The best refrigerated display case in 2021

Choose with confidence and find out which is the best vertical or horizontal refrigerated display case for 2021. The refrigerated display case is a perfect cooling unit for commercial spaces. Glass makes it easy to present food to potential customers. We recommend the Star-Light VFM-416L model because it has a good purchase price and useful functions for the store or HoReCa.

The best refrigerated display case in 2021

The best refrigerated display cases – TOP 10 new models

If you want to find the best refrigerated display case for commercial or domestic use, we present you some models with a good value for money. You can find both cheap and top models. In addition, we have prepared a short buying guide for such equipment. You can find them on eMAG, Altex, Media Galaxy, Flanco, Metro, Dedeman. You have very fast delivery in cities such as Bucharest, Oradea, Timisoara, Constanta, Brasov, Galati or Iasi.

Star-Light VFM-416L refrigerated display case

The best refrigerated display case in 2021

For shop, bar, hotel, restaurant or a terrace we recommend you to see the refrigerated display case from Star-Light . It is an extremely roomy model that has 416 useful liters . You can fit about 300 bottles. You can store wine, juices, alcoholic or carbonated drinks. But it is not limited to drinks, you can also store a wide variety of food products on the 5 shelves provided.

We mention that it is a model of no frost refrigerated display case that has a fan for uniform cooling of the enclosure. Total no frost technology will help you prevent the formation of ice inside and will save you maintenance. Consumes 1.8 kWh per day which is relatively okay for a glass showcase.

Whirlpool ADN201 refrigerated display case

The best refrigerated display case in 2021

The Whirlpool refrigerated display case is perfect for both home (if you need) or commercial use. Those in HoReCa or commerce will appreciate the automatic defrost function that saves you from a big headache. The volume is good, 320 liters . The height of the cooling device is 173 cm , which you must pay attention to during transport and installation.

It has 6 configurable shelves to your liking. You can store food or drinks by category. The noise level is okay for commercial use, only 43 dB . The annual energy consumption is around 780 kWh . Inside you have interior lighting that facilitates your visibility at night or in a dark room. The fan helps you to disperse condensation vapors and prevents the formation of ice. In addition, it ensures the same temperature everywhere inside the refrigerated display case.

Bexon beverage refrigerated display case 325 l

The best refrigerated display case in 2021

The refrigerated display case from Bexton is perfect for storing different types of drinks. Ensures an operating temperature between 0 and +10 degrees Celsius . It has a net volume of 325 liters , enough for almost 500 doses of juice. It has 5 shelves that can be divided into different beverage categories. The refrigeration is ventilated, so get rid of the ice that can form inside.

You have a mechanical control, easy to use. It has 2 wheels and 2 fixed legs , so at one point you can move it relatively easily from one room to another. The door is equipped with a glass window that facilitates the display of products on the shelf. You have interior lighting for better visibility and to attract customers.

Cheap Arctic V145 refrigerated display case

The best refrigerated display case in 2021

If your needs for a refrigerated display case are not great, see this small model from Arctic . It provides you with 130 liters of storage volume . It is suitable for both food and beverages. The height is also modest, only 85 cm . Being a white model it will fit in any room. You have 3 shelves that you can adjust to your liking. If you have more voluminous products, you can take them out. The adjustable thermostat allows you to adjust the temperature according to the profile of the stored products. The temperature will create a suitable environment for the products you have.

Although it is a small refrigerated display case, it is equipped with a fan. The air is evenly distributed everywhere. Do not risk temperature variations. The cold air is evenly distributed. The annual energy consumption is 526 kWh , a good indicator for a refrigerated display case with a glass door.

Candy CWC 154 EM wine showcase

The best refrigerated display case in 2021

Although the wine showcase is a special category of devices, it is constructive just like a refrigerated showcase. This Candy model is very elegant, with quality finishes and black color. It will fit in the bar, restaurant or hotel room. In other words, you can use it at home for wine bottles . You have 7 chrome shelves that can accommodate 41 bottles of wine . LED lighting will create a very pleasant atmosphere. It is a model that has a low level of noise and vibration, so the presence of the device will not create discomfort.

The electronic control panel is very easy to use for setting the temperature and cooling regime. You have dedicated programs for sparkling wines, rosés, white or red wines. You can also set the temperature manually, between 7 and 18 degrees . The daily energy consumption is very low, only 0.5 kWh . A quality product for wine lovers or for commercial units.

Bosch KSW30V81 cooling display case

The best refrigerated display case in 2021

This is a Bosch refrigerated display case with a volume of 360 liters . It is suitable for drinks. It is mostly adapted for storing wine bottles. 120 bottles of drinks can be placed on the 9 oak shelves .

The Bosch model is equipped with an electronic temperature control system. You can set the exact temperature you need. In terms of temperature you can manually set a range between +6 and +18 degrees Celsius . The glass door has UV protection to protect the wine bottles from the sun's rays. With the help of the air filter, forget about unpleasant odors that may appear over time. You will have a flow of fresh air inside. Secure glossy glass will add a touch of elegance to this device for your refined wines. As for the annual energy consumption, it is 265 kWh .

Professional vertical refrigerator Moratti 2 doors 1400 L

The best refrigerated display case in 2021

If your commercial needs cannot be met by compact individual models, we offer you the large refrigerated display cases from Moratti. In this case, this 1400 liter model has a temperature regime between -2 and +8 degrees Celsius . It is perfect for drinks, food, fish, meat and dairy.

It can be installed in commercial units of different sizes. The power consumption for this model is quite good during operation. It is equipped with 2 doors so that it can be handled and used easily. They are professional equipment with an optimized air flow, electronic motors and LED lighting . It is equipped with intelligent automatic functions. It looks like a good quality refrigerated display case .

Which is the best refrigerated display case

The best refrigerated display case in 2021

Refrigerated display cases are essential for commercial units. They help keep products easily perishable at temperatures up to 0 degrees. They are also suitable for storing juices and drinks. Certainly for these needs you need the best refrigerated display case, which is reliable, at a good price and easy to install.

If you want to see opinions and recommendations, as well as find out the answer to the question which is the best refrigerated display case, read on. We show you which is the good refrigerated display case for Romania. You will see different volumes, technologies and types. You will decide for yourself whether the vertical or horizontal version is better.

If the refrigerated display case is operated in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations, it will operate without problems for the entire life. A good refrigerated display case will help you meet the cooling needs for your business.

Initially think about what you need it for and what type of products you will place in the cold. The interior volume in a refrigerated display case is divided into shelves or drawers. They can be universal or specific for drinks, suitable for bottles of wine or juice. Speaking of wine, there are minibar refrigerated display cases especially for this drink. There are also options adapted for pastries, ideal for storing cakes and other confectionery.

Use of commercial refrigerated display cases

Refrigerated display cases are professional cooling devices that are widely used in supermarkets, cafes and HoReCa units. Their role is to keep the products at a low and constant temperature regime. In addition, thanks to the glass window, they also facilitate visual access inside without having to open the door.

Interior surfaces and construction materials are mostly food grade stainless steel, aluminum or plastic. These materials do not oxidize, do not react with the products and do not change their quality. The glass window or door is very durable. For this, tempered glass is used which, on impact with objects or shocks, breaks into small pieces. This is so as not to injure or damage the packaging of the stored products. All in all, it ensures a certain security inside the store. On some advanced models, this glass door also offers UV protection against the sun's rays, which can affect the quality of the products.

Among other advantages of such equipment we can mention the cheap price and ease of installation. All you have to do is decide on the location, connect the refrigerated display case to the 220V socket and it will start working. It is very similar to the refrigerator you have at home. The new models offer low noise levels during operation and better energy efficiency.

Among the disadvantages we can mention the lack of possibility to evacuate the hot air produced by the refrigerated display case outside the commercial unit. This means that some of the heat created will be in the store. For this problem you can use an air conditioner , in the case of small shops or advanced ventilation system for supermarkets.

Vertical or horizontal refrigerated display case

On the local market you will find both showcases with vertical and horizontal orientation. The vertical ones look like the fridge or freezer you have at home. Due to the vertical orientation you have to pay attention to the depth of the interior space. This indicator can vary between 60 and 120 cm depending on the manufacturer and model.

The offers are varied and you can find in Romania both small and large models. If we bring into question the horizontal refrigerated display case, things change a bit. First of all, they look like classic showcases, only they have a curved glass window. It keeps the temperature low and creates that closed space with its own microclimate. They are often used for storing meat, fish, dairy, cooked or semi-finished products. They are also very popular as dedicated showcases for sausages.

The horizontal and vertical refrigerated display case can be of closed or open type. Specifically, it may or may not be equipped with that glass or glass door. In the case of the horizontal ones, only the sales assistant has access to the interior. This type of service is called assisted selling. In the case of vertical models, those that do not have doors can be found at the drinks or cooked food department. In principle, each model, either closed or open, has certain usage scenarios.

In conclusion, we can say that it is easy to understand what each type of refrigerated display case is suitable for. The decision is to be made depending on what products you plan to keep. Do you need a refrigerated display case for the terrace to store wine, beer and juice? Choose a vertical. If you plan to keep cheeses, cold cuts, eggs and other perishable products, opt for a horizontal one.

Temperature ranges

There are several climatic classes of coolers, and especially for refrigerated display cases. At the moment we will opt for two distinct types that are relevant for Romania. You can meet with a refrigerated display case adapted to the temperate climate, which can work perfectly up to temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius.

But we know that this equipment is most in demand in summer, when the temperature of the air can exceed 40 degrees. There are models adapted to the tropical climate that cope with high temperatures.

But what temperature can keep the refrigerated display case? Here again we have some differences. We have equipment that maintains an indoor temperature of +2 and +5 degrees. This temperature range is considered average. We also have models that are set to operate at temperatures of 0 degrees, which need an intermediate temperature regime. Products that require freezing can be stored in units that can drop to -10 degrees or more

In addition, we also have refrigerated display cases for wine that maintain a temperature between +3 and +9 degrees Celsius. They come with various special programs for different types of wines: white, red, rosé or sparkling wine.

Why choose the no frost refrigerated display case

At a refrigerated display case we can also have a no frost system, ie a system without ice. This technology applied to this type of device is a relatively recent innovation. The result without ice is obtained due to the fact that the no frost refrigerated display case uses fans that have the role of moving the air flows. This prevents the formation of ice.

A no frost refrigerated display case has a number of important advantages:

  • The products are cooled better and more evenly throughout;
  • The temperature difference in these models will not exceed 2 degrees Celsius;
  • The same uniform temperature allows the products to be stored for a longer time;
  • They need minimal maintenance, do not require manual defrosting.

Such equipment requires only periodic cleaning, about once a year. In terms of disadvantages, we could first of all mention the higher purchase price compared to standard models. However, the many advantages make it worth the difference in cost. If price is an issue and you want a cheap refrigerated display case, opt for a static system. This system has been tested and used for decades on several types of refrigeration equipment. These models lack the fan.

Advantages and disadvantages of this equipment

The air is not moved artificially, but occurs naturally. The movement of the air is slower, respectively the uniformity of the cold air is less present. The temperature difference in different areas of the refrigerated display case can reach 6 degrees Celsius. On the local market are also called refrigerated showcases with drip system. The humidity regulated by the temperature difference is deposited on the walls and drains to the vaporizer.

But not everything is gray in them. They also have some advantages. You can use the temperature difference to your advantage and store several types of products. You can also store unpackaged products, because due to the humidity present, the food will not dry out. This problem can be encountered more often in no frost refrigerated display cases. And last but not least, the more affordable price makes them a good budget option. In terms of disadvantages, we tell you that you will have to take care of the equipment. Periodically you will have to clean it and thaw it completely.

Cooling source for the best refrigerated display case

If you have a local store, minimarket or local supermarket, you will most likely opt for a model of vertical refrigerated display case with an integrated compressor. You can find a wide variety of models, they are easy to install and easy to operate. They also have a lower purchase price compared to models with external cooling source. The main disadvantage of such cooling units is that they produce quite a lot of heat that is discharged into the same room.

You will need to have an additional air conditioning system that maintains an optimal temperature level inside and combats the hot air evacuated from these equipments. The best refrigerated display case for large shopping centers, hypermarkets and other commercial units spread over a large area is the external cooling system.

In their case, the cold air is produced by units located in other premises or outside. The hot air produced by them is released into the external environment. Installing such a device is cumbersome, you need several additional elements and accessories and a dedicated team to perform the work. Instead, such equipment is efficient and in the long run allows you to make significant savings.

Don't forget to check the dimensions of the equipment before ordering them. Make sure that the doors are not barriers and have a generous opening that allows their access to the interior.

Conclusion about the best refrigerated display case

We hope that this purchase guide will help you in trying to find the best refrigerated display case in Romania. We have given you some tips, opinions and recommendations regarding the best examples of models. We have made a detailed list of the criteria you must follow before making the purchase, in order to choose a model with the best value for money that can be found.

Refrigerated display cases have a wide range of uses, from flower shops, to pastry shops, HoReCa locations or ice cream boutiques. If you search well, you will also find models of a built-in refrigerator that can be positioned in any commercial environment. For personal use only those used as a minibar or wine coolers are used. They have smaller volumes and a narrower width compared to a horizontal refrigerated display case.

In terms of manufacturers, those from Heidi, Candy, Whirlpool, Bosch, Beko, Arctic, Star-Light, Gorenje, Heinner, JBG, Lide or Liebherr are pioneers. You can find them at various suppliers in the main counties such as Galati, Buzau, Timisoara, Iasi, Constanta, Arad, Cluj, Craiova or Bucharest. Big stores like Carrefour, Domo, Media Galaxy, Metro, Selgros or eMag, Flanco, Altex certainly have them, OLX, but also lajumate are good sources for resealed or used.

Being commercial equipment, choose the best refrigerated display case available. Don't just focus on price, but choose a good value for money. Go to reliable refrigerator suppliers and companies with years of experience and refrigeration equipment. This way you can avoid potential problems and focus on what really matters, your business.

Different types of refrigerated display cases

There are several major categories of commercial showcases. Refrigerated, non-refrigerated or double temperature. Which case you really need depends on the things you want to show. For example, fish restaurants usually need a good form of freezer to keep their items in accordance with security codes. To ensure that items remain intact and cold, bakeries may also feel that freezer boxes are needed.

Various sets of refrigerated, compressed air and gravitational showcases are available. Induced air refrigerated display cases use fans to move oxygen, while gravity coil housings at the edge use a cooled coil and pressure to release air down and over items. Because forced air systems will dry the goods, natural pressure units are generally better for unprocessed food and fish, so that the softening influence is not continuously felt by the pieces of meat.

Double temperature models, giving a business the opportunity to examine both frozen and non-frozen products at the same time. For institutions such as pastries, consider that they are suitable. For products such as sausage rolls and fast-rotating cheeses, non-refrigerated carcasses are perfect. There are also ice cream boxes, suitable for ice cream, supermarkets and sandwiches, as well as insulated boxes.

The presence of your case will decide the performance of your income, regardless of the environmental case you have chosen. Although white may be easier to wash, dark walls with backs can make your vibrant goods shine. Check that for the products you choose to sell, you can have proper cabinets and follow strict rotation procedures for quality management reasons.

Technical specifications

Indeed, your system can be managed at the temperature according to the requirements of your product, but you should also ensure that the location of your case complies with air emission and intake standards. Until the purchase of the best refrigerated display case, consult the technical data sheet of the model. To check the parameters to ensure that your case is ideal for place restrictions.

With external motors, almost all devices are accessible. This requires a cooling professional to install, and this creates a large expense. If the condenser and generator are installed in a well-ventilated space, systems positioned in hot places can operate more efficiently and cannot contribute to the already warm atmospheric temperature. Whether they are placed outside, you should mention them in your application so that it is possible to have an outside cover and a heater.

Extended cabin showcases are also recognized as air barrier showcases, built for spontaneous sales, but keep in mind that all products should be well packaged. It may be more attractive to buyers, but it also uses more resources. To keep refrigeration inside the space without the use of a lock, such refrigeration systems receive an air barrier. Visitors are more willing to grab some products from this type of cooler due to their user experience.

Door frame display cases can accommodate both packaged and open food, but keep in mind that only sealed food can be stored in customer-accessible devices. With vibrant lighting systems, transparent shelves, reflective doors, price strips and glass shelves, you can maximize the design of the glass window marketing show.

Additional features

Although conventional halogen lamps still achieve good lighting, the market is becoming popular in a new movement towards LED lighting. LED lights have a higher performance, use less energy, emit less heat and are generally more efficient for window lighting.

Many state agencies expect the lamps to be incorporated into the merchandiser so that the glass fragments are not thrown into the product areas from a broken lamp. Although it is more desirable to have a well-lit event, protection is still in the first place. This limitation does not occur with LED lighting. For lighting improvements, suggest glass cabinets and mirrored back panels. Shelf lighting, instead of just lighting from one origin to the end, will add clarity to each rack.

The panels will make the case look bigger, and the light is often enhanced by a reflective end plate. Although it encourages vibrant objects to appear, dark interior spaces will reduce the presence of equipment inside the display. Reflected back panels, even if your inventory is limited, will enhance the look of a complete new case. Keep in mind that, for hygiene purposes, some state agencies favor clean interiors and may even need them.

Easy access can be an essential maintenance criterion, as you will need to disinfect your unit several times a week. Monitoring cases with a glass front lift are easier to open and disinfect. Although the refrigerated display cases with access to the door seem to be easy to wash, some versions of curved and angular windows have a rotation mechanism to allow easy cleaning of the release front.

The size of the best refrigerated display cases

As with any car, avoiding the interruption of the flow of consumers, the best showcase should be integrated into the building. Keep in mind that normal conditions may not host premiums, but you will need to invest in a large enough case for weekends and crowded nights. Also try to make sure that the workers behind the counters can change and transfer to each other quickly.

If you have a limited lifespan or an easy delivery time for all items in the marketing product, you may be free to choose a smaller example – at the expense of higher labor costs. People may have split pans that would be replenished if needed, for example, rather than large pans.

Keep in mind that the trader's compartment must fit both the substance and the packaging, whether it is the plastics in which the goods are packed or the crusty ice you wrap between frozen meals. The amount of additional storage in each case would be limited by consumption and depletion. Remember that you need to leave enough space to run safely while people work behind the device. Normally, the best refrigerated display case involves a power connection.

For glass, there are two common patterns, smooth and rounded. You can choose each model, depending on the type of kitchen you have and the aesthetics you are looking for. Make sure you have the inside and surface of the bottle free of dirt.

Commercial refrigerated display cases are built with refrigeration and are visible and have a main window door to encourage the viewing of objects inside the compartment. Check if there are windows or double or even triple glazing, easy to close and open.

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