The best sets of stainless steel pots

The best set of stainless steel pots – Our recommendations in 2021

We should not talk about the advantages of stainless steel pots, because they are known to most users. If you want an equipped kitchen but you don’t know what to choose and you don’t have time to study the market on your own, we offer you the piece that ranks first in the top written by our specialists:Heinner Aleida is a set with 8 components that includes both the pots themselves and the lids. The products have 5-layer encapsulated bases and are graded inside for an easier estimate of the amount of ingredients. The fact that the dishes can be washed in the washing machine makes the parts of the set always look like new, despite the demands they are subjected to. And if this set is not entirely to your taste, we offer you the product that is on the second place in our ranking: Tefal Duetto .

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This kit offers you 4 different containers, accompanied by 4 suitable lids. You can use each pot depending on the type of food prepared and the number of servings you want to get. You benefit from internal markings, which show you the quantities efficiently.

The parts have stainless steel handles, which will become hot and must be handled with great care. At the same time, there are users who have noticed the staining of the interior after several uses.

In terms of number of components and in terms of the quality of integrated materials, we can say about this offer that it will be advantageous for the user with conventional needs.

Since you suddenly receive 5 pots with 5 lids, you don’t have much to complain about this set. The parts are made of high quality stainless steel and have different sizes. You get a saucepan for sauce and even a large, roomy pot (6l).

If you do not like large investments, especially when you have to equip your kitchen, you may find that the selling price is quite high.

For people who cook relatively often and are looking to adapt the type of container to the amount of food prepared, the set in this example seems the most appropriate and worth recommending.

You will receive no less than 12 indispensable pieces in the kitchen: 3 pots with different capacities, a classic pan and one for sauce, along with a roomy pan (with a diameter of 24 cm); all components are delivered accompanied by compatible lids, made of heat-resistant glass and provided with blowers. The parts are made with multilayer base, made of resistant steel, compatible with any type of hob.

The items include only metal handles, which will have to be handled with care at high temperatures. The manufacturer prohibits the storage of salted foods in these containers.

Are you interested in equipping your kitchen with cooking utensils in a single order? This basic kit costs less than 100 euros and comes with the label of a brand respected in the field.

How to choose a good set of stainless steel pots

Buyer’s guide

Cooking at home is an occupation that is less and less practiced in the modern family, but when it is given enough attention, it offers the possibility of obtaining very economical and healthy dishes. In order to properly prepare a wide range of foods, a perfect chef knows that kitchen utensils and their equipment can be as important as the passion for cooking.

The quality of the containers in which the ingredients are thermally processed will implicitly condition the results, which is why the most popular pans and pots remain those made of stainless steel. This material is appreciated primarily for its strength and durability. Also, stainless steel does not stain, giving the containers a perpetually shiny, new look.

Because several models are more useful than one, stainless steel pot sets are the most profitable investment for a person interested in healthy cooking. There are a multitude of offers on the market, but not everyone definitely knows what to choose from this diversity. If you want to know how to choose the best set of stainless steel pots for experienced cooks, all you have to do is analyze some selection criteria, which will help you not only to buy the most efficient containers, but also to guide you so that they are and some cheap and good stainless steel pots.

The best sets of stainless steel pots

Conductivity: is a very important aspect for a container in which food will be thermally processed. Stainless steel is actually an alloy made of steel, carbon and chromium, in different proportions. It is stainless due to a thin film that is formed from the interaction of chromium with oxygen on the surface of the metal and that protects it from contact with other substances and materials.

Even if the alloy is metallic, the conductivity of stainless steel is low, much lower than other materials used to make kitchen utensils. More specifically, heat is not evenly distributed in the bottom and walls of the cooking container, and food is exposed to different temperatures, preparing unevenly. The food can stick or burn on the bottom of the pot, where the hob heats directly. Not only does this affect the taste and quality of the food, but later the pots will be very difficult to sanitize.

Therefore, the best set of stainless steel pots can be considered only the one in which the pans have a base made of aluminum or copper core. These metals allow heat transfer about five or nine times, respectively, better than stainless steel, significantly improving the heating performance of cooking containers. Instead, aluminum and copper are not as strong, but the fact that the base of the pan will be covered in stainless steel will protect it long enough.

In general, it is important to know that cheap stainless steel dishes do not contain copper or aluminum and thus risk preparing food improperly, requiring constant supervision to obtain optimal results. For these reasons, it is not very profitable to choose a cheap set of pots, unless the manufacturer certifies the manufacture with these materials.

Reactivity: is a property that must be considered. Some metals that are part of a cooking vessel can react chemically with some substances in food, changing their taste. This is the case with aluminum, which can react with acidic juices.

For these reasons, if you choose a set of pots with an aluminum base, make sure that it is covered with stainless steel, so as not to come into direct contact with the ingredients. This way the thermal conductivity is ensured and you don’t even have to worry that the food will taste different from the natural one. On the other hand, stainless steel does not chemically influence the food at all, which makes it very reliable in use.

The best sets of stainless steel pots

Diversity of models: is a notable enough criterion to choose the best set of stainless steel pots. It is ideal to be able to cook in any way and using various methods using all the pots in a set. Similar models, but with different capacities can be used by rotation and depending on the amount of food you want to prepare.

This will further reduce the wear of the containers. Also, it is important to be able to cook several dishes at the same time, using pots from the same set. This way you will save valuable time and you will benefit from all the advantages that the set can offer you. The offers that provide you with a pressure cooker are very much appreciated, in addition to the other pan models. Remember that the diversity of preparation methods is one of the main reasons why you buy an entire set and not a single item.

Compatibility: is a problem with the diversification of heat sources that allow food preparation. The first type of hob, the one with gas and open flame is compatible with most models of stainless steel dishes. The same can be said about the electric hob or ceramic tiles, which are heated to emit the heat that the base of the vessel takes over. The problem occurs in the case of electromagnetic induction hobs. This type of hob does not heat up, but influences materials with ferromagnetic properties to heat up.

For those who own such a hob, it is very important how they choose the best set of stainless steel pots, because it will have to be compatible with the heat source. For example, the aluminum inserted in the base of stainless steel vessels cannot be used on such a hob, so you will have to incorporate a special magnetic pill, which will allow the vessel to be heated on the electromagnetic principle.

Fortunately, the number of those who have adopted the induction hob solution is not currently too high, and most manufacturers specify almost every time in the presentation of products what type of heat source are compatible.

Capacity: refers to the total volume of the vessels or even to the volume differences between the models. Sets that include similar models of pots that have different capacities are slightly cheaper than those that have a greater diversity of products in terms of design. The more capacity options you have, the easier it will be to adapt the number of servings you want to prepare. Thus, you save energy by heating food as much as you need, you save time and do not waste ingredients.

Budget: it is worth considering because it must be adapted to the objectives that the potential user pursues, when he decided to buy a set of stainless steel pots. If you want to save money, you can focus on sets that include a smaller number of pots, but that provide you with the most important methods of cooking. You should not regret any large investment, because the life of a vessel made of stainless steel is quoted at over 10 years.

The best sets of stainless steel pots

If you also maintain the products properly, you don’t have to save on the purchase, because they will serve you optimally for a long time. For sets that include pressure cookers, you will need to allocate a little more money, regardless of the number of dishes included.

The same can be said about large capacity vessels, because if you want to buy a model that is the best 30 liter or 40 liter stainless steel pot or you are already wondering “where can I find the best stainless steel pot? 50l? ”, You will pay a little more.

With all these specifications, you will be able to buy the best cheap and good stainless steel pots without too many hassles. In order to save time and because the diversity of offers is wider online, we recommend you to buy the set on the internet.

Orders are delivered quickly, the quality and guarantee of the products are the same as those in the stores and you can also benefit from substantial price reductions. If you are not fully satisfied with that order, you can return the products or replace them with another option.

Recommended models in 2021

Heinner Aleida

The best sets of stainless steel pots This set of Heinner stainless steel pots includes 8 components: a pan with a diameter of 16cm and a filling volume of 1.8l, a pot of 18cm in diameter, with a volume of 2.5l, a larger room, for 3.5l of liquid (diameter 20cm) and a semi-pot in which up to about 5l (24cm) can be stored, along with 4 assorted lids. If we take into account the design of the components, we easily conclude that it represents the basic set that any householder should have in their own kitchen.

Regarding the way the containers are built, the dishes are made of stainless steel, all have an encapsulated base, with no less than 5 layers, which allows an efficient heat distribution and guarantees fast heating even when the hob used is in the range of with electromagnetic induction. Each piece has an internal gradation, which will help the user to better estimate the amount of ingredients.

Each lid is made entirely of stainless steel, as are the handles; although resistant in contact with the flame, in order to handle them you will have to use kitchen gloves, because they heat up quickly. The lids have perforations to remove steam. The entire kit can be sanitized directly in the dishwasher, saving you a lot of cleaning effort.


Includes 4 pieces – basic in a well-equipped kitchen.

Comes with suitable lids.

It offers different storage volumes, allowing the anticipation of portions (they are graded inside).

Manufactured with multilayer base, suitable for induction hob and any other type of burner.

They can be washed without restrictions in the dishwasher.


The handles get hot and must be handled with care.

Stainless steel can stain easily, especially from hot oil.

The best sets of stainless steel pots No less than 10 different components are included in this set offered by Tefal. Beyond the large number of pans, you will consider a notable advantage that they have different shapes and capacities. So, you get a tall pot, three pots with diameters from 18 to 24 cm and an arrival with a longer handle on one side.

Of course, the lids for these containers are also included in the offer. All are made of stainless steel, while the lids have a stainless steel gasket and strainer, being made of heat-resistant glass. The base will be compatible with all heat sources, improperly called “heat”, even in the case of an induction model.

Inside you can see gradations for quantities, allowing easy appreciation of the weight of necessary or added ingredients. Even if the price is not very low, the investment is intended to be a future one.

Set with 10 components, of which 5 pots and 5 suitable lids.

Any pan in the offer can be used without problems on all hob models.

They have a resistant structure, being made of stainless steel and with some thermo-resistant glass lids.

You can save ingredients by preparing exactly how much you eat, as the pots have different capacities from each other.


Some users consider the cost a bit high for what they have to offer these parts.

Bohmann 12 pieces

The best sets of stainless steel pots In the case of this set, you receive almost all the basic containers in a kitchen: a saucepan with a capacity of 2.1 liters, one ideal for preparing sauces, also 2.1 l, 3 pots (with capacities of 2.9 l, 3.9 l and 6.5 l ) and a pan of 3.3 l. All 6 pieces are delivered accompanied by assorted lids, provided with holes for removing steam, thus preventing condensation from leaking on the stove during use.

The components are made of stainless steel, benefiting from encapsulated, multilayer bases, totaling up to 9 layers of material. Through this feature, the containers can be used both on gas-based heat sources, classic electric and halogen, and on modern electric hobs, with electromagnetic induction. The pan has an internal layer of granite, resistant to scratches and easy to clean, non-stick. The lids are made of heat-resistant glass and have metal handles attached.

All parts are compatible with the dishwasher, and the only precautions you need to take into account are to avoid storing salty foods inside the containers. Because they do not include insulated handles, safe handling will be done with special gloves to protect your hands from high temperatures.


Set with 6 pieces, basic in any kitchen.

You receive both containers and matching lids.

You have 3 pots, 2 pans, one for sauces, and a sturdy pan.

All parts can be used on any type of hob, thanks to the multilayer base.

Quality materials were used in the manufacture: stainless steel, heat-resistant glass, the pan is lined with granite.


The handles are metallic, so you should avoid handling without kitchen gloves.

You should avoid storing salty foods in these dishes as directed by the manufacturer.

Royalty Line 16 pieces, induction

The best sets of stainless steel pots Cooking can be a pleasure and if you have a larger family, then it is good to be prepared and you can choose this set of stainless steel pots that contains everything you need for the kitchen. They can be used on any type of cooking appliance, such as: gas, electric, induction and ceramic hob.

The set contains: 3 pans with metal lid of different capacities (1.6l, 3.1l and 6.3l), a sauce pan with metal lid and 1.6l long tail, a pan with metal lid and marble coating 2.9l, a steamer and a bowl with a plastic lid. They are made of quality stainless steel.

The handles, both from the pans and the long ones from the pan and the sauce pan, are provided with plastic inserts so that they can be grabbed safely. The metal lids have holes for steam evacuation. They can be easily cleaned, being compatible with the dishwasher.


It is a complete set containing three pans of different capacities, a saucepan for a sauce, a frying pan, a steamer and a bowl.

They are made of quality stainless steel, and the pan has a marble coating.

They are compatible with different types of cooking appliances, gas, electric, induction, ceramic hob.

The handles do not heat up, so you can take the pot off the fire without any worries.


Being a set with many pieces, for some people the initial investment can be considered higher.

Pyramis Line

The best sets of stainless steel pots The set of stainless steel dishes from the Linea range from Pyramis is an excellent example of the advantageous offer, both in terms of price and quality of products. The set includes no less than 11 different pieces, of which 6 are cooking containers, and 5 are the lids with which they are accessorized.

The material used in the manufacture of these products was 18/10 stainless steel, with a thickness of 0.7 mm for the body of the vessels and 0.6 mm for the lids, which results in increased strength and extended durability over a period of over 10 years. At the conductivity level, the heat is maintained by a layer of aluminum with a thickness of 3.5-6 mm and a magnetic capsule with a thickness of 3 mm.

From this feature we deduce that the pots are compatible with any type of hob: electric, gas, ceramic hob and induction, allowing uniform and efficient heating of food inside. The handles are made of bakelite resistant to 220 ° C, the lids made of stainless steel, bakelite and heat-resistant glass, and the base is curved inwards, at a rate of 10/1000, to ensure a perfect placement on any cooking surface. The models offer optimal diversity, because the set includes 3 pots, 1 pan, 1 saucepan and 1 frying pan. The capacity of the pots differs, each container having a different volume. The warranty offered for this set is 24 months.

The set has increased functionality, as it includes different models of cooking containers.

The dishes are compatible with any type of hob, including the induction one, because they have a base with the magnetic pill inserted.

It offers quality at a good price.

Ensures good thermal co-conductivity, because the base includes a layer of aluminum.


Even if the bakelite handles withstand 220 ° C, if they hit above the open flame they can be damaged.

Lamart 3 Kit

The best sets of stainless steel pots There are also users who say they are more satisfied when they find a set of stainless steel pots at a good price, and if it happens to be of good quality, what else could you want? The Lamart offer offers you 3 pans with folding handles, which you use and store easily. The containers have different sizes, and thus can store 1l, 2.5l or 4l of liquid.

They are designed to be used on any type of burner, even for an induction hob. The stainless steel used is quality, although it can stain, if you use the parts inappropriately (for example, if you fry oil inside). It is delivered each with its own cover, so that it is ready for use. The lids are made of heat-resistant glass, have steam blowers and solid handles, also made of stainless steel.

An innovation that many users have appreciated is the construction of handles, which can be folded, allowing you to store each pot in a narrower space.


Set sold at a sufficiently advantageous cost.

Offers 3 different pans as storage volume.

The containers are universally compatible.

They have folding handles, which encourage easy storage.


As usual, the inner layer of stainless steel can stain and acquire an unsightly appearance.

The best sets of stainless steel pots This set of dishes is an ultra-advantageous offer in terms of price-quality ratio. The set includes: 1 upper stainless steel casserole with a capacity of 2.5 l, 1 bowl with holes for steam cooking, 1 basket for the fryer and a lid.

The containers are made entirely of stainless steel, the lid is made of durable glass and has a bakelite handle for safe handling. the vessel handles are also made of stainless steel and riveted, demonstrating increased durability.

The set allows steam cooking of dishes, without the addition of fat, saving time and energy. Increased functionality is indicated by compatibility with all cooking surfaces.

It offers a good price / quality ratio.

It has increased functionality, being compatible with all types of cooking surfaces.

Allows the preparation of steamed, fat-free ingredients.

All the pieces in the set are durable, because they are made of quality materials.


Stainless steel is a resistant material, but it does not give the best efficiency in terms of thermal conduction.

Heinner Marmosa

The best sets of stainless steel pots Do you want an offer for Heinner stainless steel pans that will delight you both in terms of price and quality of the structure? We can direct you to this set, consisting of 3 pots and 3 lids that fit them. If you ever have fewer people at the table, you can use the 2.8l pot to prepare fewer portions, in case you don’t want to let the food spoil.

Also, otherwise, you can easily use the 5l solution. The 1.4l semi-semi allows you to heat small amounts of food or even boil water. As a construction, the pans have a stainless steel cover, lids made of the same material and a 5-layer sandwich base, which ensures optimal heating on an induction hob model.

Inside, gradations of quantity are made, with the help of a ceramic paint, and this allows you to know exactly how much food you prepare, distributing it on portions. Both the pots and the lids are provided with riveted metal handles, resistant, but which ignite relatively easily.

Set of Heinner stainless steel pots at a good price.

The parts can be used on all commercial hob variants.

You also get lids, along with the pans.

Preferably prepare various amounts of food, because the dishes have different capacities.


The handles are metallic and have no layer for thermal insulation.

How to use and maintain stainless steel dishes

Stainless steel dishes are increasingly present in kitchens, because they can be used at very high temperatures and do not emit toxic substances to the body. In order to prolong their life, so that you can enjoy them for as long as possible, you must consider certain rules of use and maintenance.

The best sets of stainless steel pots

Heat source

If you have a stainless steel pot, you have probably already chosen it with a special induction base or without taking into account this criterion, if you use gas or an electric hob as a heat source. If you have opted for an induction model and you want to cook a food that requires a longer cooking (soup, stew, rice), it would be recommended that the dish be heated gradually, which is why you will need to set the temperature properly.

Do not forget that such a material is not compatible with microwaves, because it is metal. Do not risk damaging your device or worse, a fire.

Cooked food

It would be recommended to use pots made of stainless steel especially for boiling, because this method involves the use of liquids. It is not recommended to use them for baking or frying, because the food can stick to the base.

An important aspect of how you cook refers to salt. To prevent damage to the pot, add this ingredient during cooking. This will dissolve quickly and the metal will not be affected.

The utensils used in the cooking process

If you want your pots to look nice and not stick to food, it is best to use spoons and spatulas made of wood, silicone, plastic or other materials that do not scratch the base on the inside.


Take into account that these pans can be scratched if they are not washed properly. Avoid using wire sponges or abrasive detergents.

If the stains are fresh, they can be easily cleaned, with any detergent specially designed for dishes and warm water, with baking soda, window cleaning solution or lemon juice. In case you want to use the washing machine to clean a pot made of stainless steel, it would be best to check if the compatibility with such an appliance is specified in the manual. In general, almost everything goes clean this way.

After washing the stainless steel pots, it is recommended to wipe them, so that no stains remain.

The best sets of stainless steel pots


If you want to keep the shine of these products, you can periodically use water with vinegar (let it soak in this mixture for a few hours), tomato juice (apply on a cloth, then polish) or warm oil (place pot on the fire, pour a little oil in it and leave it to heat, and then, after closing the stove, with a brush, it will be spread over the entire surface).


Stainless steel pots can be easily scratched even when not in use, which is why it would be advisable to protect them when storing them. You can do this with cotton or paper towels, which you place inside. You can also protect the outside with them, if you wrap them around the pan.

How to remove grease and burns from stainless steel dishes

When they are full of grease and burns, stainless steel pots can be difficult to clean. These types of stains appear either due to the fact that the pot did not clean in time, or because the flame was too big, insufficient water or the cooking process was too long or inadequate. To get rid of such problems as easily as possible, here are some tips:

The best sets of stainless steel pots

Soak the pan with warm water and dishwashing detergent

The simplest and cheapest way to clean the grease from a stainless steel pot is to leave it soaked in hot water and dishwashing detergent until the next day. Thus, the dirt will clean very easily and your pan will look like new. Ideally, do not wait for hours until you apply this trick, if you do not want to soak the debris too hard and then be even harder to remove.

Use a special commercial solution

If you want to be sure of the final result, it would be recommended to use a commercial product. There are a lot of detergents that have specially combined ingredients to remove grease and burns from stainless steel dishes and restore their shine. Be careful to choose a special item, less abrasive, so as not to scratch them.

The costs of these products can vary, and if you want good results, do not skimp too much on money.

Apply lemon juice on the stain

Some housewives use lemon juice to clean up unwanted grease from stainless steel pans. It is applied on the stain, it is left to act, after which, you will have to rub well, then rinse.

You can use lemon juice and if you cut the fruit in half and in a circular motion, you act on the stain until it is removed.

Use a mixture of water, vinegar and baking soda

If you just burned the food and the base of the pot has deteriorated, you need a cup of vinegar, 2 tablespoons of baking soda and a cup of water. Add water to the pan, then the vinegar and baking soda and leave on the fire until it starts to boil. After boiling, turn off the heat source, leave to cool and clean normally.

The stains may be extremely difficult to remove and this solution may not have the desired result. What can you do? Try to apply on the stain a paste made of baking soda and a drop of water or to use baking soda to clean, after you have boiled the mixture that I initially mentioned.

The best sets of stainless steel pots

Cleans fat and burns in time

Yes, it can happen to anyone who chooses to misuse the intensity of the flame, to forget the pot on the stove too much or to need to fry something in a stainless steel pot, so such dirt is inevitable.

The advice of specialists is to deal in time with any stain that occurs. The longer you leave until you act, the more difficult it will be to clean.

Popular brands:

A history has been linked to stainless steel and aluminum pots that has revolutionized the place occupied by the kitchen in our lives. A space of domestic debts turned, with these dishes, into the heart of the warmest family reunions and brought the pleasure of cooking, in the daily scenario, of many of us. Choose the cooking utensils they carry in their design, the dedication of the producers to make your life richer in experiences.

The best sets of stainless steel pots

In Greece in 1959, Alexandros Bakatselos opened his first store, where he sells metal cookware. After ten years, in the shop window appear, along with pots and pans, stainless steel sinks, produced in his factory, newly inaugurated, on a plot of almost 300 square meters. In 1977, he opened a second office and began production of stainless steel cooking utensils.

Pyramis is recognized today as one of the prestigious companies with a tradition of over 50 years in the sale and production of stainless steel kitchenware and composite materials, from trays, pots and pans, to sinks, microwave ovens, washing machines. washing dishes, refrigerators and hobs.

In less than six years since the opening of the cooking production line, Bakatselos becomes a leader in Greece and begins arrangements for the first massive exports to Europe. In 1990, 30 years after its debut in the culinary world, Pyramis came to produce 75.5% for export. Sales double and the company begins to manufacture a new type of sink, monobloc.

Since 2000, Pyramis has covered more and more segments of a kitchen universe. Along with the stainless steel tableware, through which the brand established itself internationally, the group begins to sell hobs and ovens, as well as household appliances. Gradually, the bathrooms also receive the Pyramis signature, through the sinks, faucets and distributed hydromassage systems. Currently, 70% of the company’s revenues come exclusively from exports and 97% of the products are destined for the international world.

The best sets of stainless steel pots

Since 1956, since its inception, Tefal has become a brand synonymous with pans and pots in which food does not stick, thanks to the Teflon that wraps the inside of aluminum dishes. After more than 50 years of tradition, the company’s signature can be found in kitchens in over 120 countries.

In the 1960s in Paris, Marc Grégoire opened his first factory in the suburbs of the capital. He sees how the pattern of femininity changes, and the domestic wife, tucked away in the kitchen, becomes a rare species. Instead, Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly appear, talking about the free woman, for whom pleasure and adventure weigh harder than conjugal sacrifices. Grégoire is an engineer and aims to turn cooking, from a duty, into a pleasure. It produces daily, over 100 pans for french fries and has an unprecedented success. In 1961, Jackie Kennedy was photographed with a Tefal pan, and the company’s epic begins in full swing.

In the 1970s, when feminist movements gained momentum, Grégoire’s production point became part of a group of companies that produced household appliances. Its innovation is integrated in the manufacturing process for trays and mini-devices for waffles or toast, and the Tefal message redefines the kitchen as a space for socializing and meeting, in which cooking tools make the preparation of breakfast or dinner, a shared activity, with pleasure, with friends and relatives. In a short time, Tefal develops stone grills and hobs, along with other cooking machines. Dinners are no longer prepared at the stove, but on the table, in front of the guests. After turning the kitchen into the heart of a house, Tefal creates new social behaviors, this time centered around the ritual of eating. At the end of the ’80s, the company changed its discourse and began to invest in finding practical solutions for homes that are increasingly crowded and crowded with objects. Develops sets of pots adapted for storage, with removable handles.

As social currents change and people demand more and more control over the environmental space, they create pans that become famous through the optimal temperature signaling systems for cooking. In the early 2000s, when the first social movements that advocated a healthy eating style emerged, Tefafal began investing in the production of dishes in which food could be prepared with as little oil as possible. For the next few years, the company aims to develop interconnected kitchen equipment in the cloud, as well as televisions, telephones and computers.

The best sets of stainless steel pots

Behind the Heinner brand, known equally for pans and pots, but also for the full range of appliances and kitchen and household appliances, is Iulian Stanciu, a local entrepreneur from Ploiesti. In 2014, Heinner recorded a turnover of 15 million euros, earning an advance twice as high as any other appliance brand in Romania. Over 100 different products, from mixers, juicers, food processors and pans, to washing machines and refrigerators are in the brand’s portfolio. Made in China and Turkey, it stands out for its affordable price and quality that exceeds the budget category in which it falls. Several hundred stores host them and gain, through them, customer loyalty.

More than 12 years ago, Iulian Stanciu drew a monitor, which he had named “Horizon” and beat the factories in China, on foot, to talk personally with managers, looking for a production point. He started to build his own brands in the IT field, and “Horizon” was on the first place, in 2006, on the Romanian monitor market. He was 18 when he opened his first company, “Asesoft Distribution”, in partnership with Sebastian Ghita. In 2009, Iulian Stanciu owned the majority stake in eMag, imagining that it would increase the distribution platform. Instead, he sold the shares almost immediately to Naspers to become the sole shareholder in Asesoft Distribution. The company would change its name to “NOD – Network One Distribution” and become a prominent laboratory of Romanian brands. Six brands are now registered under the NOD umbrella, and Heinner is the youngest member of the family.

Launched in 2011, it is meant to cover the daily needs of Romanian homes. It was imposed by the production of pots and pans, in order to increase, gradually, by opening production lines for household appliances. Since 2014, Heinner has also been offering DIY products. It is recognized by the ranges created together with passionate chefs from Romania, who, together with the design teams and other specialists, imagine complete sets of kitchen accessories, easy to use and very durable.

In 2015, such a range, created together with chef Catalin Scarlatescu, combines stainless steel and cast aluminum, to offer both specialist and amateur chefs, a prop that works just as well, day by day, for recipes that keep , every time, the same taste. Pressure cookers and pressure cookers, along with pans and knives, could cover the entire necessities of cooking utensils in any sophisticated kitchen.

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Other recommended products currently unavailable:

Tefal Intuition

Coming from Tefal factories, the Intuition stainless steel pot set is a very advantageous offer for those interested in purchasing strong and durable cooking containers. The set includes 10 pieces, of which 5 are cooking utensils and 5 are the lids with which they are accessorized.

The pans are made of the best quality stainless steel, with a solid base and internal marking for weight. All containers are made with a special edge for easy pouring and draining of liquids. Heat-resistant glass lids have riveted stainless steel handles, similar to those of dishes.

Because they are made entirely of stainless steel, they will be compatible with all heat sources, but will not have even the best conductivity. They are polished inside to be non-stick and have diameters of 22 cm, 16 cm, 18 cm, 20 cm and 24 cm, which means that they have different capacities. The set includes 4 pans and an arrival. The guarantee offered for this offer is valid for 24 months.

All containers in the set are compatible with any type of hob.

The dishes allow for versatile cooking because they have different capacities.

They are ergonomic and easy to sanitize, because stainless steel is a very resistant material.

They are very useful and practical, because they are each accessorized with a lid suitable for the size.


The vessels have moderate thermal conductivity, because they are made entirely of stainless steel.

Tefal Classy Chef

Also from the Tefal brand, the set of stainless steel pots from the Classy Chef range is an offer that can be successfully included in any household. This is a set that contains 10 pieces: 5 pots similar in design, but of different capacities and 5 lids of sizes corresponding to the dishes.

The containers are made of stainless steel, with riveted handles and also made of stainless steel. The lids are made of stainless steel edge, the body is made of heat-resistant glass, and the handles are made of stainless steel, riveted. These features indicate a simple design, but practical and very durable.

Also, since the bases of the pots contain only stainless steel, they can be used on any type of hob, even if they do not have the most efficient conductivity. The set includes 4 pans and an arrival with volumes that differ: 1.5l, 2.1l, 3l, 5l, 6.2l. Thus, you will be able to preferentially prepare exactly the right amount of ingredients, without wasting it, especially because the containers are also graded inside. The warranty for this set is valid for 24 months.

They allow versatility in the preparation of food portions, because the containers have different capacities.

Any pot in the set can be used on all types of hobs, because they are made entirely of stainless steel.

All vessels are properly accessorized with lids.

They are very easy to sanitize, because they are built simply, only with heat-resistant glass and stainless steel.


The stainless steel base is durable, but does not offer the highest performance in terms of thermal conduction.

Blaumann BL-1325

For those who are wondering where to find the best 50l stainless steel pot, this model from Blauman could be the perfect example. The container is ideal for preparing ingredients in large quantities, and can easily be used in kitchens for canteens or even restaurants.

The product is made entirely of stainless steel of the highest quality and is accessorized with a sturdy lid, made of the same material. The stainless steel has been polished for a perfect gloss and for increased non-stick. The vessel can accommodate a volume of 55l and is provided with riveted handles.

The stainless steel base indicates an optimal compatibility with all types of hob, ie increased functionality. The product has dimensions of 50 × 28 cm, without taking up additional space, due to the high walls and the average diameter.

It allows the preparation of large quantities of food at once, because it has a capacity of 55l.

It is an ultra-resistant model, being made entirely of quality stainless steel.

It has increased functionality, because it is compatible with any type of hob.

It is a vessel with non-stick properties, because it is optimally polished inside.


Stainless steel is not the best thermal conductor.

Demeyere Apollo 44392

If you want to know which is the best 30 liter stainless steel pot, the model from the Apollo range from Demeyere is a good starting point. This pot with lid has a diameter of 36 cm and a capacity of 32l. This means that it allows the preparation of several portions of food simultaneously, being very useful for the kitchens of bars and restaurants.

The product is made of 18/10 stainless steel and has two welded handles. The surface of the container was finished with Silvinox technology, and the base is 5 mm thick and is built according to the “sandwich” model, with 7 layers and InductoBase technology.

And the cover is also made of polished stainless steel, both parts being rated at a durability of over 10 years. Increased functionality is ensured by compatibility with any cooking surface.

It has an extended warranty of 10 years.

It is made with Silvinox technology, to have increased non-stick.

Model compatible with any type of hob, so it has optimal functionality.

It offers the possibility to prepare large quantities of food, with a capacity of 32l.


It takes up a little more space, because it has a diameter of 36 cm.

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