the best side by side refrigerator to cheapest

the best side by side refrigerator to cheapest

If you have a large family or you just want a very spacious, large refrigerator, we present the best side by side refrigerator and no frost refrigerator, with 2 doors that you can buy, starting from the cheapest to the ones in top 10. In 2021 on Emag, Flanco, Media Galaxy or Altex, you can find a wide range of brands of refrigerators and offers from Samsung, Beko, Whirlpool, LG, Electrolux, Heinner, Daewoo, Franke, Gorenje or Bosch. These refrigerators are available in stainless steel, gray, white, beige or black finish. Choose the best side-by-side refrigerator with confidence.

The best refrigerators and side by side refrigerators – TOP 10 new models

Side by side refrigerator LG GSJ961NSVZ Door in Door

the best side by side refrigerator to cheapest

A very successful model of a good LG side by side refrigerator , with stainless steel finish and energy class A ++. It has an inverter compressor and is one of the most economical side by side refrigerators on the market. Inside it ensures a generous volume of 601 l, very well compartmentalized and designed to make the user's life easier.

It is basically a 4-door refrigerator , and it looks a bit like the French door type. It's no frost, so you can rest assured that your products will always be fresh. The water dispenser is at hand for the user, so you can enjoy cold water at any time. It is definitely one of the best side by side refrigerators.

Samsung RS67N8210S9 Side by side refrigerator-freezer

the best side by side refrigerator to cheapest

This 2-door side-by-side refrigerator-freezer model from Samsung has an inverter time compressor and a Full No Frost cooling system. In short, this means that the inverter system ensures you energy efficiency and high silence.

The Full No Frost system will ensure a constant temperature inside, by circulating the air inside, and will save you from the need to periodically defrost the refrigerator and the freezer. The water dispenser is an extra option, which can be very useful, especially since it can connect directly to the water network.

Side by side LG GSX961MCVZ InstaView Door in Door

the best side by side refrigerator to cheapest

A truly spectacular side by side refrigerator from LG. It has a volume of 601 liters and energy class A ++. It has full no frost cooling technology and is equipped with a linear inverter compressor.

Door-in-Door technology also brings you InstaView Door-in-Door . Now, you have to double-tap the bottle to turn on the light inside so you can see and find your favorite products inside an LG with InstaView Door-in-Door.

Fridge Side by side Electrolux EN6086JOX

the best side by side refrigerator to cheapest

Now you can place more food and see in a movement what you have in this French door refrigerator Electrolux . Once you open this French model of this very wide refrigerator, enjoy an overview of all the fresh food inside. This french door refrigerator allows you a good view and makes it easier to plan purchases or prepare food.

The refrigerator is full no frost , has energy class A +, with a consumption of 410 kWh. The noise level is 43 dB, good and quiet.

Side by Side Midea HC-689WENBG refrigerator-freezer

the best side by side refrigerator to cheapest

This total no frost refrigerator from Midea has a more than generous storage space, with a capacity of 510 l. The shelves offer you the opportunity to organize food, due to the construction oriented towards utility and ease of use so that you can place with ease, a large amount of products.

It has energy class A + and a height of 177.5 cm. It benefits from an efficient and reliable inverter compressor.

Side by side bun Toshiba GR-RS508WE-PMJ refrigerator

the best side by side refrigerator to cheapest

We present a sideby side no frost refrigerator from Toshiba . It has energy class A ++, a useful volume of 490 liters and dual inverter technology. This technology involves a compressor connected with 2 separate fans. They have low energy consumption and low noise, which ensures a very good performance in the long run.

This side by side refrigerator has a water and ice dispenser , both cubes and crushed. It has a cold water tank that has a built-in filter. So it has a lot of innovative technology. All this comes at a very good price.

Fridge Side by Side no frost Bosch KAD93VIFP

the best side by side refrigerator to cheapest

This side-by-side refrigerator-freezer is a perfect choice for those who appreciate German quality. It looks and is very robust and reliable.

The stainless steel finish gives it a premium look. The intelligent temperature regulation and control system ensures a very good performance. The generous volume, correlated with a moderate energy consumption, places it in our top.

Liebherr SBS 7212 Side by side refrigerator

the best side by side refrigerator to cheapest

This brand is famous for its quality German products. This model is impressive for its exceptional interior volume of 640 l, combined with good consumption for its size. It is relatively silentions, only 42 dB. It has a lot of intelligent temperature control systems, which help it to be extremely efficient.

Beko GN163320PT Side by side refrigerator-freezer

the best side by side refrigerator to cheapest

Beko GN163320PT is a cheap side by side refrigerator model, more affordable than the above brands. It has a good performance for the money paid. Comes with an inverter compressor, a 21-hour battery-free range and a water dispenser. It has an average noise level, as well as a slightly higher consumption than the competition.

Cheap Side-Light SSM-510A + Side by Side Fridge

the best side by side refrigerator to cheapest

Star-Light brings you a cheap side by side refrigerator , which is totally no frost and has the energy efficiency class A +. The generous capacity is 510 liters , compartmentalizing very well to be able to place as many products as possible.

You have a digital display, super cooling function and in addition, the stainless steel finish is simply impeccable. Not to mention the fact that this cheap side by side refrigerator has a very good price .

It is very important to know some particularities that make the difference between side-by-side refrigerators, and in this article we aim to show you the small details that make the difference. We are sure that every buyer will find their favorite side by side refrigerator model. we can only suggest some models that we consider to be top in the context of price-quality ratio.

How to choose a good side by side refrigerator

Below we present some criteria for selecting side by side refrigerators, which can help you make the best choice.

the best side by side refrigerator to cheapest

The volume inside the refrigerator side by side

The internal volume of these refrigerators varies between 500 and 700 liters, and the choice must be made depending on the size of the family. It is good to keep me, as in most situations, a higher interior volume means a higher acquisition cost, and a higher energy consumption. It is important that the volume of the combine is chosen depending on the needs you have. Remember that this type of refrigerator is quite large, and will not fit in a narrow space. Consider the dimensions of the interior doors to make sure you have it in the house. There is also a built-in side-by-side combination, but it is less common and costs more.

With or without water dispenser

Side-by-side refrigerators include models with water dispensers, and models that do not have this option. If you want such a system, you should know that some models have a container that is manually filled with water and is cooled, and others can be connected directly to the water network. Check this aspect in the product description.

The advantages of an inverter compressor for side by side refrigerators

Most top-by-side models have inverter compressors. The advantages of such a system are energy efficiency and quietness. An inverter compressor is even more reliable, with most manufacturers offering a generous warranty for this part. If you have a choice between an inverter refrigerator and a one with a classic compressor, opt for the first option.

Energy class A +++, A ++, A + and A

The logic is simple. Always choose the highest energy class, in the budget you have set. In most cases, a higher energy class means more energy consumption.

The noise produced

Gone are the days when refrigerators made sounds like the engine of a tractor. However, it is advisable to choose a refrigerator with a noise level below 40 dB. In this way, the existence of the compressor will be almost imperceptible.

Which band do I choose: Samsung, LG, Bosch, Liebherr, Beko or Whirlpool?

Choose first of all according to the characteristics for the best side by side refrigerator, but also take into account the brand. LG, Samsung, Bosch or Liebherr have been recommended over the years as very reliable and fine devices. The first 2 mentioned are perfect for home use, and the next 2 are on a premium segment, we can even say professionally.

The advantages of a good side-by-side refrigerator

Side-by-side refrigerators first appeared on the American market in the middle of the last century. The term itself literally means next to each other. In other words, the freezer and the refrigerator are not together, but are next to each other. On the outside, the side by side refrigerator looks like a spacious closet with 2 doors.

The decoration materials are presented in a vibrant style of lifestyle and modern eating habits. A huge quick freezer is arranged behind a separate door to make life easier for those who prefer to consume frozen products. The refrigerator is good for semi-prepared products and fresh products, bought in large quantities. Thus, the freezer can remain closed to save energy and money. In addition to these concerns, the side refrigerator also provides a three-week supply of food for a family of 5 or even 6 members.

The huge storage volume is still the main benefit of a two-door refrigerator. The owner controls over 500 liters of usable volume, some of which can be configured as needed. A large room for the refrigeration area on the entire height of the unit can accommodate even bulky food. You can easily save whole carcasses of turkey or big fish in it.

The main apparent advantage is the flexibility of the internal space of the good side by side refrigerator. You can adjust the height and position of the shelf depending on the size of the material, ie the storage container. Manufacturers also guarantee that products can always be found refrigerated at the optimum temperature. Boxes for vegetables and fruits are made of transparent plastic and then placed in the refrigerator in a detachable container.

Side by side refrigerator technology

Good side by side refrigerators are examples of modern technology. Two-door models usually come with a number of impressive additional features.

Due to the dual-circuit cooling device, the strong resistance to lateral frost mainly guarantees adequate storage conditions. All models are equipped with an electric controller, with which you can set the temperature in any compartment. The turbo cooler and freezer are very isolated from each other, so there is no food smell between them. If necessary, you can use one compartment by stopping the other compartment.

The best side by side refrigerators are divided into two types: an indivisible modified form and a system consisting of two independent units. The first variety is easier to transport and install, while the second variety needs more special handling.

No frost technology

The equipment is up to date with a modern automatic defrost system. The simpler models use refrigerator ventilation technology and no frost freezer technology. The face is equipped with a complete cooling system – a coolant guard system is used in both rooms.

Control panel to the best side by side refrigerator

The control panel is a touch screen, usually a large color screen. The display shows the temperature in the refrigerator and freezer compartments, the instructions for use of the functions and various warning messages, such as errors. Most models can indicate an increase in room temperature and can prevent the door from opening on the left. It is important to choose an intuitive and very well developed control solution.

Temperature zones

The cold zone and the zero compartment are the popular side cooling options. The 0 degree zone is a separate compartment of the cold room, in which a certain temperature range and humidity level are observed. These depend on the product that is supposed to be used in the compartment. If they are fruits and vegetables, the room is kept at a temperature of about 0-3 degrees Celsius and high humidity. Meat, fish and cheese can be stored at 1 degree Celsius and medium humidity. This separation is often called the 0 degree zone. This is a separate compartment with an independent door, and the temperature can be adjusted here as well.

This area is intended for storing perishable products such as salads, dairy products, meat or fresh vegetables. The air flows for cooling are supplied from the freezer, but due to the tightness of the chamber, they do not penetrate inside, so the temperature in it is maintained between 0 and 2 degrees Celsius.

A distinctive feature of the best side by side refrigerator is the presence of several temperature zones with a controlled climate. These include a freezer, 0 degree zone, a variable humidity compartment or a mini bar compartment.

The ice generator

Many models of two-door refrigerators have incorporated an ice maker, a device used to prepare ice and separate it from other foods, so that it does not absorb odors. The ice supplier is equipped with a dedicated water pipe or connected to the water supply. Ice cubes are usually made in the shape of a cube, but more advanced models are equipped with knives to make ice cubes. The ice generator will usually integrate the water supply to cool the distributor.

Behind the refrigerator door is a refrigerator – a storage box with a glass door. The drink can be removed without opening the refrigerator or interrupting storage.

The freezer compartment or just the freezer is used for long-term storage of frozen products, and its usual temperature is -17 degrees. This area of the side-by-side refrigerator should be equipped with the No Frost system.

The variable humidity compartment is useful for storing vegetables, fruits and herbs. If necessary, you can activate the dry air supply in the compartment.

The mini bar compartment, as the name suggests, is designed to store juices, water, alcohol. The temperature in it is 3 degrees lower than in the main room, which allows you to enjoy cold juice, wine or other drinks on hot summer days.

Fast freezing option

A useful option for your freezer is the accelerated freezing mode, which allows you to temporarily reduce the indoor temperature. It is recommended to open the freezer before filling it with fresh food. If you have products already frozen, it will not suffer. Meat, fish and fruits are pretentious and can lose their nutrients due to violation of the temperature regime when other foods are introduced into the frozen. They emit a certain dose of heat.

The best side by side refrigerator for your family

If you have a large family and therefore need more storage space in the refrigerator, a side-by-side refrigerator is an excellent choice. Partition walls built optimally for the refrigerator and freezer offer enough space for food storage.

Often to facilitate convenient storage, the entire capacity of the refrigerator is conveniently divided into compartments. These refrigerators come with a range of improved technologies to include a more powerful cooling system, such as automatic defrosting, digital sensors and so on. Although they are very expensive, due to their excellent efficiency and modernized features, they are completely worth the money.

The significant difference between a side by side refrigerator and a conventional refrigerator is its capacity. For an average family, the two-door refrigerator is ideal. More than the capacity of the freezer is the capacity of the refrigerator section. Inside the refrigerator, they have excellent air circulation. However, not all come with touch screens and other modern features. It costs much less than side-by-side refrigerators.

If you have a large family with several people, a good side by side refrigerator can be used. Based on the specifications, the ratio of refrigerator and freezer must be selected intelligently. The cold air ventilation is excellent and makes the whole refrigerator cool and fresh.

One significant thing to remember is that it uses much more space than a regular refrigerator. For separate compartments, the side by side refrigerator often has an ideal cooling system, so that the goods are stored at their recommended temperature range. In all respects, such as caliber, efficiency, longevity and features, the refrigerator stands out. You can find such refrigerators at decent prices, so in the end it is accessible to almost any urban family.

Construction of a good side by side refrigerator

Two narrow doors that limit two different compartments are the basis of a side-by-side refrigerator. Usually, the left compartment is the freezer part and the right part is the refrigerator part. The style is similar to that of a wardrobe. Such an arrangement of the cooling chambers makes the internal cavity spacious. Some models are also equipped with water dispensers directly in the door. This function allows consumers, without even opening the refrigerator, to fill any dish with cold water.

The best side by side refrigerators have large storage capacities, from 440 to 750 liters. The separate entrance, as well as other technical solutions in various cooling chambers, will help you save energy consumption. These refrigerators are suitable for large families with high storage requirements.

Refrigerators have different shapes and sizes, and the capacity of each of them depends on the model. The total size of the best side by side refrigerator would be about 600 liters, which would be adequate to meet all the needs of members of a large family.

With regular use, the temperature inside the refrigerator will change, especially between the top and bottom of the appliance, as the warm air rises. The rear cooling element is in many refrigerators and these systems would be cooler in the back than in the front. In addition to opening and closing the door, ventilation fans can allow the temperature to vary.

Setting the internal temperature of the refrigerator to about 0 degrees Celsius is a safe rule to keep your food in optimal condition. Threaten to reduce the shelf life of food and the potential for food spoilage if the internal temperature rises above 4 degrees Celsius.

Refrigerator size side by side

When you start looking for a new refrigerator, the most important factor is the size you need. A common misconception is that it would work if you actually analyze the room you have and find a refrigerator of certain sizes. Height, depth and width are just the beginning. Make sure that the door opening space, the free space you will need to fit the door hinge, the ventilation space, the cleaning space and how you can bring the refrigerator into the house and kitchen are really taken into account. . Measure the entire path that the new refrigerator would take to enter the kitchen.

Be sure to take several samples from different positions if the cabinets or floors are uneven. Then measure the room from the floor to the edge of the closet. From side to side, then measure the distance. Then take a measurement closer to the front of the cabinet and a measurement closer to the back wall. Take a measurement at the top as well as at the bottom of the room. Measure the opening depth, from the back wall to the front of the counters.

To remove drawers or access all shelves, many refrigerators need the doors to be fully open. Make sure the doors do not touch the shelves, counters, other appliances or islands for breakfast. If you have a small kitchen, take an extra note.

Is there enough space on the side of the refrigerator hinge to open the door without touching your walls? A simple rule of thumb is that for the hinge to fit properly and protect the wall from the door handle – you will need at least two inches of extra space.

How do you plan to use the refrigerator

When buying a refrigerator, one thing to keep in mind is how much you cook at home. You will like to save money by buying larger quantities in bulk or not. In this case, the set of criteria should include a higher freezing capacity. Or browse and go to the supermarket regularly for more fresh food. Make sure you have enough space for fresh produce. Pay special attention to the size of the freezer compartment, especially for a side by side model if you buy frozen products such as meat, frozen or semi-prepared vegetables.

Efficiency class

You would want to consider energy efficiency and you will probably have the refrigerator for a long time. This would affect the costs associated with the long-term use of the refrigerator. Energy consumption will make a big difference in the cost of operating the refrigerator over its lifetime and it is certainly a reasonable decision to choose an energy efficient refrigerator. Buying an A ++ or A +++ refrigerator is always a smart choice and will be stronger and will be a lesser burden for your pocket.

Make sure you have about an extra inch of space above and behind the refrigerator. More energy will be needed if the refrigerator is not well ventilated, then it will damage the engine or compressor.

Check the rubber gasket of the refrigerator doors

Although this significant plastic liner is essential to ensure that your refrigerator works smoothly and efficiently, it can often be easily forgotten.

This insulator, also known as a gasket, prevents hot air from entering the refrigerator. For gaskets, it is very natural to wear and lose some of the suction when the doors are open and closed continuously. Although your refrigerator will work successfully for years, after only a few years of use it is inevitable that the gasket will weaken or break.

If this major sealant starts to malfunction, the side by side refrigerator will start to work more and more to keep your food cold, causing higher energy costs and a shorter lifespan.

Reduce the use of the compressor to take into account the external temperatures, keeping the refrigerator away from the heaters, the dishwasher and the intense sun from a window. It should stay in a cool place with normal humidity.

Do not put hot food in the refrigerator

Allow the products to cool to room temperature and seal or cover them securely until they are stored in the refrigerator. This reduces the heat inside the appliance, which allows the compressor to run less. Immediately increase the efficiency of your refrigerator by opening the refrigerator or freezer door less. Make good use of these organizer ideas and build a clean refrigerator. Reduce the time of the open door, because things are easily available, which turns into energy savings.

Side-by-side refrigerators, because they have become a fundamental commodity for the household, are no longer luxury items. After all, you put your money earned into buying this home refrigerator. A little caution will save you a lot of money. In this sense, it is good to study the subject a bit before purchasing, in order to make an inspired decision. Moreover, you will enjoy a high-performance and easy-to-use side-by-side refrigerator. The abundance of products on the market also comes with certain risks, and you can reduce them considerably if you do a little reseach. Smartly choose a product with a good value for money.

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