the best pan for cooking steak

Pans – Review and comparison in 2021

Any kind of preparation is difficult to prepare, if you do not have the best pan to help you in the whole process. For this, your kitchen must be equipped with various dishes, and we present some of the most popular ones that housewives buy in this guide. If you are in a hurry and do not have time to go through it completely, find out that in the top of the list we have placedBohmann BH 0715 , a set consisting of three pots of different sizes, made of stainless steel, equipped with lids and handles and compatible with all sources. the heat. If what you are really looking for is a higher pan, on the second position we have Tefal Invissia .

Comparative table

It is a set that provides you with three pots of different capacities (2.9, 3.9 and 5 liters), so that you can cook in as many different ways as possible. All are made of stainless steel, are equipped with lids and handles and can be used with all types of cooking sources.

Due to the fact that they are made of stainless steel, the handles will heat up during cooking and must be handled with protection on the palms.

We recommend this set if you want to have in your kitchen dishes as diverse as possible in terms of capacity.

You can use this pan made of aluminum, with a layer of Teflon, to prepare food in a variety of ways, with a diameter of 23 cm and a height of 9 cm. It is delivered with a lid made of heat-resistant glass, which has a non-heated handle and a hole for removing steam.

This pan cannot be used on appliances that use induction as a heat source, not having a base made in such a way as to be compatible.

This pan is very useful in any kitchen, because it does not stick to food and is easy to use for all kinds of dishes.

It is a pan made of cast iron, a resistant material that allows the preparation of food in very good conditions, giving a special taste to the food. It has a capacity of 3.8 liters, is compatible with all heat sources that can be found in cooking appliances and is equipped with a lid and handles.

Cast iron is a sensitive material when it comes to cleaning, so you must be very careful not to have problems with rust stains.

Consider this purchase, if you are looking for a pot made of cast iron, with a smaller capacity of 3.8 liters.

In-depth reviews about the best pans

Rather than wasting time looking for a lot of sites that sell such products, it is better to go through this list, in which we present you the most interesting options that you can buy from online stores.

Stainless steel pan

Bohmann BH 0715

the best pan for cooking steak

Those who want to cook as healthy as possible, when they want to buy a pot, opt for a stainless steel pan, because this material is quality and does not change the taste of food. The set we present to you now contains not one, but three containers, in which you can prepare various dishes, all equipped with lids made of Yena glass.

The capacity of each product is different, as well as the dimensions, as follows: the small vessel has 2.9 liters and measures 18 x 11.5 cm, the medium one has 3.9 liters and 20 x 12.5 cm, and the largest will fit 5 liters, measuring 22 x 13.5 cm. These pans are compatible with all types of cooking appliances, including those that operate on induction.

Each container has two handles, and they are made of stainless steel, which is why you must always use protection when you want to handle the pot on the stove, because the cakes will get hot during cooking.


Cratita Tefal

Tefal Invissia

the best pan for cooking steak

It is very easy to prepare all kinds of recipes with the help of this taller pan, which is made of Teflon-coated aluminum, so that the food does not stick. The material inside is PTFE, so be very careful not to use it for temperatures above 260 degrees, so as not to become dangerous to health.

This Tefal pan has a diameter of 23 cm and a height of 9 cm and can be used on cooking appliances that use gas and electricity as a source of heat. It is not compatible with induction variants.

The product we are talking about now is a Tefal pan with a lid, the latter being made of heat-resistant glass, with a handle that does not heat up when cooking and the hole for removing steam. The pan is also equipped with a handle, which is made of durable plastic, which does not heat up. It also has a hole for hanging.


Cast iron pan

Heinner Cooking

the best pan for cooking steak

Cooking utensils made of cast iron have multiple advantages, including their durability, healthy way of preparing food and uniform heat distribution, which is why we recommend the following product. This pan (at a good price) has a capacity of 3.8 liters, being useful in the kitchens of their smaller family. It measures 24 x 10.8 cm and is dark gray.

You can use this cast iron pan to cook very varied, because it can be used on hobs with any heat source (including induction) and can be placed in the oven.

This pot is equipped with a lid, but also with handles, to be easy to handle. But you have to do everything with great care, because it will get pretty hot. After cooking, do not suddenly cool the dish to clean it, as you may damage it, and wash it carefully, with special detergents or using natural methods (sea salt), so as not to rust.


Ceramic pan

Troianska Sarka MN0163115

the best pan for cooking steak

This pan stands out from the first contact by the fact that it has a special look. This is due to the fact that it is made of ceramic and is painted by hand, in a very pleasant way. This material allows the preparation of food in a very healthy way, keeps the flavors very well and is especially suitable for making traditional recipes (sarmale, moussaka, steak, etc.).

This ceramic pan has a generous capacity of 7.5 liters, which means that it can be used successfully even in very large families or when you have guests and want to cook more. It is equipped with a lid made of the same material. It is recommended to use it in the oven and it can withstand up to a temperature of 600 degrees Celsius.

The presence of a cheap and good pan has handles on the sides, but also such an element on the lid. However, these inserts are not very easy to use, because they do not have a shape that allows a lot of comfort or safety, being slippery and rounded.


Enameled pan

Oti, 4 liters

the best pan for cooking steak

We now present you a cast iron pan, which will help you to prepare the most delicious recipes. It will help you cook healthy, because this material does not change the taste of food, but helps the ingredients to retain their flavors.

Regarding the interior, we are talking about an enameled pan, an aspect that contributes to an easier cleaning and a simpler cooking, because the food will not stick. The capacity it provides is 4 liters, being suitable for families with 3-4 members.

This enameled cast iron pan is a cauldron type, which has a handle at the top that helps for easier handling. It has a diameter of 24 cm and a height of 13 cm, and is red on the outside and white on the inside. It is not delivered with a lid, but it must be purchased separately in case you think you would need it.


Cast aluminum pan

Schmitter, 3.5 liters

the best pan for cooking steak

This cast aluminum pan, with a two-layer ceramic interior, is the choice of many housewives who are looking for a product that allows a healthier cooking of the dishes and in many ways, both in the stove and in the oven. . Due to the inner coating, the food will not stick.

Regarding this aluminum pan, the base is one in five layers, with a thickness of 4.2 mm. The diameter is 24 cm and the capacity is 3.5 liters. It has handles that must be used carefully when it gets hot, because you can get injured, and a lid made of heat-resistant glass, which you can use when cooking on the stove, not in the oven.

You can use this container to cook on appliances that use gas or electricity as a heat source, but not on those that work by induction. To avoid scratching it, use wooden, plastic or silicone utensils.


Schmitter pan

Schmitter, 7 liters

the best pan for cooking steak

If you have a large family and need to cook large portions of food, this Schmitter pan can help. It is made of cast aluminum and has three layers of ceramic inside, so as not to change the taste of the food and not to allow the ingredients to stick to the base.

This ceramic pan is equipped with a lid made of heat-resistant glass, but also with handles. Both elements get hot very quickly, which is why you have to act on them with palm protection. This pot is very roomy, with a capacity of 7 liters, so you can use it even for soup. It has a diameter of 24 cm and a thick base of 4 mm.

If you want to use it to prepare food in the oven, do not use the lid you receive in the package, because it is not resistant to very high temperatures. You can use this pan on hobs that use gas and electricity as a heat source, but not induction.


Stone pan

Lamart Stone

the best pan for cooking steak

For some, the best pan is made of stone, which is why we recommend this set that contains not one, but three containers for cooking. The material from which they are made is a resistant one, which allows a healthy cooking, because it does not contain toxic substances that can be emitted at high temperatures. The containers are easy to clean and have a generally pleasant appearance.

The smallest stone pan in this package has a diameter of 16 cm, a handle made of non-hot material and a glass lid with a grip made of hard plastic. The slightly larger pan has a diameter of 20 cm, it is equipped with two cakes made of non-heating materials and a lid made of glass, with a handle that does not heat up.

The package also contains a frying pan, which has a diameter of 24 cm. It does not have a lid, but it has a comfortable handle, provided at the end with hangers. The elements of this set can be used on all possible heat sources, including those that work by induction.


Neoflam pan

Neoflam EC-DC-C24I

the best pan for cooking steak

The present Neoflam pan is the choice of housewives looking to buy a dish made of aluminum, with ceramic interior, because such combinations of materials are not toxic and allow the preservation of aromas emanating from various ingredients. The capacity it offers is 4.8 liters, a value that will help prepare a fairly large amount of food.

You can also use this product as a potato frying pan, because it is not necessary to use a lot of oil and the food will not stick. The diameter it provides is 24 cm, and the compatible heat sources are gas, induction, halogen and glass ceramic.

This pot comes with a lid, with a gasket made of silicone. The vessel is equipped with handles on the sides, to be easy to handle. They are made of bakelite, a synthetic resin that must not come into direct contact with heat, so as not to be damaged.


Electric pan

Tefal CY505E30

the best pan for cooking steak

If you are always on the run and do not have time to sit by the stove to cook, if it is difficult for you to prepare all kinds of recipes when it is very hot outside or if you simply want to cook in a modern way, we recommend this electric pan.

The product is one that allows you to cook in various ways, because with its help you can cook, fry, steam, reheat, etc., as long as you set the right program, out of 25 available. This Tefal One Pot offers you the possibility to set a certain interval at which the food is ready, keeps the dishes warm and allows the temperature to be regulated. It is comfortable to use and there is no danger of explosion at too high a pressure, with a well-developed safety system.

The vessel with which this steam pan is equipped has a capacity of 6 liters and is made of Teflon. The temperature with which the device works is 1200W, and the control is done through a digital system.


Buying guide

In all kitchens there are pans that housewives use to prepare all kinds of recipes. Such products are indispensable, and their choice must be made in the most responsible way, taking into account a series of selection criteria:

the best pan for cooking steak

Tip : When you want to buy a pan at a good price, it is good to consider all possible options. Here’s what you can find:

Classic – are those products that it is impossible not to have in the kitchen. They are normal models, which are placed on the eye from the stove or in the oven and allow cooking food by boiling, baking, frying, etc. Some have a lid, others do not, some have a single handle, others two and so on, the range being very varied.

Electrical – are fairly recent items that are very useful in all kitchens. They allow cooking food in various ways (under pressure, steaming, browning, baking, etc.), depending on the characteristics present, do not emit much heat (being very appreciated when it is very hot outside) and can be programmed or left to cook without to be supervised.

With pressure – there are pots that have special systems that allow cooking in this way, the food inside being well penetrated and prepared quickly. They are especially appreciated when it comes to meat that is not very tender, beans / chickpeas / soy or other dishes. More recently, there are very safe variants on the market, which have very well developed safety systems, so that there is no risk of unpleasant events.

Dimensions : This is another very important criterion when it comes to pans, at good prices. It is necessary to take it into account, because this way you will realize the quantity that can be cooked or the number of portions that you can prepare. It is good to watch:

Capacity – is expressed in liters and tells you how many servings fit in a particular container. If you have a small family of two or if you live alone and cook only for yourself, a 3-4 liter product is enough to eat at most twice. If you have a larger family of over 2 members, then look for something at least 4-5 liters.

It depends a lot on what you want to cook. If you want a pan for a sauce, you can use a 1-2 liter one, if you want to make soup you need something more spacious and so on.

Sizes – in this respect is important diameter, which in some models is smaller, in others larger. If you want something to help you prepare as much as possible, then go for variants of at least 24 cm. If you have a large family (at least 4 members), then a 28-30 cm pan will be more useful.

Then follow the height. There are very low dishes (up to 7-8 cm), such as pans, for example, in which you can make sauces, omelets or heat food, slightly higher containers (10-15 cm), in which you can cook all kinds of stews and unique mixtures, but also very high pans (over 25 cm), recommended for soups and dishes that require boiling.

Materials : It does not matter if you want to buy cheap and good pans or more expensive and high quality products, this detail should not be ignored. Most often, these containers are made of:

Stainless steel – is considered to be very resistant and is appreciated for the fact that it is not toxic when it comes in contact with food and does not allow (in case of scratching) the passage of food particles formed. It is not the best option if you want to heat the food, because the heat is not evenly distributed on its surface and it is more difficult to clean, some foods sticking very easily.

Cast iron – material famous especially for its weight, because it weighs more than other options. It does not allow the food to stick, it does not change its taste, it can be used at a very high, constant temperature. It can rust, if left for a long time with water and the printed stains it is quite difficult to clean.

Aluminum – is not very popular when it comes to healthy cooking, because if the small particles that appear after the scratches get into the food, they can be toxic to the body. But it also has a number of advantages, among which we mention: uniform cooking of food, resistance over time and the fact that it does not rust.

Teflon – is a non-stick material, does not stick to food, allows cooking in good conditions, but can be dangerous if it is not of very good quality, more precisely if it contains carcinogenic substances (PTFE, PFOA), which become toxic if use temperatures higher than 260 degrees.

Ceramics – appreciated for durability, scratch resistance, wide range of colors, ease of cleaning and the fact that it is a material does not become toxic, but also has a number of disadvantages – absorbs more colored liquids, can be easily chipped.

Handle : This is a very important detail when you are interested in buying the best pans. Related to this part of the containers, there are some aspects that you should not overlook.

The material – more precisely, you have to watch if it is one that gets hot during cooking. If so, be careful to always use protection when touching it. If you opt for a variant with special plastic inserts, be careful not to put it in the oven, as it will be damaged.

The presence of the hanger – it matters if you have wall mounting systems for pans and you want everything to be simpler from this point of view.

Possibility of detachment– if you want a container that you can easily use on the stove, but you can also put it in the oven, if it is a model with a longer handle, make sure that it can be detached.

the best pan for cooking steak

Key features : Those who offer opinions about the best pans always remember a series of details that make these products even more appreciated:

Presence of the lid – if you want to cook using such an accessory so as not to splash around, to make everything faster or to feel better the flavors.

Possibility to select the program – an important aspect for people who have electric pans and want to prepare food in a variety of ways.

Timer – function of electric models, which allows the program to start over a certain time.

Try to be as aware as possible of the ones mentioned above when you want to buy a pan, in order to enjoy a product that is as suitable as possible for your needs. You can also make the purchase from online stores, there are a lot of sites that have such products for sale, at very good prices.

Frequent questions

How should the pan be polished?

For polenta, you can use a pan of tuci, cast iron, Teflon or other materials of this kind, provided it is as high as possible, to allow cooking in good conditions. At the same time, you will need a pot that is compatible with the homogenizing tools you have.

How useful can a professional stainless steel pan be for the home?

Many housewives have at least one stainless steel pan, and this can be especially useful for preparing more liquid recipes. This material is especially desirable in homes where you want to prepare food in a healthy way, because it is not toxic.

the best pan for cooking steak

What recipes are often prepared in an enameled cast iron pan with a lid?

If you have an enameled pan and you want to cook the most interesting recipes, such a container can be used for many dishes: sarmale, vegetable stew, meat or potatoes, rice, soup and everything else that comes to mind. You can make real culinary delights and you can put them in the oven to cook, with the lid on.

When do I need to use a copper pan or skillet?

If you are used to cooking often, a copper dish could also help you in the kitchen. You need it if: you want to use a pan / pan that allows a uniform cooking, if you are looking for items that reduce the risk of infections caused by certain bacteria, if you want quality cooking dishes, but also good-looking .

How and with what to clean the burned pan

Often when we cook, we encounter problems such as washing a pan in which the food stuck, either because it is natural for certain mixtures, or because I forgot too much on the fire or something I did not do well.

To get it right, we’ll give you some tips:

the best pan for cooking steak

1. Soak the container

This is the first and most important step, because then everything will be much simpler. For this operation, use hot water and dishwashing detergent.

2. Boil water with salt and vinegar in the respective bowl

If everything seems difficult to do only soak with water and detergent, because the burn is more difficult to remove, fill the pan with water, add a handful of salt and vinegar and let it simmer for 1-2 hours. Then, with a spoon or a wire washer, remove the mud, and at the end, clean it normally, with a special detergent and a classic sponge. This method is suitable for containers that are not made of scratch materials.

the best pan for cooking steak

3. Use lemon and baking soda

Given that lemon has acidity, it can be effective in cleaning a burnt pan. Squeeze the juice from it, apply it on the areas from which the dirt cannot be removed, leave it to act for about 10 minutes, then add baking soda and rub the stains with a sponge. If the pot is not sensitive to scratches, you can also use a wire washer.

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