the best pasta making machines for home

The best pasta machine – Our recommendations in 2021

If you like to prepare various pasta recipes at home, with the guarantee of the ingredients used, then it is necessary to buy a special machine that will make your work much easier. A good option is the first option on our list,Laica PM0500 , a manual pasta machine, with medium dimensions (19.6 x 19 cm) and made of stainless steel. The cutting rollers are fixed and you choose the right type for what you want to make: lasagne, fettuccine, tagliatelle. The maximum width of the rollers is 15 cm. You can adjust the thickness of the dough in 7 steps, with values between 0.3 – 3 mm, with a button on the side. The handle has an ergonomic shape so you can easily handle the car. During operation, it is attached to the worktop with a vise that ensures a fixed position. If you want a cheaper model, we recommend the second product on the list, Ertone .

Comparison table

It is a high-performance stainless steel pasta machine that allows you to adjust the thickness of the dough between 0.3 mm and 3 mm, with three types of cutting rollers for different types of pasta (lasagne, fettuccine, tagliatelle), with a maximum width of 15 cm, manual, with ergonomic handle and vise for a secure attachment to the worktop.

Being a resistant device, which allows you to make more types of pasta, it also has a higher price than other products presented.

You can easily prepare, with this device, different types of pasta for a delicious and healthy food.

You can have a pasta machine with a small investment, using this model, efficient and easy to use, which does not require special maintenance, made of stainless steel, with medium dimensions (20 x 17.6 cm), detachable handle with side which comes into contact with the ergonomic hand, plastic, manual, dedicated for home use.

You can only prepare different types of noodles, so if you are a lover of lasagna, for example, turn to another model.

A cheap and good pasta maker, which will facilitate an easy preparation of noodles for your favorite recipes.

It will be used to prepare pasta of different widths, from 1 to 6 mm, allowing you to consider not only your preferences, but also those of other family members. Includes durable parts, made of stainless steel and can be stored safely, the crank being detachable.

It is not a piece that can be used professionally, but only suitable for home use. Prepare small quantities, as it is manual.

It is the proposal that promises to satisfy the needs of all housewives at a reasonable price, thus explaining the popularity for sale.

How to choose a good machine to make noodles

Buyer’s guide

Easter was first invented more than seven centuries ago, in Sicilian cuisine, but only two centuries ago the first pasta machines appeared. If you happen to be a big lover of these specialties, making them by hand might discourage you.

Kneading the dough, seeing the flour scattered everywhere, spreading it, waiting for it to dry, and then taking care to cut them are all activities that require a lot of time and that cut you out of your appetite. But, by purchasing a pasta slicer, you can go directly to cooking – eating operations.

Before making such an investment, it is good to check what are the main features to consider, in line with most opinions about the best pasta machines. We have identified them and ranked them in a practical guide, designed to help you decide on the ideal device for you.

the best pasta making machines for home

Type: there are two types of pasta machines: the cylinder-based and the extrusion-based.

The pasta machine with a cylinder is, as a rule, what is found in most kitchens and is preferred by all those who want to cook their own noodle dough. The operation is manual, and the process of obtaining pasta is simple: after you have made the dough before, you can divide it into smaller pieces and roll through the cylinder, where the dough will be pressed and stretched, until it is brought to the thickness that it is desired.

After that, when the strip of dough has dried hard enough to be fringed, you can cut it to the desired size and put it in the machine to get fresh pasta. The car with cylinder is more affordable and, in addition to being easy to use, it is also easy to open and clean. In addition, the important part is that it does not take up much space and can be stored anywhere and removed only when used.

The extrusion pasta machine has the ability to make larger quantities of pasta and is rather used in restaurant kitchens. Also, this model of machine is the one used in pasta factories. Since they are automatic machines, which do not require a lot of physical effort on the part of the cook, but rather must be supervised, the process of obtaining pasta is faster and more diverse.

The use is also more complex. First of all, the machine has the ability to make the dough yourself, it is enough to put the necessary ingredients in the intended container, and they will be mixed and molded, until the crust is suitable.

Then, unlike the cylinder machine, in which the noodle threads are obtained in bulk, at the extrusion machine, the dough is pushed through a mold, from which independent dough threads come out. They can then be cut to the desired length. The extrusion pasta machine is also available in smaller sizes, suitable for personal kitchens.

How it works: this aspect divides the appliance into a manual pasta machine and an electric pasta machine. To decide which will best meet your needs, it is recommended that you think about how often you intend to use the device.

If you are a big pasta lover and you know that you will use the car weekly, then you may not want to always turn the crank of a machine that works manually. But, if you cook pasta only 2-3 times a month or less, and the rest of the time you will keep the appliance in the closet, you can safely buy a manual machine.

The manual pasta machine is usually equipped with a cylinder, and works by rotating a crank that moves the cylinder. In order to be able to use such a car, it is necessary that in your kitchen there is a flat, straight and sufficiently stable surface, such as the edge of the kitchen table.

Therefore, the machine will then be attached with a clamp, wide enough to enclose a considerable portion of the table and thus prevent the machine from detaching during the rotation of the crank. For this purpose, a machine with adjustable clamp is recommended, which can be adapted to the thickness of any surface.

In addition, if the use of a manual machine is quite difficult for one person (it can be difficult to hold the dough strip and turn the crank at the same time), there is the possibility of attaching an electric motor. This way, you will no longer have to turn the crank, just hold the dough. Another option would be to ask for someone’s help to share the operations.

The electric pasta machine is, as you can imagine, equipped with a motor. It works the same as the manual one, except that the cylinder will be powered by the power supply and will rotate itself. Also, because it is automatic, the machine can be purchased in the form of an extrusion machine.

The disadvantage of the electrical appliance is that, if the engine breaks down, you will have to buy another pasta machine, as opposed to the manual one, which, if provided with a faulty motor, can still be used.

the best pasta making machines for home

Accessories: a pasta machine is provided, when you buy it, only with the standard accessories, necessary for its proper functioning. But, if you want to change the shape of pasta or if you want to make your car easier to use, you can add accessories that serve these purposes. You will find out that the possibilities are numerous, if you ask where to find pasta machines at a good price and other housewives. You just have to make sure that the accessories you want are compatible with the device you already have.

If you want to diversify pasta dishes, it is not necessary to be satisfied with the knives received when buying the car, adapted only for spaghetti pasta. There are a lot of knives and presses, with which you can make more complicated shapes, such as ravioli, macaroni, tagliatelli, depending on your preferences. You can also buy other accessories to make the process easier, such as an electric motor, dryer for dough strips, molds of different shapes, etc.

Material: on the market there are both pasta machines made of plastic and metal. The elements of a plastic appliance are easier to clean, but, as you can see, the risk of it cracking or breaking completely is also high. If you want to make a long-term purchase, we advise you to invest in a metal pasta machine.

Most of these devices, which are really more expensive, are made of either stainless steel or chrome-plated steel, which makes them much more solid and durable. Metal appliances must be given more attention when they are cleaned and, in addition, they need to be stored in ventilated areas, protected from moisture and rust. Fortunately, this is not the case with pasta machines made of stainless steel, because the material is resistant to rust.

In the long run, such a purchase will prove very advantageous, given that commercial pasta is not exactly cheap. In addition, after reading the guide prepared by us, we are convinced that you will make a superior choice in terms of quality, which is possible to keep you alive. We recommend that you start searching the Internet.

Not only will you be able to find out where the other housewives can find pasta machines at good prices, but you will also discover a wide range of accessories, with which you will be able to make your favorite pasta. Below, you can see which devices have attracted our new attention, maybe they will inspire you.

Recommended models in 2021

Lay PM0500

the best pasta making machines for home If you are a fan of homemade pasta you can opt for this device that will help you easily prepare delicious recipes. You can make lasagna, fettuccine, tagliatelle.

The device is made of stainless steel, being durable and easy to maintain. The thickness of the dough can be adjusted in 7 steps, with a minimum of 0.3 mm and a maximum of 3 mm. The cutting rollers cannot be changed, being included in the body of the machine and you use the area corresponding to the desired type of pasta. The maximum width of the rollers is 150 mm.

It is a manual device, and the rollers are operated with the help of the crank included in the package. The crank has a plastic end with an ergonomic shape to be easy to handle. The device is attached to the worktop with a vise, which gives it a stable position. The device is easy to handle, with medium dimensions, length 19.6 cm, width 19 cm.


You can prepare several types of pasta (lasagna, fettuccine, tagliatelle).

The thickness of the dough can be adjusted in 7 steps.

It is made of stainless steel, with a pleasant design and silver color.

It is attached to the worktop with a vise, to be stable and easy to handle.


The price is slightly higher than other products presented.


the best pasta making machines for home In case you are tired of commercial products, you can choose this type of pasta machine, cheap and good. You can quickly prepare various varieties of noodles, with the ability to easily adjust the thickness of the dough, with a button located on the side.

It is easy to handle and you get the desired pasta with a minimum of effort, being able to have control over the ingredients used, important especially if you have children. Simple and easy to use, efficient, it is a manual model, which is operated with the help of a detachable handle. The part that comes into contact with the hand on the crank is made of plastic, wide and with small lifts, for better handling, even with a wet hand.

The machine is made of stainless steel, being durable and easy to maintain, it can only be wiped with a dry picker or a soft brush. The dimensions are medium, to be easy to transport (width 17.5 cm, length 20 cm).


It is simple and easy to use, even if you are not very good in the kitchen.

The car is made of stainless steel, being durable and with a pleasant design.

It is easy to maintain, it is enough to clean the appliance with a soft cloth or a brush.

It has a good price.


It is dedicated only to noodles.


the best pasta making machines for home Ideal for home use and suitable in any kitchen, this product will require a low investment in the purchase, which is why it can be easily bought by any user. It is part of the series of manual machines, with crank, rollers and blades, allowing efficient control of the preparation and portioning speed, but with a lower efficiency than automatic models, useful for working with considerable quantities of ingredients.

The rollers can be adapted and positioned accordingly, offering 7 different sizes for the pasta obtained. The maximum cutting width is 6mm, compared to the minimum of 1mm, so the machine will be especially useful for preparing fettucchini and spaghetti.

The parts are made of steel (chrome) which indicates good durability, even in intensive wear. All you have to do is clean the components efficiently and gently after each use. A clamp helps you position the car on the table or on the counter, allowing efficient stabilization. For storage, you can detach the crank.


Quoted model with an affordable price for almost anyone.

Allows the preparation of spaghetti or fettucchine pasta, working with preparation widths of 1-6mm.

Includes wear-resistant chromed steel parts.

It attaches efficiently to the work surface and is easily disassembled for storage.


The appliance is intended for domestic use only.

It cannot prepare very large quantities quickly, as it is manual.

How to use a pasta machine

If you like pasta and you want to make them yourself at home, then you have probably already bought a pasta machine. In order to have it for as long as possible, I will tell you a few things to maintain and clean it as well as possible.

the best pasta making machines for home

How I use the pasta machine

When using it for the first time, it is good to clean it with a slightly damp cloth to remove excess oil. To clean the rolls in the hard to reach areas, pass a piece of dough a few times (5 – 6) between them, then throw it away.

The first step is to fix the table machine, with the help of the clamp (tighten well, so as not to have the machine play during use, but not exaggerated so as not to break the thread when you take it out) or to position it on the counter in a position as chest of drawers (if with legs). Then insert the crank into the hole for the dough rollers.

After fixing the machine you can go to work, adjusting the desired dough thickness, using the side button or in steps as allowed.

The turning crank should not be pressed too hard, nor forced, as it may break. Depending on the car model you have, choose the right accessories for the type of pasta you want and attach them, taking care to fit well in the intended place. The machine must work easily, without putting much effort when turning the lever.


After you have finished the job, you have to clean the car again, to be ready the next time it is used. Follow the instructions given by the manufacturer to clean it or follow our instructions, which apply to most pasta makers.

Do not clean with water or wash in the dishwasher. It is cleaned with a brush, if you do not have a special one you can use a small paint brush to dedicate to this operation. Harder to reach areas can be cleaned with a wooden stick. If it comes in contact with water or detergent, the metal parts of the machine may rust.

You can use kitchen paper towels to wipe the car, not textiles. It is also not advisable to insert the knife between the rollers or another sharp metal object. You use the car, don’t leave the children, because they can get hurt.

For a more thorough cleaning, remove the roller squeegees. For the most common models, their support is pushed to the side, and then removed from the housing. Lift the rods, then remove the squeegees. Clean with a damp cloth, wipe, then reassemble in reverse than removing. The roller unit is removed, lifting it with your hands and sliding it out of the device.

At a certain interval, depending on how often you use the pasta machine, lubricate the ends of the cutting rollers, using Vaseline oil, only a few drops should not be put in excess.


When you are not using the car, it is best to store it in a dry and clean place (for example in the pantry or in a kitchen cupboard), packed in the box in which it was delivered.

How to prepare pasta by car

You have already set up the pasta machine and you want to get to work, to prepare a healthy and tasty food. For starters, you need to decide what you want to experience today, depending on the accessories you have in the car.

How to make basic dough

The basic auat is easy to prepare with flour (white, black, wholemeal, wheat, rye, bran or whatever you want to make), water and eggs. Put the flour in a large bowl, in the middle put the eggs and water, which are lightly beaten and mix well with the flour. Do not add salt, it is added to the water in which the pasta is boiled later. Knead the dough by hand until it is well blended and elastic. If it is too dry, add a little more water, if it still sticks to your hand, add a little more flour. In order to be able to prepare the dough quickly and without incidents, do not use eggs directly from the refrigerator.

How to adjust the pasta machine

Set the thickness knob to 0 to open the rollers as far as possible. Pass the first piece of dough between the rollers, twisting the crank according to the arrow (usually clockwise). Sprinkle flour on both sides, fold it and repeat the transition operation, 5-6 times, until you get a long and thin strip, smooth and velvety.

Let the dough rest for 10 minutes, then move on to the next step, preparing the desired pasta, namely: spaghetti, pieces, rifles, rigatoni, lasagna, etc.

Set the thickness knob to step 1 (or the thickest step if you have another numbering) and pass the dough again without folding it. Then position in step 2, move the dough again and so on until you reach the desired thickness, thicker cuts, medium fetuccini, thinner tagliolini, depending on how it is passed on the machine.

Then cut the sheet into 25 cm pieces (or depending on the desired length), insert the crank into the cutting device, then place the dough to be cut according to the type chosen. The crank rotates in the direction of the arrow. Pick up the pasta obtained with the stick and then put it to dry.

the best pasta making machines for home

Little secrets for a good dough

If the rolls cannot cut the dough, it means that it is too soft and it is recommended to add a little more flour and knead it in your hand, then resume the stretching operation. If the dough is too dry and slips from the cutting rolls, you need to add a little more water and resume the whole process.

You can prepare the pasta immediately or you can dry it for 5-6 hours and then you can keep it in a glass container with a lid for up to 2 weeks. If you want to prepare them immediately, let the pasta dry for at least an hour, spread on a clean towel.

How to make colorful pasta

To make colored pasta, add to the basic dough: spinach – boiled for 10 – 15 minutes and chopped in a blender, to obtain green pasta; carrot – boiled 15 – 30 minutes, chopped to obtain orange paste; tomato paste – for red pasta; squid ink for black pasta.

Wholemeal pasta is made with wholemeal flour and water (to a certain amount of flour, add half the amount of water); if you want lighter, fasting pasta, use flour and water; for gluten-free pasta use buckwheat, water and egg yolk.

Popular brands:

Whether you are a professional chef, or you fall into the category of aspiring chefs, who have just begun to unravel the secrets of cooking, you will most likely want to buy a high quality pasta machine. To do this, you will first need to carefully study the market, and find out about the activity of companies that specialize in the manufacture of such tools. About some of these, we will try to discuss in detail, in the following paragraphs, to make your decision a little easier. It is, of course, about Imperia and King Hoff.

the best pasta making machines for home

If you are a gourmet in the true sense of the word, there is a very good chance that you have heard the name of this brand at least once. If it doesn’t sound familiar to you, find out that it comes from the toponym “Imperia”, which designates an Italian city, located in the Liguria region. Many years ago, this area was famous for the olive oil produced by the locals, as well as for the tasty pasta that was served at the nearby restaurants.

On February 3, 1932, however, a company borrowed the name of this locality, in order to produce some high-performance appliances, designed to save kitchens around the world from the painstaking process of cutting the noodles needed in cooking the famous dish. It all started in a relatively small workshop, but the business spread rapidly around the world.

Initially, the United States of America was targeted, where extremely many Italian emigrants lived at the time. The developers therefore relied, in the first phase, on the feeling of alienation faced by those who were walking on American soil for the first time. Giving them the opportunity to get closer, in one way or another, to their birthplaces, their devices managed to quickly reach the shelves of all stores overseas.

It didn’t take long, however, and the people from Imperia managed to cross the borders of the American continent, reaching at some point, to export pasta machines, in over 70 countries. Today the company is headquartered in Sant’Ambrogio – a small town in the province of Turin. All their devices are made, of course, by the locals, according to the highest quality standards, with the help of Italian materials.

We also mention the fact that their product range currently enjoys a much wider range of tools, which includes, in addition to pasta makers – various types of graters, tomato storers and last but not least, meat mincers. .

the best pasta making machines for home

King Hoff is an extremely popular company among users around the world, being generally regarded as one of the most important companies in the household appliance industry. From icneput, we inform you that most of the products sold under the signature of this brand, are made of a stainless steel, extremely resistant to wear, meant to ensure a much longer life.

Therefore, the offer of this developer does not consist only in pasta machines, but includes a wide variety of tools and utensils, designed to give buyers a special culinary experience. We refer in particular to cooking utensils, but to these are added many other quality pieces (sets of knives, choppers, juicers, graters, cutlery, etc.).

Almost all the products mentioned in the previous paragraph are made in Poland, the place where this success story began. However, the company has partners throughout Europe, operating in countries such as: Germany, Great Britain, Russia or Romania.

You can opt without any problem for a King Hoff pasta machine, as the experience in this field of the company in question gives you the guarantee that the machine will live up to your expectations.

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Other recommended products currently unavailable:

Beper Master Pasta 90,730

For housewives who do not want to complicate themselves with manual pasta machines, this automatic device seems an appropriate compromise solution. It is a product belonging to the Bepper brand, and can be used by default in professional preparation, in a small bistro or even for a restaurant. The device totals a power of 200W and will be able to quickly produce several types of pasta and even cookies.

Among the most frequently prepared specialties we can list ravioli, linguine, vermicelli, macaroni, tagliatelle, spaghetti, etc. Not only in terms of multifunctionality, the work options stand out, but also the advantages it offers in use, as the machine includes a digital display and a function with light signals, which you can use to easily set the cooking conditions.

The product is delivered with a series of special screens (10) and some very useful accessories; cup, cleaning brush, spatula, tool for preparing ravioli and measuring spoon. In addition, the recipe book allows you to approach specialties that omit gluten, suitable in the diet to relieve the symptoms of celiac disease.

Fully automatic model – just add the dough and start the engine.

It comes with 10 different sites, which allow you to prepare as many types of pasta.

Includes 200W motor, which can be useful at home, or even to get pasta for bistros.

Comes with a recipe book and some useful accessories for maintenance.

The connection cable has only the standard length – 1.2m.

Imperia PastaFacile

This device can prepare pasta in automatic operation, using two distinct speeds, based on the built-in PastaFacile engine. It is a product that requires a more serious investment, but can be used with the same advantages in the kitchen at home or in a restaurant. The machine is durable, allowing the processing of large quantities of dough.

The 2 gears, of 40, respectively 60 rotations per minute, I suggest you to use them differently, depending on how thin the prepared pasta is. You get accessories that help you get a wide variety of products: noodles, lasagna, hair, spaghetti, gnocchi, trenette, etc.

The pieces are made of chromed steel and can be adjusted in different positions, so as to obtain the dough in various thicknesses, more precisely 6 in number. The Duplex T.2 / 4 accessory will allow you to get specialties like tagliatelle or fettuccine.

Automatic machine – helps you prepare quickly.

It works with 2 speeds and with 6 types of dough thicknesses, allowing to obtain many specialties.

Includes durable chromed steel parts.

The durable engine ensures reliability even when processing large quantities – also suitable for restaurants.

It will be a big investment for some potential buyers.

KingHoff 3113

The Kinghoff pasta machine is one of the best noodle making machines available on the market. It is made of high quality stainless steel and plastic. The device has small dimensions, so it can be stored in a confined space. However, the device has a stable base that allows easy and effortless use. The metal handle is covered with plastic to allow easy use of the device. The plastic is sticky, so the chances of your hand slipping while trying to make your favorite pasta yourself are minimal.

The appliance has a button that adjusts the thickness of the pasta to the desired size. You can make pasta with a thickness that varies between 2 and 6 mm. In addition, the device comes with a set of accessories that allow you to make different types of pasta, as well as a special accessory for ravioli. The device is of course accompanied by instructions for use, in case the installation of various accessories becomes difficult.

You do not have to worry about its resistance over time due to the high quality material from which it is made. Also due to it, the appliance is resistant to the action of water, so if it happens to remain dry dough on the appliance, do not worry, everything is solved if you put the appliance in hot water and wash it with a sponge and detergent.

It is very resistant, being made of stainless steel.

The handle is made of adherent plastic, there is no risk of sweating and slipping your hand.

The thickness of the pasta can be adjustable, ranging from 2 to 6 mm.

It is provided with an accessory that allows you to make ravioli.

The ratio between price and quality is advantageous.


It has an increased weight, being difficult to transport.

Grunberg 155

If you want a cheap and good noodle making machine, Grunberg should be your first choice. At a very good price, the noodle making machine adapts easily to any space, being small and easy to handle. The machine is capable of producing a sheet of dough with a width of 150mm and a thickness of 1mm, being provided with adjustable kneading rollers.

The device is made of stainless steel, a material that ensures its durability and protection against rust. The rectangular base gives it stability when you use it, but since it is a manual device, it can be attached to the table or the surface on which you worked with it. The handle is also made of stainless steel, but provided with a plastic cover for easier handling. Also, the considerable length of the handle will prevent you from hitting the edges of the appliance while preparing the much desired noodles.

The device does not come with a set of accessories, but comes with instructions for use and recipe ideas that you can use at home. The dimensions of the device are 21 x 19.8 x 15.8 which makes it easy to store in any space.

It has a very convenient price.

It is made of a hard material – stainless steel.

It is provided with a fastening system for better mobility.

It has small dimensions, which makes it easy to store.


It does not come with pasta forms, so you will have to buy them yourself.

Imperia Pastaia Italiana

The Imperia pasta set is made of chromed steel, which gives it resistance to the action of water, as well as other cleaning agents that you use in the kitchen. It is a cheap and good noodle making machine that comes with a pasta size adjustment function and allows you to create the tastiest pasta for you and your loved ones.

Also, in addition to the possibility of adjusting the thickness of the dough, you can add to your machine a multitude of accessories that can be easily fixed, for the preparation of many varieties of pasta such as gnocchi, ravioli or rigatelli, among others. The set comes with the possibility of making four types of pasta: spaghetti, tagliatelli, noodles and lasagnette. To these is added a special shape for making stelline pasta (star-shaped).

The handle of the device is made of metal, but covered with wood for better grip and handling, which does not require considerable effort. The efficient and easy use also involves the rectangular, elongated shape that gives the device good stability, guaranteeing that it will not move while working with it. Moreover, the device also includes a simple wooden facet and good for spreading pasta or noodles.

It has the function of adjusting the size of the pasta.

Comes with accessories for four types of pasta.

Along with the device you will receive a wooden facet.

The handle is easy to use, being wrapped in wood.


The product has a high price

Imperia Titania

The best pasta machine comes from Titania Imperia and is made of chromed steel, which makes it corrosion resistant. Also, its material makes it resistant to shocks and the passage of time, but also easy to maintain and clean.

The machine is provided with three different sets of shapes that can make three types of pasta: tagliatelle, sfoglia and fettuccine. Due to the fact that the car is adjustable, you can make pasta in different sizes (6 sizes), so that everyone is satisfied. If these are not enough, you can always install other accessories that will allow you to make other types of pasta besides the three types included. The pasta machine also comes in a manual version, not provided with a motor.

The machine is easy to use and is operated by simply pressing the start / stop button. The size is right and can be placed anywhere in the kitchen, not taking up much space. If the engine stops working at some point, you can always use the plastic handle. It is practical and easy to use, so your hand will not get tired while cranking. The plastic container is roomy, which allows the production of a substantial amount of pasta.

It is very durable, being made of chromed steel.

It comes with three sets of shapes for your favorite pasta.

It is equipped with six sizes.

It has a handle, but it is also provided with a crank, very useful in case the engine breaks down.


The price of the car is higher.

Imperia 750

A necessary product in any household, this pasta machine should not be missing from your household either. It is an electric pasta machine at a good price, especially when we notice the performance it is capable of. The material from which it is made, chromed steel, is of the highest quality, which gives you the guarantee of a product that will last and will be kept in good condition if you take care of it.

The machine has settings that allow you to make pasta dough in 6 different sizes, but also the Duplex T. 2/4 accessory that allows you to make pasta in two of the most beloved Italian pastas: tagliatelle and fettuccine. Other shapes can be mounted to prepare other varieties of Italian pasta.

When all the relatives gather at the table, you can mount the PastaFacile engine, which will help you prepare a considerable amount of pasta for all tastes. The engine has two speeds (40 revolutions per minute or 60 revolutions per minute) for a good operation only when you are on the run. The car is equipped with a lightweight plastic handle that allows comfortable handling and minimal effort.

It is electric, being faster to use.

The material from which it is made ensures its durability.

The engine is equipped with two operating speeds.

It can cut the dough into six different thicknesses.


The device has a high price.

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