the best refrigerator brand to buy in europe and canada in 2021

Refrigerated Crates – Review and comparison in 2021

The refrigerator offers you an efficient way to preserve food, in the short, medium or long term, and a possibility to save money. If you have come to the conclusion that you need such an appliance, find out from this guide what criteria will help you choose the best option. For those who are too busy to read leisurely, we have prepared from the beginning two good solutions for the home.Zanussi ZFC41400WA represents the category of high capacity crates, with a volume of 400 liters and annual consumption of 323kWh, which classifies it in class A +. For those looking for a car model, we propose as an alternative ECG AC 3020 HC Dual .



Comparative table

Model with high storage capacity, suitable for both domestic and commercial use, in the energy efficiency class A +, so with low enough consumption to recover in time the initial investment. It opens and closes easily, includes three drawers for organization, wheels for transport, interior light for visibility and quiet operation.

Due to the hinges and the handle on the lid, it occupies a few centimeters more in width than those mentioned in the specifications.

The recommended variant for those who are used to preserving large amounts of food by freezing.

Small crate, which can be used in the car, at the hotel or at home, with a capacity of 30 liters, and double function, heating and cooling. It is an A ++ version, so with low consumption, it includes a quality insulating layer, and the cover locks to prevent air circulation.

Although it has a handle, because it is quite sensitive to higher weight, if the box is full you will not be able to use it alone to move it from one place to another.

Option suitable for those who travel a lot or occasionally need a small supplement for the freezing space in the refrigerator.

It is a car type variant, with the possibility of powering both 12V and 230V, but with a capacity of 45 liters, higher than the average of this category, suitable for families with 3-4 members who often travel by car. It can be used for cooling and heating, it is well insulated, and the lid locks to keep the interior as tight as possible.

Due to the larger capacity, it takes up more space, being less recommended for small cars.

Chest for cooling and heating, for car and home, easy to use and available at an affordable price.

In-depth reviews about the best refrigerated boxes

Whether you are looking for a portable, small and efficient refrigerator, or a large and roomy model for your home, the process will take long enough to put your patience to the test. To simplify things, we have selected some popular and popular models in the online environment, among which you can find a suitable option for your projects.


Refrigerated storage A +:

Zanussi ZFC41400WA

the best refrigerator brand to buy in europe and canada in 2021

Among the A + energy class models, we offer you the Zanussi ZFC41400WA box, with a capacity of 400 liters, designed for those who need a roomy food freezing device. It consumes 323kWh and offers you an average autonomy of 31h, which ensures keeping the products inside cool in case of power outage.

If you are worried that it will be harder to open by children or the elderly, especially considering that it is a large device with a fairly heavy lid, it is not the case. The product includes a vacuum cancellation valve, which eliminates the force that makes it difficult to open to other models, and the lid is provided with a system that allows it to remain stable in position, at an angle between 45 and 85 degrees.

It is a refrigerator with drawers or baskets for organizing, 3 in number, in which you can efficiently place food inside and includes wheels, which will help you move it relatively easily around the house. But carefully measure the width of the doors you will have to go through and for safety, add a few more centimeters to the 133.6cm passed in the box specifications.


Star-Light CFM-249AP

the best refrigerator brand to buy in europe and canada in 2021

Are you thinking more of a medium-sized model, easy to integrate in the space of the house? Try the Star-Light CFM-249AP model with a capacity of 249 liters, width of 98.5 cm, height of 85 cm and depth of 60 cm. It is among the options of refrigerated boxes, at good prices, which it is advisable to consider if you do not want to invest more than you should.

It has an annual consumption of 246kWh, so you won’t take too much out of your pocket to keep it running. It includes interior light, essential especially if you place it in a dimly lit area, and adjustable thermostat, from which you can set the temperature to the desired level.

If the power is interrupted, this model can keep food cold for up to 46 hours, so almost 2 days. It is good to know that the wheels presented in the product description are actually quite small and present on one side, so you will not be able to rely very much on them when you move the box around the house.



Car refrigerator:

ECG AC 3020 HC Dual

the best refrigerator brand to buy in europe and canada in 2021

For those tempted by the idea of a model of A +++ refrigerator, but who are reluctant to cover the costs of such a version, we propose as a compromise solution the next option as energy efficiency. ECG AC 3020 HC Dual is an A ++ type car refrigerator, with power supply at both 12V and 220V. So you can use it to keep cold drinks when you go on a trip, but also in the hotel room.

It is quiet enough not to exceed the usual noise created by the car while driving. If you use it at home, you can opt for the Eco operating mode, which is quieter and, in addition, saves energy. It has a capacity of 30 liters, average in this category, but also the most popular, and the price is affordable.

The lid locks to prevent air circulation, but can also be completely detached, if you want easy access to the contents. It is a high-performance product, which also offers you a heating function. So you can use it either to keep the contents up to 20oC colder than the outside temperature, or to heat them up to a maximum of 65oC.


Portable refrigerator:

Camry ADL-CR8061

the best refrigerator brand to buy in europe and canada in 2021

Also from the category of small refrigerated crate models, we propose this version from Camry, with a capacity of 45 liters, therefore suitable for families with several members who travel a lot and want to have a small refrigerator in the car. It can be powered at 12V, but also at 230V, so you can use it in the home, to supplement the space available in the refrigerator.

In addition, it is a variant of the refrigerated, electric, portable crate that also offers a heating function, a very useful aspect for the days when you go camping or stay at the hotel late, and the restaurant is already closed. It consumes little (between 40 and 60W), so you don’t have to worry that it will charge your bill a lot.

The lid locks, for safety, and includes a foldable handle, which helps you carry it easier. But be careful how much you load it, if you want to hold it only to have a free hand, because only the empty portable refrigerator weighs over 8kg.



Arctic refrigerator:

Arctic O23 ++

the best refrigerator brand to buy in europe and canada in 2021

For those who are looking for a better balance between consumption and capacity and consider that a 230 liter model is roomy enough, we have included in the list of proposals Arctic O23 ++ 230l refrigerator, class A ++, with an estimated annual consumption of 186kWh.

It is one of the options that it is good to consider if you have problems with the power supply. It offers an autonomy of up to 67 hours, to which the significantly thicker walls contribute compared to other options. Also, this Arctic refrigerator offers good voltage variations between 187 and 246V, so you risk less damage than in a version designed for stable voltage.

Includes interior light and LED outside, which tells you when the optimum temperature has been reached inside. However, it does not include a thermometer, so you will not be able to actually track the degrees. It’s a bit noisier than other products, generating up to 44dB, but it’s unlikely to bother you with anything, because the level is still quite low.



Small refrigerated box:

Star-Light CFM-99AP

the best refrigerator brand to buy in europe and canada in 2021

If the space in the house requires a vertical refrigerated box, high and with a base as compact as possible, we propose, as a solution with potential, this model from Star-Light, which takes up much less useful space (56.5 x 52.3cm) than a horizontal refrigerator with similar capacity.

It provides you with a storage capacity of 99 liters, in which you can introduce approximately 50 kg of meat, and autonomy from the power supply, of 30 hours. It is therefore not a version for those who have large food reserves, but it complements very well a refrigerator or a refrigerator, in a larger family.

It is a class A + electric refrigerator, with an annual consumption of 168kWh and a daily consumption of approximately 0.46kWh, which works optimally in environments with a temperature between 18 and 43oC, so you don’t have to worry about hot days. Freezes quickly and includes an adjustable thermostat, which allows you to speed up the process when needed.


Frost Out Refrigerated Lada:

Whirlpool WHM3911

the best refrigerator brand to buy in europe and canada in 2021

Are you looking for a large capacity model that you can pass through a standard apartment door? Try this Whirlpool refrigerator box, 390 liters, with a width of 69.8 cm, but taking into account the fact that you will still have to take it out of the package.

It is therefore one of the versions for those who take the idea of early supply very seriously, offering a freezing capacity of 20kg / 24h, with an annual consumption of 319kWh, which places it, along with other parameters, in class A +.

The interior is light, so you can easily search for the products you want, it includes an adjustable thermostat, which allows you to opt for slower or faster freezing, and it is spacious enough to put tens of kilograms of meat and vegetables in it. Don’t forget to organize them efficiently, to easily find what you are looking for in a fairly large space. Unlike a vertical refrigerator, it takes up quite a lot of space on the floor, having a length of 140.5cm, so choose the location carefully.



Horizontal refrigerator:

Beko HS22953

the best refrigerator brand to buy in europe and canada in 2021

Every time you evaluate an A ++ class product, it is good to remember that it generally offers a saving of up to 25% compared to the next level, A +, even if the price is higher. One such model is the Beko HS22953 refrigerator, which consumes approximately 208kWh annually, with a storage capacity of 284 liters. It is spacious enough even for those who prepare large quantities of food for the winter, and, in addition, it is delivered together with 3 baskets, for the efficient organization of the interior.

You don’t have to worry that all that food could break down if the power goes out, because it offers one of the longest periods of autonomy, up to 67 hours.

It easily copes with voltage variations, being one of the recommended models for areas where the network is not very stable, and can cool down in optimal conditions and on the hottest days of the year.



Heinner refrigerator:

Heinner HCF-N205A +

the best refrigerator brand to buy in europe and canada in 2021

Because many opinions about the best refrigerated boxes include this brand in the list of quality options, which offers products at affordable prices, here is a representative in our article who can successfully equip an efficiency-oriented home. It is a model with an average capacity of 194 liters, and formed horizontally, so carefully evaluate the place where you want to place it.

It generates only 40dB, being among the quietest options you can use, and consumes approximately 219kWh annually, being a version of energy class A +. It includes an adjustable thermostat, of mechanical type, from which you can easily set the cooling level you need, and offers an autonomy of 32 hours, in case of power failure.

We draw your attention to the fact that this Heinner refrigerator box model is provided with a 1.5m power cable, which can be short, so consider placing it close to a suitable socket or extension cord.


Camping refrigerated storage:

Atlantic F1

the best refrigerator brand to buy in europe and canada in 2021

Do you need a mini refrigerator, but do you want a simpler and more affordable option than the ones for the car and you can take it with you anywhere? We offer you the Atlantic F1 model, with a capacity of 10 liters, ideal for hours spent at the beach or traveling on green grass.

It is a portable refrigerated box, with pills, but you can ensure the maintenance of a low temperature inside and with the help of a bag or a bottle of ice, previously kept in the freezer. Insulate well enough to keep food and drinks cold for several hours.

The format is compact, the structure is made of durable plastic, with insulating layer, and includes a handle. But it is good to know that the handle has a more fragile structure, so it is good to rely only on it for transport only when the box is empty or has a low weight content.



Buying guide

The refrigerated boxes offer additional space for freezing, either in the form of medium and large versions, which complete the refrigerator or refrigerator combination, or of the small models, for the car and / or camping. Dimensions, interior volume, energy efficiency class and average annual consumption, autonomy, climate class, defrost system – are just a few technical features that you need to consider when buying such a device. In other words, it’s complicated.

That’s why we offer you this short guide, which covers the basic criteria that it is good to balance with the purchase price, to make sure that you have chosen the best refrigerator for you.

the best refrigerator brand to buy in europe and canada in 2021

Context of use : If you need to occasionally supplement the freezing space offered by the refrigerator, the most suitable model will probably be a refrigerated box, cheap and good, of medium capacity, with compact format and the possibility to quickly freeze the food you put. inside.

For those who are trying to save money, taking advantage of seasonal vegetables and fruits, or who are raising chickens, ducks, rabbits or other meat animals, it will be much more profitable to move to a more spacious version, with additional interior organization options. , for quick access. An important criterion in this case is the low consumption, because the device will stay almost continuously in operation for several months, as well as the antibacterial system, which protects food from contamination.

Are you looking for a refrigerator, at a good price, for your car or camping? The advantages are the small size, the handle for easy transport, the efficient insulating layer, which can withstand the heat outside, and the possibility of 12V power supply.


Consumption : The quality of thermal insulation and the energy efficiency class are found in the estimated value of the average annual consumption, expressed in figures and easy to evaluate. In general, this consumption is about 0.8 – 1.2kWh per liter of capacity, for class A +, and 0.7 – 0.9kWh per liter of capacity, for class A ++.

A more energy efficient model will always be more expensive. But remember that the investment is worthwhile and recovers if you use the device frequently. In the case of occasionally used refrigerated crates, this criterion remains important, but goes down one or two steps compared to other features that may be more stringent for this pattern of use (for example, automatic defrosting).


Storage capacity : The options of cheap and good refrigerated boxes from the car or travel category, so of reduced capacity, have between 10 and 45 liters, while the classic variants, for domestic use, most often offer between 100 and 300 liters. For commercial use (shops, restaurants, cafes, etc.) it is generally chosen for the versions of 300 – 400 liters.

Selecting the right capacity does not necessarily depend on the number of family members and cooking style, but on how to make the supply. If there are only two of you, but buy wholesale, because you like to plan the dishes weeks in advance, or you live or have parents in the country and you need a lot of space for vegetables, greens, cheeses and / or meat, a model of 200 – 300 liters is very suitable.

At the same time, families with 3-4 people who eat frequently in the city, order food at home or go out to the supermarket every day, may keep such a device almost empty and do better with a box of 100 – 150 liters. So try to estimate as accurately as possible the amount of food you think you need to store.


Power supply and autonomy : The best small refrigerated boxes are those that allow power supply at 220 – 230V and 12V, because you can use them in the car, but also at home, without the need to buy an additional adapter.

Household options have different operating autonomy when the power is turned off. If you know that network repairs are done quickly, you will manage without problems with a version with an average autonomy of 30-40 hours, which means a maximum of 2 days without power. For the areas where the access of the intervention teams is difficult, we recommend looking for a model with extended autonomy, which can reach up to 67 hours.

Also, the audible warning that tells you that the temperature inside is not optimal, helps a lot, because it gives you the chance to act quickly and prevent food spoilage.


Location : Depending on the location you will evaluate the dimensions of the device. You can opt for a refrigerated box, at a good price, higher and narrower, or on the contrary, lower and with a larger footprint on the ground. If you keep it in the house, you will definitely be interested in the noise made during operation. But most are between 40 and 45dB, so you should have no problems in this regard.

Do you have no space in the house and do you prefer to place it in the garage or an unheated and / or uninsulated annex? Be sure to look for a model that works well at low or very high temperatures.

the best refrigerator brand to buy in europe and canada in 2021

Other criteria : The freezing capacity shows you how strong the device is and varies between 10 and 30kg / 24h, being usually associated with the fast freezing function.

For easy access when you are on the road, look for a car refrigerator with detachable lid, and for home versions the opening system is very useful that allows the lid to be locked at 45 to 85 degrees, so that not too much hot air enters.

For medium and large models you definitely need interior light, for visibility and in all cases the thermostat is useful for temperature regulation. Look for a version with wheels, if you know that you will need to move the refrigerator frequently, and the structure with non-flammable materials helps if you install it in the kitchen or any other area with risk of exposure to flame and intense heat.



Frequent questions

How much does a refrigerated box consume?

Consumption is a pressing element, especially in the case of large volume boxes, for homes and commercial spaces. There is no need to worry too much, however, because there are A + and A ++ class models on the market with low annual consumption, of approximately 100kWh, or even less, for every 100 liters that define the storage capacity of the product.


How does the car refrigerator work?

If you choose a car refrigerator with compressor, it is good to know that it works similarly to the refrigerator, using freon for active cooling of the contents. Thermoelectric versions include a fan, which has more of a role in keeping the temperature of food and beverages introduced already cold or even frozen, and the passive ones use ice or pills for cooling.

the best refrigerator brand to buy in europe and canada in 2021

At what temperature does the refrigerator box work?

Most models of refrigerated crates, No Frost or standard, operate at -18oC, which is also the default level set for electric versions that do not have an adjustable thermostat. If you can adjust the temperature, you can use the box, in some cases, up to a level of +6 or even +8, characteristic of the refrigerator.


How much is a portable refrigerator?

A refrigerated box for camping, in the category of passive models, can be purchased in general at prices between 35 and 150 lei, while a version with power supply for the car costs between 350 and 700 lei, depending on the brand and capacity.


Why does the red light on the refrigerator light up?

Rarely present when it comes to a car version of the refrigerated box, at 12V, the red LED most often means the increase of the temperature above the allowed level for keeping the food in good condition. It also lights up on some models and how long the quick freeze option works.



How to defrost the refrigerator

In order to function efficiently for as long as possible, any refrigerator (Coleman, Whirlpool, Beko, etc.) must be cleaned periodically and thawed. It is not a complicated process, but there are some aspects that are good to know before you start.

the best refrigerator brand to buy in europe and canada in 2021

When you defrost the refrigerator

Specialists recommend thawing when the ice layer has reached a thickness of 10-15mm, preferably when the box contains very few products, or not at all, because they will be difficult to remove.


Preparation and safety

Before starting to defrost, unplug the refrigerator from the socket. Then remove the food, wrap it in several layers of paper or newspaper, and put it in a cool place or refrigerator, if you have enough space.



Open the lid and fix it in this position, so that the hot air enters inside. Identify the water drain hole, put a tray at the outer end and remove the plug to allow water to flow. You can use a plastic or wooden spatula, but not a metal one, to scrape the ice.

the best refrigerator brand to buy in europe and canada in 2021


After all the ice has melted and most of the water has drained, clean it with a less aggressive solution of water and detergent, then rinse with water and wipe the inside well until it is dry. Replace the drain plug and food. Close the lid, plug it in and turn it on.

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