The best refrigerator and freezer combination with 2 compressors

On the Romanian market you can also find the best refrigerator with 2 compressors or refrigerators with 2 compressors (two motors). These can be no frost, side by side from brands such as Arctic, Beko, Electrolux, Gorenje, Whirlpool, Zanussi, LG, Samsung or Liebherr. Their price varies in 2021, and a wide range of models can be found at Emag, Altex or Flanco, at very good offers and prices. The best 2-compressor refrigerators are those that are economical, efficient and quiet. You can see this Liebherr Comfort SBSESF7212 .

The best refrigerator and freezer combination with 2 compressors

The best refrigerators and refrigerators with two compressors – TOP 3 new models

We present current offers on the market of refrigerators with two compressors in Romania. There are not many models, but we present the best ones.

Refrigerator with 2 Liebherr Comfort SBSESF7212 compressors

The best refrigerator and freezer combination with 2 compressors

This model of side-by-side refrigerator with 2 compressors from Liebherr is a very successful one. It has a gigantic volume of 651 liters. Basically, it's similar to 2 regular refrigerators.

Consumption is very good due to the energy class A + , especially if you divide it in two and compare it with that of normal refrigerators. The no frost system is very welcome for such a giant. Even if it's big, it's very quiet.

Combine refrigerator with 2 Arctic AK3662-4 + compressors

The best refrigerator and freezer combination with 2 compressors

We present an interesting model of Arctic refrigerator with 2 compressors . It has a static cooling system, and a consumption of 350 kWh, with an energy class A +.

Although it is not the quietest refrigerator, if it is in a separate kitchen, it is not at all annoying. The fresh condition and hygiene of the food in the refrigerator are ensured thanks to a super antibacterial gasket mounted on the door.

Refrigerator with 2 Beko DBK3862WD + compressors

The best refrigerator and freezer combination with 2 compressors

This 2-compressor refrigerator-freezer is manufactured by Beko. You can consider it if you want such a type of combine. It is quiet, does not consume too much electricity, has a flat water dispenser, antibacterial protection on the door and handle.

It is not no frost, it has a static cooling system , but this does not prevent it from doing its job. You have 4 very spacious drawers. You can read more in a user manual or instructions.

How to choose a refrigerator with 2 good compressors

We offer you a mini guide, some recommendations in choosing a refrigerator with 2 compressors, if it is worth it, but there are advantages and disadvantages.

The best refrigerator and freezer combination with 2 compressors

What is a refrigerator with 2 compressors

A refrigerator – freezer with 2 compressors is a device that has 2 separate, separate refrigeration circuits, for which you can adjust the temperature separately, for the refrigerator and for the freezer. It helps you, in theory, to save energy. And you have the flexibility to set the temperature individually for the 2 units, which can be useful if you need such an option. Normally they are very roomy.

Combine refrigerator with 1 or 2 compressors?

We recommend the version with 2 compressors only if you really need to set the individual temperature for the 2 compartments. But if you don't really need this, a refrigerator with 1 single compressor is a better choice. More efficient in terms of cost, energy consumption and reliability. We recommend you to opt for a model with inverter compressor, in order to enjoy the latest reliability and technology. The best refrigerators with 2 compressors are limited in number. There are only a few models, which do not necessarily enjoy great popularity. The exception is the side by side refrigerators, where the 2 compressors are justified and welcome.

Opinions about choosing a refrigerator with 2 compressors

If your choice fell on a refrigerator with 2 compressors, we recommend you choose one with low energy consumption, necessarily with energy class A + or higher like A ++ or A +++, a noise level up to 42 dB so as not to be annoying for the ear, an interior volume related to the needs of your family, antibacterial protection if available, water dispenser if you need it and have the right dimensions for the place where you plan to place it, either in the kitchen or in another room in your house. If the combine also benefits from an extended warranty, such as 3 years or more, it is a very good thing that will keep you calm during the operation of the appliance.

Refrigerators with 2 compressors need generous storage space, ie a large kitchen. The side by side models with over 500 liters of interior volume, usually have a fairly large width, around 80 or 100cm, and a minimum depth of 70cm. This means that you need to reserve enough space in advance, and think about where it could be located.

The French door models are a little different, so you have 2 doors that open at the top, and one at the bottom for the freezer. They are ideal for large families, at least 5 people or for small businesses that need a large space where they can freeze and refrigerate products for customers.

The size of the refrigerator with two compressors

Although you can find models with a storage capacity of over 300 liters, we still recommend that you go to those of at least 500 liters, because there you can see the advantages of these types of refrigerators. The net internal volume for both the upper refrigerator compartment and the lower freezer compartment can be found in the user manual or in the online product description.

Opinions meet when it comes to the destination of these refrigerators, so we do not recommend it to single couples or to single ones, because it is not an economical or efficient choice for a small volume of products. If you have a small business or restaurant, you can opt for such appliances with confidence. It will definitely be a good investment.

And refrigerators have electronics that control how they work. They can disperse the refrigerant after the cooling cycle is over, or administer food cooling and freezing. A few years ago, this role in almost every refrigerator was performed by a compressor, which was responsible for maintaining the set temperature, and to ensure that the refrigerator is cold. In the meantime, 2-compressor refrigerators have appeared, which are now available to us. One of the compressors pumps refrigerant to the refrigeration chamber, and a second is responsible for the freezer freezer.

The main disadvantage of devices in competition with a single compressor can be explained as follows. If your refrigerator has 2 separate compartments, the thermostat will send a set of instructions to the compressor. As a result, the compressor will turn on and adjust the temperature in both chambers, even if only one is needed. The binary system has solved this problem. The presence of 2 engines is more efficient and will not increase the noise level.

Principle of operation

The principle of operation is not complicated. Refrigerator motors, called compressors, operate independently of each other. End users can adjust the temperature setting individually for each enclosure. To perform this action, electronic or mechanical controls can be found on the refrigerator door with two compressors. Each of the 2 compressors has an individual thermostat. If the temperature exceeds the set indicator, the control panel sends a signal to the compressor, which starts and supplies refrigerant.

When choosing a refrigerator with 2 compressors, it is important to know its characteristics in order to buy a product suitable for your needs.

You must know that each engine is responsible for its own area, respectively the pressure on it is not excessively high. This extends the life of the compressors.

With such a refrigerator with two compressors, you can selectively disconnect one of them. Let's say you want to miss the freezer, and the refrigerator doesn't. Well, this can be done easily. You can set different temperature levels depending on the area, separately for the fridge and freezer. Due to the fact that the freezer is controlled separately, a quick way to freeze the products is available. If one of the compressors fails, you can use the other. Know that the presence of 2 motors does not significantly affect energy consumption.

In refrigerators with two good compressors, the NoFrost system is used, which determines the separate air circulation for each room. It is not necessary to defrost such a device, and the experience of positive operation is proven by customer reviews.

Advantages and disadvantages of 2-compressor refrigerators

In addition to a higher cost, there are some disadvantages characteristic of refrigerators with two compressors. Other things being equal, the value of this equipment may be 30 percent higher than the classic single compressor. On the other hand, you practically own two full independent units, unified in a single housing. And the manufacturer determines the number of functional units twice as large. If we think about it, the price difference seems insignificant and quite justified.

But this question deserves to be approached from a different angle. In the end, though, buy equipment that basically has a huge set of features. The decision whether it makes sense to buy something so expensive, without exception, must be approached from the position of the realistic needs of your family.

From a technical point of view, the economy of refrigerators with two compressors can be interpreted as follows. As you know, 2-compressor refrigerators have independent temperature control in each room. If the control design shows the temperature advance in some chambers, then a low power compressor suitable for this chamber is turned on. Some are disconnected as soon as the heat in the room drops quite a bit.

The single-compressor refrigeration unit has no step adjustment. And if it is necessary to reduce the temperature in the freezer, it is necessary to connect a single compressor. Relatively powerful and energy consuming, where suddenly, with the cooling of the freezer, they will be removed to perform a service that may be unusable at this time after additional freezing of the freezer, consuming additional electricity for this.

In terms of single-compressor devices, the absence of all the above facilities is offset by the low cost of the refrigerator itself, which in some cases seems to be a factor.

Advantages and disadvantages

For other benefits of the best two-compressor refrigerators, in addition to the step-by-step temperature control mentioned in the rooms. It is worth noting the existence of a No Frost system in the freezer and the probability of turning off one of the rooms when needed. In addition, due to the peculiarities resulting from the operation of the compression freezer, two low-power compressors generate less noise than a powerful one. Consequently, other things being equal, the refrigerator with two compressors will work a bit quieter.

We are talking about a device with a single compressor, whose refrigeration mechanism is precisely defined by a remarkable magneto-electric valve, which controls the flow of refrigerant circulating in the unit. Due to the presence of this valve, it became possible to cool the chambers independently. Without consuming the energy of the compressor, which at this time does not need to lower the temperature. Using this scheme allows you to obtain an efficiency comparable to that of a refrigerator with two compressors. For this reason, models of refrigerators with 2 compressors appear less and less nowadays.

It's worth it unconditionally, if you dream of a big refrigerator and a model with a single compressor for 200-300 liters simply can't handle it. If you have to prepare an impressive amount of food, and the freezer plays an important role in your life. This is also a reason to take a refrigerator with 2 compressors. But if these aspects of the 2-compressor refrigerator are not relevant to you, there is no point in overpaying for it.

On the scale of the note provided, it makes sense to discuss another type of refrigerators again. Especially since it is always gaining extraordinary popularity.

Conclusion choosing the best refrigerator with 2 compressors

Like a normal refrigerator-freezer, they can have static cooling, low frost, no frost or full no frost. We recommend you to opt for the no frost or full no frost variant,
because you will get first of all a refrigerator that does not make ice, and periodically you will only need a simple sanitization, the complete defrosting being not necessary.

The energy class should be A +, A ++ or A +++ in order to obtain a higher energy efficiency and to enjoy a lower electricity bill. On the noise side also made refrigerators with two motors, our recommendation would be to check that it does not exceed 42dB. Up to, and below this index are the most refined and reliable models.