the best shredders for home use

Shredders – Review and comparison in 2021

For some people, the best shredder may be an electric one, for others a classic one. The idea is that there are more products of this type and you have to figure out what exactly you need. To make it easier to choose the right one, go through this guide which also includes a list in which we have tried to include the most interesting options that you can buy online.Heinner HMC-300RD is one of the options, which is an electric shredder with 300W motor, which allows two-speed speed adjustment and shredding various textures (from soft fruits and vegetables to meat, chickpeas and seeds), thanks to the knives from stainless steel which are very effective. Schock 629044 is another quality item, which we recommend if you want to buy a classic model for the countertop.

Comparative table

It is a device very appreciated by housewives who want to quickly chop all kinds of fruits and vegetables, but also seeds, meat or other foods. It has a 300W motor, two working speeds and is equipped with sets of knives with two blades each, which grind the ingredients very well.

The part with the motor is fixed with difficulty on the cover through which the rod with the knives is removed, having no marks to help a simpler placement.

It is a purchase that is worth the money, if you want an efficient and easy to use electric shredder, with two speeds and stainless steel knives.

It is a suitable choice for you, if you are looking to buy a classic mincer, of generous dimensions – 54 x 30 cm, which you can place on the sink or on the worktop, to grind and / or slice various foods. It is made of bamboo wood, a durable material and resistant to various factors.

For some housewives, the dimensions may be considered too large, because they do not have enough space to store such a product in good condition.

Buy this shredder, if you think that the size it has would help you and if you want a quality product, made of bamboo.

We are talking about a device that chops everything small, quickly, thanks to the 500 watt motor and knives made of stainless steel. It is equipped with a roomy bowl, 1.5 liters, which is made of glass, so as not to catch an unpleasant odor and which has a handle for easy handling.

This electric shredder works with the same power (500W) throughout the process of grinding food, there are no gears.

It will be helpful in any kitchen where you want to quickly grind the various ingredients to prepare certain recipes.

In-depth reviews about the best shredders

We have prepared below a list of the best shredders that you can buy from online stores. See if you really find something you like.

Vegetable shredder

Heinner HMC-300RD

the best shredders for home use

For me, this is the best electric shredder. It is a very efficient model, because it is equipped with two sets of blades made of stainless steel and a 300W motor, features that make it very useful for both newer and harder textures.

The device is made of a combination that includes several materials: silicone base for stability, glass bowl for chopping (1.2 liters), plastic on the part that covers the engine, metal buttons and knives. All are designed in such a way as to result in a high quality product. It has two speeds, to adjust the speed with which you want to work.

The biggest problem I encountered with this device is the fact that the mechanism that moves the system has a certain position that allows the perfect fixation on the cover, so that it can be turned on, which is why it can give headaches sometimes. The item is a good shredder of vegetables, fruits, meat, seeds, chickpeas, etc.

Wooden shredder  

Schock 629044

the best shredders for home use

We now turn our attention to a bamboo wood chopper, which is very popular among housewives, due to the fact that it is resistant, does not allow moisture to penetrate it as easily as normal wood, and does not deform over time.

A big advantage of this bamboo shredder is the fact that it has very generous dimensions, measuring 54 x 30 cm, which means that I can fix it even on the sink, but also the net as a support on the worktop, if you want to chop various foods. . It is brown, has a rectangular shape and channels that allow a better fixation on certain surfaces.

Many housewives appreciate it when it comes to a manual cabbage chopper, because the generous dimensions allow this vegetable to be crushed without making too much mess around, everything taking place on the work surface. It is easy to clean, and the manufacturer recommends sanitizing with lemon juice at certain intervals, so as not to catch an unpleasant odor.

Fruit shredder

Zilan ZLN-3253

the best shredders for home use

If you need an electric fruit or vegetable chopper, this article is very likely to be what you are looking for. It has a 500 watt motor, which moves two knives made of stainless steel, which are able to grind various foods and even crush ice.

This product has a large 1.5 liter bowl, in which the desired compositions will be mixed, and comes with a plastic accessory to homogenize certain ingredients. The base is provided with a silicone insert for stability, and the vessel is equipped with a handle for easier handling.

The knives that make it possible to grind are detachable, to be easy to clean, and the glass bowl does not change the taste of the food and can be washed even in the automatic dishwasher. There is no possibility to adjust the speed in certain steps, but the power with which it works is always constant.

Meat grinder

Woodfractal Butcher Top

the best shredders for home use

This shredder of meat, vegetables, fruits is a classic, flat model, which sits on the work surface to serve as a support for grinding / slicing various ingredients. It is a very resistant item, made of natural wood. It is made in such a way as not to damage the knife blade, the material used being cut perpendicular to its fiber.

The general appearance of this professional kitchen shredder is a pleasant one, because the wood is treated with beeswax balm and mineral oil. To keep its appearance for as long as possible, the manufacturer’s recommendation is to clean it immediately after use, with the help of a damp sponge, a cloth or using a special dishwashing detergent. This model should not be washed in the automatic dishwasher and should not be left submerged in water for too long.

This product has very generous dimensions, measuring 43 x 43 x 7.6 cm, and can also be used as a cabbage chopper. It is stable, weighing a lot of 8 kg.

Plastic shredder


the best shredders for home use

When you need a vegetable chopper, a product made of polypropylene could come to your aid, being sufficiently high quality and effective in such activities. We are now talking about a set that contains a total of 6 elements for grinding, so that you can postpone the cleaning of such an accessory or you can use it for other purposes such as support for certain pans or lids.

Each kitchen chopper in this set measures 38 x 30.5 x 1.4 cm. The colors are different, as follows – red, green, yellow, black and white and blue. The polypropylene from which these articles are made is easily flexible, to be easier to chop.

These products do not damage the knives, they are easy to clean and sanitize, but over time they can look unpleasant, because the material can be scratched. They are not provided with handles or other types of hangers and do not have inserts to prevent slipping, if the kitchen worktop is more glossy.

Professional kitchen shredder

NAVA 10-107-011

the best shredders for home use

This kitchen chopper is special in that it is a model for cheeses, being delivered in this sense with a series of utensils that help slicing and serving. The product is made of bamboo wood, a durable material, with a very pleasant overall appearance, which is easy to clean, especially if you do this immediately after using it.

The shape of this product is asymmetrical, with wavy, rounded edges. On the surface of the shredder you will find a hole that allows you to place the utensils in the package, so that they are always at hand. They have a steel end and a bamboo handle.

The article has a total length of 33 cm, a width of 18 cm and a height of 1.4 cm. It is brown in color, has no anti-slip inserts and no handle or hanger. Automatic dishwasher cleaning is not recommended, as long-term exposure to water can damage the material.

Onion chopper

OTI, 30 cm

the best shredders for home use

This product is considered to be a good onion chopper, but it can also be used for other ingredients such as fruits, meat, various vegetables, etc. The material from which it is made is bamboo, which is famous for its resistance, but also for its pleasant appearance. It cleans easily and does not retain odors so much.

This chopper of fruits, vegetables, cheeses and others is a more special model in that it has a round shape and a diameter of 30 cm. It is an accessory in natural shade, with stripes, and it has hooks, in case you want to catch it in a special support.

Given that it is made of bamboo. it is durable and does not scratch very easily, but the knife blade can suffer if you are not careful. The surface of this product is smooth, which is why it can be unstable if the countertop is also glossy, there are no inserts to make it less slippery.

Sink chopper

Insinkerator Model 66

the best shredders for home use

This professional kitchen shredder could be of real use in any home where you want to grind food scraps that can leak into the sink. It is a quality one, made of metal, which works with a power of 0.75HP, with a crushing capacity of 900 ml.

When you put it into operation and use it always, you will consume 4 liters / person daily, which is a reasonable amount. If it is overloaded and problems occur, there is a reset button. It is compatible with 3 1/2 inch sinks.

This product is one of generous dimensions, measuring 18.5 x 18.5 x 31.8 cm and weighing 8.7 kg. It is not difficult to install, but you have to be careful and know how to do a little more technical things. It is not very noisy during operation, which is a big plus for this sink shredder.

Polyethylene shredder

Grunberg BM020

the best shredders for home use

This product can be used as a shredder for meat, fruits, vegetables and so on, being a multicolored model with floral inserts, which has a rectangular shape, with slightly rounded edges, red. Due to the inserted pattern, any scratches will not be so visible.

We are now talking about a plastic chopper, a fairly durable material that does not bend easily, that is easy to clean and that does not retain the smell. It can also be sanitized in the automatic dishwasher. The material is not toxic, so it will not affect the quality of the food or the taste.

This polyethylene shredder is quite large, measuring 30.5 x 38 x 1.3 cm. On one of the edges there is a handle, which can be used as a hanger or to be easier to handle. It is an article that costs very little, being accessible for people who do not want to invest too much in such a product.

Glass shredder

Grunberg GR135

the best shredders for home use

This shredder at a good price is part of a set that contains a shredding support and two knives. The products have a generally pleasant appearance, being fine and colored in shades of green, with white inserts.

In this package you will find a glass shredder, a material that is very easy to sanitize, shiny, that does not retain the smell and does not change the taste of food. However, it is quite sensitive, and can be easily damaged by certain shocks. At the same time, you will also receive two knives made of ceramic, so as not to scratch the cutting support. Their blades are well sharpened and offer good hardness.

The diameter of the chopper is 30 cm, and its shape is an apple. The material is strong enough to be used as a support for pots or hot trays. The base is provided with silicone inserts, in order to be as fixed as possible on the surface you place.

Buying guide

In order to make opinions about the best shredders, in the most correct way, you need to know what is good to follow when you need such an acquisition. There are a number of important selection criteria, which we want to present to you below. We hope that they will help you and that you will be able to make such a choice much easier.

the best shredders for home use

Type : We consider that this is the most important aspect that you have to consider, because the differences are very big between the existing models:

Electric – are devices in which you insert certain foods such as fruits, vegetables, meat, etc., and they are crushed with the help of rotating knives. Depending on the quality of the device, softer or harder textures can be processed. The models that are part of this category will help you do everything simply and quickly, without too much effort. They are a bit harder to clean, but their efficiency is much higher.

Classic – here we refer to the flat variants, which are positioned on the work table and which are used as a support, to cut small or slice various foods. They can be made of a multitude of materials, have various shapes and sizes and are very easy to store and maintain.

For the sink – for some, these are the best shredders and they buy them to crush food scraps that may leak into the sink or be thrown in the trash. Thus, the system will not block and the residues will be evacuated quickly and efficiently.

Materials : This selection criterion is important especially when you want to buy a classic (at a good price) shredder, because depending on this detail you will purchase a model that is more resistant over time, but also to various factors. The most popular options are:

Wood – is a very common and appreciated material for the fact that it does not damage the blade from which the knife is made and is durable. However, it has a number of disadvantages, including the fact that it retains many odors and flavors, which is why it must be washed immediately after use and there is a risk of collecting bacteria that may be present in meat, especially chicken. .

Plastic – is appreciated because it allows the realization of shredders with a special design, withstands extreme temperatures (-35-65 degrees Celsius), cleans very easily and does not retain odors. Products made of this material are affordable in terms of acquisition cost.

Bamboo – it is a variant that we meet more and more often, because it is friendly to the environment, it is not very porous and it does not easily absorb moisture and water. It is a harder texture, which is why, over time, the knife blade can be affected.

Safety glass / marble / granite – are special materials that have a general modern look, but must be used with great care because they are very sensitive. There will be no odor retention problems and they will be easy to clean.

Compatible foods : You need to know exactly what you can use various choppers for at good prices. Why do we say that? Because some electric models are not very strong for harder textures. Also, even for classic models you have to be careful, because, for example, those made of wood are suitable for stronger textures, those made of glass for cheese or softer foods.

Dimensions : Shredders are very varied when it comes to this aspect. They are classified as follows: small – under 15 cm, medium – 16-30 cm and large – over 30 cm. Here we refer to one of the sides or diameter, if it is a round product.

Design : It is very easy to find a cheap and good shredder that you like and how it looks, because these products are very varied. Here are some details about the look that might interest you:

The color – you choose it according to your preferences. The wooden ones have the specific shade of this texture, the ones made of other materials can be in a lot of colors and with all kinds of patterns.

Shape – the most popular products are round and rectangular, but you will also find more special shapes, if you do not want to go for something classic.

Texture– you can choose between smooth items that do not retain odors, are easier to clean, but food will slip on them, or porous, which allow better adhesion, but are not very hygienic because they retain bacteria.

the best shredders for home use

Key features : When you go to online sites to buy cheap and good shredders, follow these small details, because their presence can help you:

Hangers – to easily store the kitchen accessory and to handle it easier.

Adjustable speeds – an aspect present in electric models, which helps you to grind harder textures more easily or to act more quickly on various mixtures.

Non-slip base – you can find it in both electric and classic variants, being in the form of rubber inserts that do not allow slipping.

Now, if you still found out what top models you can buy from online stores and how to choose them, what follows is to go to certain sites and buy the best shredders for you, in the shortest possible time. short and at the best price.

Frequent questions

How do I clean the kitchen chopper?

The vast majority of such products can be machine cleaned. If you do not have such an appliance, then you sanitize the chopper normally, as you do with any kitchen utensil. Pay attention to the electric models, because the motor part must not come into contact with water.

How do I eliminate the onion smell of the kitchen chopper?

The most important thing is to clean this tool in time, so as not to allow the smell to penetrate the material. If you have done this, but over time it still smells bad, use baking soda or vinegar.

the best shredders for home use

How many kitchen choppers are useful in the household?

If you want everything to be as small as possible, you need an electric model. Then, there should be a plastic shredder, but also a wooden one, for various foods on which you act. There is no number to recommend. It also depends a lot on how many people cook at the same time and how you use the product, because some people can use such an item as a support for a hot pot, lid, etc.

Can I use separate shredders for fruits, vegetables and meat?

Of course, no one stops you use atshocked wooden vegetables, one plastic or fabric to meat and so on. It depends a lot on what you want, how comfortable it is for you to use a certain type of accessory of this kind.

Why equip your sink with a shredder

Even if it is not a very popular product, a sink chopper could be very helpful in any kitchen, especially for housewives who always face problems with blocking the drain with food scraps or who do not always want to fill the basket. of garbage with debris.

the best shredders for home use

Such a product will get rid of such problems, because it is able to crush very well all the leftover food that can reach the sewer and make them be disposed of on the drain, without blocking it.

At the same time, using such a product also contributes to the protection of the environment, because the amount of garbage you store daily is reduced.

A sink chopper is also a device that increases the comfort of your home, because you no longer throw away certain debris that then emits an unpleasant odor, you no longer bother to clean the sink of what is left after the process of cooking food and so on. far away. There are strong patterns that can be used to grind and harder textures, such as bones, walnut shells, etc.

the best shredders for home use

Such a product requires the allocation of a more significant budget, but it is worth the money, if you take into account the advantages it has.

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