the best small microwave ovens to buy in 2021

When you decide to arrange your own kitchen, choosing a cheap and good microwave oven becomes a priority. Unfortunately, with so much business information and advertisements promoting household appliances, it is quite difficult to make an informed decision based on your personal needs. Most of the time, customers go to the first products found in stores or to the cheapest ones, which does not automatically mean their quality or reliability.

That is why we suggest you to analyze some relevant information about microwave ovens, technical characteristics, but also consumer opinions. In this way, you will be able to approach the offers of microwave ovens on the market better documented and you will make the best choice for you.




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the best small microwave ovens to buy in 2021


the best small microwave ovens to buy in 2021


the best small microwave ovens to buy in 2021


the best small microwave ovens to buy in 2021


the best small microwave ovens to buy in 2021


the best small microwave ovens to buy in 2021


the best small microwave ovens to buy in 2021


the best small microwave ovens to buy in 2021


the best small microwave ovens to buy in 2021


the best small microwave ovens to buy in 2021


The specific characteristics of a good microwave oven


The microwave offerings on the market are so numerous that we recommend that you choose the right model depending on what you want that home appliance to do. Simple, compact, low-power models are intended exclusively for defrosting and heating products, and high-power microwave ovens will also be capable of cooking or cooking food, but their purchase prices are much higher.


In general, microwave ovens on the market have a volume between 15 and 30 liters, so it is good to estimate, depending on the size of your family, its required size. Obviously, there is also the aesthetic condition of the integration of the appliance, either on a countertop of a certain size, or incorporated in the kitchen furniture. Evaluate, measure, analyze and only then buy!


Price will always be an important criterion in the purchase of an appliance. On the market you will find a wide range of microwave ovens at various prices, but an investment of this kind with a longer service life, it is worth it at a higher price and with the latest technologies incorporated. A higher price also means a well-known brand on the home appliances market, which guarantees the superior quality of the built-in manufacturing materials.


The aesthetic component of the microwave oven is important for anyone who wants modern and beautiful appliances in their kitchen. You will discover various offers on the commercial market, from the classic white, enameled models, to the most sophisticated stainless steel models, of different colors or with mirror glass. The advantage of white enamelled ones is that they are easy to maintain, and the disadvantage of stainless steel ones is the fingerprints that are difficult to remove after each use.

Available functions

The simplest models of microwave ovens have only the possibility of defrosting and heating food. More complex appliance models incorporate various additional functions which increase their effectiveness in the lives of consumers, such as:

  • The function of storing the most used programs to shorten the command time;
  • The internal self-cleaning function of the oven that maximizes its use;
  • The function of cooking or steaming food extremely used in the kitchen;
  • The I-Wave option that allows cooking food by generating more heat points in a much shorter time;
  • Eco-on option to save electricity involved in the operation of the appliance;
  • Turbo defrost function in record time and extremely quiet;
  • Crips function that ensures a crispy crust for culinary preparations;
  • Keep Warm function of keeping dishes at a constant serving temperature for a long time;
  • The option of child protection by blocking their accidental use by children.

Opinions on the use of the microwave oven


the best small microwave ovens to buy in 2021

There are many opinions that consider the microwave harmful to health. The microwave oven has an element called a magnetron that transforms electricity into electromagnetic radiation, with direct action on water molecules in food and thus produces the heat released. Many consider these radiations harmful because they destroy, in their opinion, the antioxidants in food, leaving them without their essential nutrients. The truth is that antioxidants are destroyed by any method of preparation, either on fire, baking, or by using too much water in cooking. In the case of microwaves, the baking time is much shorter, which would mean that antioxidants are more likely to be preserved.

However, you can eliminate the risks of any problems for your health if you follow some rules of correct use of the microwave oven . E.g:

  • The appliance must be watertight, undamaged to avoid direct exposure to electromagnetic radiation from food or the human body;
  • Food is never heated in plastic, metal or aluminum containers due to the risk of release of chemicals dangerous to the human body from these materials;
  • Moderate use of the microwave oven, like any product that produces radiation and only using heat-resistant glass or ceramic bowls;


The great popularity of this appliance is fully deserved because it makes our home life much easier. The advantages of its use in domestic life are numerous:

  • greatly reduces the time spent in the kitchen for the preparation of food, whether we are talking about thawing, heating or cooking food.
  • the self-cleaning option means time and effort saved.
  • allows to save electricity by reducing the time of defrosting and then food preparation, compared to the classic option of using the stove or oven.
  • it is quiet and extremely easy to use.

Life can be made easier with a quality microwave

The purpose of any appliance is to make our daily work easier, and the microwave oven does this in abundance, through its many benefits to our lives. Whether it's time saved, energy or the ease with which it can be used, the microwave is our reliable partner in the kitchen. Read carefully its important features, set a purchase budget large enough to guide you to newer and better performing models, properly assess the needs of your own family and already half the work is done.

All that remains is to buy the best microwave oven from the many models on the market that will satisfy all your preferences.

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