the best slicer for vegetables to buy

Slicers – Review and comparison in 2021


Are you tired of cutting vegetables, sausages and cheeses by hand and would you like to buy a slicer to simplify things? Browse this guide and find out how to choose a suitable model, or, if you are in a hurry, check directly two quality options, included in the top of our recommendations. We offer youHendi Profi Line 300 if you keep up, preferring a professional model, with a powerful motor and adjustable slicing thickness, which can be used for both sausages and cheese. For those who are looking for a vegetable slicer, in a fast and original way, we recommend WonderEsque Spiralizer as an alternative.


Comparative table

Version with professional level performance, equipped with a 420W motor and a blade with a diameter of 30mm, which offers a cutting width of up to 20mm. It allows the adjustment of the thickness of the slices, up to 15mm, and can be used both on sausages and for cheeses or vegetables, being recommended for commercial use.

The aluminum case is a little harder to maintain than the steel ones, and the price exceeds the average level specific to household options.

Slicer suitable for frequent use, on large quantities of food, in households or restaurants or meat or dairy stores.

Model for easy and efficient slicing of vegetables, which can be used for carrots, squash, cucumbers, beets, etc. to get thin spirals or chips. It attaches well to countertops with a smooth surface, being provided with a strong suction cup and includes accessories with dedicated space in the structure of the appliance, for easy storage.

It’s a manual version, so you have to use physical force to get it moving, but it’s easy to use.

Vegetable slicing device, suitable for families with children and homes where the menu often includes salads and sauteed or deep fried vegetables.

Slicer specially designed to cut vegetables into longitudinal segments, ideal for households where straw potatoes are frequently consumed. It is a manual version, so it does not consume electricity, has a simple structure, easy to clean and maintain, saves time and eliminates the risk of cutting associated with the use of the knife.

It involves a force large enough to activate the lever that pushes the vegetables through the sieve, which makes it less suitable for children and the elderly.

It is a device designed for the preparation of straw vegetables, with manual use, easy to store and maintain, made of resistant metal and plastic.

In-depth reviews about the best slicers

Are you looking for a slicer model, at a good price, to reduce the time spent cutting food? If you have already read our guide, we present you some options appreciated by the people who use them in your personal kitchen, from which you can choose the right device for you.



Sausage slicer:


Hendi Profi Line 300

the best slicer for vegetables to buy

Do you want to buy a sausage slicer, strong enough to be used for cheese, frequently and on large volumes of food? We offer you Hendi Profi Line 300, with anti-slip feet and safety system, which helps you use it without endangering your hands. It is provided with a sleigh-type protection for safe food handling, and the engine is air-cooled for long-term operation.

The blade provides you with a cutting width of up to 20mm, and in terms of slice thickness, you can adapt it to your preferences, up to a maximum level of 15mm. It is a professional sausage slicer, with a 420W motor, which helps the blade to pass easily through dense textures and allows continuous use for several hours.

The case is made of aluminum, a little more difficult to clean than stainless steel alternatives, but the components come off easily, for washing and maintenance. In addition, the blade is equipped with a self-sharpening system.



Metro Professional 195mm

the best slicer for vegetables to buy

From the category of professional options, we also recommend the Metro Professional 195mm model, which can be used just as well as a sausage slicer for home use. It is an electric version, with a 140W motor, so a slightly lower power than other variants in the same category. This means that it will be harder to cope with harder and denser products, so you will be able to cut the cheese, but for short periods of time, up to 30 minutes, so as not to overload it.

Includes 195mm diameter blade, made of stainless steel, so corrosion resistant, with self-sharpening system, which can be detached. You can use it to cut round sausages with a diameter of up to 130mm, and products with rectangular formats, with dimensions of up to 175 x 130mm.

The thickness of the slicing can be easily adjusted, from the rotary knob, in the interval 1 – 15mm, depending on the needs and the sectioned product.



Vegetable slicer:


WonderEsque Spiralizer

the best slicer for vegetables to buy

We suggest WonderEsque Spiralizer if what you are looking for is a vegetable slicer, which will get rid of the standard cut into round slices. This version will help you turn pumpkins, carrots, potatoes, celery, beets, etc. in visually pleasing spirals even for the little ones. You can use the device with a variety of vegetables, but it will be best understood with those that have a slightly larger diameter of 3-4 cm, so try to avoid carrots that are too thin.

It is part of the category of manual options, set in motion by using a crank, but it is easy to use, even by children. It is provided with a suction cup, for efficient fixing on the countertop, and includes two cutting accessories, with dedicated space for storage, so that it does not take up extra space.

You can use it to create thin spirals, spaghetti type, or wider, in which case you can also use it as a chip slicer.



Potato slicer:

Ibili 8411922093544

the best slicer for vegetables to buy

Do you like french fries, but would you like them to look good and cut evenly, like at a restaurant? Try this straw potato slicer, with metal and plastic structure. The device is provided with a grid through which the vegetables are passed forcibly and sectioned (you can also use it with carrots, celery, etc.), thus obtaining several potato segments in a single press.

It is good to know that it is a manual operation and requires some force to cut the vegetables, which means that it is more difficult to use by children or the elderly. In addition, it includes a single cutting grid, so you can’t change the thickness of the potatoes. On the other hand, it will save you a lot of time and is easy to clean and maintain.

This potato slicer has the dimensions of 25 x 9cm, being a compact model, which can be stored without problems even in smaller kitchens. It will not take up too much space on the counter, and the price is affordable. It is not a professional straw potato slicer, so it is less suitable for commercial use.



Professional slicer:

Krups TR522341

the best slicer for vegetables to buy

Many people include this model among the best slicers for occasional use, due to its adaptability to several categories of food and the ease with which it can be used, both at home and in commercial contexts. It is suitable for sausages and cheeses, but also for bread and vegetables.

Includes a plate for capturing sectioned slices, so as to protect the countertop from dirt, which you can also use to serve the products. It works with a 100W motor, power lower than the average of this category, which means that you will not be able to cut very hard or dense textures. It is also good to take breaks at one hour of use, to let the engine cool down, because it is a model of medium slicer, not heavy-duty, recommended for occasional use.

It is made of stainless steel, which makes it easier to maintain than other versions, includes hand protection, sleigh type, and allows you to adjust the thickness of the slices up to a maximum of 22mm.



Bread slicer:


Fix Distribution Castor

the best slicer for vegetables to buy

Fix Distribution Castor is a bread slicer for bakery, semi-automatic, with the capacity to process up to 200 loaves of 800g, every hour. It is therefore a necessary machine both in larger bread factories and in small neighborhood bakeries, which want to be able to sell sliced bread.

It uses 28 vertical knives, put into operation by a 750W and 1400rpm motor, which divide the bread, quickly and easily, into slices with a thickness of 12mm, 14.5mm or 16mm, depending on your preferences, the step being easy to adjust. You can use this bread slicer for products with a maximum width of 420mm and includes, in addition, a support for packing in bags.

All the elements that come in contact with the bread are made of stainless steel, for good corrosion resistance, and the actuation of the knives is done with the help of a lever located on the side of the appliance.



Electric slicer:

Camry CR 4702

the best slicer for vegetables to buy

If you really need such a device, but your budget does not allow you to opt for a premium version, such as a Bosch slicer, we offer you this economical option from Camry, with 200W motor. You can use it to cut vegetables, meat, cheese or bread, but the relatively low power means that at high density, it will work a little harder. So be patient with hard cheese and dry sausages, and try not to overdo it.

The blade has a diameter of 19mm, this being the maximum size of the products you can use it with, and the thickness of the slice can be adjusted in the range 0 – 15mm. It is provided with a pusher, for hand protection, which you can detach for cleaning and storage.

The knife is made of stainless steel, for good corrosion resistance and easier maintenance, and the base includes suction cups for stable fixing on the worktop. It is a household model for occasional use.



Cabbage slicer:

Westmark 10692270

the best slicer for vegetables to buy

Do you have a healthy diet that frequently includes salads based on spinach, cabbage or other vegetables of this kind? You will cut the plants in equal strips much easier with the help of this Westmark cabbage slicer. It is a manual model, with a design similar to vegetable peelers, easy to use and small in size, which make it very easy to store.

Includes handle with ergonomic design, easy to hold and provided with a hole for hanging, plus a sharp stainless steel blade, which makes the cut. It is used by passing the blade over the edge of the cabbage, a movement that determines the sectioning of uniform strips.

You can also use it to remove the peel from potatoes, carrots, celery and other vegetables of this type, to clean them faster and limit the losses generated by removing a thick layer of peel. It is safe enough to be used by older children.



Cake slicer:

Walk IB-732700

the best slicer for vegetables to buy

Do you like to prepare homemade cakes, especially for birthdays or New Year’s Eve, but you don’t manage when it’s time to cut the slices evenly and evenly? We help you with a cake slicer, specially designed to section the top filled with cream and decorated, in slices, in a single movement.

It is a manual version, simple, made of plastic, easy to use. All you have to do is place it on the surface of the cake and press the slicer from top to bottom, firmly, using the two handles included in the design. The structure allows adjustment for cutting 10 or 12 slices, depending on the number of people you need to serve.

We draw your attention to the fact that this model is suitable for cakes with a maximum diameter of 27cm. So you can use it on smaller countertops, but not larger ones. It is available at an affordable price and suitable for both domestic and confectioners. It is not an adjustable slicer for countertops, so it does not allow the countertop to be cut horizontally, in several layers, but to form slices by cutting vertically.



Cheese slicer:


Rollschnitt cheese slicer

the best slicer for vegetables to buy

If you like to make sandwiches at home, with cheese and pressed ham, or in any other combination, but you find it difficult to cut slices equal to the knife, you definitely need a slicer for cheese. You can opt for an electric version, or for a simple, manual model, such as this Rollschnitt version.

The slicer has a design similar to the manual devices for removing vegetable peels, with handle and wide head, with blade. In this case, the whole structure is metallic. The handle and the blade holder are made of aluminum, and the edge is made of stainless steel, for better resistance to oxidation.

You can cut slices with a maximum width of 19.1 cm, and the thickness can be easily varied by changing the angle at which you approach the piece of cheese. It is easy to use and works best on semi-hard cheese, through which you can effortlessly pass, creating straight and uniform slices.


Buying guide

Regardless of the shape in which you find it in stores, a cheap and good slicer has the role of helping you to cut as easily, quickly, evenly and safely as possible, various types of food. Because the devices sold under this name are so different, it is important to know exactly what you are looking for.

The purpose of this guide is to help you quickly and correctly identify the best slicer for your home or business, taking into account the type of food you use for cooking, how often you will use it, the available budget, the engine power. and so on

the best slicer for vegetables to buy

Food categories : You can choose between devices designed for a single type of food (eg a slice of potato chips or one for spiral vegetables) and multifunctional models, which you can use with a variety of products. And those in the first category can sometimes be adapted to cut other foods, but they do not offer as good results and are limited in coverage. For example, in general, you will not be able to use a professional vegetable slicer to cut meat, bread or cheese.

The multifunctional options are usually electric devices, a bit more expensive, which will help you slice almost everything you have around the house in the food category.

You must pay special attention to the purchase when you want to be able to cut cheeses and frozen meat, both requiring a power of at least 0.5HP or 375W and crimped blade, as much as possible, to ensure the longest possible operation of the device.

To be sure that you can use the appliance as you need it, always check carefully the list of foods for which it can be used, listed in the commercial description and the technical manual.


Manual, electric or automatic : The choice between the three categories depends on the frequency of use and the amount of sliced food. If you need a slicer, at a good price, to cut easily and correctly, for a maximum of one hour a day (on average), you can easily handle a manual version, which you can buy at a very affordable price.

Do you have a large family, do you often organize meetings and parties or do you use the slicer at work and you need it for a few hours a day? In order not to invest too much physical energy at this stage, it is better to look for an electric model, suitable for costs and power.

The automatic versions work on their own, respecting the set cutting thickness, with a rate of approximately 40 slices per minute. They are the most expensive as an initial purchase, but they save time for human resources and are preferred by restaurants and sausage factories.


Dimensions : For all slicer models, cheap and good, or expensive and with advanced functions, the diameter of the accepted food products matters a lot. In the case of the simplest versions, manual, pealer type, with handle and one or two horizontal blades, it is given by the width of the knife.

For electric and automatic variants, which usually use a cutting disc, the maximum dimensions of the food that can be cut are given by the diameter of the blade. Most versions of slicers, at good prices, allow a cutting diameter of up to 15 – 19cm.

Section thickness is another important aspect. The electric variants help you to set a given level, but this will be limited by the specifications of the device. In general, you will have a range between 1 and 15mm, but you will find models that go up to 22mm.

Manual models are limited in this respect, because they generally use two-edged edges or a grill with fixed-sized holes through which the food is passed. In this case, most of the time, the dimensions can be varied only by alternating the accessories sold together with the product and a little by the angle in which you place the vegetables, cheese, etc.


Materials : Numerous opinions about the best slicers recommend you to choose electric versions made of stainless steel, easier to maintain than the aluminum ones, but also a bit more expensive. Regarding the blade, it is good to know that if you plan to slice cheese or meat in large quantities, you need a Teflon blade, which is more resistant to stress.

the best slicer for vegetables to buy

Safety :All slicers involve some degree of risk when used, as they include one or more sharp blades. But the electric ones are more dangerous, because you don’t completely control their operation and they are stronger. It is therefore important to look for versions that come with all the necessary safety accessories (pusher, stop, etc.) and that include the option of automatic shut-off, plus a very good system for fixing on the counter.



Frequent questions


How necessary is an electric slicer in the household?

If you are thinking of buying an electric slicer for your home, it is good to know that the usefulness of these devices increases with the frequency of use. They are more expensive than manual ones, but also much easier to use, so if you don’t want to make an effort when cutting various ingredients in the kitchen, a vegetable slicer, electric, or a meat model, can be the ideal solution for you. .

the best slicer for vegetables to buy

Do I really need a slicer of bread?

If you prefer to make homemade bread or buy it, it is usually an unsafe version and you want to be able to cut it yourself, as easy as possible, you can opt for a slicer of homemade bread, with which you will cut much easier and more evenly . You can choose a bread slicer, manual, which uses the force of your body, or an electric version, more suitable for large quantities.


What safety measures are recommended when using an electric slicer?

Regardless of whether you have a professional slicer or a household model, if it is a power supply device, it is important to unplug it when you have finished cutting and whenever you want to clean or move it.

Always place it on a flat surface to avoid slipping and do not use it for frozen products, bones or hard cheese, unless it is designed for this type of food. Always use the basket and pusher, and keep your hands away from the blade during operation.


Grater or slicer – what you need to know

Are you looking for a slicer that is right for you and you often come across presentations that include the terms “grater” and “slicer” in the description of the same product? Here is the difference between them and what each device or function helps you with.

the best slicer for vegetables to buy


At the base, the classic grater is a metal surface, or in some cases, plastic, provided with holes with a sharp edge that serves to cut into food, pieces small enough to move on. They are usually used to create thin and long segments, and only the face with wide blades can be used to obtain larger segments, which will never be whole slices.

Vegetables and cheeses are sectioned by scraping, which means that they are passed through repeated movements, from top to bottom, on the surface of the grater and most are manual.

the best slicer for vegetables to buy


This device is specially designed to obtain slices, ie complete sections, along the entire width of the processed food. They can be manual, semi-automatic or automatic, and generally work by pressing the product through the cutting grill or pushing a moving blade or pushing the blade over the food. An appliance variant of the vegetable slicer is the spiral appliance.

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