fact that people who fight constipation should avoid it, some manufacturers mention on the package that it should be avoided during pregnancy, its effects are not known or studied. . On the other hand, other sources claim that it can be consumed in moderation, including pregnancy and lactation.

Carob powder – recipe

Next, we decided to present you two variants of carob powder in baby recipes, which can be turned into a breakfast loved by a slightly older child, or by an adult.

The best organic carob powder

To prepare banana with carob powder you can use two simple options.

The most affordable option, which can be offered from the beginning of diversification, is that of peeled banana, put in a blender with a teaspoon of carob powder and possibly a little milk. In a few moments you will get a delicious shake, which you can serve with your little one’s teaspoon.

If the junior is one year old, or if we are talking about a recipe prepared for an adult, things can become a bit more complex. In this case, you need a ripe banana, a tablespoon of peanut butter, a teaspoon of honey, a teaspoon of carob, 150 ml of milk or soy milk.

Banana is cleaned, cut into pieces and put in a blender. Add the rest of the ingredients and blend for a few moments, until everything turns into a fluid and delicious cream. You can consume it as such, you can add a few ice cubes or a few chocolate flakes.

If you are rather tempted by a recipe for muffins with carob powder, we propose a simple and delicious alternative in which, for extra flavors, you can add a little orange peel. You need 240 g of wholemeal flour, 2 eggs, 80 g of melted butter, 3 tablespoons of honey, a tablespoon of carob, a teaspoon of baking powder and a teaspoon of baking soda. If you opt for the orange version, you also need 180 ml of juice and peel from a large orange.

Flour, orange peel, baking powder and baking soda mix in a bowl. Separately, mix the eggs, honey, melted butter and orange juice with a whisk until completely homogenous. Subsequently, the two bowls with ingredients are combined and mixed well, until a fluid but thick composition results.

For extra effect, the dough is divided in two. Over one of the parts add the carob powder, which incorporates well.

Prepare the tray for muffins, then pour, in turn, the two compositions. At the base you can put the dough with carobs, in the middle you can add the orange pieces, and on top you will pour the simple dough. Or, if you prefer, you can combine them in reverse. If you have children, it will be fun to observe the stratification.

Baking takes 20 to 25 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius. The oven must be preheated, and you will approximate the baking time, checking with the toothpick, depending on the dimensions of the muffins.

What you need to know about carob powder

Carob powder – this is an ingredient that can be introduced very early in the diet of any child and that adults who have had the opportunity to test it greatly appreciate. Do you know why it is worth including it in the recipes prepared at home?

Carob powder is an ingredient that can be included in many desserts and pastries; you can find it in the first cereals for babies, in cakes in which it replaces cocoa, in smoothies or you can use it as such, for its therapeutic value. In these conditions, it is probably worth finding out more about it.

What is carob powder?

Carob powder is also called carob. It is a product from the category of legumes, which includes beans, chickpeas, peas and lentils. The carob tree grows in the Mediterranean regions; its pods are picked, dried, fried and ground, the result being powder that is frequently used as a substitute for cocoa.

What are its main benefits?

Specialists recommend that we include carob in our regular diet, because its nutritional content is worthy of consideration, and the health benefits are significant. In fact, there are people who consume carob as such, usually one tablespoon a day, just to benefit from all its qualities.

The best organic carob powder

Relatively surprising, carob powder contains complex proteins, being an important source of essential amino acids, all those amino acids that the body itself is not able to produce. It is a source of antioxidants, to fight free radicals resulting from the body’s metabolic processes, those molecules that age us and that can cause serious diseases by affecting the cell layers; this is, in fact, the mechanism of cancer.

The high fiber content is likely to improve digestion, effectively contributing to the balance of various species of beneficial bacteria in the gut. But this is not the only role it plays: it regulates blood sugar and lowers insulin resistance, lowers cholesterol and helps normalize body weight.

Carob contains neither gluten, nor lactose, nor caffeine, being very well tolerated by a lot of people for whom these three compounds represent a challenge that they try to avoid. The small amount of lipids and sodium makes carob powder can be used by people who are struggling with high blood pressure.

The sweet taste is due to the natural sugar content, which means 40-50%. The great advantage of this is that the use of such a natural ingredient eliminates the need to use other sweeteners. Taking into account the high fiber content, the glycemic index of the product remains low, which makes it preferable to others.

Carob powder is very rich in minerals and vitamins, of which the best represented are calcium, potassium, copper and manganese, respectively vitamins B2 and B3. And the best news is that, being free of coffee and theobromine, carob powder can be used without restrictions in children’s nutrition. Even during periods when they have diarrhea!

How is carob powder used?

After learning about carob powder and interesting properties that it makes available to users, the first question that comes to mind is how it can be used.

The best organic carob powder

First of all, it can replace cocoa in absolutely any recipe. It is mainly used in countertops, cakes, pandispan, in the form of carob flour which, thanks to its sweet taste, reduces or eliminates the need to use sugar. You can include it in ice cream, sauces and syrups, and there are people who claim that they have prepared a kind of carob Nutella at home.

Another interesting dessert is one in which carob powder is introduced into yogurt, along with muesli, in chia or amaranth puddings, in pancake dough or in a cup of warm milk.

If you are more interested in carob powder for benefits than in food recipes, it can be consumed as such, one tablespoon a day (adult dose), in which case its hypoglycemic and hypocholesterolemic effect is followed.

Another option is to prepare it in the form of carob tea, which you can drink unsweetened; the drink is sweet, even if it does not taste like “hot chocolate” obtained by adding milk.

Are there overdoses of roscove powder?

Just as not the healthiest food is healthy if eaten in excessive amounts, carob powder should not be eaten without limit. You will include it in the list of ingredients you should use every week, but of course, you need a balance in everything.

Are there any contraindications to the use of carob powder?

As long as carob is used as food, there seems to be no restriction on it. On the other hand, if we refer to carob powder and contraindications, it is good for pregnant and lactating women to exercise some caution during use, in the sense that excess should be avoided.

Medicinal uses of carob powder

Carob is very rich in substances called tannins, known to reduce the effectiveness of enzymes involved in digestive processes. Because of them, carob powder can help with weight loss, lower blood sugar and lower insulin levels, and lower cholesterol.

The best organic carob powder

For medicinal purposes, carob powder is most often used to combat the symptoms of diarrhea in adults and children. It seems that gastric burns also diminish due to the use of carob. Some pregnant women claim that regular consumption of carob has helped them overcome the period of nausea more easily, but it seems that it is also effective in children, in enterocolitis accompanied by vomiting.

Finally, there are studies that show that regular consumption of carob, as a drug, reduces the levels of “bad” cholesterol and total cholesterol. However, more extensive results are needed to correctly quantify this quality of carob powder.

The biggest problem with these supplements, if they are used for their health benefits and not as food, is that there are no standardized dosages based on the age, body weight or physiological condition of the user. That is why it is recommended to use caution, in quantities that do not exceed an ordinary food intake.

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