The best seeds to use in your kitchen

Seeds – Review and comparison in 2021

Do you need some seeds that will enrich your diet and give you extra vitality and nutrients? Find out how to choose them better and which are more useful for you from the following lines and, if you don’t have time or want some quick examples, a beloved one isHerbavit Chia 500 g   which brings you no less than 500 grams of chia beans that you can add to puddings, yogurt, milk or even bakery or pastry, and can be eaten raw, ground or after germination and in sauces or shakes and soups . Another ingredient for dishes, and not only, is the Solaris Flax Seed offer 150 gr.

Comparative table

This superfood has multiple uses in gastronomy, from making puddings to sauces, cereals or shakes, with a high nutritional content, suitable for the body in recovery and for maintaining its health and optimal condition, being accompanied by an affordable price. and a sufficient amount for multiple uses.

The product cannot be consumed as such, so it needs processing so that there are no gastrointestinal problems, and its hydration in a liquid is necessary.

Given the characteristics of the package and its content, it is not surprising that it is among the current preferences of Romanians in search of natural ingredients for recipes.

A reliable adjuvant in changing the taste of salads of various kinds or used, after grinding, as flour or in poultices, this product is helpful in normalizing the digestive system and intestinal transit, helping in diets in terms of satiety, reducing inflammation and alleviating asthma symptoms in the lungs.

It is not a very good choice for people who face biliary problems or who prefer low fat diets, given the high content of such macronutrients (42.2 g per 100 g of product).

Such ingredients can contribute to the diversification of diet and personal tastes, with a purchase cost accessible to anyone who wants to try something new.

With a rich content in vitamins and minerals, this variant can be used raw, and after thermal preparation, in salads, dishes or in bakery or pastry, borrowing from the specific tastes of the earth and protecting eyesight and veins, improving the immune system and mood, belonging to a popular brand in our country.

It is an ingredient that can damage a weakened body, which suffers from allergies, and can lead to eczema, hives, sore throats and airways.

The taste of the pumpkin is loved by the Romanian appetizers, in this case the thermal preparation of the product being simpler, considering that it no longer has the peel.

In-depth reviews about the best seeds

Finding the right seeds for your own projects will be made easier by navigating some essential information, but also by finding examples already loved by the general public.

Chia seeds

Herbavit Chia 500 g  

The best seeds to use in your kitchen Do you want to try chia seeds to convince yourself that they are really a superfood that can make your life easier and more enjoyable? If you just want to increase your stock of ingredients or taste something new, you can turn your attention to the package of 500 grams of chia beans from Herbavit.

This option at a very good price has a robust volume, considering that you will consume up to two tablespoons a day, as recommended by nutritionists, the product having various uses, from soups, cereals, sauces, yogurts or rice, and up to shakes.

And consumption can be done in raw form, but hydrated for a few hours in a liquid, to avoid the risk of drowning or abdominal discomfort later, or even after grinding, by introducing other foods, with a rich content in Omega 3 acids, helpful in reducing inflammation and heart health. The taste is neutral, so it is not surprising that chia will be in the charts with the best seeds for consumption.


Solaris Flax Seeds 150 gr  

The best seeds to use in your kitchen For a secondary intake of protein and healthy fats in the diet you can use flax seeds in salads and even simple mixtures with water and honey (one teaspoon a day), the product having a high content of Omega 3 essential acids and being rich in fiber and phytoestrogens, which can regulate hormonal disorders.

Flax reduces intestinal disorders and gives satiety thanks to its fibrous content, which can be consumed and introduced into poultices designed to reduce external inflammation (swelling, inflammation, boils, etc.). Occasional consumption can help relieve stress, improve memory and reduce inflammation and asthma in the lungs, and regulate intestinal transit.

The package of 150 grams is enough for a long time, considering that you will not consume these seeds, at a good price, in large quantities, primarily because they are very filling, the product being natural and coming from a reliable brand for Romanians.

Pumpkin seeds

SanoVita Pumpkin Seeds 500 gr

The best seeds to use in your kitchen If you like to eat or introduce pumpkin seeds in your preparations, why not go for a healthy option, such as this one where the pieces are already peeled, so that you don’t waste time with this step? It is even cleaner to simply consume the product, without surrounding yourself with shells, for example.

Pumpkin seeds come from non-genetically modified crops, being part of the safe items for consumption, which come from the popular brand SanoVita. When it comes to their properties, we can tell you that they are an ally in the diet of prediabetics or diabetics, being rich in magnesium and zinc, healthy for the heart and immune system. There are also Omega 3 vegetable fats and antioxidants, with anti-inflammatory properties, which help maintain eye health and reduce bad cholesterol.

These seeds, at a good price, can be added to bread, pretzels, cakes, salads or sauces, for example, giving a rich and slightly earthy taste. The amount of 500 grams is enough for many preparations.

Hemp seeds

SanoVita Peeled Hemp Seeds 100 gr

The best seeds to use in your kitchen With hemp seeds you can add flavor to some dishes or you can produce a delicious garnish of your favorite protein. They are easy to digest by the stomach, being important for the body in terms of plant proteins and nutrients that balance the blood sugar content.

Hemp helps stimulate the creation of antibodies in the body, which will strengthen the immune system and protect against free radicals. The seeds can be consumed on their own or in the form of supplements, this option being of the dehulled type, so it is easier to digest. There is no lack of unsaturated fatty acids (Omega 3 and Omega 6), vitamins D, A, E, B6 and potassium, as well as minerals (zinc, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus), being one of the few elements that make up the 21 known amino acids, showing its benefits in weight loss, proper functioning of the digestive system, strengthening the immune system or hormonal regulation.

It is sold in packages of 100 grams, the consumption being variable, of a few tablespoons added to a type of food or sauce, the producer brand being recognized for the quality products offered, which come from non-genetically affected crops.

Sunflower seeds

Charme Peeled Sunflower Seeds 300 gr

The best seeds to use in your kitchen What could be easier to procure and consume if not some fresh sunflower seeds? If you like fried and possibly salted ones, you should know that they are not exactly healthy in large quantities, due to their high sodium content. The raw but peeled variant saves you from extra work and offers you the same taste, as well as benefits for the body.

They are rich in phytosterols, which are believed to lower blood cholesterol, and magnesium, which lower asthma symptoms, lower blood pressure and help prevent migraines. They do not lack any collection of vitamins that the body needs to function in normal parameters, among them vitamins A, B1, B6, E and folic acid.

When you prefer seeds, cheap and good, to add to salads, vegetable or omelet dishes, homemade pretzels, breads or other bakery products, the sunflower ones have a good balance between the affordable price and the quantity offered, in this case the sachet weighing 300 grams.

Sesame seeds

Niavis Susan Whole Wheat Seeds, Organic

The best seeds to use in your kitchen If you like pretzels and buns with a special taste, which you also make at home, why not add some tasty sesame seeds with beneficial health attributes? This offer is an organic one, the culture of origin being a non-genetically modified one, even the packaging being biodegradable, so it will not affect the environment in the long run.

It is believed to have the highest calcium content of all seeds, not lacking vitamins and minerals such as B6, E, magnesium, copper and phosphorus. They will help regenerate the skin (thanks to zinc), help teeth through possible whitening, help prevent diabetes through magnesium content, stimulate digestion and bone regeneration and have anti-inflammatory properties, helpful in rheumatoid arthritis.

Susan can be consumed without processing, when used as a topping, but also after grinding or grinding, after which it can be added to sauces or desserts.

Pine seeds

Pine Bud Workshop 75 gr

The best seeds to use in your kitchen For cakes or salads or main courses you can get a special taste if you add a few pine seeds. The buds are used in the kitchen all over the world, this offer being ready for consumption, so it will not germinate. From pasta to hot or cold salads, puddings or cakes, all these can acquire a special taste, which will be enjoyed by all guests.

In addition to the protein content worth mentioning, the seeds are rich in folic acid, oleic acid and B vitamins, copper, antioxidants and linoleic acid, helpful in various circumstances, such as diets, where it relieves hunger, improves vision (thanks to lutein), in preventing the signs of aging, having an energizing effect and helping the heart to function in normal parameters.

Given that it is a gourmet product, rarely found in commerce, the chances of finding it in regular stores decreases, but it appears abundantly in the online ones, both in the specific ones and in the big portals on the Internet. It is suitable for raw vegan diets, the package having a capacity of 75 grams.

Quinoa seeds

SanoVita Quinoa Alba 500 gr

The best seeds to use in your kitchen To get a healthy garnish, with a high protein content and a different taste, you can incorporate in your diet quinoa seeds that are easily digested and are not sticky. Quinoa will not be eaten raw, but usually prepared by boiling, with a short cooking time and increasing its volume four times. It can be combined with vegetables, meats or even replace breakfast.

In terms of its properties, quinoa is considered a superfood, containing fiber, minerals (iron, chromium, calcium, fluorine, copper, magnesium, potassium, iodine) and vitamins (A, E, D, C, B, K) , stimulating the immune system and kidney function. It contributes to maintaining hearing and breathing without difficulties, to producing the marrow and to maintaining the health of the teeth.

This product, offered by a prestigious brand in our country, is presented in a formula of 500 grams, enough for multiple dishes and quick tests, and can be germinated to increase its nutritional value.

Hemp seeds

Canah Eco Organic Hemp Seeds 300 gr

The best seeds to use in your kitchen Among the most suitable elements of a healthy lifestyle that are found in nature and that you can add to your diet are natural hemp seeds, which come from organic crops, this offer being peeled, to be easier to use and digest. and having a better nutritional intake.

Considering the content rich in essential fatty acids, amino acids, fibers and essential nutrients, it contributes to maintaining the cardiovascular condition and the ideal structure of the nervous tissue, the immune system being also sustained. The content of gamma-linoleic acid helps to relieve menopause and premenstrual symptoms, being the only seeds that have this nutrient. It is also a good anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic, helping to balance blood sugar levels.

Hemp seeds can be used as such or ground, in desserts, salads or as a side dish. The price of the 300 gram package reflects the ecological quality of the culture from which the content comes.

Buying guide

Seeds are vital elements that allow plants to multiply, there are different types with distinct uses, from those that are eaten raw or fried, or those that are introduced in all kinds of preparations, to those that are used to multiply a plants or to obtain whole crops. As the best seeds for consumption may be different from those intended for multiplication, it can be difficult for you to find the right options, so here are some selection criteria.

The best seeds to use in your kitchen

Use: There are many mini-categories worth considering, but the main two are for planting and human consumption.

Forcrops are cereals and vegetables, among which are seeds of corn, wheat, rice, rye, etc. Most of them have as main use the propagation of the species and the multiplication of the culture or, as in the case of cereals, they are used to produce flours and other useful products such as bran.

In order togrow plants or fruits , seeds are used that come from the respective plants, these being found, as well as the ones above, in the specific stores, and the harvest of purchased fruits and vegetables can be harvested. Tomato seeds can be easily obtained by removing them from the fruit and leaving them to dry, for example, the same can be done with peaches, nectarines, sunflowers, cucumbers, peppers, pumpkin seeds or roses, among others.

Some berries are specific togrowing herbs and fresh spices, as in the case of basil, parsley, dill, lawn herbs. These are the easiest to grow in the apartment, many people prefer to use fresh ingredients in sauces or other foods.

Seeds forhuman consumption have recently captured the market by renaming them “superfoods”, returning to the attention of buyers. Many grains, legumes or nuts are edible, as are the seeds in some fruits and vegetables that can be ingested without problems. On top of that, they are rich in nutrients that the body can enjoy and that have a favorable contribution to health, when consumed in moderation.

Some seeds, at good prices, require somepreparation before consumption, being often introduced into beverages. Relevant examples are chia seeds, coffee beans or rosehips.

Among the seeds youcook before consumption are the various types of beans, chickpeas, lentils, soy.

Types:A distinction is made between the many classifications and plants available, as well as depending on how you can incorporate them into the diet or their properties on the body, through the content of vitamins and minerals. Among the most popular, at present, but not the only ones on the market, are:

The best seeds to use in your kitchen

Flax seeds are mainly used for human consumption, in natural form or ground, to form a flour, having many beneficial properties on the body, such as detoxification and strengthening the immune system.

Chia is recognized for the antioxidants and nutrients it provides to the body, while quinoa is also seen as a superfood, being a source of protein and essential acids for the body.

Sunflower and pumpkin seeds contain healthy fats, proteins and fiber, as well as folic acid, vitamins E, B1, B6 and minerals that the human body needs (magnesium, manganese, selenium, copper, etc.).

With hemp and pine seeds you can season delicious salads, being sources of vitamin B complex, while fennel seeds have a high content of calcium and iron.

Among the seeds used in bakery and pastry are those of poppy, sesame, sunflower or pumpkin, and those of mustard or allspice become appreciated spices for their aroma.

Weight: It can be important, especially when you buy seeds, cheap and good, for consumption or for large-scale multiplication, in crops that cover whole hectares, for example.

If, in the first case, you will find offers packed at 50 g, 100 g, 250 g or even 500 g or a kilogram, the price increasing considerably as the quantity purchased is higher, for crops the profile stores where you can buy in bulk.

The most common for human consumption are packaging of 100 or 250 grams, depending on how difficult it is to produce or import that item. For example, you can find the packages with peeled pumpkin at very good prices, up to 10 lei per hundred grams sometimes, but for just a few castor seeds you can take out of your pocket over 30 lei.

Culture: On the packaging you can find indications that the seeds belong to an ecological, organic or organic culture. Any of these terms means the same thing, namely that the product is the result of a process in accordance with the law, where no chemicals were used and there were no genetic interventions, there is a harmony with nature and the environment.

In our country, an official indicator of an organic production line is the logo “ae”, this being often accompanied by the community, which completes a label, to make it easier for the buyer to identify an item in the cultivation of which did not intervene in ways that can be designated dangerous to the body in one way or another.

The best seeds to use in your kitchen

Brands: When it comes to products suitable for consumption, in particular, the brand can have a say, according to some opinions about the best seeds. Among the names that Romanians have trusted are SanoVita, SoLaRis, ProNatura or Nature4Life. Of course, it is more important to ensure that the cultivation process is ethical, as environmentally friendly as possible and that it produces a natural and pesticide-free result.

In conclusion, depending on what you want to get from the vegetable or plant seeds you are looking for, online stores can help you, because there you will find even the most difficult to buy options you may need, from fenugreek to to bananas or castor oil.

Frequent questions

How much chia seeds are consumed daily?

For starters, it is advisable not to exceed one or two tablespoons of chia seeds a day, which you will hydrate in yogurt, juice, milk or other liquid, preferably overnight, to get that mucilaginous fluid that makes swallowing easier. . It is not recommended to eat dried beans, because you can drown, because they quickly absorb the surrounding moisture.

The best seeds to use in your kitchen

When do you sow onions from seed?

Sowing culture is advantageous from an economic perspective, sowing being done in autumn (in August, for winter) or spring (March 1-15) on a drained soil, easy and can be irrigated without difficulty.

What happens if you eat too many seeds?

It matters what kind of plant seeds you consume, in what condition they are and what is the amount ingested. If you do not overdo it, you will enjoy nutrients and minerals, but it is not good to exceed 200 calories, if you consume them simple (sunflower, pumpkin, etc.) because they are dense in nutrients and fats, which can lead to weight gain. , e.g. And if they are fried in oil or otherwise processed, their beneficial effect begins to wane, and added elements, such as salt, can lead to increased blood pressure, for example.

When you add flax seeds to your salad, you have benefits such as detoxifying and reducing inflammation, lowering cholesterol or supporting the immune system, and it is not necessary to add a large amount to the portion, but only a maximum of a teaspoon of raw, unprocessed product.

When you consume too much seed, a stomach cramp may occur, you may have bloating or constipation, and if consumed too quickly, your heart may begin to pump more vigorously, given the stimulating effect.

How many watermelon seeds per hectare?

On average, about 3 to 5 kilograms of seeds per hectare are needed, keeping the distance between plants of almost 25 cm, and that between the rows is maintained at 150 cm. Thus, you have chances to get around 20,000 – 30,000 vegetables.

The best seeds to use in your kitchen

Where are banana seeds found?

For such plant seeds it is necessary to “rummage” well through the online environment, because, as a rule, there you might be successful in finding them. You can have the greatest success in stores with articles and bulbs for the garden.

Where can I Find Bitter Cucumber Seeds?

This type of vegetable seeds is rarely found in boutiques where specific gardening products are sold, being available for sale on online platforms, forums and in some consumer stores on the Internet.

Where are fenugreek seeds found?

Fenugreek seeds are sometimes found in health food stores, but most often you will find them in online stores, where you have various selections in bulk or prepackaged, which include home delivery.

How many calories does a seed pretzel have?

Given that a medium-sized pretzel, found at any store, has, on average, 80-100 grams, it will be the equivalent of about three slices of bread, totaling between 250 and 300 calories.

The best seeds to use in your kitchen

A sesame pretzel, 50-60 grams, can have about 200 calories, the seeds adding a few grams of fat to the preparation, so keep this in mind depending on your dietary restrictions.

Chia seeds – recipes

Do you already know that you can include chia seeds in the diet with multiple benefits on the body, such as fiber satiety or the antioxidant effect, but you do not know in which recipes to introduce them? Find out a few things here.

The best seeds to use in your kitchen

Chia pudding

Perhaps the most popular recipe when it comes to these seeds is the pudding, which does not require thermal preparation, but just wait a few hours after mixing 240 ml of milk (cow, soy, coconut, almond, etc.) with 60 grams of seeds and add two tablespoons of honey and a vanilla essence or half a teaspoon of cinnamon. After at least 4 hours in the refrigerator, check the product and, if it has a thicker consistency, it is ready to be served with fruit or your favorite sweet topping.

The best seeds to use in your kitchen

Chia seed bread

You can replace ready-made products in the store with a homemade seed bread, where you can even make changes so that a person intolerant to gluten or milk can consume the product, removing wheat flour and milk and replacing them with alternatives. commercially available vegans. And chia will add minerals and vitamins to the diet, even when it is heat treated, the only step taken in addition to when you make a regular bread is to let the seeds soak, so that they are hydrated.

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