the best shredders for home

The best meat grinder – Our recommendations for 2021

The meat grinder is an indispensable tool in households that prefer meat dishes, obtained at home, from meatballs and sarmale to aromatic sausages for the winter holidays or delicious mititei that gladly accompany a cold beer. If you need such a device, but you are not the type to analyze the market offers for a long time, but you are rather an action man who wants fast results, you can solve the problem by directly considering the option entered on position 1 in the ranking of this guide. .Bosch MFW67440 is a high-performance model, recommended for people who frequently cook meat, vegetables or cheese and want to benefit from the advantages offered by a powerful 2000 watt motor and a shredding speed of 3.5kg / min., With options to adapt to a variety of recipes, which can cope successfully in the kitchen of a small bistro. If you want a better model, you can opt for the alternative Philips HR2709 / 20 , with a speed of 1.7kg / min.

Comparison table

High-performance variant with high capacity, powerful 2000W motor and high working speed, features that allow the processing of up to 3.5 kg per minute and recommend it as a semi-professional model. It includes 3, 4.8 and 8mm sieves for finely chopped, medium and large and consistent pieces and is a stable and durable device, made of good quality materials.

Those who want to use it to prepare fresh tomato juice will have to buy the necessary accessory separately.

Efficient and fast model, appreciated for the quality of materials, finishes and impressive technical characteristics.

Product with a very good value for money, which provides a power of 1600W enough to chop pieces of meat and vegetables for your favorite recipes, with an average speed of 1.7kg / min. It includes an accessory for obtaining sausages and is made of durable plastic and stainless steel, suitable for households where dishes that involve grinding are frequently cooked.

The device is not accompanied by other additional accessories that could expand its area of use.

It offers the basic functions necessary for the preparation of fresh meat dishes, at a good level of performance, being also easy to maintain and store.

It is a technical version suitable for occasional use, with an average capacity of 1600 watts and integrated thermostat that protects the system against stress. It allows the choice between three levels of chopping and can be used for chopping tomatoes and obtaining fresh juice or for preparing sausages.

It works with a lower cutting speed compared to other models, of 1.2kg per minute, which fits very well with recipes that do not involve large amounts of raw material.

The safe and adaptable variant for several types of dishes, useful for kitchens where recipes that occasionally cook chopped ingredients are occasionally cooked.

How to choose a good meat mincer

Buyer’s guide

Even though home cooking has become a habit that has lost popularity in recent times, any modern kitchen must be optimally equipped to provide the appropriate means of preparing various types of food efficiently and in a timely manner.

Therefore, there are a number of specific home appliances on the market, designed to make kitchen work easier, many of which are even multifunctional appliances. Undoubtedly, one of the most popular items in this category is the meat grinder.

Ever since it was manually operated, it has become indispensable for any kitchen, and now electrically powered models are very popular.

the best shredders for home

Originally, this appliance was used strictly to grind meat, but the motorized variants are multifunctional, which is why many users are looking to determine which is the best electric mincer, completing its arsenal of kitchen utensils.

In this regard, the market is very diverse and offers countless options, but to know how to make the right choice, many potential buyers need prior documentation and knowledge of the best electric meat grinders. So, if you are among those looking for cheap and good meat mincers, you need to consider the following simple parameters.

Motor power: can be moderate (1000 – 1500W) and high (1500 – 2000W) and is an aspect that most professional cooks take into account, because it allows them to determine the performance of the device. Its value is expressed in Watts and you can see how fast the chosen model works depending on the figure. The higher the engine power, the easier it will be to use the device.

At the same time, energy consumption will be commensurate with the power provided, but if you take into account the speed of food processing, powerful machines will not consume too much, because they finish tasks quickly and are connected to the grid less time than those who work slowly.

The speed at which such a device works is a secondary index. It must be adjustable in steps through functions, and more powerful models need to be equipped with more gears. Therefore, you can tell if you are dealing with an efficient mincer and in terms of those options and if it is the best meat mincer for your personal kitchen.

In conclusion, devices with high engine power allow you to save more time and energy than those with low power. Prices vary depending on this aspect, being higher for efficient products. From this point of view, it is advisable not to skimp, because the larger investment, which is made in the long run for a high-performance model, will be much more useful.

Functions: An efficient model will be equipped mainly with the most sought after functions: the speed control and the reverse function.

The first also provides an index of the ratio between the chopping time and the amount of food processed. In most cases, the producers present the processing capacity in the product descriptions, this having an average value of 1.5 Kg per minute.

Everything that goes beyond this index is a high-performance shredder. The economical models are to be appreciated, which allow the adjustment in minimum 2 speed steps, helping the user to establish his preparation priorities according to the chosen recipe. Most potential users are advised to look for models equipped with as many gears as possible, for which the engine power must be superior.

the best shredders for home

The reverse function is a way to prevent and remedy situations in which the shredder crashes. Basically, this function reverses the direction of rotation of the knives inside the machine, in order to orient the processed material back towards the supply mouth.

Also, this option is effective to empty the machine after the chopping process, without allowing food waste. Overall, the functions are very important criteria, because they can show which is the best electric shredder, from the perspective of the diversity of options.

Reliability: is another important area and refers mainly to safety in use, and secondary to maintenance and durability. Before buying cheap and good meat mincers, it is good to make sure that they are built so as to offer full safety when performing activities. The pressing plug is an accessory that should not be missing from the equipment of an electric shredder.

Also, the product will be provided with a locking function, in order not to allow accidental disassembly during operation. In addition to these measures, it is good that the chosen product has anti-slip feet.

In terms of strength, the materials that are part of the product are taken into account. The carcass must be made of hard material, and knives and sieves made of stainless steel. At the same time, the quality of the knives and other components will be a clear index of durability.

As maintenance conditions, the detachable component parts can be easily sanitized in the dishwasher. Many manufacturer brands provide a variety of spare parts for situations where the components of the model are damaged.

Accessories: these are elements that indicate the degree of multifunctionality of the shredder. A convenient model will be equipped with different accessories for several cutting modes. Any device must be accompanied by at least 3 types of sieve, in order to obtain finely chopped, medium or large food. The high-performance devices are equipped with many more sites.

The products accompanied by special accessories for the preparation of homemade sausages, efficient knives for grinding biscuits, accessories for processing fruits and vegetables and even adjustable sieves for preparing tomato juice are to be appreciated. Also, an indispensable accessory, especially from the point of view of safety in use, is the pressing stopper that allows the food to settle in the filling funnel.

Features: to know how comfortable it will be to use the best meat grinder chosen, it is necessary to follow some parameters included in this category: the noise produced, the dimensions, the weight, the length of the power cord, the option with easy assembly, etc.

Most factors are details related to an optimal design, indicating how quiet the device is or how easy it is to handle. We recommend devices that produce an average of 60, maximum 70dB, because everything that exceeds these values is considered noisy.

The dimensions of the device and the weight must be as small as possible, to allow easy storage, and the power cord requires an acceptable length for the kitchen in which you will use the product. The assembly must be done easily and intuitively, through an automatic fastening system with eject button.

the best shredders for home

Price: it is also a criterion to be considered. Potential buyers can set a starting price for the investment they are preparing to make, and depending on it to look for the most efficient model for the personal kitchen. It is good to first observe the efficiency criteria you are looking for, then to separate from the multitude of offers the models that will fit these requirements, after which you will choose the one closest to the total funds you have.

In this regard, it is important to follow aspects related to the manufacturer of the chosen model, taking into account the fact that renowned companies will always offer quality products, tested for reliability. Even though they may be a little more expensive than the cheap models on the market, the long-term investment is worth the sacrifice.

Because you now have all these opinions about the best electric meat grinders, you can easily choose the model you want. For those who are wondering where to find the best shredders, to be sold at affordable prices, we recommend them to buy such a device from the internet. Besides the fact that it saves precious time, the offer is the same, maybe even more diversified and more convenient as price reductions. Also, the warranty of the products remains the same, and if you do not like the chosen model, you can return or replace it.

Recommended models in 2021

Bosch MFW67440

the best shredders for home Fans of traditional dishes and people who love recipes with minced meat will be delighted by this Bosch model, with a powerful engine and high processing speed. Put 2000W power in place and pass through the knife up to 3.5kg of raw material per minute, which means that you will finish preparing how many good kilograms in less than 1 hour.

It is equipped with non-slip feet, so the work force will not cause problems in terms of stability and balance. In the list of accessories that accompany the device you will find three screens, of 3, 4.8 and 8mm, 2 pieces for crushing, a funnel for sausages and a filling tray, necessary for the efficient loading of the machine.

The delivery package also includes a press for pushing meat or vegetables, which, according to the evaluations of people who have already tested the product, you will not need, the device usually chopping faster than the pieces of raw material are prepared. It has a pleasant appearance and includes a cable storage area that helps you save space in the kitchen. Does not include tomato juice accessory.


Powerful motor model, 2000 watts, for fast processing of different types of meat.

It works with a speed of 3.5kg / min. which significantly reduces the preparation time of recipes.

It has non-slip feet that ensure stability.

Includes a variety of accessories needed for efficient use.


Among the accessories is not the one for obtaining tomato juice.

Philips HR2709 / 20

the best shredders for home In its range, Philips HR2709 / 20 is a cheap and good meat mincer, which is worth having in the kitchen. The total power of the device is 1600 W, it is able to operate at a nominal power of 450 W. Its working capacity is 1.7 kg of meat every minute, suitable for people who want to process large quantities in short time. .

The chopping knife is made of stainless steel with good resistance. The input tray is roomy, made of very resistant plastic, which does not stain. In addition, in the package you will find the special accessory for stuffing sausages, one of the most appreciated tools.

With this product, Philips offers an efficient, powerful, reliable work tool that can be counted on for a long time. If you want a device that is fast and easy to disassemble and clean, our recommendation is clear.


Meat mincer with good work power and capacity

Made of durable and resistant materials: plastic, stainless steel

Includes carat accessory

Easy to clean and easy to maintain.


It does not include other accessories that would turn it into a multifunctional product.

Heinner MG1500TA-GR

the best shredders for home If you want to add to the list of kitchen utensils you are proud of and a meat grinder, which you can also use to prepare a delicious tomato juice, we advise you to consider as an option this technical version from Heinner. It is a model with average technical performance, meaning a 1600watt motor and a chopping speed of 1.2kg / min., But sufficient for use in your own kitchen, if you do not prepare such products intensively and in large quantities.

To protect the engine, the appliance is equipped with a thermostat that turns it off when it gets too hot during use, so you don’t have to worry about having to turn it off from time to time for cooling.

Includes reverse function, useful when something is wrong and you need to give back the composition a little, accessory for sausages and tomatoes, large input tray and 3 metal screens with 3, 5 and 7mm cuts, with which you can vary the degree of crushing of the composition depending on the preferences and the type of preparation.


Includes special accessory for obtaining tomato juice.

Medium power motor (1600watt) suitable for use in the family kitchen.

Equipped with thermostat to protect the engine in case of overheating.

It is accompanied by three sites with different sizes.


Low cutting speed compared to other models of shredders in the same category.

the best shredders for home

Bosch, another well-known appliance manufacturer, offers potential users a high-performance product in the form of the MFW45020 shredder. With a motor power of 1600 W, this device manages to optimally process large quantities of food, with a capacity of 2.7 Kg per minute. The functions include a single speed and reverse function, along with a number of welcome accessories in any kitchen.

Thus, the device is equipped with an accessory for sausages and kebbe, 2 sieves of different sizes, an accessory for pushing food into the feeding funnel, a feeding tray and a container in which all this can be stored. The product is made of high quality materials, the knives are made of stainless steel, and the device has an ergonomic design, being provided with a handle that ensures easy handling.

Reliability is also given by the legs with rubber suction cups, which allow optimal stability during operation. The car has dimensions of 254 x 295 x 199 mm and a weight of 4.45 Kg.


It is equipped with a high-performance motor with a power of 1600 W.

It can process large quantities of food in a timely manner, 2.7 kg per minute.

Equipped with reverse function, which allows extra efficiency.

It is multifunctional, facilitating the preparation of sausages and kebbe.


It has only two types of sieve, for chopping to medium or large sizes.

Zelmer ZMM4282W

the best shredders for home Zelmer ZMM4282W is a powerful and high-performance model with 3 grinding discs of 2.7, 4 and 8mm and 2-sided knife, all made of stainless steel, a durable material that ensures superior durability and high corrosion resistance. It is a medium power model, activated by a 1600W motor, protected by a safety coupling against overload.

You can use this device for chopping vegetables, meat and cheese, for preparing sausages and sausages, with the help of the special funnel type accessory, and for obtaining tomato juice, for which it is provided with a screw juicer.

It has a modular design that allows easy adaptation to the functions it has to perform and a capacity of 2.5kg per minute, average in this category of products, but enough to easily fulfill its role, even in households where of products are cooked frequently and in large quantities. People who have tested the product, recommend it for efficiency in use and the low level of noise generated, but mention as a weak point the plastic components, which require attention to overload.


It is delivered together with 3 grinding discs with different sizes, made of resistant stainless steel.

Includes powerful 1600 watt motor, protected against overload.

It offers an average processing speed of 2.5kg per minute, which helps you to quickly prepare any mixture.

It can be used to produce tomato juice or broth.


Plastic components sensitive to overload.

Star-Light MGO-600W

the best shredders for home Star-Light MGO-600W is a useful and efficient model recommended for people who do not cook much recipes that involve chopping, the car having a lower power level than other models. It offers 600W and a working speed of 1kg of raw material processed per minute, sufficient performance for the preparation of sausages, sarmales and meatballs for holidays or vegetables for stew or zacusca.

Includes three grinding screens (3, 5 and 7mm) and durable stainless steel knives, which help you adjust the size of the final result depending on the intended recipe. Because sometimes beef cattle can block the mincing process, this variant is equipped with a Reverse function, which allows reversing the direction and eliminating blockages, thus avoiding engine damage.

Among the accessories that accompany the device are the sausage filling funnel, the tray used for feeding and the pushing element that you can use if you want to facilitate the advancement of food in the chopping device. It is also equipped with anti-slip feet for good stability.


Model provided with three screens of different sizes to adapt to the characteristics of the preparation.

The knives are made of durable stainless steel, with high corrosion resistance.

It is delivered together with a sausage filling funnel.

The base is equipped with adherent legs for stability.


Low processing capacity, especially suitable for small households and in which dishes that require chopping are prepared occasionally and in moderate quantities.

How to use a meat grinder

Given that current technology offers the best results in the kitchen, it is important to know how to care for and use all small devices. Of course, we include in this category the meat grinder, regardless of whether you choose the classic, manual or electric version. Next, discover some clues to impeccable use:

the best shredders for home

Before first use

No matter what type of device you have, it is important to wash the funnel, discs, knife and other detachable accessories well. Warm water with a little detergent will suffice, and they will be rinsed and drained. You will not put the pieces back together without making sure they are perfectly dry.

The electrical devices will be placed on a horizontal surface, where they are put into operation without the risk of slipping. You will make sure that any type of ventilation is not blocked. The device is powered on the network, checking in advance that the power button is in the off position.

If you bet on a manual car, you will mount it on the edge of a table, using the fastening system provided. In the case of this alternative, all components can be pre-washed. It is important to make sure that you have placed a plate under the drain to collect the chopped materials and that you have everything you need to prepare on the work table.

How to prepare food

No matter what you have to grind (we know that most commercial models are useful for grinding ingredients other than meat), it is important that food be portioned before being processed. Both raw fish and other types of meat will be added chilled, but not congenital. The same rule applies to vegetables, as ice can slow down the engine or even overload it.


Electric car – first you start it and only then you start to gradually add the pieces of meat or vegetables. For the manual one, the filling is done in the same way, once you move the handle. If you feel that the device is working harder, you will not force it, but you will try to find out the reason. To make sure that the products are driven to the internal knife, use the accessory to push the ingredients into the machine’s supply tube.

the best shredders for home

Additional suggestions and precautions

If you process large quantities, you may need to take breaks and disassemble the machine to remove grease on the inside. A model equipped with thermal safety will suddenly stop overheating, if you do not take the required breaks in the manual. Each accessory is mounted with the car disassembled and disconnected from the network. You will never insert your fingers into the tube in which you add the ingredients.


If you have an electric model, unplug it before you can disassemble it. First unscrew the screw ring from the exhaust end. Remove the remaining debris and knives. The pieces are washed in warm water with a little detergent, degreasing thoroughly. Very aggressive substances, which can damage the internal accessories, must be avoided. It is excluded to wash the unit in which the engine is housed. Instead, it can be wiped with a damp cloth. All the sieves and the knife will be left to dry, being then covered with a thin film of cooking oil, thus avoiding rust and keeping them properly lubricated.

Popular brands

Do you like cooking ? whether you like it or not, your work is substantially made easier by using the right tools in the kitchen. A meat grinder allows you to prepare fresh and healthy food, to use in your recipes only fresh ingredients from verified sources, and shortens the effort you have to make during cooking. Of course, provided you choose a product belonging to a quality brand. Here are some ideas.

the best shredders for home

Philips is a Dutch company headquartered in Amsterdam, whose three major divisions focus on the production of electronics, healthcare products and lighting accessories. Its foundations were laid in 1891 in Eindhoven by the Philips family, father and son. It is currently one of the largest companies in the world, with a total of 105,000 employees – an impressive figure if we consider that the start took place in the form of a factory producing filament bulbs.

Once the second son of the family entered the business, initially as a sales agent, the company began to expand rapidly. Its ideas and innovations have led to a spectacular increase in the number of products offered, but also in turnover. In 1920 the first vacuum tubes were put up for sale, and in 1939 the company launched the first electric razor.

After World War II, Philips production diversified even more. But the evolution of the company in the third millennium is absolutely fantastic. Since 2004, the slogan “Let’s make things better” has become “Sense and simplicity”. Philips brand products are sweeping markets around the world, often being the best officially recognized option. The field of home appliances is no exception, so we advise you to never stop thinking when it comes to quality.

the best shredders for home

Moulinex is a manufacturer of small appliances, among which we list various food processors, mixers, blenders, bread machines, fryers, irons and vacuum cleaners. The company was founded in 1932 by Jean Mantelet who invented at that time Moulin-Legumes, a manually activated machine that passes vegetables. Its design made it considered a kind of ancestor of modern food processors.

The stated goal at the time was to choose a future industrial sector that would allow it to keep prices low, produce in low-wage areas, limit costs and dependence on suppliers, and focus on research and advertising. . Between 1929 and 1953 Mantelet applied for 93 patents, and the quality and ingenuity of its products have always been the best form of promotion.

Currently, the company is owned by the SEB group, along with brands such as Rowenta, Calor, Lagostina, Krups or Tefal. It still occupies an important market segment, the appliances used in the kitchen being among the most appreciated in the range. High quality standards, prompt service, extended warranty and, most importantly, positive feedback have kept the brand in the top of buyers’ preferences.

the best shredders for home

Bosch is a multinational parts, electronics and home appliances company headquartered near Stuttgart, Germany. The company started with spare parts for cars, components for industrial machines, and expanded to the latest appliances, security systems and thermotechnology.

The company’s foundations were laid in 1886, the first factory being established in 1901, and by 1917 Bosch had already become a corporation. Until the Second World War, the company limited its production to various car components, spare parts and engines. Later, however, the range of products begins to diversify substantially. Its safety systems are quickly gaining ground in the market, especially on the American continent. Constant investments in research, along with the interest in developing sustainable solutions, have made the company a benchmark for reliability and innovation.

The market for Bosch appliances has been extremely welcoming from the beginning, the manufacturer benefiting from consumer confidence, gained in over a century of existence. To this was added the quality of the products, the reliability and the resistance, because the brand does not deny, whether it is kitchen mixers or parts for equipment worth millions of euros.

»Here you can find recommendations from previous years

Other recommended products currently unavailable:

Moulinex Abakan ME4161

People who want to choose the best meat grinder from Moulinex should check the features of the ME4161 model to make an objective decision. This device is equipped with a motor that offers a power of 1400 W, being an optimal solution for preparing many dishes. Therefore, the nominal power is 500 W, and the processing capacity is 1.7 Kg per minute.

As a functionality, this device has a single chopping speed, without being equipped with a reverse function. The accessories with which it is equipped allow a diversified processing, because they include: 3 sieves with a thickness of 3 mm and a diameter of 3 mm, 4.7 mm and 7.5 mm, 1 citrus juicer, 5 grater models and 1 accessory for the preparation of tomato juice. Also, the product allows the optimal preparation of sausages, kebbe and biscuits.

The ergonomics of the device are enhanced, it has an internally inserted transport handle and a compact design with a stable base. It is made of durable plastic and stainless steel, and the power cord can be easily tightened, thanks to the specific storage system. All detachable parts can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher.

It has increased efficiency, thanks to the motor with a power of 1400W.

It is a multifunctional device, allowing the preparation of juices, cakes, sausages and kebbe.

Allows fast processing, 1.7 Kg of food per minute.

It can be considered as the best meat grinder from Moulinex, in terms of diversity of accessories.


Unlike other electric shredder models, it does not have a reverse function.

Heinner MG1500TA-red

If you are among the potential buyers interested in purchasing the best shredder from Heinner, the MG1500TA-red can be considered a choice worth considering. The motor offers a power of 1500 W, while the processing capacity is 1.2 Kg per minute.

The model is a multifunctional one, being provided with a single gear and reverse function. Also, the arsenal of accessories that this model is accompanied by includes: 1 accessory for preparing sausages, 1 accessory for squeezing tomatoes, 3 sieves with slots of different sizes, a stopper for pushing the raw material into the feeding funnel and a large feeding tray.

The knife is made of stainless steel, and the case has an ergonomic design, which inspires stability and durability.

It can be considered as the best shredder from Heinner, in terms of price / quality ratio.

It has multifunctionality, being able to help prepare sausages and soft vegetable and fruit juices.

It has increased efficiency, being provided with reverse function.

It is a reliable product, made of quality materials: stainless steel, metal alloy, hard plastic.


It has an average processing capacity, 1.2 Kg per minute.

Zelmer SYMBIO 987.82

The SYMBIO 987.82 model successfully competes for the title of the best shredder from Zelmer, because it has an increased efficiency, thanks to a powerful 1900 W motor. Thus, the nominal power offered will be 650W, which expresses an optimal efficiency. along with a large processing capacity of 2.3 Kg per minute.

The model is accessorized with: 3 sieves of different sizes, 1 double knife, 1 funnel type device for preparing sausages and 1 press for tomatoes and soft fruits, and the functions include a single speed and the reverse option. The design is ergonomic, stable, the product having a well-balanced base, with 4 anti-slip support legs.

The component parts are made of metal, hard plastic and stainless steel, and the detachable ones are optimally sanitized even in the dishwasher. The model is also secured with a specific motor lock protection. SYMBIO 987.82 allows both the optimal processing of different types of meat, as well as the processing of vegetables and the crushing of other foods, comforting itself as a simple fruit juicer, because it allows the squeezing of tomatoes and fruits with a softer consistency.

It can be considered the best shredder from Zelmer, in terms of engine efficiency.

It is a multifunctional model, allowing the preparation of fruit juices and sausages.

It is equipped with a reverse function, allowing optimal food processing.

It offers quality at a convenient price.

It is reliable, being provided with a locking system for motor protection.


Includes a single gear.

Philips HR2728

Potential users who want to find out where to find the best shredders can turn to the products of well-known brands in the home appliance market, such as Philips. The HR2728 / 40 model is a high-performance product, equipped with an efficient motor, which offers a power of 1600 W. The processing capacity has an impressive value of 2.9 Kg per minute, the device having a universal gear and being equipped with reverse.

As an accessory, this shredder offers an impressive diversity of elements, constituting not only an efficient device, but also a multifunctional one. Therefore, the model is accompanied by: 3 types of drum, for slicing, fine cutting and special cutting, 5 mm and 8 mm chopping discs, 2 funnel sausages of different sizes, 4 types of grater, feeding tray, device for press and a box for storing all these accessories.

The machine allows the processing of meat, fruits and vegetables, plus the preparation of sausages, kebbe and biscuits. The product has knives made of stainless steel and has a sturdy case with a metal input tray, is durable and has a total weight of 6.5 Kg. All detachable parts can be optimized in the dishwasher, ensuring efficient and easy maintenance.

It has increased efficiency, with a motor with a power of 1600 W and a nominal power of 600W.

It is a multifunctional device, being accessorized for a multitude of options.

It works fast, processing 2.9 Kg of material per minute.

It is equipped with a reverse function.

Made of quality materials, stainless steel, metal, durable plastic.


It has a fairly high weight, 6.5 Kg.

Star-Light MGT-160

The Star-Light MGT-160 model is a quality product, which offers performance at a very convenient price. It is equipped with a powerful 1600W motor and has a processing capacity of 1.6 Kg per minute. The product is provided with reverse function, which ensures constant operation and efficient unlocking, with a single working speed.

The model can successfully process both meat and vegetables, due to the appropriate accessorization with: 1 funnel accessory for preparing sausages, 1 accessory for squeezing tomatoes, 3 sieves of different sizes, 1 accessory for kebbe preparation, 1 feeding tray and a special stopper for pushing food into the feed tube.

The design is ergonomic, compact, the device being equipped with a detachable metal tray of extended capacity, for supplying large quantities of food, detachable metal parts, which also sanitize very quickly and anti-slip feet, which gives it maximum stability.

The metal case is very durable, and the cutting knives are made of stainless steel. The product has dimensions of 295 x 220 x 160 mm and is accompanied by a 24-month warranty.

Good price / quality ratio.

It is a multifunctional device, allowing meat mincing, vegetable processing, preparation of sausages, kebbe or tomato juice.

It has increased efficiency, being equipped with a powerful engine.

It has a reverse function, allowing easy restart after operation.


It is equipped with a single gear.

Naumann NM-120

Among the most advantageous offers in terms of price, the Naumann NM-120 shredder is an efficient device, equipped with a medium power motor, with a value of 1500 W. The processing capacity is 1.5 Kg per minute. In terms of functions, the car has a single gear and reverse function, options that allow it to perform well.

The product is properly accessorized, with 3 different types of sieve, funnel for preparing sausages, accessory for meatballs and kebabs, juicer for tomatoes and roomy feeding tray. So, it is a multifunctional shredder, despite the very affordable price.

The ergonomic design allows easy maintenance, and the reliability is underlined by the metal gear with optimal sealing, the quick and intuitive assembly system and the automatic fastening system with specific button for ejection. The detachable parts are easy to clean in the dishwasher, the sieves and the knife being made of stainless steel, and the hard plastic case and the internal metal body offer optimal durability.

It has a very good price / quality ratio.

It is a multifunctional device, allowing the preparation of sausages and soft fruit juices.

It offers a good, uninterrupted efficiency, being provided with reverse function.

It is easy to maintain, easy to assemble and sanitizes quickly.


It only offers the option of a single gear.

Shredders – Review and comparison in 2021

When you want to cook very varied, you most likely want to have the best mincer in the kitchen, which will help you grind all kinds of ingredients and prepare them as simply as possible. You can easily buy such household items from online stores, and the list we are going to present to you could be useful. The most interesting product we found wasBosch MFW67440 , a mincer that includes a large number of accessories, so you can use it to grind meat, vegetables and cheese, but also to make sausages or kebbe meatballs, working with a power of 2000W and having a capacity of 3.5 kg / min. If what you are looking for is an industrial model, on the 2nd place we have the Clivia ANG-ALL-150 .

In-depth reviews about the best shredders

You can easily buy shredders from online stores, if you want to buy the products presented in the list below.

Meat grinder

Bosch MFW67440

If you want to buy a quality meat mincer, which gives you the opportunity to use it in a variety of ways, this might be to your liking. It can be used to cook a lot of dishes, because it not only grinds the meat with the help of blades made of stainless steel, but also comes with accessories for kebbe meatballs, sausages, chopped vegetables / cheeses.

This product has a power of 2000W, to cope successfully and when it is more demanding and works with a capacity of 3.5 kg / min. It is not difficult to use, because the buttons are intuitive and you have accessories such as: discs of various sizes, food pusher and funnel.

The dimensions you will find for this shredder model are 25.4 x 19.9 x 29.5 cm, and the weight is 5.33 kg, a fairly high value. It has a handle that makes it easy to transport and store and compartments where the discs and power cord can be stored. You can’t adjust its speed, because there is only one gear in this regard.

Meat grinder, professional

Clivia ANG-ALL-150

When it comes to chopping a large amount of meat, if you want everything to be done in the shortest possible time, you need a professional machine, such as the Clivia ANG-ALL-150. Even though it has a power of only 800 watts, it works at a speed of 190 rpm and has a production capacity of 150 kg / h.

This device is made in such a way as to withstand as long as possible the long stress, being made mostly of stainless steel. The purchase package contains accessories such as: 2 sieves with a grain size of 6 and 8 mm, respectively, a sausage funnel, a tray that facilitates the placement of ingredients in the space for crushing and a device that helps push mixtures into the feed tube.

Being a professional meat mincer, it needs a fixed place to sit, because it has quite large dimensions 44 x 27 X 42 cm and a significant weight – 21 kg. The power supply is made at a normal 220V socket.

Meat grinder, electric

Bosch MFW67450

Each of us wants the products we buy to be used as widely as possible. The same happens with this meat grinder, which comes with all kinds of accessories that will offer a very pleasant experience: 3 sieves of different sizes, sausage heads, kebbe and red meatballs, filling tray and pushing tube.

Those who choose to buy this product are very pleased that it works with a power of 2000W and can get in a single minute a quantity of 3.5 kg of minced meat. Everything will be simple and fast and you will not get entangled in a lot of buttons. The item is also equipped with storage spaces for power cable and cutting discs.

This appliance, which can also be used as a tomato chopper, has dimensions of 29.5 x 19.9 x 25.4 cm and weighs 6.1 kg. They are not very high values, but you have to think about where to store it because it still takes up quite a lot of space. During the work process it emits a rather loud noise, of 82 dB.

Daewoo DMG099

Are you looking for a meat grinder that is as simple as possible and helps you grind this ingredient, but also others, when you need it? This device from Daewoo may be right for you.

The product we are talking about now is equipped with a cutting blade made of stainless steel, to do everything as well as possible, and has a motor with a power of 1300W, large enough for home use. The capacity it provides is 1kg / min, so everything happens very quickly. In order to be able to use this device in a varied and simple way, in the package you will find three cutting discs of different sizes, a tube for pushing food, a funnel and accessories for sausages and kebbe.

This electric meat grinder has dimensions of 34.5 x 26.8 x 32.4 cm and a weight of 5.1 kg. It is silver in color and is made of stainless steel. The noise emitted during operation is 84 dB.

Heinner shredder

Heinner MG1500TA-BG

This product is one that we recommend primarily to people who do not have a very large budget to invest in a Heinner shredder. It has an affordable price and features that make it appreciated in any home: 1600W power, shredding capacity 2 kg / min, blades made of stainless steel.

In order to enjoy a more varied experience and to be able to cook various dishes with the help of this device, in the package you will also find: 3 sieves with holes of different sizes (3/5/7 mm), sausage accessories, kebbe and tomatoes, a funnel and a mixing tube.

This article is easy to use, with intuitive buttons. The base is provided with feet that prevent slipping, and the noise produced during use is quite high, with a value of 89 dB. It is easy to handle, weighing only 3.6 kg.

Heinner MG-2100RD

Heinner MG-2100RD is an electric meat grinder, which is made to be strong enough to do its job as quickly as possible, but also durable over time, even if you use it very often, because it has a motor large, 2100W. It offers a crushing capacity of 1.8 kg / min.

Many people appreciate this option for the fact that it comes with accessories that allow the preparation of various dishes (sausage tube, tomato system, kebbe accessory), but also elements that help safety (mixing tube) and the total improvement of the experience (tray power supply, discs of various sizes, stainless steel knife).

90 dB is the noise that this car can produce in operation, and this is not very pleasant, if you want something as quiet as possible. It is stable during use, based on anti-slip feet. Be careful when making tomato juice, because during the process it sprinkles quite hard what is around.

Meat grinder, manual

MACO 4026

There are people who do not want to use electric shredders, but want to go for the older, manual versions. The product we are talking about now is part of the category of those who do not have an engine to be set in motion, but you need to make physical effort by turning a crank.

This manual meat grinder is made of aluminum, a strong and durable material. It comes with two cutting discs with holes of different sizes and can be used for other mixtures, such as those needed when you want to prepare bean stew, chickpea paste, etc.

In order to use this item, it is attached to a flat, hard surface and tightened with a screw that comes threaded. The product is very easy to clean and you can completely immerse it in water to remove dirt from all the holes.

Tomato chopper

Italy Gulliver

When a red shredder is needed, those who have tested several variants know how many headaches an electric model can give, which is why they turn their attention to manual variants, such as the one we want to talk about. a little in the following.

The machine is made of stainless steel, a material that will offer strength and durability and is appreciated for the fact that during the pressing of the tomatoes it does not freeze, but everything goes smoothly and quickly. It has a height of 30 cm, is fixed on a flat surface and has a spacious tub, measuring 17 x 22.5 cm.

This product is very easy to clean with hot water, having no electronic components. During the process of making the juice, the splashes can be scattered around it, which is why we recommend using it in an open space or in a place where it is not difficult to clean, if too much dirt is made.

Apple grinder

Little Farmer, 1.1 kW

If you need a machine to chop apples, pears, plums or other fruits that you grow in your orchard, you may be interested in this product. It is a crusher that can be used when you want to quickly and easily grind all kinds of fruits, to prepare various drinks or to give them to animals.

This device has a very powerful motor, 1100W, which moves a drum made of steel, provided with spikes that crush everything very well. It moves with a very high speed of 1450 rpm and has a production capacity of 500 kg / h.

The feeding tank of this crusher allows the incorporation of a quantity of 23 kg of fruit. The total dimensions of the product are 650 x 395 x 525 mm, and the weight is 23 kg. It is very easy to clean, even with a hose, but be careful not to let water get into the electrical part. The required supply voltage is 220V.


Grunberg GR748

If you want to grind nuts, our recommendation for you is this cheap and good mincer, which has the great advantage of not getting stuck. It is a manual model and is fixed to the worktop with a metal screw system.

The product is made of metal and plastic, the blade being made of durable stainless steel. Having no electrical components, it is very easy to clean, you can put it directly under the water jet and it can be used anywhere, regardless of a power outlet. To act on the ingredients inside, you must rotate a handle clockwise.

This manual nut machine can also be used for peanuts, cheese or other ingredients. It has dimensions of 28.5 x 8 x 21 cm and is white. Given the shade, it is not very practical and any stain will be easily noticed. Clean it in time so that dirt does not enter the material.

Buying guide

The mincer is an appliance that is not missing from the kitchen of housewives who want to cook in a variety of ways. It can be used for both meat and fruits and vegetables. In the following, we will try to help you make such a choice easier, talking to you about the most important aspects that you must follow in such an acquisition.

Type : For starters, an important feature is the way the shredder is set in motion. You will encounter two options:

Manual – using it involves physical effort on your part, and the time allocated to the whole process will be quite long. It does not require a power supply to use it and has a very affordable price.

Electrica – such a device will help you make everything much easier and faster, just by pressing a button. You will be able to prepare in a very short time the mixtures you need and you always depend on a source of electricity.

Purpose : When you want to buy a shredder, at a good price, you have to think in advance about what you need it for, because not all are the same.

For meat – are the classic models, equipped with a snail type system, which have knives and discs with holes of certain sizes. They can also be used to grind other foods such as: boiled grains, nuts, potatoes, etc. and can be operated manually or started electrically by pressing a button.

For sausages – there are variants that have in their endowment special accessories, which allow the realization of such dishes. They have an end that helps to fill the membrane with the prepared mixture.

For tomatoes – such choppers have special heads, which allow you to grind tomatoes, squeeze them and separate the seeds from the pulp and juice, so you can use them to make tomato broth or juice.

For fruits – are made with the help of mechanisms that have graters that make it possible to grind the fruit, so they can then be used to make juices from various mixtures or to be given as animal feed.

Technical characteristics : Buying shredders (at good prices) involves paying attention to the more technical details. Here, you should be interested:

Power – the higher this index, the faster the device will work and will be able to act on harder textures. Usually, for a home model, any value that revolves around 1300W is enough. If you frequently use such a device and you want as much power as possible, you can also choose 2000-2500W devices, and if you have a business that involves the use of such an accessory, then you should turn your attention to variants that offer at least 3000W.

Number of speeds – if you want to be able to adjust the way a shredder works, then it is good to make sure that it offers you the possibility to adjust the working speed, in 2-3 steps.

Shredding capacity – if you want to be as well informed as possible about the speed with which such a device works, you must follow this detail, which is expressed in kilograms per minute.

Blade materials – if you want the item you use to have knives as strong as possible, to grind everything as well as possible, opt for variants made of stainless steel.

Noise level – is a feature that you should not ignore if you are bothered by the loud sound that such devices make. Usually, this index is around 75 dB (as if someone were shouting very loudly or barking at a large dog).

Dimensions : Such a product usually takes up quite a lot of space, which is why you have to pay attention to the sizes it has, to get an idea of where you want to store it, for that it is not an item that you use daily (except in cases where you have a job that involves daily use).

Included accessories : When you buy a shredder, at a good price, it is delivered with accessories that make it usable for various purposes or to act in a certain way:

Cutting discs – to be able to choose how small you want to work.

Sausage accessory – if you want to make such dishes.

Tomato accessory – in case you want a device with which you can make tomato juice or broth.

Food pusher – to insert the ingredients into the chopping board with a smile and to make everything as simple as possible.

Tray – to make it easier to place the food on which you want the machine to act in the filling tube.

Now it will be much easier for you to make opinions about the best shredders, because you have found out which models we recommend and how exactly you should choose them. Go to the websites of online stores and see what items you find that you like.

Frequent questions

How much does an electric shredder cost?

The prices of such products are very varied, because one is to buy a machine chopped cabbage, another is to need a variant for tomatoes or fruits. Then, the power of the device, the functions it has and the included accessories matter a lot.

If you want a model as simple as possible, classic, the costs start at around 150 lei. If you want more efficient variants, then you will have to invest around 200-300 lei, and if you want the best possible models, without taking into account the budget, you will also find appliances at 3,000-4,000 lei, for home use and 20,000-25,000 lei, for industrial environments.

How to sharpen the shredder knife?

If the blades don’t cut anymore and you want to make them as efficient as at the beginning, you can do everything simply and quickly, with the help of a piece of emery. Place it on a flat surface and then rub the knife well until it becomes shiny and smooth.

How to start a Heinner meat grinder?

Because Heinner has cheap and good shredders, many people buy them. They are very simple to use and usually have a button that you have to press depending on what you want.

How to make sausages in a mincer?

For some people, the best mincer is the one that is able to help prepare sausages. For this, you need a device that has a special accessory.

Electric shredder – precautions in use

It doesn’t matter if you use the best or the cheapest shredders, there are a number of precautions to keep in mind:

1. Do not push the ingredients into the feed hole with your fingers, but use the special pusher that you will find in the purchase package.

2. Do not remove knives or other accessories when the car is connected to the power supply, but disconnect everything, because there is a danger of electric shock, and in addition you can not know how to accidentally touch the start button.

3. Do not use programmable or extension sockets, but the main socket you have in the kitchen or in the space where you prepare what you need.

4. Don’t force the car more than it can handle, with all sorts of textures that could be too harsh for what it can do.

5. Do not use the appliance for a longer period than recommended in the instructions, if you want to avoid overheating and / or burning the engine.

6. Do not use the product if you notice that there are certain problems with the power cord or other essential components for proper operation.

These are some of the important things to keep in mind. Keep them in mind, even if some of them seem trivial. They can endanger your life or damage the device faster than you would like.

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