the best set of knives for home kitchen cook

How do you choose the best set of knives for your home? What parts and features should the knife set have according to your needs? Read our guide and choose informed.

the best set of knives for home kitchen cook Among the most important utensils that should not be missing from any kitchen are knives.

If you like to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, you are aware that a quality knife makes a huge difference in terms of time and quality of cooking.

Currently you can choose from a wide variety of knives, of different shapes, sizes and from various materials. In order not to spend a lot of time looking for the perfect knife, we recommend that you focus on purchasing the best set of kitchen knives.

A good set of knives is fully equipped to complete your kitchen and turn it into a useful space. Find out in this article how to choose the best set of knives for your home?

Why choose the best set of knives for home?

The best set of kitchen knives will make your job much easier. However, it can take a long time to make the right choice, and you may even end up making an investment that could be to your disadvantage.

Given the very varied offer on the market , you can easily be deceived and it is quite difficult to discern the best value for money . It is also important to make sure that you really need all the components in the set.

In order to make the best purchase for your home, we recommend that you consult a shopping guide like this one. Such an article includes all the information you need so that in the end you know exactly what choice to make.

How to choose the best set of knives for home

the best set of knives for home kitchen cook Find out how to choose a set of knives according to the real needs of your family, what are the most important criteria you need to check, as well as what types of knives are on the market and how you can choose a set as complete as possible.

To buy the ideal knife set, carefully consult the following information.

Blade type

The most popular variants on the market today are steel blades and those made of ceramic or zirconium dioxide .

The aspects that should interest you when checking the blade of a knife are the hardness and resistance of sharpening , the ease with which it can be re-sharpened as well as the resistance to rust .

In the case of knives with steel blades, it is good to check the type of alloy from which they are made.

The best set of home knives contains knives with S30V steel blades , considered to be the best option available on the market .

Other alloys with special properties are 154CM and BG-42 which can be sharpened very easily , or 420HC which has an increased resistance to rust .

The ceramic blade is a variant introduced relatively recently on the market, much more modern than the classic version of the knife, but with properties that can easily convince you to consider purchasing a set of ceramic knives.

The ceramic blade has a hardness , from a mineral point of view, much higher than a steel one, almost double. While a steel blade has a hardness coefficient of 4.5 , the ceramic blade can reach values of 8.5 .

Also, the ceramic blade has a high resistance to chopping , which requires much less sharpening.

Their big disadvantage, however, is that they can break or break quite easily , their resistance to shocks being quite low.

The handle of the knife

Both the material and the shape of the handle matter a lot in choosing the ideal set of knives.

the best set of knives for home kitchen cook First of all, the shape and size of the handle must be ergonomic , not to tire the hand and to ensure a grip as secure as possible .

A secure grip can be helped by textile or rubber elements inserted on the handle, so even if you use them in a humid environment, the knife will not slip out of your hand and will not endanger you.

Depending on the type of knife, make sure that the handle is long enough, but not too thick or with a too large grip diameter.

The material from which the handle is made also matters. Metal handles have a luxurious aesthetic look, but make sure they are fitted with rubber inserts to prevent slipping. The wooden handle is another elegant variant that can easily compliment a rustic style kitchen.

They are recommended for ensuring a secure grip. Among the most reliable variants are the plastic handles, with a particularly high resistance over time, without being damaged even if they are subjected to extreme conditions.

Which knives should include the best set of knives for home?

Before looking for a set of knives for your home, you need to decide on its typology. Basically you will have to choose between the European and the Japanese model which differs a lot in the shape and usefulness of the knives.

However, any set of good kitchen knives must contain at least 5 different types of knives that will always find their usefulness while cooking.

In addition to these, there are several other additional types that we will list together with the basic ones below:

  • the best set of knives for home kitchen cook The chef's knife – It is the most important element in the set, being the knife with which you will carry out the most frequent operations. As soon as you gain more dexterity, you will notice that you will be able to perform with it both fine cuts and hard strokes. Being very versatile you can use it to cut meat or chop vegetables. In general, it has a size between 20 and 30 cm .
  • Santoku (Japanese chef's knife) – It has about the same configuration as the European knife with a blade length difference of only 13-18 cm .
  • Utility knife – The smaller version of the cooker knife, the utility knife can be used more easily to perform common tasks in the kitchen, chopping vegetables, slicing meat, etc. The length of the blade is 10-15 cm.
  • Peeling knife – is used for cleaning vegetables. The blade is slightly flexible and much thinner to be easy to handle and to allow the most precise peeling. It can be used to clean carrots, potatoes, apples, pears, etc. The blade has dimensions between 6 and 11 cm.
  • Bread knife – always has a serrated blade to allow a slice as precise and easy as possible. It can also be used to cut baked goods, and is always longer, with a brass length between 20 and 25 cm .
  • Drawing knife – used in professional butchers and kitchens and is not an elementary component of the set. However, you may find it practical. It has a very long blade, between 20 and 40 cm , the blade is thinner and the tip is sharper. It can be used for slicing raw or cooked meat, fish fillets or ham, etc.
  • The butcher – is practical for cutting bones, most often found in slaughterhouses.
  • The pastry knife (spatula) – is a knife with a blade length between 10 and 35 cm , with a wider blade, straight or serrated. It is used for cutting countertops or for decorating, shaping and leveling cakes and pies.
  • Boning knife – with a blade of 13 -18 cm and thin is used especially in butchers for boning.
  • The scales cleaning knife – another optional variant, is provided with a serrated and curved blade that facilitates the removal of scales.
  • Threading knife – Used for deboning fish or preparing seafood. It has a flexible and sharp blade at the tip, about 13 -18 cm.
  • Alveolar blade knives – Have alveoli close to the sharp side of the blade, preventing food from sticking food to the knife blade.

What accessories should contain the best set of knives for the home?

In addition to all the knives that a kitchen set must come with, it must also contain some accessories to facilitate the storage or maintenance of the knives .

the best set of knives for home kitchen cook In the case of professional sets, they must contain a special kit that makes it possible to store the knives optimally, as well as their easy portability.

In the case of home knife sets, however, a wooden or metal support that can be placed on the countertop is enough to facilitate your access to knives.

Some sets may also include a special device for sharpening knives or kitchen scissors that can be used for many purposes.

More modern sets can also include ergonomic knives for peeling vegetables .

Price and warranty

On the market you will find various sets of knives that vary greatly depending on the price. We advise you to pay close attention to both the manufacturer's brand and the opinions of other users to ensure that the investment is worthwhile.

In general, the prices of a good set of ceramic knives start at 150 lei , and those for steel knives start at 250 lei and can even reach 700 lei.

You will find manufacturers who even provide a lifetime warranty for their products, as long as you comply with the maintenance conditions.

It is recommended not to sharpen the knives at home but to take them to a specialist. It is also not recommended to clean them in the dishwasher.

The best set of knives: recommendations

Taking into account the above tips, analyzing the opinions of buyers and the existing offer, we further recommend a few sets of kitchen knives that offer excellent quality / price ratio.

1. Knife set with stainless steel blade and Fissler support, 6 pieces, Milano series

the best set of knives for home kitchen cook 18/0 stainless steel knives with matte finish ; handles with metal inserts , natural wood support.
The set contains:
– 1 chef's knife, blade length: 20 cm;
– 1 bread knife, blade length: 20 cm;
– 1 deboning knife, blade length: 20 cm;
– 1 universal knife, blade length: 12.5 cm;
– 1 peeling knife, blade length: 9 cm.

See details and price

2. Knife set with stainless steel blade and KingHoff Platinum MDF support

the best set of knives for home kitchen cook The knives are made of high quality stainless steel with ergonomic handles .
The set consists of:
– 1 * chef's knife, blade length: 20 cm;
– 1 * bread knife, blade length: 20 cm;
– 1 * slicing knife, blade length: 20 cm;
– 1 * universal knife, blade length: 12 cm;
– 1 * vegetable knife, blade length: 9 cm.

See details and price

3. Set of 5-piece ceramic knives – Vitesse

the best set of knives for home kitchen cook Vitesse brand 5-piece kitchen knife set, made of high quality ceramic .
The knives have ergonomic handles in 4 colors : black, red, yellow, purple.
The chef's knife , with a blade 15 cm long, 2 mm thick;
Santoku knife , with 12.5 cm long blade, 2 mm thick;
Universal knife , with 10 cm long blade, 1.7 mm thick;
Peeling knife is 7.5 cm long, 1.7 mm thick.
Can be washed in the dishwasher .

See details and price

4. Knife set 6 pieces – Kitchen Craft

the best set of knives for home kitchen cook

KitchenCraft brand 6-piece kitchen knife set in high quality stainless steel .
– the chef's knife with a 20 cm blade;
– bread knife with 20 cm blade;
– universal knife with 12.5 cm blade;
– slicing knife with 20 cm blade;
– peeling knife with 8.5 cm blade;
– oak support.

See details and price

5. Knife set with Richardson Sheffield Kitchen support, 10 pieces

the best set of knives for home kitchen cook

Robust construction for extra strength, balance and stability.
Classic handles with rivets pleasant to hold in your hand.
The set contains: 9 knives and a pair of scissors.
The blades are satin and offer lightness .
The handles are classic, they are comfortable.
The edges are rounded for a fine cut.

See details and price

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