The best smart switch with touch panel

How do you choose the best smart switch with touch panel? What functions and features should the touch panel switch have according to your needs? Read our guide and choose informed.

The best smart switch with touch panel We are more and more attracted to technology, because it makes our lives much easier, more interesting, and helps us save more time, the most important good of our days.

Slowly, slowly, it made its way even into our homes. Now everything can be smart. It was only a matter of time before smart switches with touch panels appeared.

They allow you to control the light in the house with a simple touch. If you are interested in such a product, read this article to find out how you can choose the best touch panel switch.

Top 3 smart touch switches recommended

Why choose the best smart switch with touch panel?

There is nothing wrong with ordinary switches, but if you still have to replace them or choose some for a new home, it is good to select the latest options on the market , because they represent the future .

Especially if you want to have a so-called smart home , where you can control everything with simple voice commands or from your smartphone, or from the remote control, surely the best option is to choose the installation of switches with touch panel.

How to choose the best smart switch with touch panel

They come with several advantages , from the ability to connect them to intelligent home control systems such as Alexa for example, to the modern and very attractive appearance , as well as the ease of finding them at night.

The best smart switch with touch panel However, in this category there are also very good products and some less good ones. There are also price differences that do not always seem to be justified. In addition, the market offer is very diverse .

In this context, how can you make sure that you choose a product that you can enjoy for a long time to come?

Well, it is wise to inform yourself as well as possible in advance , to know what are the criteria that should attract your attention, and how you can choose suitable options for your home specifically. Once you know exactly your needs and possibilities, it will be clear which is the best choice and what to spend your money on.

We come to your aid through this shopping guide , meant to give you all the information you really need to understand anyone. Here are the things to keep in mind.

Type of touch panel switch

Touch panel switches do the same thing as all the others: they turn on or off the light .

However, they do not have a flap or a button, but just touching the panel is enough for it to take your order. In a way, the principle is the same as for smartphones.

However, there are several technical details related to the operation of the switches, which it is good to know before buying one:

  • Standard touch panel switch

This is a switch that can have one or more touch sensitive points to control multiple bulbs. However, the system will always be simple.

You will only be able to turn on and off the light from a single switch, which is connected to the lamp. There are good options for a single room.

  • Head-to-scale touch panel switch

These are more complex systems than standard ones. The technical difference is that they always have three terminals. Their operation is very useful when you have a house with a floor or a plan of the house with long hallways.

The system involves the installation of two switches . For example, one at the bottom of the stairs and another at the end. Thus, if you turn on the light bulb when you go up the stairs, you no longer have to go down again to turn off the light, but you will be able to control it through the top switch. This variant is much more convenient for very long halls.

  • Cross-type touch panel switch

Cross switches are intermediate elements, which are installed in a system of head-scale switches. They allow the control of the electric current, from an intermediate position.

To better understand, you can think of the light on a 4-storey block of flats. The stair light can be turned off or on on each floor using the input switch.

However, the bulbs can be controlled just as easily from the 1st, 2nd or 3rd floor. In the case of these intermediate structures, cross-type switches are used, and on the top floor, a head-ladder type will be installed.

Some smart models can be adapted and used in both ways, the manufacturer providing the necessary installation scheme for both situations.

  • Touch panel switch with bell

There are also variants that work like a bell . It can be installed outside the apartment or house. It will look very attractive. The ringer will only sound when a person touches the switch.

It won't be that kind of annoying ringing that rings indefinitely, even though the user has long since taken his hand off the switch.


The best smart switch with touch panel A good indication of the quality of such switches is the material from which they are made. Of course, this detail will greatly influence both the appearance and the price of the product, not to mention the resistance.

You want a material that looks just as good in a few years. Here are your options:

  • Plastic or ABS

Plastic is and will remain a durable material . Unfortunately, this is not very good looking. Most plastic or ABS switches are white and have a design that leaves something to be desired .

However, they have the advantage of being cheaper than other materials. If you don't care about their appearance, you can choose them without any worries.

The metal is used more as a design detail , very attractive. Appears in the case of touch panel switches, as their frame. They are considered luxury variants , being even more expensive.

Often, the color of the metal is in the same shade as the switch itself. They are suitable for homes with contemporary or ultra-modern style decor. They will certainly stand out in a special way, and they are also resistant.

  • Secure glass

The most popular material for switches of this kind, because it protects the touch sensors very well, they are easy to use, pleasant to the touch, with a very luxurious glossy finish.

In addition, it is easy to clean. Check the material to be resistant to moisture, fire retardant, but also from scratches . Otherwise, such a special look will soon lose its charm.

Also in this category you will find most design options, the colors ranging from black, gray, white , pink, green, blue, cream or even variants with special prints.

Mounting type

Another aspect you need to check is the type of mounting. It can be recessed or apparent.

  • Switch with built-in touch panel

These are modern variants that have a very refined look. Basically, the switch will not protrude from the wall, but will be embedded in it. It offers modernity to any room. The choice depends on personal preferences.

  • Switch with apparent touch panel

It is thicker and you won't have to make room for it in the wall. Basically, it will stand out just like a normal switch does.

It won't upset the look of a room too much, but if you can, it's worth noting that the recessed ones look better.

Control options

The best smart switch with touch panel The simplest models of touch control switches can be controlled in one way, by your own touch.

But others can be controlled in other ways . For example, some manufacturers provide you with a small remote control that communicates via WI-FI with the smart switch.

Thus, the light can be controlled by you, from wherever you are. The same remote control can control several switches.

Other switches of this kind come with access to an application that allows you to turn your smartphone into a remote control. This way, you will be able to control the light, sometimes even its intensity, directly from your phone.

There are also variants that can be connected to smart home control devices , such as Alexa, Google Home, or other such systems.


If you want to connect the touch switch to an intelligent home monitoring and control system, such as Alexa or Google Home , check the compatibility very well.

Ideally, the manufacturer should specify whether his product can be connected to these devices. In this case, you could control the light by voice commands .

If the manufacturer does not offer such specifications, you have two options. Either check the opinions of other users and reviews on the internet to see if others have managed to make this type of connection, or contact the manufacturer in person by email or phone to ask for details about this issue.

It would be a shame to buy more switches like this, just to find out that you can't fully enjoy their functionality, because they are not compatible with the smart home systems you use.

Number of sensors

Just as a classic switch can be single (single button), double or triple , the same can be applied to smart ones with touch panel.

If the switch is double or triple, it means that you will be able to control from the same panel, several lamps in the house or in the room. The solution is very convenient.

Think about whether you need such a thing, because a triple switch, for example, is more expensive than a simple one.

Touch panel switch: special elements

Some models offer more than just a switch. Very well known are those that incorporate one or more sockets. These devices are very practical, especially in the bedroom.

You can thus install the switch in a very accessible area, so you can turn off the light directly from the bed. At the same time, right next to it you will have a socket that you can use to charge the phone.

The best smart switch with touch panel Another important function with which the switch can be delivered is that of adjusting the light intensity . This adjustment can be made directly from the touch panel, or from the remote control or application.

Thus, depending on the power of the bulbs, you will have a very strong light when needed, but a more discreet one when necessary. This way you will be able to create atmosphere, but also to save electricity.

Last but not least, we must mention those switches that have an LED system, to signal the phase in which they are.

Basically, the LED illuminator will have one color when the light is on, and another when the lamp is off. These LED indicators are especially practical because they help you find the switch more easily at night.


It is very important to choose a touch panel switch to study the manufacturer. There are quite a few on the market that have launched in this segment, and not all of them have a good reputation.

So, take a little interest in the manufacturer's seniority and the products it has released in the past. See if their customers are happy with what they have produced.


You can buy the best touch panel switch online . Here you will find many models that are not available in traditional stores. In addition, you enjoy other benefits.

You no longer waste time walking through stores, you are no longer annoyed by sellers who want to fool you, and you can benefit from much better prices, offers and promotions being more frequent online.

Another advantage is that you have very easy access to the opinion of other users. They can leave their experience either in the review section of the product page, or on a forum or a personal site. You just have to do a simple search and you will be surprised by how many details you will discover about the product, details that the manufacturer probably omits to give.

Don't forget to check the store you want to buy from. It must offer you complete services, ensuring a trouble-free delivery, and give you the opportunity to return the product at no additional cost within 14 days.

The best smart switch with touch panel: recommendations

Taking into account the above tips, analyzing the opinions of buyers and the existing offer, we further recommend some models of smart switches with touch panel that offer an excellent quality / price ratio.

1. Smart Touch switch triple head ladder / cross + 1xSmart WiFi socket + 2xUSB

The best smart switch with touch panel

WiFi switch compatible with the free Smart Life application that can also be operated by voice assistants such as Alexa or Google Home.
The switch connects to the home's WiFi network and can be operated using any Android or Apple device from anywhere in the world.
The connection is made secure between the mobile application, the cloud and the home device via WiFi.
It has the possibility to set timer or programming for closing or ignition.

See details and price

2. Double head / ladder switch with Livolo glass touch, ZigBee protocol

The best smart switch with touch panel Double-head switch, with LIVOLO touch, with ZigBee protocol, made of crystal glass, resistant to scratches, moisture, dust, gives your home an extra refinement and comfort. – Connectivity via ZigBee protocol.
Panel Material: Heat Resistant Crystal Glass.
Size: 80mm * 80mm * 40mm.
Maximum voltage: 250 V – Maximum current: 5 A.
Own consumption: less than 0.1mW.
Type: Wall Light 2 Way Control, two control modes.

See details and price

3. Sonoff T3EU3C Triple Touch Switch, Wi-Fi + RF, Mobile Phone Control

The best smart switch with touch panel The Sonoff T3 EU switches are touch glass switches, which can be touched by touch, through the eWeLink App smartphone application or with the help of the Sonoff remote control, which works on 433 mhz.
The switches do not require an intermediate hub, they can be connected directly to the wireless router, after connection they can be controlled from anywhere on the mobile phone. – Can be mounted in classic boxes.
Timing – You can set the hours at which they can be turned on / off, depending on your preferences.

See details and price

4. WiFi touch switch with dimmer / moono dimmer

The best smart switch with touch panel WiFi touch switch with dimmer – moono – at the touch of a button, the lamp will gradually change its light intensity.
This aesthetic and practical switch offers an extra elegance to your home.
Moreover, this switch can be controlled from the phone through the Smart Life application or with Google Home or Amazon Alexa.
Easy to use in the dark, resistant to scratches, moisture, it will always look impeccable.
Suitable for home, offices, restaurants, conference rooms, luxury hotels.

See details and price

5. BroadLink TC2-2-EU dual touch smart switch, Wi-Fi, glass

The best smart switch with touch panel With a special design and smart functions, the TC2 built-in smart touch switches combine the useful with the pleasant.
The design adapted to the European market gives TC2 switches the ability to replace classic switches easily and without hassle.
The attractive safety glass design provides secondary protection against accidental electric shock.
The blue light emitted by TC2 helps to locate and operate them in the dark.

See details and price

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