the best refrigerator brand to buy online

If you want to freeze large quantities of food, which must be kept constant, you will need the best refrigerator. If you don't have the patience to see our recommendations, we tell you directly that the Zanussi ZCAN31FW1 is a very good model. Nowadays, in 2021 you can find a no frost refrigerator, inverter, small, large, with 1 or 2 compressors. You can also find them with drawers or without drawers, electric or gas (less often).

the best refrigerator brand to buy online

The best refrigerated boxes – TOP 10 new models

A large variety of models, offers and good prices for new and resealed models can be found at Mag, Dedeman, Altex, Flanco, Media Galaxy, Auchan, Selgros, Carrefour or Metro. You don't have to wait for black friday to come to enjoy low price, discounts or buy back programs. You have a very large choice of manufacturers, so you can find models from Zanussi, Electrolux, Arctic, Beko, Whirlpool, Star-Light, Albatros or Heinner. These are usually very energy efficient, having class A, A + to A ++ or A +++. You should know that refrigerated boxes can be of several types: they are for household, mobile or car use, which you connect to the 12V car socket or to machines with a 24V socket. Below we present some of the top 10 best refrigerated boxes.

Zanussi ZCAN31FW1 refrigerated box

the best refrigerator brand to buy online

If the previous model seemed small to your needs, take a look at this Zanussi refrigerator box model. It has a volume of 308 liters and numerous optional drawers and baskets for dividing products into categories. It has energy class A + and a consumption of 277 kWh. It is a good indicator considering the very generous volume.

This model allows you to open the door effortlessly. It is equipped with a special valve that will help you get rid of the problem of vacuum created inside. The screen is anti-condensation, which allows the refrigerator to be installed in spaces with variable temperatures. All in all, the whole package looks great, and if you plan to freeze large quantities of products, this model can help.

MIDEA HS-259CNB refrigerator

the best refrigerator brand to buy online

Midea is a famous brand for air conditioners and refrigerators. In their range of products they also have refrigerated boxes . Especially this model from them is a good 198 liters. Temperature and other settings are controlled manually using the dedicated control panel.

The energy class is A + and has an annual consumption of 221 kWh. As a noise level it is at a moderate indicator of 42 dB. The freezing capacity in 24 hours is 9 kg, enough for household needs. The climate class is N-SN-ST-T, or in other words, it can be exploited in any climatic conditions and temperature ranges. However, follow the manufacturer's recommendations to see specific details.

Arctic O23 ++ refrigerated box

the best refrigerator brand to buy online

If you need an average storage volume and 230 liters are enough for you, this model from Arctic can be a best buy. Energy class A ++ ensures a consumption of 186 kWh .

Arctic models benefit from a dense insulation that ensures the loss of cold air. In addition, this aspect brings you an extra saving on your energy bill. Arctic refrigerated boxes are made to withstand large temperature variations. In this way, they are able to walk at temperatures of -15 degrees . In addition, if you have problems with blood pressure, do not worry. This model accepts a good voltage variation.

The materials from which this refrigerator is made offer you safety. Environmental factors will not be able to act on it either.

Liebherr GT 2632 refrigerated box

the best refrigerator brand to buy online

Liebherr is one of the leading manufacturers of reliable refrigeration equipment. This 237 liter refrigerator box model comes with Super Frost technology. In this way, the refrigerator can freeze a larger amount of food faster. This mode is suitable for greens, berries, other fruits and vegetables.

Energy class A ++ ensures an annual energy consumption of 190 kWh. In terms of width, the refrigerator will occupy almost 87.9 cm. The control system is electronic, which will give you more precision in the temperature selection process. It is not very noisy for commercial or domestic spaces . The noise level is only 39 dB.

Heinner HCF-M200EA ++ refrigerator

the best refrigerator brand to buy online

A 200 liter refrigerator or freezer? No problem, Heinner has the perfect model for you. You have electronic control and an informative display that allows you to set the temperature easily and quickly. If you are wondering how much the refrigerator consumes , we tell you that this model with class A ++ consumes only 173 kWh. Like the Arctic model, it withstands cold and low temperatures. In this way you can place it in unheated spaces. For temperatures down to -15 degrees you do not have to worry.

If you want to block children's access, you can use the Childlock option and be sure that the device settings will not be changed. With the help of the yala incorporated in the handle, you can secure the access inside the refrigerated box. A very good option for warehouses and commercial units.

Exquisit GT265-4EA refrigerated box

the best refrigerator brand to buy online

We like the most at this Exquisite refrigerator that it is equipped with wheels. This will allow you to move the refrigerator without too much effort. It has a decent capacity of 260 l. Yala is locked with a key , a very good thing.

Energy consumption is very good, only 196 kWh. It is equipped with LED lighting. The interior space is equipped with baskets for dividing products into several categories. In the event of a power outage, the respective refrigerator can keep the products frozen for 36 hours. This is a very good indicator, we have to admit. The freezing capacity for 24 hours is 21 kg, an indicator of quality.

Beko HS22953 refrigerated storage box

the best refrigerator brand to buy online

Beko managed to produce a very well built refrigerator. The total volume is quite good – 284 liters. It comes with LED interior lighting , which allows you to view the products stored inside the enclosure. The metal baskets provided will allow you to organize the useful space as you wish.

If you forget the door open for a long time, the refrigerator will remind you of this and will lightly signal this. This prevents you from losing cold air and raising the indoor air temperature. The horizontal refrigerator can still operate in the normal parameters provided by the manufacturer. Like any brand that is respected, this company has TUV certification for refrigerated boxes, an indicator of quality and compliance with industry standards.

Whirlpool WH2010 refrigerated box

the best refrigerator brand to buy online

This model of Whirlpool refrigerator comes with 6th sense technology. You have a competitive price, digital control panel, automatic shut-off and water drainage system. It is a relatively quiet model compared to more affordable brands. The dimensions are not very large (Width – 80.6 cm, Height – 86.5 cm, Depth – 64.2 cm), respectively it will not take up much space inside. We consider it worthwhile to be in the top of the best refrigerator this year.

Liebherr Confort GT 3032 refrigerator

the best refrigerator brand to buy online

This model of Whirlpool refrigerator comes with 6th sense technology. You have a competitive price, digital control panel, automatic shut-off and water drainage system. It is a relatively quiet model compared to more affordable brands. The dimensions are not very large (Width – 80.6 cm, Height – 86.5 cm, Depth – 64.2 cm), respectively it will not take up much space inside. We consider it worthwhile to be in the top of the best refrigerator this year.

Star-Light CFM-203AP refrigerated box

the best refrigerator brand to buy online

This Star-light refrigerator is a budget choice, very good for families who want to freeze food. It has a volume of over 200 liters, which will be enough for medium or larger families. The energy efficiency class for this refrigerator is A + and has a consumption of 219 kWh. It is a balanced choice, with a good value for money.

How to choose the best refrigerator

Guide to choosing a good refrigerator

Refrigerated crates, as well as refrigerators or refrigerators are divided into several types. For a start, you should decide for yourself what type of refrigerator you want. For the most part
these can be the classic ones, for the house or the portable ones (car refrigerated boxes). The difference between them is obvious and very big. Below you will find some information about each type.

Refrigerated box for the house

This is the main type of refrigerated boxes. They are ideal freezers to keep food at a low and constant temperature for a long time. They are very roomy, having between 100 and 400 liters volume. They are the best freezers for a household. Before the advent of refrigerators, in people's households you usually found a refrigerator for storing food that was consumed relatively quickly and had a shorter shelf life. And the best refrigerator to freeze products for the winter.

The advantage of a separate refrigerated box is the available storage volume that you can enjoy. Thus a good refrigerator will allow you to store food for the whole family for a long time. Surely you know what they look like, in the shape of a large metal box or some white chests. They are also called horizontal freezers. Basically they have an end that opens horizontally and is located at the top. Alternatively, you can see a refrigerator or a refrigerator .

Advantages the best refrigerator for the house

They are very robust and resistant over time, but they need generous and well-ventilated spaces in order to eliminate the heat produced. You can place them in spaces such as the garage or a pantry, provided that they have access to a constant flow of air. You can find in the market both refrigerated boxes without separators, or those that have separate compartments. If you want to freeze a Christmas pig, then an open space could be a better choice.

But if you have a great diversity of different types of products, in order not to mix them inside, choose a model with as many separators as possible. These drawers can be removed as needed and you can turn the refrigerator into one with an extremely large space.

The purchase price of a refrigerator is quite affordable, even cheaper we could say, compared to a good refrigerator. But as we all know, the purchase price is not everything, there is also the maintenance cost associated with energy consumption. In this regard,
our recommendation is to choose the most energy efficient models, class A + or A ++.

But if you have a problem on the side of space, and you can not store a refrigerator placed horizontally, check and opt for a vertical freezer. Thus, you will enjoy more free space and a vertical storage space divided on several drawers.

Car / portable refrigerator

It is a type of portable, small refrigerated box, with an average volume of 10 – 50 liters. It is most often used in the car, connected to the 12V socket, although most can be used, with adapter and 220V. Some of them, in addition to being able to cool food, can also heat them. If you are a lover of picnics, camping and long trips or you have a caravan, you will definitely like such a device for transport. Hand and travel solutions are perfect. If you are a passionate traveler, you own a caravan or you are planning a getaway to the sea with friends, you can opt for a portable refrigerator.

In addition to food, you can store soft drinks during the summer. If you go for a barbecue with friends on the green grass and you want to keep the beer cold, such a device is absolutely necessary. They are usually not large and can be connected to a power supply. Usually at the car socket. For such refrigerated bags, the most important aspect is the thermal insulation system, or in some cases, the ice reserve. On this aspect depends their efficiency and the maintenance of a constant temperature regardless of the variations of the external environment.

The best outdoor refrigerator

If you are engaged in trade, or you have a seasonal activity, especially in the hot season of the year, you can turn your attention to an outdoor refrigerator. They are a good solution for foreign trade. It is a professional horizontal refrigerator with low refrigerator function, it can also be cold resistant. And in some cases and outfit outside in winter, or on the balcony at a glance. They are also suitable for the HoReCa field. Especially those that fall into the category of professional solutions. They have clearly superior performance and are intended for larger quantities of food. In this category we include refrigerated boxes that can be used mostly at home, but in some cases also for commercial purposes, as closed type windows, with glass in the grocery store.

The volume of the refrigerated box

You should know that the volume of refrigerated boxes is measured in liters. On our market you can find a wide range of products with a volume that can vary from a few liters (10-50 in the case of portable figurative boxes), up to 500 liters in the case of domestic or commercial (showcases), which can far exceed 500 liters.

Thus, you can find boxes with one or two doors, with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or even 10 drawers. As volume 100l, 150l, 120l, 140l, 1000l, 10l, 145 liters, 200l. But also with 50l, 290l, 24l, 300l, 360l, 30l, 350l, 400l, 495l, 40l, 500l, 50l, 500 lei, 600 liters, 60l, 80l, 90l. The chosen volume must be correlated with the needs you have, in order to obtain maximum efficiency. And on the size side there are differences, so they can be 60, 65 or 70 cm wide.

The interior space

Do not run directly to 400, 500 or 600 liter models just to be covered in case of need. The secret is to choose a volume adapted to your needs, and the refrigerator should always be at maximum capacity when you use it. Maybe you get used to making food reserves that you freeze during the year. Or maybe you have a small business and need to keep larger quantities of products for commercial purposes. For both the first scenario and the second, you find a generous diversity of models.

How much does the refrigerated box consume

Broadly speaking, the best refrigerated boxes are more energy efficient compared to other types of freezers. The cold air is closed tightly in the inner compartment, and it does not even walk to the refrigerator box regularly. In most cases, food is stored there for a longer period of storage. To enjoy the savings on your electricity bill, when choosing a good refrigerator, you need to focus on an energy class A +, A ++ or A +++.

Compared to classes B, C or D, they offer you a much higher efficiency, but with a much lower energy consumption. This way you will not have to worry about how many kW you consume. In addition to saving money, you also take care of the environment. It is a sure win for you and the environment in which we live. Obviously, when you choose the best refrigerator you see class A + or above.

Autonomy without electricity

It also sometimes happens to have a power outage or to have weather phenomena that lead to power outages. For these cases, it is good to have a well-insulated refrigerated box, in order to offer you as much autonomy without electricity as possible.

This autonomy is in fact the time that the refrigerator "resists" to maintain a low temperature in the absence of electricity. As a reference, a model from Liebherr lasts you over 60 hours. A Whilpool about 45 hours, I take a Heinner about 40 hours. Of course, you have to check each model separately, these figures are for reference only.

The external appearance of the refrigerated box

Home appliance manufacturers want to cover as diverse needs and preferences as possible, in order to cover a wide range of needs. Although the main purpose of a refrigerated box is to freeze products, the appearance can be a point of attraction or rejection of a certain model. The newer variants have a visible thermostat, they can have large metallic yales, separating appearance chimneys inside or high-performance temperature indicators.

For professionals, the manufacturers have also designed two-level models, which are taller but also narrow. Thus, a level consists of a large and roomy sliding drawer. However, the upper compartment is a classic one, with a lid and a normal door. Although it is a more expensive purchase option, it offers you a much more generous available volume. It is more suitable for commercial purposes, in restaurants, hotels and shops.

Additional facilities

In addition to the concrete technical aspects, we must not forget the equipment that the refrigerated boxes can have. Some models may have a quick freezing mode. Simply put, it is a special regime designed to quickly cool the room, in order to keep the vitamins and nutrients as well preserved as possible. Another important aspect is the interior lighting. If you have a refrigerator in a warehouse or room without access to light, the LED lighting on the inside can hold you well, so that you have easy access to the products.

If we keep talking about the facility, the models provided with yala and key can protect the content inside and offer you control. It is ideal for enclosures that are often frequented and cannot be secured. For efficient sorting, the space inside can be organized in different ways depending on the model. There are crates that come with 2 large drawers, others have smaller baskets, or interchangeable system. It offers you the possibility to separate the space according to your liking and needs.

Some are also compatible with some commercial metal baskets for separation. On the color side you can find the white, black, gray or stainless steel refrigerator. The control panel is another important element. Thus, a refrigerator should have an intuitive control system. Changes in temperature and working regime must be possible quickly. A function observed in newer models is the temperature alarm, which can have both a light display and an audible alarm.

Other features of good refrigerated boxes

These alarms allow to identify the moments when there are temperature fluctuations inside. Suppose the door remained open and the temperature rose sharply. The alarm will remind you of the need to close the door. The automatic defrost function is a very useful way to operate. It is ideal for the moments when you want to do a sanitization and cleaning. The quick freeze function is very useful for foods that require a quick freeze after they have been received. It may be the case of fruits and vegetables, which in order to maintain all their vitamins and minerals need to be frozen as soon as possible after harvest.

This mode of operation will ensure that those products reach the freezing state in the shortest possible time. When you want to choose the best refrigerator, take into account the type of interior partitioning and the number of drawers. These should be included on all models, but their number may vary. Be sure to choose the model that offers you the most flexibility in this regard.

Top brands

Household refrigerated boxes, regardless of the manufacturer, do the same thing – they keep a low temperature for indoor food. However, depending on the manufacturer, brand and brand, they differ in visual appearance. They are different in small details of finesse, energy efficiency, price and interior volume.

You can find refrigerated boxes in Bucharest, Iasi, Cluj, Arad, Timisoara, Brasov, Constanta, Valcea, Ploiesti, Alba, Tg. Jiu, Oradea, Bacau, Galati, Buzau and the rest of the country. Manufacturers with a wide range of models include Arctic, Albatros, Aro, Beko, Bosch, Coleman, Candy, Gorenje, Grundig, Heinner, Indesit, Liebherr, LDK, LG. So is Midea, Myria, Star-Light, Samus, Samsung, Sharp, Vortex, Whirlpool, Zanussi,

Lada frigorifica Zanussi

They are very reliable. The Italian manufacturer, due to a high quality control, ensures the consumer a very good user experience. They are generally very quiet and energy efficient. On the Romanian market we find a wide range of models, at different price levels. As a European brand, Zanussi fully complies with EU legislation on current consumption labels. It uses new technologies to reduce energy bills compared to other older devices.

This way they can wait for you at an A + or A ++ energy box for their refrigerated boxes. They also worked a lot on the access part in the refrigerator, so the models are equipped with a vacuum cancellation valve. It is something that avoids creating a vacuum inside the compartment. In this way, the lid will open effortlessly. Moreover, in order to facilitate the loading and unloading of the contents of the refrigerated box, the lid can be opened in an angle range between 54 and 85 degrees.

It can be installed and placed practically anywhere you want because it has an anti-condensation screen. Respectively, if you are in an environment with fluctuations in humidity or temperature, it should not be a problem. You can consult the manufacturer's recommendations in the dedicated section of the technical book.

Electrolux refrigerated box

Maybe few know, but the Zanussi and Electrolux refrigerators come from the same mother. They are basically similar models from the same corporation. Both Zanussi and Electrolux are recommended and highly effective brands. Whatever your choice, you will not fail. You may be wondering what you can get with the money offered on an Electrolux refrigerator. Quite a lot we say. You have at your disposal a control panel with light indications, which is a hybrid between mechanical and electrical.

Their devices have a vacuum release valve, which makes it easier to open the door without too much effort. I provide you with a Low Frost system, which minimizes the appearance of ice and the formation of that layer of ice on the surface of food. But if you have frozen fruits and vegetables, it's no problem because you have a function called Action Freeze. This, for a period of time, ensures the rapid freezing of food. Thus, your fruits and vegetables can be maintained with the same intake of vitamins and nutrients.

If you forget the door open, a visual and audible signal will sound to inform you that the indoor temperature has risen a lot. And because visibility inside the refrigerator is a necessity, LED lighting. Besides the fact that it is very economical, it ensures a perfectly dispersed lighting in all the angles of the refrigerated box. If you have several categories of food, you can separate them into metal baskets that come bundled with Electrolux models.

You can move the refrigerated box without much effort, and you can change its location with the help of the folding wheels. And if safety is a key point for the refrigerator, you should know that the lid also has a lock for increased security.

Liebherr refrigerated box

This brand is synonymous with quality in the perception of the Romanian consumer. And rightly so. Their refrigerated boxes are very quiet, robust and made to work non-stop for years on end. Energy efficient, but also very roomy, they are a good choice for professionals. Liebherr is a brand that has specialized in the manufacture of refrigerators for more than 70 years. The same goes for freezers and refrigerated boxes, using the latest technologies and innovations.

It is characterized by superior quality of materials used. It has an elegant visual appearance and cooling agents that ensure the freshness of food for a long time. It is a device made to last many years from acquisitions, with a minimum of maintenance. StopFrost refrigerated box technology prevents ice from forming on food. And the necessary periodic thawing can be done at a much longer interval. In addition, the lid of the refrigerator can be operated effortlessly and anticipates the formation of a vacuum when the door is open and closed.

But what does SuperFrost do? Well, it's Liebherr's technology for quick freezing. It is able to reduce the temperature inside to -32 ° C in a very short time. In this way, a freezing is obtained that allows the preservation of vitamins, taste and appearance in the most optimal way.

This freezing function can run continuously for up to 65 hours, and stops automatically when food reaches the required state. But a Liebherr refrigerator would not deserve the name if it were not extremely durable. It has a maximum durability due to the fact that the outer housing part comes in one piece. Metal parts are subjected to a protection procedure to prevent corrosion over time. And here are the ones from Liebherr creating the best refrigerator in their vision.

Arctic refrigerator

Arctic has models of refrigerated boxes suitable for any home. Their energy performance is very good. You can easily find among the models sold by them units with A ++ energy box, which offers a considerable reduction on the energy bill. The Arctic LED control panel is very intuitive and allows you to set the temperature quickly. Arctic refrigerated boxes are based on materials and components that offer increased safety in operation.

The materials from which they are made are non-flammable and protect the environment. You can count on a dense insulation of the walls, which leads to good performance and low energy consumption. The specially designed insulating layer is able to keep the temperature inside at a constant level for a longer time. To be sure of the efficiency and safety of the equipment, Arctic has German TUV certification. Thus, the construction and maintenance standards specific to refrigerated boxes are observed.

The quality of the product is guaranteed by such certification. If the operating conditions are severe, the refrigerated boxes are made to withstand large variations in temperature, or even electrical voltage. They can go without any problem and at temperatures of -15 degrees Celsius, and the voltage variations can be between 187 and 246 V.

Beko refrigerated storage

Beko provides you with refrigerated crates with an A ++ energy class, which, compared to an A ++ one, will consume up to 30% less energy. You have at your disposal an LED panel where you can control the functions and parameters of the refrigerated box, but you will also know that everything works in optimal parameters. To make sure you see what's going on inside, you have LED lighting, so locating stored ingredients will be very easy.

You have several petal baskets that you can organize to your liking and arrange the food in the desired order. If the box door is open for too long you have a light warning that indicates the need to close the compartment to keep the temperature at an optimal level. Besides a very resistant door, which closes tightly, you also have a secure door. This way you only have control over the stored food. Beko offers you a 5-year warranty on the appliances they produce, and the refrigerator is no exception.

Whirlpool refrigerated box

Whirlpool is an American brand, and one of the largest suppliers of home appliances in the world in terms of sales. Besides a very wide range of products, they also have refrigerated boxes. Food stored in such equipment will be stored in favorable conditions.

The Whirlpool refrigerator, like their entire product range, comes bundled with 6th sense or 6 sense technology. Thus, the technology ensures a superior energy performance, but also smart interior space management solutions. It offers a good ratio between high storage capacity and limited energy consumption.

All this is done to save time and energy, to improve the food preservation process. This is an extremely good solution for those who want to freeze food for a long time.

Cheap refrigerator

At a more affordable price category we can include Arctic and Beko refrigerated boxes. Both are energy efficient and have an unbeatable price, with a good value for money. They offer a generous guarantee and are recognized by Romanians as reliable brands. If you are not looking for very fine or elegant devices, but you want a real work machine that will not let you down, the choice is a very inspired one. In addition, they are robust and can operate in difficult conditions.

For example, some Beko models are operable up to -15 degrees Celsius, are resistant to temperature or humidity fluctuations. In addition, they can cope with current fluctuations, having a generous minimum and maximum range in which the refrigerator will operate normally.

The option of quick freezing in a good refrigerator

Fast freezing is an additional function by which the compressor operates at maximum power for a limited period, lowering the temperature to -29 degrees. It is used for quick freezing of fresh food. This fast process ensures the preservation of the fiber of the product, of the nutritional and beneficial values. When you plan to freeze a larger amount of products, you may need to start this program 1-4 hours in advance. Thus, the refrigerator can reach a minimum temperature faster.

Usually this function stays active for about 24 hours. Depending on the model of the refrigerated box chosen, manually or automatically, the temperature in the freezer can gradually increase to -19 degrees.

Minimum temperature

The minimum temperature at which a refrigerator can operate is usually -18 or -25 degrees.
There are also some models that can reach lower temperatures, such as -30 degrees. Why is this important? Depending on the minimum temperature, you can figure out how long certain products can be stored.

Also in this context, there is another feature that shows the time in which the freezer can keep the temperature below zero in the absence of the power source. Usually this indicator is expressed in hours. But do not follow this indicator strictly. Another factor that can influence the storage period is the degree of filling of the good refrigerated box. The heavier and denser the load of products, the longer the period of storage of frozen food will be.

The cold agent can also play a big role in this equation. The gas used for the refrigerated boxes is colorless and odorless and is the substance that puts the refrigeration equipment into operation. Nowadays, its isobutane R600a and R134a, which is tetrafluoroethane, are widely used. Both refrigerants are relatively safe to operate because they do not contain color.

Maintenance and cleaning of the best refrigerator

A refrigerator can operate in the parameters thought by the manufacturer if it is in a normal, clean and adequate condition. In order to keep the box always functional and in optimal parameters, it needs a minimum of maintenance. As part of the equipment, some models have drain holes or water collection trays at the time of thawing.

Complete defrosting of the device is required periodically. The interval at which it is recommended to do this can be found in the user manual created by the manufacturer. Static refrigerated boxes are the ones that need to be defrosted in a frequent way.

The no frost or low frost, on the other hand, have shorter intervals or even no. The best refrigerator has a self-defrost mode or the so-called car defrost. You can read the reviews, or the review section on the pages of online stores. This way you can see the opinion of those who have certain models on the defrosting process.

And last but not least, in addition to thawing, there is a need for sanitation and cleaning. You can use warm water or dedicated cleaners. However, you should not use any type of cleaning solution, because they can affect the inner layer, being corrosive or acidic. We recommend you to choose a desired product for such a thing. Or use warm water to clean the surface.

Conclusion on choosing the best refrigerator

At some point you realize that you need a freezer, and you start thinking between choosing a vertical freezer or a horizontal refrigerator. The devices are made for freezing food and storing products for a long time. Both types of electronics differ in appearance. A classic freezer is a vertical freezer with one or more hinged doors, similar to a household refrigerator. However, a horizontal refrigerator is different, with a lid on top, which really looks like a storage box.

You need to decide on the space you need just before you start looking for a good refrigerator. This space is defined as the amount of food you plan to freeze. You need to ask yourself a set of questions for this purpose: how big is the family (you are single, married or have many children). How much space do you have available (you can live in the apartment, or you can have a house with annexes, and space is not a problem). And last but not least, how much money would you like to invest in such a good?

Advantages and disadvantages of freezers

Any type of freezer chosen will have its own advantages and disadvantages. Vertical freezers take up less space in the house, and their interior is better structured. The best refrigerator requires more storage space, but is more generous on the inside than a classic freezer.

In the end you will have to decide what is more important for your needs, to save space in the house or to have the option of cold storage of a large number of products, some of which are large. If the choice is made strictly in terms of space and the internal volume used of the enclosure, we recommend you to buy a cheap and good refrigerator.

The refrigerator looks like a metal insulating box, which has a dedicated freezing equipment on board. Almost all refrigerated boxes are equipped with a dedicated compressor, except for budget car refrigerated boxes.

The refrigerator differs from refrigerators and freezers by the horizontal appearance of the housing and the way the door is opened. The refrigerated box is equipped with a thermal barrier that opens not from the front, but from above. It is actually a lid that acts like a door. It can be with normal hinges or have a sliding mechanism.

The organization of the interior space

The organization of the interior space of the refrigerated box is a special chapter. You will not have shelves or drawers inside the room, as in a classic freezer. Most horizontal freezers have large interior chambers without dividing segments. Some equipment may have baskets that may be in larger numbers and used for more frequently accessed products. Metal baskets can be easily mounted on top. Some home users may find such an organization of the internal space of the freezer more commercial. But others really want such spacious equipment. It is the lack of limits that makes this freezing equipment universal and very easy to use, without too many parts.

Certainly the refrigerator is not exclusively commercial equipment for supermarkets and restaurants. Many use them specifically for the home. Good refrigerated boxes are for different needs and can be widely used in the field of retail and HoReCa, but also for family needs.

In case you need a spacious freezer and you can allocate space for its installation in a room in the house or a smaller apartment, we recommend you to buy the refrigerator with confidence. Because sometimes it can be noisier, you can put it in the kitchen. Alternatively it can go without any problem in a separate room, such as a garage. It is important to respect the temperature and humidity regime in the textbook and the climate class. A refrigerator is very important, especially for farms and small farmers. It allows you to place larger quantities of homemade products and homemade semi-finished products to be frozen for months.

Other useful functions

More advanced models of refrigerated boxes can be found in wholesale stores, restaurants or catering companies, in commercial warehouses. In stores, refrigerated boxes with transparent glass are installed, which are at the same time freezers, and showcases for customers. Remember those for ice cream only.

Speaking of the lid of the refrigerated box, it can be made of metal or transparent, made of glass. Transparent glass models are good for the commercial areas of corner shops and markets. They can be used for storing food at low temperature, as well as for listing products. For the installation of transparent lids, special resistant tempered glass is used, which has a special treatment that prevents the formation of condensation. These doors can have classic openings or can slide back and forth. If you need a home food storage solution, it is best to buy a good, classic refrigerator with a normal opaque lid. Over time, this option will prove to be the most practical, especially in terms of energy efficiency.

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