the best samsung fridge freezer

Samsung Refrigerators – Review and comparison in 2021

Lately, more and more people opt for refrigerators, and the Samsung brand is in the top of the preferences on the Romanian market. Samsung RL4353RBASL / EO is a stainless steel model, based on the latest technologies to maintain a uniform temperature inside (All Around Cooling), without ice (no forst), with easy maintenance and low energy consumption. class A ++). It has an optimal compartmentalization and functions that make your work easier. Another option is the Samsung RB33J3200SA / EF , a well-equipped refrigerator at a decent price.

Comparative table

This refrigerator model is equipped with the latest technologies of the brand, such as No Frost, All Around Cooling, digital inverter compressor, in order to enjoy as much as possible the investment made and to keep the food in optimal and fresh conditions. longer, with low energy consumption.

Although the noise level is lower than the average of 41 dB, if you want to place it in a hallway near the bedrooms, you may be disturbed during sleep.

A refrigerator equipped with the latest technologies, which ensures an optimal environment for storing food.

It is a refrigerator with digital inverter compressor that automatically regulates the temperature, with All Around Cooling and Full No Frost cooling system to keep food always fresh and at a uniform temperature, well compartmentalized, with dedicated spaces for large dishes and bottles.

If you like to drink cold water directly from the dispenser in the refrigerator, opt for another model, which is not equipped with a water sink.

Good price, pleasant design, roomy and equipped with high-performance technologies are just a few reasons that lead us to recommend this product.

Based on innovative technologies as well as multiple functions, this refrigerator model helps you keep your food fresh for longer, with a capacity up to 100 l higher than standard models of the same size (609l).

Because it is a large refrigerator, with multiple functions and state-of-the-art technologies, it has a higher price than other models presented.

With a modern design, high capacity, with a good compartmentation, it is a perfect refrigerator for a family with several members.

In-depth reviews about the best Samsung refrigerators

Below you have a list of the most appreciated models, arranged by categories, in order to be able to make a correct and easy choice, in relation to your wishes.

Samsung No Frost refrigerator-freezer:

Samsung RL4353RBASL / EO

the best samsung fridge freezer If you want to opt for a Samsung No Frost refrigerator, this model can be a good choice. In addition to easy maintenance, the No Frost system also ensures that an optimal and uniform temperature is maintained inside in order to be able to keep fresh food longer.

Well compartmentalized, it offers you the possibility to put bigger pots, but also bottles, with special compartment for vegetables and fruits, with high-performance technologies such as digital inverter compressor and All Around Cooling cooling system, with LED lighting and audible warning for open door, will be ideal for your kitchen.

It is made of stainless steel and has a net volume of 435l. As dimensions it is medium (70 x 70.5 x 185 cm), classified in class A ++ of energy consumption and with a noise level of 41 dB.




the best samsung fridge freezer This model of Samsung RB31FDRNDSA refrigerator-freezer, 310 l, class A +, full No Frost, h 185 cm, silver can be a good option for a family with 3-4 members. The refrigerator has 4 shelves made of safety glass for better resistance, LED lighting, 3 shelves on the door, support for cans and bottles, separate compartments for dairy products, eggs and vegetables.

The freezer has 3 compartments, with full opening in order to better organize the food stored. It has the capacity to freeze up to 12 kg within 24 hours.

The Samsung RB31FDRNDSA refrigerator-freezer has a volume of 308l, and is included in class A energy consumption. It also has a water dispenser. In terms of size, it is medium, with a width of 59.9 cm, a depth of 66.8 cm and a height of 185 cm, so it will easily fit in the kitchen.



Samsung RB33J3830SA / EF

the best samsung fridge freezer The Samsung RB33J3830SA / EF refrigerator-freezer is a good choice that offers you all the comfort necessary for good food management, with a pleasant appearance being made of stainless steel, and equipped with a display to see the temperature and other operating parameters.

It is a Samsung refrigerator-freezer at a good price, with a net volume of 321l, with reversible doors, classified in class A + energy consumption and with a low noise level of 39 dB. In the refrigerator there are 4 shelves made of safety glass, and 3 shelves on the door, special compartments for vegetables – fruits with a good cooling on each shelf with the All Around Cooling cooling system.

The freezer has 3 compartments and the capacity to freeze 12 kg in 24 hours. The combine is equipped with water dispenser, LED lighting and audible warning in case the door remains open.



Combine refrigerator Samsung Digital Inverter:

Samsung RB33J3200SA / EF

the best samsung fridge freezer If you want to opt for a quality appliance, you can choose a Samsung digital inverter refrigerator, and this model will not disappoint you. The compressor is equipped with 7 gears that will ensure optimal cooling, low power consumption (class A +) and a low noise level (39 dB).

You will always have fresh food, with a uniform All Around Cooling cooling system, it is well compartmentalized and you will also be able to store large dishes or bottles, No Frost for easy maintenance, with safety glass shelves and boxes in the freezer with complete removal.

It is a Samsung refrigerator at a good price, of medium size (59.5 x 66.8 x 185 cm), with reversible doors, silver, and with great autonomy in case the electricity is interrupted for up to 20 hours.




the best samsung fridge freezer The Samsung RB31FERNDSA refrigerator-freezer is for people looking for a smart way to store their food, to keep it fresh longer, while saving on their energy bill.

Equipped with high-performance technologies and good compartmentation, this model has a capacity of 310l, is a single engine, full No Frost cooling system for easy maintenance and maintaining the optimum temperature inside, and has 20 hours of autonomy without electricity.

It is equipped with an audible warning for the open door, LED lighting, compartments with full opening, secure glass refrigerator drawers, shelves with easy sliding, etc. In addition, it is a cheap and good Samsung refrigerator, with low energy consumption, being included in class A +.



Samsung side by side refrigerator combination:

Samsung RS67N8210S9 / EF

the best samsung fridge freezer A Samsung side-by-side refrigerator-freezer is a good purchase, and this model can be a convenient option for you. It has a large capacity of 609l, thanks to SpaceMax technology that increases the interior volume by up to 100l more than standard models.

It is a two-door refrigerator with water diffuser, No Frost cooling system, quick freezing functions, quick cooling, vacation mode, as well as audible warning when the door is open.

Based on two high-performance technologies such as: Twin Cooling Plus and inverted digital converter, it will keep food fresh for a long time, without mixing odors, maintaining an optimal humidity and temperature. It is larger (91.2 x 77.2 x 178.5 cm), silver, stainless steel, with large handles convenient to use and is classified in class A energy consumption.



Samsung RS66N8100S9 / EF

the best samsung fridge freezer For a family of several members, this Samsung refrigerator-freezer model may be the right choice, being a large 2-door version with silver, stainless steel buried handles. It offers multiple storage spaces, well arranged so that you can easily handle the dishes, with: 4 shelves in the refrigerator, compartment for vegetables and fruits, 4 shelves on the doors and 4 compartments in the freezer.

The cooling system is Full No Frost, easy to maintain, without ice accumulations and uniform temperature, it has functions of fast cooling, fast freezing as well as the vacation mode for a low consumption while you are gone.

The technologies it incorporates such as digital inverter compressor and Twin Cooling Plus ™ place it among the best Samsung refrigerators. You need a larger space for placement, with a width of 91.2 cm, a depth of 77.2 cm and a height of 178 cm. It is classified in class A of energy consumption.



Samsung Full No Frost refrigerator-freezer:

Samsung RB37J500MSA / EF

the best samsung fridge freezer If you want a Samsung Total No Frost refrigerator-freezer to maintain an optimal temperature in all compartments and without ice accumulations, you can opt for this model.

Due to its functions and features, you will be able to keep your food fresh for longer and it is easy to use. Thus it has: All-Around Cooling system – uniform cooling inside; Fresh area – for meat and fish; complete opening of the drawers in the freezer; LED lighting for good visibility; 7-speed digital inverter compressor.

In the refrigerator area it has 2 safety glass shelves and 6 storage spaces on the door. The freezer has a capacity of 13 kg that can be frozen in 24 hours. As for dimensions, it is medium, with a width of 59.5 cm, a depth of 67.5 cm, a height of 201 cm, it is made of stainless steel and has a silver color. Energy efficiency is very good, being included in the A +++ consumption class.



Samsung RB29HSR2DSA / EF

the best samsung fridge freezer This model of Samsung RB29HSR2DSA / EF refrigerator-freezer, full nofrost, 289l, A +, silver can be a good option for you with a modern design that will fit nicely in the kitchen.

With Digital inverter compressor with 7 adjustable speeds, it will adapt to external conditions, saving energy (class A + consumption), low noise level (39 dB) and is guaranteed by the manufacturer for 10 years. The refrigerator has 4 glass shelves with easy sliding, support for bottles and eggs, with strong LED for good visibility, and the CoolSelect Zone ™ function with two settings.

The freezer is located at the bottom of the combine, has 3 compartments, with full opening to be able to put large boxes. It has a freezing capacity of 12 kg for 24 hours. The doors have a reversible opening to position them as conveniently as possible. The dimensions are medium (59.9 x 67.5 x 178 cm).



Buying guide

Samsung is a well-known brand both internationally and on the Romanian market, offering a wide range of products from small and large appliances to state-of-the-art mobile telephony, which has consolidated its position based on quality and innovative ideas. , being concerned with meeting customer needs. You can find a wide range of cheap and good Samsung refrigerators, at the highest standards, which also have a pleasant design. In order to make a good choice, we still present you some more relevant criteria that will help you when you go shopping.

the best samsung fridge freezer

Cooling technology: there are two bases, namely:

Automatic defrosting of the refrigerator and manual freezer: which have a lower purchase price, lower consumption and higher volume for the same space. It requires more frequent maintenance, requiring periodic defrosting of the freezer and ice deposits may occur.

Automatic defrost for both refrigerator and freezer (total No Frost): more opinions about the best refrigerators Samsung recommends this model, even if they have a higher cost, due to easy maintenance, and better temperature control in interior.

Dimensions and partitions: it is an important criterion to be able to choose the best Samsung refrigerator for you. Thus, first of all you have to choose the place where you will mount the device, to measure it so that it can fit well, leaving the necessary spaces for good ventilation. You can choose a model narrower than 50 – 60 cm, with a single door or a model wider than 90 – 100 cm side by side. If you put it in a niche you will opt for variants shorter than 170 – 180 cm, in the kitchen you can go to 200 cm or more.

Volume is also an important criterion for the number of family members and the amount of food you want to store. For a family with 2-3 members, a volume of 300 – 400l is enough, but for a larger family choose volumes larger than 500 – 600l to have the necessary space.

The compartmentation ensures a good placement of dishes and food in the refrigerator, and you can have special boxes for vegetables – fruits, dedicated places for dairy products, for bottles and jars, sliding shelves to reach the products stored in the back. There are usually 3-4 drawers in the freezer, with complete removal so that you can easily put larger products.

Energy consumption and noise level: even if the price is good, check also what energy consumption you have, the consumption class in which it is included so as not to have too expensive bills over time. In general, the classification of a Samsung refrigerator-freezer for consumption is done on a scale from D – the highest consumption to A +++ the lowest consumption. The differences between A and A +++ are not very big so a frame of this kind is preferable.

The noise level becomes very important when you place the refrigerator in a hallway, near the bedrooms and you can be disturbed by the noise produced. A low noise level is below 40 dB, most models have an average level of 43 dB. What is over can be annoying and requires positioning in a more secluded area.

the best samsung fridge freezer

Technologies and equipment: the better equipped and with more functions, the higher the price of a refrigerator will be and it is good to know exactly what you need to pay a fair price, correlated with your wishes.

SpaceMax Technology ™ – offers a space and a much higher interior volume than the standards, without increasing energy consumption or dimensions.

All Around Cooling – is a cooling system that helps to optimize and even out the temperature inside. The cold air is blown inside through several openings, located at the level of each shelf in the refrigerator, thus maintaining a temperature as constant as possible at all levels.

Full No Frost – prevents the accumulation of ice both in the refrigerator and in the freezer, cooling much faster than conventionally and maintaining a constant temperature. In addition, it helps with maintenance, as it is no longer necessary to defrost the combine periodically.

LED lighting – provides strong light so you can easily see what’s on the bottom shelves.

Water dispenser – you can drink cold water without opening the refrigerator, and in addition it has a pleasant design that does not disturb the external appearance of the combine.

Audible warning for the open door – very useful especially if you have children or the elderly in the family who can accidentally leave the door open.

Design: You can choose a model of stainless steel refrigerator, which will fit very well in a modern kitchen, with buried or large handles in sight. If you want something simpler you can go for white or black, beige, enamel that have a nice look and are easy to maintain.

Frequent questions

How to position a Samsung No Frost refrigerator-freezer properly?

Look for a place that is not directly exposed to sunlight, that is not close to a heat source such as radiator, stove, etc., on a plane as horizontal as possible. If you place it in a niche, make sure you have enough space (15-20 cm) on the sides, in the back and above for ventilation. You should also have room to open the door wide so that you have easy access to all compartments.

the best samsung fridge freezer

How do I organize food in levels in a Samsung refrigerator?

In general, it is good to keep the pre-arranged places from the purchase of the combine, because they are placed especially according to the temperatures inside. Thus, the vegetables and fruits are placed at the bottom in the specially designed boxes. The door is the hottest area in general and is intended for various bottled foods such as jars and bottles. On the middle shelves are placed foods that need a constant temperature such as eggs, butter, yogurt. At the bottom where the temperature is minimal, there are foods with a high degree of perishability such as meat, sausages, milk, etc.

How do I stop the freezer from the Samsung refrigerator?

In order to be able to stop only the freezer at a Samsung refrigerator, you must first choose a model with two motors, which allow the individual operation of the two components. The freezer stops from the button and can be cleaned independently.

Short “manual use” Samsung No Frost refrigerator-freezer

In case you opted for a Samsung No Frost refrigerator-freezer, you made a good purchase because you will be able to keep the food fresh for a longer time with an optimal temperature inside, and an easy maintenance, no need for periodic defrosting. There are many models of Samsung refrigerators at good prices, and below we offer you some tips on installing and using such a model.

the best samsung fridge freezer

To save energy, install the combine in a cooler, drier room with good ventilation. It must also be protected from the sun and must not be placed near a heat source (radiator, stove, etc.). The ventilation openings of the appliance must be left free for the best possible ventilation. There should be enough space around the combine (15 – 20 cm), on the sides and in the back, for the best possible ventilation.

It must be cooled before putting the food in the refrigerator. The freezer respects the amount of food that can be frozen in 24 hours for a better management and operation. You can put the food you want to thaw in the refrigerator, thus using the frozen products to cool inside.

In case of a power failure, ask the supplier how long it will take: for an hour or two the food in the fridge will not suffer, especially if you open the door as little as possible during this period, but if the food lasts more than 24 hours. must be removed.

The combine must always be supplied with its own socket, with earthing, which has the nominal voltage in accordance with the indications in the technical specifications of the product.

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