the best ovens for baking to buy this year

Choosing an oven can be a really difficult task, because there is a huge variety of products and prices. To help you, we gathered some information from reports and tests made by experts, so we could choose the best 10 ovens available on the market at the moment.




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the best ovens for baking to buy this year


the best ovens for baking to buy this year


the best ovens for baking to buy this year


the best ovens for baking to buy this year


the best ovens for baking to buy this year


the best ovens for baking to buy this year


the best ovens for baking to buy this year


the best ovens for baking to buy this year


the best ovens for baking to buy this year


the best ovens for baking to buy this year


Ovens have been indispensable for any chef in preparing tasty and aromatic products for years. I don't think there is a kitchen without an oven, because without it many main dishes, desserts or small sweet snacks would be impossible to make. But how do we choose to buy the best ovens on the commercial market from the multitude of existing models?

We aim to provide you with some useful technical information to make this decision easier for you and you are able to buy the model that best suits your needs.

Gas oven or electric oven. Advantages and disadvantages.

Gas ovens

The gas oven is still preferred by many consumers due to the lower price compared to the electric variants. Also, this model is chosen for its obvious utility or because they did not have access to other alternatives.

In the case of a gas oven, its heating is much faster than in the case of an electric oven, but the heat is not always evenly distributed. The risk is to burn the food. If instead you want to cook a browned dish, the gas oven is ideal because you will get this effect quite quickly. In addition, if you cook very often, the gas oven is best suited for its relatively modest gas consumption.

Electric ovens

They have appeared more recently on the commercial market and are increasingly used by consumers due to their many advantages. The electric oven will distribute the heat evenly, and the cooked food will cook faster and more evenly, without the risk of burning. Its use at full capacity involves a strong electrical installation and, unlike the gas one, the electric oven will no longer work in the event of a power failure.

The two types of ovens have both advantages and disadvantages and therefore choosing the right oven depends, first of all, on your individual needs. But regardless of the model chosen, we recommend that you analyze some of their important features to make the best choice.

The most important technical characteristics of ovens


Being a large household appliance, we recommend that you carefully measure the space where it is to be located so as not to have unpleasant surprises. According to experts and consumers, the perfect width is 60 centimeters, as most furniture manufacturers design their products according to this general standard. Measure, analyze and only then buy!


the best ovens for baking to buy this year These selection criteria depend on the size of your family. There is no point in buying a product with a volume of over 70 liters, but if your family is small a 60 liter oven is enough. Our recommendation is to choose a medium-capacity oven, especially if you cook more often or have more guests at dinner or onomastics to be as efficient as possible.

Fundamental functions and options

Choosing a good oven also involves checking out what additional features or options they have to get the most out of your purchase. Here are some of these features:

  • grill or a roaster – two additional options that allow you to cook more diverse and tasty baked goods;
  • baking programs – ideal for cooking cakes or even pizza;
  • the function of defrosting or maintaining the temperature of the dishes – extremely useful in any kitchen;
  • timer – effective for knowing when your food is ready;
  • self-cleaning function, which can be of several types : pyrolytic, catalytic or steam. It is a function recently introduced in the equipment of the ovens and that can help you to clean even the trays in the oven during the cleaning process.

The brand

If you want to enjoy a high quality oven, we recommend that you turn your attention to well-known fir trees because you will only gain. First of all, these companies pay increased attention to the quality of the manufacturing materials and a guarantee of at least one year of the products sold. In addition, they also have specialized services that can help you in case of oven failure or if you want to change certain components.


An important criterion for choosing an oven for consumers is the price. Gas ovens are cheaper and electric ones more expensive. Obviously, those with low incomes will go to the first model, but because we are talking about an important investment that will accompany us for years, we recommend that you do not choose the cheapest models. The ovens with a higher price have a different quality of manufacturing materials, but also additional functions and options that can make your life easier and more enjoyable.

Choosing the best oven for you

the best ovens for baking to buy this year
Because not infrequently consumers are not satisfied with the oven purchased and blame the manufacturer, we recommend that you make a serious documentation before proceeding with the actual purchase, but also to objectively analyze your own needs. The advantage of the times we live in is that technology can help us to make a comparative analysis of products from the comfort of our own home and to read numerous articles by specialists or user . We gain valuable time and are better informed without any physical effort. Just a little organization and intellectual involvement.

Then, make a preliminary list of models that fit your selection criteria, and only then can you go to the nearest store that sells those models to test them. A well-balanced and analyzed investment saves you a lot of trouble and can make your life more comfortable and efficient.

Check that the product you buy has a warranty of at least two years and ask about the post-warranty services offered or the services that can help you if you need it. Do not skip any steps and do not rush to buy the product until you are sure that you have all the selection criteria met. Inspiration and growth in wise shopping!

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