the best outdoor space heater to buy online

How do you choose the best terrace heater? What functions and features should the terrace heater have according to your needs? Read our guide and choose informed.

the best outdoor space heater to buy online With the implementation of new legislation on smoking in bars, employers have had to create outdoor spaces for smoking customers.

Thus there was a growing need for terraces, especially some that work in comfortable conditions even in winter.

Whether you want to use a patio heater for your business or home, you need to document yourself to make sure you make the best choice .

Here are the details you need to check in order to buy the best terrace heater .

Top 3 recommended terrace heaters

Why choose the best terrace heater?

A terrace heater is a great solution for anyone who wants to heat an outdoor area. Whether you own a business such as a bar or restaurant with space outside for socializing or simply want to give guests access to the terrace on cooler evenings, such a device can help you a lot.

These heaters can be found on the market in a wide range of heating powers and fuel variants . So, if you do not have electrical connections in the terrace, you will be able to use such a device powered by another fuel source.

Most are portable models, which means you'll be able to move them where you need heat. You can also store them easily, when you no longer need them or when you want to clean them.

How to choose the best terrace heater

the best outdoor space heater to buy online You will find them available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Also, the mounting methods are diverse. In addition, you will need to consider the safety rules you will need to meet.

How can you make the right choice? We invite you to consult this shopping guide where you will find all the information you need so that your investment is one that you will not regret.

At the end, we researched the market and we are ready to present you a list of the best offers in terms of quality / price ratio at the moment.

Power supply type of terrace heaters

These types of heaters can be adapted to work with several forms of supply: natural gas, propane gas, electric, wood or infrared . Each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Here's what you need to know:

  • Propane gas patio heater

These are easy to add to your terrace. Generally, you do not need a professional to install them. All you have to do is assemble them correctly by attaching the bottle. The next step is to turn them on.

The disadvantage is that their price is higher than those that run on natural gas, if we refer to long-term expenses. Also keep in mind that you will need to replace the cylinder when it runs out of gas.

However, many prefer them because it is a form of heating at hand , very easy to implement . In addition, the propane gas supply is easy to replace in just a few seconds.

Among the advantages can be mentioned that they heat up very quickly and are portable . You can easily move them where you need the most heat.

What you need to keep in mind is that propane gas costs more than natural gas . Also, this type of heater should not be used indoors.

  • Natural gas terrace heater

In their case, you will need a professional to install them. That's because they need to be connected to the gas network.

For this reason, the purchase and installation price is higher compared to those running on propane gas. However, in the long run, they are the cheapest to use. In addition, they are very easy to maintain.

The disadvantage is that they are difficult to move and are not recommended for completely enclosed spaces.

  • Electric terrace heater

And these are a very convenient option. Except for those that are mounted on the ceiling or on the wall, electric terrace heaters do not require special installation.

Basically, all you have to do is plug them in. The main disadvantage is that you will need to keep your heater close to a power source if the power cord is not long enough.

Electricity costs more than gas or wood in continuous use, but they are very easy to maintain and use . In addition, they are the only model of terrace heater that is suitable for use indoors or indoors.

Another disadvantage is that it takes them longer to heat up and generate heat.

  • Wood terrace heater

the best outdoor space heater to buy online Wood is a great choice when you want to create a special atmosphere . Such a terrace heater will need a little more maintenance . You will need to make sure that there is always wood burning, and you will need to clean the ashes.

However, this is a popular option for private terraces, as people love to sit by a fire with a flame that they can see and hear the wood crackle , while smelling smoke.

Disadvantages include the fact that it is more difficult to light a fire than if you simply had to press a button. This can be a challenge, especially on windy days . You will also have less control over the level of heat that will be generated.

It is a cheap and easy to assemble , but requires more maintenance. You also need to make sure that you have wood at your discretion, cut to the right size and dry enough to burn well.

  • Infrared terrace heater

You will not find many models of this kind, but those that are available on the market are very energy efficient.

They are able to convert 90% of electricity into caloric energy . You will need to mount them on the ceiling or on a wall, and their actual size is quite small.

The mode of operation is interesting. They do not heat the air, but the objects in the range, which is not very large.

These systems are not recommended for large terraces. Choose them only if the space you want to heat is small.


When looking for the best patio heaters, you will notice that they are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Here's how to choose the right model for you:

  • Terrace floor heater

This is a popular option and one of the most used in the case of gas heaters. They are usually tall, thin and have a fairly wide coverage.

It is mainly used in restaurants or confectioneries that have terraces . They are available on the market in a wide range of prices that differ depending on the power supply used, size and power.

  • Wall-mounted terrace heater

the best outdoor space heater to buy online If the floor space in your terrace is limited, you can opt for a variant that mounts to the wall. The heater emits enough heat to ensure the comfort of you or your customers , but it will not stand in the way of anyone.

Their value can vary greatly, as can their size. You will almost always find models that run on electricity and you will need more time and planning to install and operate them.

Depending on how good you are at such projects, you may or may not need the help of an installation professional.

  • Table terrace heater

These are the smallest models you will come across when looking for the best patio heater . Of course, the space they will heat will also be smaller, but they are an affordable option if you only need to heat the space at a table.

Most of the time it is presented in electric form , although gas-fired models can also be found. Many of them look like miniature variants of floor models.

They have the same design, only you can put them directly on the table . They are suitable for private terraces, if most of the time you spend on your terrace is at a table.

The power of the terrace heater

The best terrace heater is the one that will manage to heat most of your terrace, using the least resources. The first step, then, is to figure out exactly what surface you want to heat.

As a rule, private terraces, where gazebos can be included, do not exceed an area of 14-16 square meters . So, here you will not need a terrace heater with a very high power. One that operates at a power of 2000 W will suffice.

In the case of terraces used for commercial purposes, which are even larger, the power must be much higher. The advice of specialists is to look at models that have over 10,000 W power . They will be able to heat an area of 60-80 sqm .

Ideally, you should be able to control the level of heat that these heaters emit, because this way you will be able to have more control over how the resources are used. You have this possibility in the case of models that run on electricity . In their case, you will have to choose variants with at least 2 power levels .

Safety issues

As with any heat source, terrace heaters also pose some risks. For example, a heater that sits on the floor must be well balanced and have a proper weight to cope with windy days. If it fell, there would certainly be a risk of a fire.

the best outdoor space heater to buy online Therefore, many models will be equipped with a self-stop function for this purpose . If there are strong winds in your area, you definitely need a model with this feature. Look for those that give you a way to anchor yourself to the floor.

Any model of gas or wood patio heater should only operate in open spaces. If you place it in an enclosed or covered terrace, you risk causing carbon monoxide poisoning. That's why electric patio heaters tend to be the safest option . Be very careful that nothing flammable is placed near them.

Don't forget to read the user manual in which you will find the safety rules for each model. Not all patio heaters are created the same, so you need to follow the manufacturer's suggestions.

What accessories and functions should the best terrace heater have?

  • Adjustability – choose models that allow you to adjust the height of the heater or the angle at which the heat is concentrated.
  • Flame protection – in the case of gas models, the flame is protected by a secure glass tube. This way there is no risk of children or pets being injured in this way. Equally necessary are these protection grilles for models that run on electricity.
  • Remote control – allows you to turn the device on and off remotely
  • Wheels – present in the case of models that are intended to be transported.


Do not buy such a product from a no-name company. Although the purchase price is lower, it may fail quickly, or may not work as promised.

There is also a risk that safety regulations may not be observed. Look for recognized brands in the field and buy only from reliable sources.


A good idea is to buy the best terrace heater online . If you do this do not forget to check the opinion of other buyers to check if the manufacturer or store has displayed correct information in the product description. This way you will make an investment that you will enjoy for a long time.

The best terrace heater: recommendations

Taking into account the above tips, analyzing the opinions of buyers and the existing offer, we further recommend some models of terrace heaters that offer an excellent quality / price ratio.

1. GOLDFLAME blumfeldt terrace heater, gas, 13 kW

the best outdoor space heater to buy online For outdoor activities, energy efficient, gas heater for terrace or veranda.
For operation with a 5 or 11 kilogram cylinder with propane / butane glass – heating power up to 13 kW (945 g / h).
Piezo mechanical ignition, integrated locking in case of overturning.
Stainless steel construction, durable wheels for easy moving.
Quartz glass tube burner: the gas burns with flame.

See details and price

2. Terrace heater VEITO AERO S 2500, 2500W, Carbon Fiber

the best outdoor space heater to buy online These infrared radiant panels are made using the latest carbon fiber technologies. They are robust and resistant to wear.
It comes with mounting brackets and has a modern look.
The panel can be mounted on the wall (in a horizontal position) or on the ceiling (recommended at an angle of 45 °).
It is equipped with remote control, with 4 adjustable power levels: 1000-1500-2000-2500W. Degree of protection: IP44.

See details and price

3. Terrace heater MY4327 max. 13KW / 44,500 BTU

the best outdoor space heater to buy online Base dimensions: 460 x86mm (H).
Bottle compartment: 378mm × 765mm (H).
Upper body: 56mm × 870mm (H).
Burning unit: 275mm × 530mm (H).
Combustion flame assembly: 275mm × 210mm (H).
Reflector: 810mm – Total height: 2210mm.
Fuel: butane or propane – Steel body.

See details and price

4. Wood terrace heater, 55 × 55 cm, wood support, EGO-100

the best outdoor space heater to buy online Exclusive fireplace, which ensures a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere in your garden or on your terrace. The large fire bowl convinces with its elegant design and is a real eye-catcher.
With a few wooden logs in the bowl you have a warming fire for beautiful evenings with your partner or friends.
You can enjoy the fire in peace with the protection grid included. The storage compartment is very useful.

See details and price

5. DELEX IRH radiant panel, 2000W, Halogen – 92% efficiency

the best outdoor space heater to buy online It is a model that is mounted only on the wall – fixed support, not on mobile stands. It comes with mounting brackets and has a modern look.
It is equipped with overheating protection, does not take up much space due to its design, it is suitable for narrow spaces.
The control of the panel is made with the help of a manual thermostat, which has a temperature sensor.
Heated surface outside *: 6.5 – 8.5sqm.

See details and price

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