the best portable air conditioner for camping / garage/ large rooms

But what exactly is the best portable air conditioner ? Well, abstracting, we can imagine a split AC device, combined in one body. That is, the unit that is installed outside and inside, are united in a single device, with the necessary advantages and disadvantages. In 2021, this Inventor Magic 12000 BTU could be a good choice for you.

the best portable air conditioner for camping / garage/ large rooms

It is important to understand that this type of air conditioner, compared to split type air conditioners , is a compromise solution and is suitable in cases where the installation of a classic appliance is not possible for various reasons. It is a flexible solution, easy to reposition, move, install, can be transported from one location to another.

The best portable air conditioners – TOP 10 new models

Portable air conditioner Inventor Magic 12000 BTU

the best portable air conditioner for camping / garage/ large rooms

The Inventor Magic 12,000 btu / h mobile air conditioner will be a good solution where a split air conditioning system cannot be installed. This model has energy efficiency class A, and even a heating function. The package also includes window putty so you get rid of extra costs and worries.

It is equipped with a remote control, which has a programmer for 24 hours, diagnosing errors. The system has a technology of evacuation of the humidity automatically, without the need of a system of drainage or of an additional hose. The refrigerant used is R290.

Electrolux EXP34U338CW mobile air conditioner

the best portable air conditioner for camping / garage/ large rooms

Now you have the best portable air conditioner from Electrolux . It has 12000 BTU and energy class A. Comes with anti-bacterial filter and allergy filter. Those who have pollen allergies can rest easy with this equipment.

As an additional option, this portable AC also has a dehumidification function , if this aspect is a problem for you. It has both an automatic cooling function and a dedicated sleep mode, which reduces noise levels.

Whirlpool PACW9COL portable air conditioner

the best portable air conditioner for camping / garage/ large rooms

Introducing a 9000 BTU Whirlpool portable air conditioner system . It is equipped with washable HEPA filter and self-cleaning function. It can provide a constant jet of cold air during hot summer days.

It has a Sleep function, for a restful sleep. The remote control allows you to control the device remotely and set the most important operating details. This Whirlpool is a good portable air conditioner that come with HEPA filter. This filter ensures good air filtration to the smallest particles, which are not visible to the naked eye. It can cool up to 30 m2, which is enough for most homes. It can be a bit noisy if it is set to maximum, but when the temperature has reached an optimal level, it will keep it there without much effort and noise.

Mobile air conditioning ARGO IRO PLU 13000 BTU

the best portable air conditioner for camping / garage/ large rooms

Argo Glamor is a portable AC device with a fair price, a wide range of functionalities and a good efficiency. It is suitable for rooms up to 30 m², and energy class A ensures good energy consumption.

This model is accompanied by the remote control and the following functions: Auto restart, Sleep, Timer. This model uses a coolant known as R290. This model has 3 gears , or can be used in Auto mode, for automatic gear adjustment.

Portable air conditioner Heinner 11600 BTU

the best portable air conditioner for camping / garage/ large rooms

See a 11600 BTU Heinner portable air conditioner . It is enough to cool a room over 25 square meters . In addition to the cooling function, it also has the possibility to heat the enclosure. It has a rinsing pump that can quickly heat the room.

The flaps of this portable air conditioner can slide in different directions to disperse the airflows.

Star-Light 12000 BTU mobile air conditioner

the best portable air conditioner for camping / garage/ large rooms

This Star-Light air conditioning model with a capacity of 12000 BTU , is a model with a very good price, suitable for not very large rooms. It does not stand out with exceptional features, but it does its job well. It can cool up to 23 m2 with a decent energy consumption.

The dehumidification function helps to maintain an optimal level of humidity in the room. If you want a quick cooling of the enclosure, the JET function can help you, but the consumption in this case will be maximum.

Portable air conditioner ARGO ADAK 8000 BTU

the best portable air conditioner for camping / garage/ large rooms

As can be seen from the name of the given model, Argo Adak is a super compact small air conditioner . He weighs only 18 kg, while most competitors weigh 10 kg more. It is a perfect model for small rooms with limited space.

It can cool up to 32 square meters , a pretty good surface for a device with modest dimensions. The self-diagnostic function is useful for highlighting possible defects.

Tristar AC-5477BM mobile air conditioner

the best portable air conditioner for camping / garage/ large rooms

This mobile air conditioner from Tristar can cool rooms of up to 15 m2 with good efficiency. It has energy class A, digital control and a remote control. With this air conditioner you can cool, dehumidify or ventilate the room.

Due to the rotating wheels, it is very easy to move this appliance to any corner of your house. And it's not very big to take up much space.

TCL-DeLonghi 12000 BTU portable air conditioner

the best portable air conditioner for camping / garage/ large rooms

This cooler from TCL has an elegant and modern look and can be easily inserted in any interior. It has 12000 BTU and can cool up to 23 sqm.

It consists of only one unit that does not require complex installation. All you need is a window niche through which the appliance draws hot air through a hose.

VORTEX 12000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

the best portable air conditioner for camping / garage/ large rooms

If you want a mobile air conditioner with a cooling capacity of 12000 BTU , at a cheap price, you can see this Vortex. With this device you can cool, heat or dehumidify the enclosure.

The air conditioner has a built- in dust filter , which keeps dirt away from you.

The best portable air conditioner is also called mobile or floor air conditioner. If you are looking for such a device, looking for opinions, offers or want to know more about them, we offer a list of top recommendations for 2020. We will help you choose the best portable AC air conditioner that can be found on the Romanian market.

Compare the best portable air conditioners

Here is a list of mobile ACs, which can be used for example if you rent, and you need an air conditioner that you can easily move without drilling holes in the walls or changing the way showing rented apartment. Below we will present their advantages and disadvantages, and the selection criteria.

the best portable air conditioner for camping / garage/ large rooms

How to choose the best portable air conditioner

It is not easy to make the right choice, especially when there are many portable AC variants on the market. It is important to know what their classification criteria are and thus, to find out which one suits you best. See below how to choose the best portable air conditioners.

BTU / ha capacity of the portable air conditioner

Well, what you should know about this BTU is that it represents the cooling capacity (usually per hour) of the air conditioner. For portable air conditioners, in Romania there are the following capacities: 7000, 8000, 9000, 10000, 11600, 12000 depending on the manufacturer, model.

How do you orient yourself? How do you know which capacity is right for your room? Well, this BTU can also be expressed in m that the device can cool. The table below can help you understand what capacity of the device is suitable for various dimensions of the room.

BTU 7000-9000 10000-12000 14000
Consumption in kW 2.5 3.5 4.5
15 – 24 25 – 35 35 – 45

If you have an 18 m² camera, a suitable capacity variant would be 9000 BTU, for the best efficiency. But if the room exceeds 25 m², a device with a capacity of 12000 BTU would be the best choice.

Contrary to rumors, a device with a higher BTU does not mean a better device. Conversely, if you have a small home, a device with a higher BTU means a higher cost to purchase, higher energy consumption (as can be seen in the table above, in kW), and in some cases , larger device size. The same room could be cooled with a smaller and more economical appliance. It is important that the choice is made, taking into account primarily the size of the enclosure.

Energy class of the mobile air conditioner

We all know that the energy class of household appliances is indicated by letters: A, B, C, D, E, etc. where A represents the lowest energy consumption and E the highest. In the case of the letter A, it can have the extensions: A +, A ++, A +++.

In the case of portable air conditioners, most are A or A +, rarely A ++. This class can be indicated separately for the cooling and heating function (if the appliance has this function). The logic is simple, a higher energy class, it means lower power consumption.

Noise produced (dB)

Chair and the best portable air conditioners can not boast of high silence. They are generally noisy, at an average of 50-60 dB. They are noisy when compared to classic, split type air conditioners. This is due to the fact that the outdoor unit in the case of split devices is integrated in a single device. If, normally, the classic devices emit the noisier noise outside the room, the portable ones emit the noise inside.

However, the situation is saved by the Night mode, which ensures a lower gear, for a peaceful sleep. However, when making your choice, you should aim for devices with the noise produced in dB as low as possible.

A comfortable temperature in the home is one of the most basic conditions for a normal life. With the help of a good portable air conditioner, the air is forced to be clean and fresh, and the temperature and humidity indicators to correspond to the set parameters. Otherwise, your health may deteriorate and your well-being may be affected in general. It is possible to maintain temperature and humidity conditions with such a device, which has a relatively affordable price.

When to choose the best portable air conditioner

Today, the evolution of climate technology provides you, the buyer, with a wide variety of air conditioners. Split and portable systems are among those that are in the top of household consumers' preferences. All air conditioners differ from each other especially in terms of power characteristics, installation method and design aspects.

The general advantages of a portable air conditioner include the simplicity of the design, the fast ventilation of the room and the possibility to move the appliance in various enclosures. In most cases, if you live in a block of flats, in an apartment, you will want this appliance to be in the bedroom or in the room where you stay the most. Some of them may also have a heating function, but it is not the best way to generate heat in the house. The best portable air conditioner will be a complete rescue on hot summer days, either for home or office use. Being easy to move, it can be placed in various types of locations.

How the portable air conditioner works

The portable air conditioner is a one-piece device, so that both the evaporator and the condenser are enclosed in a single plastic body. Inside the appliance, they are of course separated from each other by a well-insulated division. In order for such devices to eliminate hot air outside, they have a hose through which they can evacuate the aspirated air.

After starting the device and setting the operating mode, it starts to suck the hot air from the room, being cooled inside. The thermal activity is transferred to the heat exchanger, and the hot air will be removed from the room through that tunnel mentioned above.

Informedly choose the portable air conditioner

When choosing a mobile air conditioner, reflect on the fact that the room will need a low temperature the most. Given this aspect, you can find the device with a suitable capacity. When you see in the specifications the size of the room that a device can cool, you should know that it refers to an empty area. Certainly in any room we find furniture, devices and other objects. You have this aspect in mind when choosing air conditioning. Portable air conditioners for domestic use are able to cover between 10 sqm and 45 sqm, depending on their power, model and manufacturer.

It is essential to consider that the actual productivity of the device can be drastically reduced if hot air enters the room through certain holes. To stop cold air leaks from the apartment, it is necessary to make sure that there are no areas through which air can fall inside. The door and windows must be closed. After sealing the cracks, the efficiency of the air conditioner will be in accordance with the declared one.

Aspects when choosing portable air conditioning

When choosing a portable air conditioner, it is necessary to analyze the level of noise it emits during operation. If you do not want to be annoyed by loud noises during the operation of the climate system, check the technical specifications before purchasing. The type of refrigerant used seems to be another majestic parameter for selecting a mobile air conditioner.

The predominantly ecological devices for the moment are calculated on those that work on low polluting cooling gases. Last but not least, choose the best portable and heart-shaped air conditioner so that it fits nicely with the interior of your home.

It is good to decide what kind of air conditioner you need, taking into account the place where you can put it. Calculate the size of the air conditioner so that it is possible to connect the unit to the outlet. Remember that it does not have to be in the sun or near a heat source, so be careful.

Portable inverter air conditioner

Identifying the best portable air conditioner is conditioned by the goals and tasks you intend to solve with its help. If you intend to find the cheapest possible model, then you can choose air conditioning with a conventional compressor. If you want a long-term purchase, accompanied by good energy efficiency, our recommendation is to inform you about inverter air conditioners.

As a term of comparison between inverter devices and classic devices is the fact that the motors run differently. To explain as simply as possible how they work, let's compare them. Classic air conditioners work on or off. To cope with high temperatures, they will run continuously on maximum mode. Instead, the inverter ones are always turned on when they work, having a variable power depending on the needs at the moment.

Additional functions to the mobile air conditioner

Nowadays, a portable air conditioner, in addition to cooling, can heat, dehumidify or purify the air. Some devices have the function of self-diagnosis through which you can check yourself and display an error code if necessary. Most devices can be set on time when they are turned off / on. And of course, the Sleep function that reduces the noise level of the device – a very important function for a peaceful sleep.

It is possible to enjoy a device with integrated functions extremely easy to use. For example, you can see models equipped with a timer. The adjustment of these air conditioners can be automated by setting the connection and disconnection times.

As I said, portable air conditioners are noisier than split systems. If you intend to distribute such a unit in the bedroom, it is useful to turn on the sleep function. When you switch to this mode, the device will act visibly calmer without interfering with rest. Out of season the temperatures drop and you no longer need the cooling function of this device. It is good to choose a mobile air conditioner with heating function.

Heating function

Some devices are equipped with electric heaters. Such air conditioners can be set to heat the air inside. Thinking about which portable air conditioner to choose. You may also need an air purification function. In such devices there are several filters that ensure the maintenance of a purified air inside.

The air filters have a conception similar to a fine-grained polymer network, through which the air flow is passed. Some modifications also consider cleaning the air through fine particulate filters. As an extra option, the portable air conditioner is equipped with a restart mode.

If the power goes out, as soon as the power is resumed, the appliance will start quickly. Some changes take into account the purpose of controlling the air flow and its direction. With such air conditioners, the blades can be turned in several positions. This way you can direct the air exactly where you need it.

Advantages and disadvantages of a good portable air conditioner

Like any other device, portable air conditioners come with a number of advantages and disadvantages as a result of their operation.

A good portable air conditioner is an air conditioner in which an indoor unit and an outdoor unit are connected in a housing that always folds on small wheels to facilitate moving. They are called mobile air conditioning units. The compressor in air conditioners of this type is not external, but internal.

As a result, after comparison with the split air conditioning system, they have many differences, including positives and negatives. Mobile or portable air conditioners are equipped with a set of standard equipment: cooling, humidification, ventilation and some modifications have heating.

Unfortunately, after a large number of systems with independent functions and built-in settings, but as studies show, they are not the most efficient. This also applies to the filter used to purify the air that is installed in almost all models of portable air conditioning. In the case of a mobile air conditioner, it is less efficient than in a split system.

In a mobile monolithic unit, hollow plastic tubes are used to remove hot air to the outside. These are pulled through outlets, windows, or doors or certain adapters are used. Naturally, the hot air evacuation must be done correctly because otherwise, the entire operation of the air conditioner will be compromised and inefficient.

Advantages of the portable air conditioner:

  • Lower cost than classic, split type air conditioners;
  • Does not require drilling the wall for the exhaust pipe;
  • It does not require specialized installation;
  • It is portable, can be relocated from one location to another relatively easily;

Disadvantages of the mobile air conditioner:

  • Low efficiency, not as efficient as classic, split devices;
  • Even the best portable air conditioners are noisy, compared to the classic ones, split type, reaching over 65 dB;
  • Relatively simple filtration system, without too much technology.

The best portable air conditioner is less efficient than a split analog air conditioner. There is a logical explanation behind it.

Usually, each air conditioner works like a heat pump. Simply remove the hot air from the house. At the same time, the heat in the apartment decreased and increased on the street, as a result condensation formed. What is the fundamental difference between the characteristics of a mobile air conditioning system and split systems?

A mobile air conditioner removes heat from the surrounding area along with some of the room air. To get the desired result, there is a flexible corrugated hose provided in the accessory set along with the device. Of course, the size of the hose ensures the replacement of the same volume of air from a warmer environment to the outside.

This is natural, because lowering the air pressure in the room and even more so creating a vacuum with the support of a mobile air conditioner is unlikely in home conditions.
The device will cool down if the air temperature is cardinally higher than the inlet air temperature. Theoretically, the temperature of the cool air flow in the portable air conditioner can be reduced by reducing the ventilation speed, ie by reducing the flow of processed air.

The split air conditioning system during operation does not expel air masses, but only cools the air in the room exclusively, passing it through a vaporizer with coolant. There is practically no air exchange between the interior and exterior blocks, this being a normally misconception. The only thing circulating between them is the coolant or freon. Consequently, operating with the same air, the temperature reduction speed at a split system is positively higher than that of a good portable air conditioner.

Other important issues

The basic recognition of a mobile air conditioner from an air conditioner is covered by the principle of operation. The air conditioner cools the oxygen with the help of a honeycomb filter. With the supplied freon and during the heat exchange, the air temperature can be adjusted. In a mobile air conditioner, the cooling of the air is accomplished by means of the compressor, and the defective oxygen is removed from the installation in a specific niche or outside ventilation.

The general purpose of a mobile air conditioner is such air cooling, other functions are secondary. The air conditioning unit is a climatic complex with the basic function of lowering the temperature to the level desired by the user.

When choosing an air cooler, it is essential to address its productivity as well. The conductivity of the device means its ability to force air through the filter and evaporator and cool the room accordingly.

The productivity of floor air conditioners can be low. One reason may be the hot air outlet hose that is not equipped with thermal insulation. At the same time, if the fortune is taken out of the window, and it is ajar, it is very possible that hot air will infiltrate inside.

For this reason, some glass adapters are used, some insulating panels to take the hose out. To increase the efficiency of using the portable air conditioner, it is suggested to distribute the appliance in places away from the sun and other devices that produce heat. This can extend the life of such cooling equipment in the house.

A portable air conditioner can be recommended for those who cannot install a regular split air conditioner, but still want a solution to lower the temperature inside. It is a better solution than having nothing that can cool the air, and possibly control the humidity level.

How to install a portable air conditioner

This type of appliance comes with a hose of approximately 1.5 m. Also for this reason, it is recommended to be placed near the window, in order to be able to evacuate heat. That's about the whole montage. However, a problem with portable air conditioners may be the sealing of the window, the evacuation of the futon in the niche. There are some solutions, such as KIT to seal the evacuation, or you can make some improvisations with materials you have at hand. It is important to ensure proper evacuation of hot air from inside to outside.

Accessories and installation KIT

It is a good idea to check if the appliance you intend to buy also includes the installation KIT, which in most cases consists of the drain hose and small accessories. Another option that may (or may not) be included in the package is the remote control, which will certainly make it easier to operate the best portable air conditioner, from the comfort of the sofa or from the bed. You can search for these KITs on Emag, Flanco, Altex, Media Galaxy or Dedeman.

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