the best quality tablecloths to use for special events at home

Tablecloth – Review and comparison in 2021

To beautify the dining area or for a special event, a good tablecloth can change the way the whole room is seen and will relax the atmosphere. You can see what selection criteria to go for when you buy this type of product for the first time and we offer you two examples, the first beingHeinner Home Jacquard 01, 180 cm , for round tables, being made of white polyester, textile thread being processed in such a way as not to stain, in order to return to the initial shade after washing, which can be used for any occasion or event, the second model appreciated by Romanians being, according to sales, BonDia Holy Night 401 .

Comparative table

This white option, made of quality polyester, with a subtle pattern, can be machine washed and has some resistance to food or beverage stains, and can be used both for formal events and for family meals, representing a choice for universal use, at an affordable price for the masses.

Obviously, a round piece of furniture is needed, and its dimensions will only be enough for tables for up to four people.

It represents a profitable investment for people or small businesses, in terms of its qualities in terms of affordable material compared to the convenient acquisition cost.

In the case of Christmas, this table setting becomes an ideal solution, combining season-specific colors, dimensions and shape being suitable for a square or round table, where up to four people can fit, the mixture of cotton and polyester indicating a balanced and durable fabric. in terms of color intensity, after washing.

The design specific to winter holidays and the shades used are not exactly suitable for a formal event, where there are guests of a professional nature, for example.

Investing in such a model for a certain period of the year can attract compliments every time from the guests, simply decorating the holiday table.

For the kitchen or the covering of a piece of furniture used daily, such a waterproof model is useful, which can be sanitized without problems, and immediately after a liquid is spilled, and in the washing machine, the synthetic material can be washed manually, and to the car, and withstanding well over time, the dimensions being only good for a table of up to four people.

The respective model is more suitable for usual use, not being the adequate offer to place a feast where there are guests who expect a less personalized experience.

Considering the attributions of the product, it is not surprising that it is among the options that many Romanians looking for such a fabric are heading for.

In-depth reviews about the best table girls

When you are wondering which tablecloth model would be appropriate for the occasion, take a look at these examples loved by other Romanians, and make the right choice for you.

Round table front

Heinner Home Jacquard 01, 180 cm

the best quality tablecloths to use for special events at home For a smaller piece of furniture, in a robust shape, a simple, white round tablecloth will help you, which has a woven floral pattern, to give personality, but also to maintain a sober and elegant look. Therefore, it can be used on more formal occasions, and in everyday life, being able to be washed in the car, at 40 degrees (without automatic drying).

Textile fibers are tied in such a way that stains can be easily removed (in jacquard format), as they will not soak into the fabric. The material used is synthetic, 100% polyester, which lasts well over time and does not wrinkle.

When you need a tablecloth, at a good price, for two to four people, this model can be useful, having universal applicability and measuring 180 cm in diameter, being enough for an ordinary piece of furniture, for a small restaurant or at a festivity.

The tablecloth for Christmas

BonDia Holy Night 401

the best quality tablecloths to use for special events at home When you are preparing for the winter holidays and you want every decorative piece to be perfect, consider a Christmas tablecloth with specific motifs, such as this red model with angels, decorated fir trees and sheets with musical notes. It will turn dinner or festive meal into a pleasant family event, which relaxes the atmosphere and offers the perfect setting for cakes and other delicious dishes.

The “garment” tableware is made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester, the fabric showing resistance and thickness, the colors keeping vibrant even after being washed repeatedly. However, washing at high temperatures or with bleach and chlorine is not recommended. The material can be ironed before total drying and it is not indicated to blow it in the machine.

It is a square model, which will fit a round table, with a diameter of up to 110 cm, and one with slightly uneven sides, measuring 140 cm on each side.

Waterproof tablecloth

Textilia, Teflon, Lavender, 120 × 150 cm  

the best quality tablecloths to use for special events at home For daily use in the kitchen, in the garden or even where everyone eats breakfast or dinner, a waterproof tablecloth with a Teflon protective layer is useful, which will resist very well to stains caused by food and drinks, lasting longer. long until any splashes penetrate the fabric, so that they can be wiped quickly to maintain a flawless appearance.

The material itself is synthetic, 100% polyester, so it will last over time, and the colors will not fade when washed (a water temperature of no more than 40 degrees Celsius is recommended, 60 degrees in case of persistent stains ). The use of bleaches is not recommended, but rather chemical cleaners.

She is one of the best tablecloths for daily use, in informal situations, with a colorful design, with lavender designs. The dimensions of 120 x 150 cm denote the use on a slightly rectangular surface, being intended for up to four people.

Cotton tablecloth

Liz Line Romania Mea FM661

the best quality tablecloths to use for special events at home Do you want a set with a traditional tablecloth for a certain event or to produce a local festive atmosphere? This item includes six towels, one for each person sitting at the table, the dimensions of the product being 150 x 210 cm, so it fits a rectangular or oval piece of furniture that can accommodate six people.

Because it uses a traditional motif, it will be suitable for seasonal events or the dining area where a certain atmosphere is desired, or even for restaurants or places where events take place or where traditional Romanian food is served and the decor follows the theme. At the same time, it can be a nice gift for a person who loves this type of design.

The cotton tablecloth resists washing brilliantly, especially when using detergents for colored textiles, and can be straightened using the iron, if wrinkles form after drying or after storage.

Damascus tablecloth

Cotton Home White 150X240 cm

the best quality tablecloths to use for special events at home In the case of formal situations, whether it is a family dinner, with guests or at a restaurant, a white tablecloth will be used, simple and durable, thicker, made of a material such as cotton, which will last successfully for frequent washing and which will keep its appearance even when washing at 90 degrees or when ironing. Chemical bleaches can be used to restore immaculate stains, even when stains have appeared.

This item has a rectangular shape, being suitable for tables of the same shape or even oval, the length being 240 cm and the width 150 cm, so it is suitable for a piece of furniture where more than eight people will sit.

Consequently, it is a white and simple damask tablecloth, for occasions when all family members or even close friends gather, matching the places where events frequently take place.

Embroidered tablecloth

Lale, White, 160 x 220 cm

the best quality tablecloths to use for special events at home For a traditional but simple look of the area where dinner or breakfast is served, a white embroidered tablecloth is useful, simple, but with light classic accents reminiscent of times gone by. This pattern, which can be used in your own home, and in various traditional places, for example, has a mechanically made embroidery (so it was not sewn by hand).

Because the material used is thick polyester, which resembles cotton, it can be machine washed with other white laundry, using chlorine-free detergents, at temperatures no higher than 40 degrees Celsius, and iron can be used. iron for straightening creases, not recommended for spin drying.

It is a medium to large size product, measuring 220 cm in length and 160 cm in width, being suitable for a rectangular or oval table around which up to 12 people gather.

Teflon tablecloth

Papillon cotton house

the best quality tablecloths to use for special events at home For situations where food or drinks are consumed on the terrace, but you want the piece of furniture to be covered, you can use a waterproof tablecloth like this with a butterfly motif on a cream background.

It is suitable for daily use, in the yard, or even in the kitchen, because the textile material made of a mixture of cotton and polyester is treated with a Teflon coating that ensures its resistance to water and other liquid materials that can stain. Thus, if a glass is spilled or food falls with sauce, they can be wiped off before staining the fabric.

Besides the fact that it can be wiped with a sponge, the Teflon tablecloth is inserted in the washing machine and can be ironed, but upside down. It is a smaller model, measuring 140 x 100 cm, enough for a table for two, up to four people, rectangular or slightly oval.

Musama tablecloth

Gemitex 40014

the best quality tablecloths to use for special events at home To cover the wood and protect it from stains, moisture or rain, if the furniture is outside, a tablecloth made of canvas (or PVC) can be used that can be easily wiped with water and detergent diluted in water, for so that the shades are not affected. This example has a marine pattern, reminiscent of a ship, mixing navy blue with cream notes.

It can be used on a rectangular or oval table, generous dimensions, 180 cm in length and 140 cm in width, being enough for up to six people. If necessary, it can be shortened to fit a smaller piece in the kitchen, for example, where it will be used daily.

In essence, it is a tablecloth, cheap and good, for daily use in informal situations, which is easy to maintain, not needing machine washing, drying or ironing to keep its shape, this happening in naturally.

Tablecloth 12 people

Casa Gino Brocart XXL

the best quality tablecloths to use for special events at home Do you have a large family or do you like to invite friends to your home at any time? If you have a large piece of furniture for dinner, and not only, you will look for a tablecloth for 12 people, so large. This item, which measures no less than 245 cm in length and 150 cm in width, will fit a rectangular table, and can cover an oval one, if needed.

The red color indicates the use on special occasions or holidays, the material used being brocade (a form of cotton) with a discreet floral motif, which gives elegance. It can be washed at 90 degrees, but with detergents for colored laundry, and can be ironed to acquire the perfect shape of the placement on the surface on which the dishes and other decorations will be placed.

Given its elegant and special appearance, we will conclude that it is not exactly the most suitable option for daily use, but if it suits the location and helps you express your individuality in this way, you can use it as desired, especially considering affordable price for its dimensions.

The kitchen tablecloth

Tesco Profile TES 18

the best quality tablecloths to use for special events at home Here is a kitchen tablecloth made of Teflon-colored cotton, to acquire that waterproof filament, so that splashes and stains do not leave traces that will not come out of the fabric. If you get rid of wine, juices, sauces or other substances that can leave stains, they can be simply wiped with a paper towel, leaving the surface clean.

It is a product addressed to a table for six people, including six napkins in the same colored shades, for the moments when dinner will be held or an event will take place attended by visiting family members or other guests.

Given the 3D printing of multicolored flowers, we will say that it is a cotton tablecloth intended for daily use and less for formal events. It can be machine washed and ironed, but upside down, the dimensions (148 x 178 cm) indicating the use on a square or even rounded table, for such a piece of furniture can fit up to six people.

Buying guide

The tablecloth remains an important accessory for the living room or kitchen, or for any table you want to decorate, in addition to the practical aspect of covering and protecting the furniture from stains caused by food and / or drinks that could fall. It can be loved or considered unimportant in a modern landscape, but it will reflect the tastes and preferences of any person who uses it, which is why it should be immaculate every day.

In most cases, you will not choose a disposable tablecloth model, so you will find useful some information about the main features of these textiles, starting from the following.

the best quality tablecloths to use for special events at home

Dimensions: A first thing that many potential buyers are looking at is the size of the product, as it should completely cover the surface of the piece of furniture. In addition, you will look at its shape, to keep it practical and clean, but also to transform the home.

You will choose a tablecloth, at a good price, depending on the number of people using the furniture or the occasion (event, party, etc.). For formal events, such as a wedding, the edges should sit better and be longer, up to 35 cm, while for informal moments spent with family or loved ones the coverage may be even shorter, with hanging in about 15 or even 20 cm above the table.

In order not to choose a product that is too big or small, consider the dimensions for a square or rectangular furniture and the circumference for an oval or round tablecloth. For a table used zinc, an option of 180 cm in length is enough, where up to 4 people will sit, while for up to eight people a cover measuring up to 230 cm is needed, and for tables of 12 people it is useful. an even larger version. These values are informative, depending on the size of the piece of furniture and how close the guests will be.

Material: Among the most common options are those made of textile material (cotton, silk, canvas, wool, linen, brocade), synthetic versions (polyester, vinyl, polypropylene, nylon, silicone) and waterproof or Teflon fiber.

We recommend, of course, cheap and good tablecloth models, made of resistant and high-quality materials, which will not wear out quickly and which successfully resist washing, the most suitable being the versions made of natural textiles that have elegance, but in depending on the area where the product will be used, a synthetic material can be chosen (garden, kitchen, etc.).

Natural materials, especially cotton, silk or linen are elegant and durable, however, requiring attention to hygiene, the best tablecloth of this kind can be used for formal events. We also mention here the brocade or damask, elegant quality fabrics, which improve the appearance of the table.

the best quality tablecloths to use for special events at home

On the other hand there are options made of synthetic materials, such as polyester or vinyl, which can look great as more attention has been paid to the type of weaving and production. They are used daily or at personal or restricted events.

We do not forget the waterproof or Teflon versions, whose appearance is similar to traditional textiles, but which has a film that prevents liquids from staining. They can remain just as elegant in the case of formal events, being simple to sanitize later. They are joined by other versions that do not get wet or stain like a silicone tablecloth or cloth.

Shape: The most sought-after models are rectangular or square, the former being suitable for oval tables, while those with edges of equal size will also fit round furniture. Universal versions may not fit well with the configuration of the piece held in the living room or kitchen.

Color and design: It is necessary to purchase a tablecloth, at good prices, to match the dishes and other ornaments and not to conflict with the theme of the event. Whether it is geometric patterns, with symbols, colors, flowers, animals or other designs specific to holidays, for example, it is essential that they compliment the rest of the furniture.

It is obvious that a Christmas tablecloth will not be used during the summer or other occasions, for example, becoming a seasonal decorative piece, in case of informal events.

For a formal occasion, solid colors are used and white or cream predominates, most of the time, because they increase the interior space and look more professional, allowing the dishes and decorations to shine.

The basic rule is the more used the surface on which the coating will be, the more resistant and easy to maintain it should be. The transparent tablecloth will be ideal to highlight the wood or the existing appearance of the furniture, or it becomes a protection for natural or easily stained fabrics. Options for textiles or raincoats can be used for the garden or kitchen, while for the living room one of the most natural and elegant materials is more useful.

the best quality tablecloths to use for special events at home

Ease of maintenance: It is important that the product is easy to maintain, according to many opinions about the best tablecloths. You will look for the resistance of the material to stains and dirt or moisture or if it can be put in the washing machine or if it wrinkles easily. In addition, the possibility of ironing can be a quality.

In conclusion, finding a tablecloth can be easier when you know what to cover and how to choose the right options for your needs and preferences, as in online stores, where you can find diversity in terms of design and size.

Frequent questions

How do you get red wine off the table?

When you drop red wine on the face of the Easter table, for example, light in color, you will go to all sorts of possible solutions. Among them is wetting the dirt with water, then add a few drops of alcohol of 70 degrees, rubbing the fabric well and rinsing it with clean water, repeating this step 3 times, then wash normally in the car.

Other possible solutions are the use of baking soda, special detergents for stains, a mixture of water, soap and lemon juice or, for white fabrics, the use of bleach or hydrogen peroxide.

the best quality tablecloths to use for special events at home

Where can I find tablecloth patterns sewn on etamine?

Such tablecloths are made by hand and are sold on various sales and shopping portals in the country, so in weak physical stores there are chances to find something like that. Fortunately, there are patterns online to produce your own embroidery and floral motifs on etamine, which are accessible by a simple search on the Internet.

Where can I find hand-crocheted lace for the tablecloth?

You can also make such decorative pieces or even an entire crocheted tablecloth with the help of the models found online, or you can buy crocheted borders in physical or online craft boutiques.

the best quality tablecloths to use for special events at home

How much does a hand-embroidered tablecloth cost?

For a round or rectangular tablecloth, with hand embroidery, you will take out of your pocket around 300 RON, which are usually found in online and offline craft stores.

How to sew a tablecloth

Wondering how to cut a tablecloth to give the living room a personalized flair and rejoice that you had a creative contribution in this regard? You need fabrics of appropriate size, a sewing machine, fabric-colored threads and accessories needed for assembly (scissors, ruler, pencil, measuring tape, needles, iron).

the best quality tablecloths to use for special events at home

First, you will measure the table to make sure you have enough material to cover it, and can leave about 15-20 cm on each side, if you want it to hang. Also, consider how the textile is washed. For example, in the case of cotton or canvas, it may be necessary to add 10-15 cm, to ensure that the desired dimensions are reached and you have room for the hem (4 cm).

Make the measurements and write them on the material, then bend the hem (first, make a bend of one cm, then repeat it, so that the edge is on the inside, and press it with the iron, to be easier to sew it, then, to the machine.

the best quality tablecloths to use for special events at home

At the end, you can add a ribbon of lace, fringes or sew a monogram, for example, after which you put your creation on the piece of furniture and add some clips for the tablecloth, so that it does not slip.

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