the best sous vide device 2021

Did you know that the preparation of sous-vide foods allows heat to be transferred in the most efficient way, increasing their shelf life and preventing the loss of volatile flavors and moisture? What this means? That food (meat, vegetables, desserts, etc.) will retain its tenderness, aroma, natural taste and you get a dish full of essential nutrients.

There are a lot of delicious sous vide recipes that you would definitely like too. But you need a special device. In this article, you will find out which are the best sub-video devices on the market, what features they should have and what to pay attention to when buying one. We also tell you how to do sous-vide cooking, we have tips for improving the technique and we answer the most common questions related to this topic.




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SV 1200 Pro Smart case

the best sous vide device 2021


  • Heats water constantly and maintains the temperature for a long time;
  • The interaction with the own application greatly simplifies the use of the device, offering the possibility to control it remotely;
  • It is silent;
  • The heating of the food is pleasant and fast, leaving the meat tender and with a natural taste.


  • The cable could be longer;
  • Connecting the device to Wi-Fi is quite difficult.

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Fully waterproof device that can be controlled by the Caso Control application to take food cooking to the next level.

This cooking stick from Caso brings to your kitchen the professionalism of the kitchens of 5-star restaurants, in a simple to use form, which guarantees you the incredible taste of food, every time. All you have to do is put oil, spices, vegetables and the basic ingredient, such as meat, and then boil it in water at the temperature you set.

The device comes with its own application, which turns its use into a pleasant and very simple experience. In addition to the Sous-Vide stick, a detailed instruction manual and a list of cooking temperatures for different foods are included. However, you do not need instructions when working with the application, which suggests options for you to choose from.

When the target temperature is reached, the notification LED turns white and the device beeps briefly. If too much water evaporates during the cooking process, the device switches off, makes a sound, and sends a notification to your mobile phone. To know when the cooking process is over, a notification is displayed on the application, followed by a specific sound. The device then returns to standby mode. The sounds are low intensity, you don't have to worry about that.

However, the cable is quite short, and to connect the device to Wi-Fi you will need to have technical knowledge or visit the manufacturer's website for guidance.


  • Power: 1200 W
  • Housing material: Plastic
  • Temperature range: 0.5 ° C – 90 ° C
  • Temperature variation: ± 0.5 ° C
  • Control panel type: Digital
  • Capacity: 30 l
  • Phone application: Yes

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Unold U58915

the best sous vide device 2021


  • Maintain temperature with minimal variations;
  • It is strong, heating the water in a very short time;
  • It is small and can be easily stored in the kitchen without tangling;
  • The materials are of superior quality.


  • It's not exactly quiet;
  • The support clamp is slightly unstable.

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Intuitive to use, easy to clean and very powerful, the appliance from Unold cannot be missing from your kitchen.

The Unold device differs from other devices in its ease of handling. The dimensions are small, do not take up much space in the kitchen and work perfectly. The water circulation is excellent, although it makes noises that could bother the most sensitive.

If you want to have new culinary experiences, the appliance also comes with a cookbook that you can try using this food cooking technique. After the cooking process, the meat is soaked in flavors, all that remains to be done is to brown it in a pan.

Installation is simple and can be done without the instruction manual. The water heats up evenly, and the appliance maintains its temperature exactly until the end of the time you set.


  • Power :: 1300 W
  • Housing material: Stainless steel
  • Temperature range: 0 ° C – 95 ° C
  • Temperature variation: ± 1 ° C
  • Control panel type: Digital
  • Phone application: No.

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Kombiset VC300 & SV200

the best sous vide device 2021


  • Both devices are easy to use;
  • Great package consisting of Sous Vide cooking stick and Caso Germnay vacuum cleaner;
  • You can empty soft foods without spoiling their shape or consistency;
  • The stick is suitable for almost all heat-resistant dishes and maintains a constant water temperature.


  • The vacuum cleaner may melt the plastic bags too thin;
  • The cooking stick makes noise when it is put into operation;

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A set consisting of a vacuum cleaner and a sous-vide stick at a great price, which surprises with quality and professionalism.

We will talk in turn about the two devices from the internationally renowned German brand, Caso. The professional vacuum cleaner works flawlessly, making it possible to vacuum food in a very short time. The cutter ensures a smooth glide over the plastic bag, but we do not recommend using a thin bag because the heat of the appliance will melt it. This unit has 3 modes you can choose: sealing, sealing without a seal, and the third option is a combination of the two, sealing and sucking air at the same time. In this way, you will be able to empty different foods, maintaining their natural aroma and taste for a long time.

And, because healthy and tasty cooking is still being promoted, the SV 200 comes to complete the landscape. It heats the water to the temperature you set and keeps it that way until the program is finished. It is simple to use, small in size and has not shown any defects so far, apart from the fact that it can make a little noise when used.


  • Power: 1200 W
  • Housing material: Stainless steel
  • Temperature range: 0.5 ° C – 95 ° C
  • Temperature variation: ± 0.5 ° C
  • Control panel type: Digital
  • Capacity: 20 l
  • Phone application: No.

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Lay SVC107

the best sous vide device 2021


  • It is easy to handle and very intuitive;
  • Monochrome LCD screen with on / off button, screen on which you can easily see the temperature and the selected time;
  • Silent;
  • It has a QR code on the package that can be accessed to download cooking recipes.
  • It has application and can be easily monitored.


  • Heat the water by half a degree less than it should;
  • The instructions for use are not well structured.
  • It has no mobile phone app.

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Thanks to Laica Sous Vide cooking appliances, you can now cook dishes at home and get the results of top chefs.

The secular sous vide device is one of the best devices of this kind on the market. It is very simple to use, with an LED screen on which the temperature and time you have chosen are displayed, it is powerful and also has a minute setting timer. What is very safe and useful here is the flap of the device. Being made of a high-quality material, the device does not slip off the container, and you do not have to worry about it sinking into the water thanks to the sous vide design helmet. It is powerful, being a cascp sv1200, giving you the opportunity to cook food in a short time.

The cooking process is really accessible: after you put the food you want to prepare in the bag, put the La Vide sous vide appliance in a container with water, making sure that the volume is between the MIN and MAX markings marked on the rod. steel. Then set the cooking time and temperature, press the start button, and once this point is reached, insert the bag into the water.

The heat will cook the food evenly over its entire thickness, due to the presence of the lower fan, which will keep the water moving and will give uniformity to the cooking process.

If you want an extremely precise temperature, you should know that this appliance will heat the water by half a degree less than it is set.


  • Power: 1200 W
  • Housing material: Stainless steel, Plastic
  • Temperature range: 25 ° C – 95 ° C
  • Temperature variation: ± 0.5 ° C
  • Control panel type: Digital
  • Capacity: 6 l 13 l
  • Phone application: No.

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Lay SVC200

the best sous vide device 2021


  • It has an internal grill that allows the placement of several bags, making them cook evenly;
  • It is silent;
  • Easy to install and very simple to use;
  • Easy to clean.


  • The instructions for use are not well detailed;
  • It is not very strong.

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Sous vide cooking appliance, which allows you to prepare several dishes at the same time, being compact and very elegant.

This sous vide device is very useful for older families, or those who want to prepare several dishes at the same time. It has an internal grill that allows you to place several bags, being spaced apart and giving you the opportunity to have several dishes cooked evenly.

The appliance is easy to install and very convenient because you do not have to check the bags during cooking due to the stability of the grill. It does not require skill, great care or attention, being intuitive to use. It does not make annoying sounds and is incredibly easy to clean. Since packaged food does not come in contact with the container, all you have to do is gently clean it with a cloth or rinse it.

It is a very good option for healthy cooking, and the recipes you have on the company's website are very simple and rich. You will also find more detailed instructions for use there, as the ones that come in the box are quite confusing. Another disadvantage is that the device heats the water only from 40 ° C upwards, not from 0 ° C as in the case of most devices of this kind.


  • Power: 700 W
  • Housing material: Stainless steel, Plastic
  • Temperature range: 40 ° C – 90 ° C
  • Temperature variation: ± 0.5 ° C
  • Control panel type: Digital
  • Capacity: 8 l
  • Phone application: No.

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Shopping guide

the best sous vide device 2021

We will explain in detail what sous-vide cooking means and why these appliances that we have just listed are so useful in preparing a tasty dish. Moreover, we also tell you what features such a device must have, how it can be improved and what essential features you should look for in this device when you want to buy it.

We also offer you some useful tips on sous-vide cooking, and at the end we have some questions and answers that will shed even more light on this topic.

That being said, let's start with the essentials.

What is sous-vide cooking?

Sous vide , which means "under vacuum" in French, refers to the process of sealing food in a bag, cooked at a very precise temperature, in a water bath. This technique produces results impossible to obtain by any other cooking method. Sealing can be done using various methods, but two of the most popular are:

  1. use a ziplock bag and immerse it in water, as it pushes air out of the bag and creates a tight bag.
  2. the use of a packaging machine that creates an instantly sealed bag.

The second method is preferable because when you use traditional methods, you cannot be sure that you have taken all the air out of the bag.

  • Cooking food with a professional sous vide appliance comes with a long list of advantages:
  • Consistency: given that food is cooked at a precise temperature, for a precise and pre-determined period of time, the results will be as expected, without too much burnt or cooked food.
  • Aromatic taste: the food is cooked in its own juice. In this way you will get a juicy and fragile food.
  • Flexibility: Traditional cooking may require constant attention. Cooking sous-vide brings the food to an exact temperature and keeps it there, so you don't have to worry about overcooking food.
  • Waste is diminishing: for example, on average, traditionally cooked steak loses up to 40% of its volume due to drying. The sous-vide cooked steak does not lose volume.

To cook sous-vide, you need to follow 3 simple steps:

  1. Attach an sous-vide cooker to a pot of water and set the time and temperature according to the desired cooking level;
  2. Put the food in a sealable bag and secure it to the side of the pot;
  3. After the time you have set has elapsed, complete the cooking operation by boiling the food or frying it. This way, you will get a tender steak in the middle, but with a crispy outer layer.

If you want to impress others or take your gastronomic skills to the next level, preparing food using the sous-vide method is for you. The results are far superior to a classic way of cooking, and you will have on your plate a dish as high quality as in the kitchens of top restaurants.

What do you need to cook by the sous-vide method?

  1. A vacuum apparatus;
  2. Food packaging (Ziplock bags, vacuum sealing bags or even storage jars);
  3. Packing machine (can be done without);
  4. A container for water;
  5. A frying pan (to add that crunchy crust and some final flavors).

What can you cook sous-vide?

  • Beef, pork, chicken;
  • Over;
  • Eggs;
  • Vegetables;
  • Desserts etc.

Types of sub-vacuum devices

There are many types of subwoofers available on the market for home cooking, but also for professional cooking. Sous vide price is not a criterion that you should consider to evaluate the performance of the device. All appliances have a single purpose: to keep the cooking temperature constant. It sounds simple, but it's not. The devices do this in different ways and each mode has advantages and disadvantages.

Of course, this operation can also be done with the help of a stove, but such a sous-vide device comes with the superior advantage of obtaining increased temperature control.

We are talking about two types of sub-vacuum devices:

Immersion devices

This immersion machine, or immersion circulator, is a device that you put in a pot of water to cook sous-vide. Its role is to extract the water from the container, heat it to an exact temperature, then remove it back into the vessel. This cycle is performed simultaneously until the set time elapses. In this way, the water remains at a precise temperature, with a variation of the water temperature of up to one degree.

These circulators are an affordable option and are easy to use today, even if a few years ago they were only found in the kitchens of top restaurants and cost very large sums of money. They are small, take up little space in the kitchen , precisely because they do not come with a built-in dish.

All-in-one appliances with built-in water tank

These all-in-one sous-vide devices combine both an immersion circulator and the water container in which the food is prepared. Their capacity varies from 9 liters to 56, but for cooking at home a container of 10-15 liters will be enough.

The main features to look for in a sous-vide device

So, did you think you wanted to try this method of cooking? Want to know what features a sous-vide device should have? Then we will tell you what to look for when choosing such a device.

Moreover, we will also offer you explanations for the features, so that it will be even simpler for you.

But why is it important to know the power of a sous-vide device? How can the temperature stability influence the cooking of food and why is it necessary for the appliance to keep the heat of the water at a constant level? You can find the answers later in this article.

Heating power

The power of a sous-vide device is measured in watts. The principle is simple: the higher the power, the faster the water will heat up. This also means that the water will evaporate faster, which is why, if the program you have chosen exceeds 2-3 hours, it is good to supplement with water to keep it at an optimal level.

The power of such an appliance varies between 700 W and 1800 W, most of which have a power of 1200 W. It is important to know the power of an sous-vide appliance because it greatly influences the cooking time of the food.

Flow / circulation

This feature measures how many liters of water circulate in a minute. The faster the water moves, the faster it will reach the set temperature and maintain it due to the continuous flow.

However, if the flow is high, the water will evaporate faster and supplementation will be necessary, as in the case above.

Immersion devices tend to be more accurate than those with a built-in vessel. Even if you don't think this is too important, keeping the temperature at an optimal level is essential, especially when cooking more demanding foods.

the best sous vide device 2021


When we talk about the capacity of water, we refer to the largest volume of water that each model of sous-vide cooker can heat. Smaller devices will not be able to heat a large amount of water, making it impossible to cook several dishes at the same time.

Minimum level and maximum water level

Each model has a minimum and maximum water level. It is important to keep the water level between the two lines for the appliance to work properly, otherwise it will turn off.

The wider the range of levels, the better, as you do not have to keep an eye on it to supplement with water from time to time.

The maximum temperature

Another important aspect is the maximum temperature that the sous-vide device can reach. The maximum temperature is given by the maximum unit for the maximum amount of water that the device can heat.

Most devices can heat up to a maximum of 85 ° C, but there are also devices that reach 99 ° C.

Each food group has its own baking temperature, perfect for a bespoke result. Sub-vacuum cooking usually takes place between 50 ° C and 85 ° C. Thus, when hunting a sub-vacuum device, make sure that it can reach at least 85 ° C.

Temperature stability

Some models show strong temperature fluctuations. Because it is very important in sous vide to maintain an accurate water temperature, then these stability issues could prevent you from cooking a perfect meal.

Precise temperature control, as well as its stability, allow the chef to have effective control over the dish. It does not necessarily take a lot of knowledge in the field to get a spectacular dish, but you have to take into account what is listed so far.

When there are too many temperature fluctuations, the whole principle of sous-vide cooking is wasted. A fluctuation of one degree Celsius, on the other hand, is accepted.

Fastening clip

We are now talking about an aspect that many of those who decide to buy a sous-vide device ignore, without knowing how important it is. The fixing clip is the one that holds the device fixed to the pot or the container in which you put the water. In short, if the clip is not of good quality, or if it wobbles to one side or the other, the device will fall.

Some models are equipped with a fully adjustable clamp. Others have a fixed clamp. We recommend the adjustable one because you can get more control over how it is tightened by the water vessel.

Ease of use

We must not forget how easy or unusable this device is. Nobody wants a device that is difficult to handle and whose options are confused. The user experience must be pleasant, simple and hassle-free. It is best to use the appliance without reading the instructions for use, but not all appliances are built this way.

But what makes a sous-vide device easy to use? The main factors that translate its ease of use are: LED screen , fixing clip, positioning of the buttons, the existence of a mobile phone application.

If your device has an LED touch screen display that can help you set the temperature, cooking time, and other options, you can say that it is an easy to use device.


Vacuum shelves

If you don't like the fact that the bags float freely through the water, a metal shelf comes to your aid. An accessory of this kind will double the capacity of the water bath and will maintain a reasonable distance between the bags, thus making it possible to cook several foods at the same time.

Not all sous-vide devices come with a shelf, but they can be purchased separately, being very useful for those with large families, who need more dishes.

Vacuum bile

Another useful accessory would be sous-vide balls. They look like ping-pong balls, and their role is to maintain the water temperature, reduce energy consumption and evaporate the liquid during cooking.

Additional features

Bluethooth or Wi-Fi

Another issue that might interest you is whether your device has the ability to connect to a mobile phone via Bluethooth or Wi-Fi . This can be very helpful, especially if you keep your phone with you all the time. A wifi sous vide device connects via an application, being even easier to control and monitor.

It is not a feature that could interest everyone, but it is much easier to monitor the water temperature, the set time and if everything goes smoothly. Moreover, with the help of the Wi-Fi connection, you can turn on or off the device while you are away from home.

Multi-functional device

Some sous-vide appliances can also act as a slow cooker. Some brands have expanded the area of ​​use of this device, making it indispensable. If you want a device that does more than cook sous-vide, then check what other functions it has.

Tips for cooking sous-vide

Cooking sous-vide, although it can be intimidating at first, is easier than you can imagine. All you have to do is pay attention to a few essentials and apply the practices we will list below. Precise temperature control changes the taste and texture of food a lot, but there are certain secrets to how well you can do it.

Want to know what you need to do to cook sous-vide like a book? You thought you'd like to try cooking this way, but do you find it complicated? Find out that this is not the case at all and see what turns traditional cooking into a top one.

Cover the container

The first thing to keep in mind is to cover as well as you can the container in which you put the water. This can be done either with a special cut-out cover for the sous-vide device or with plastic wrap.

The appliance makes the water circulate constantly, which means that it will evaporate faster than usual. That wouldn't be such a big deal, but water fumes can get under the heating coils or the appliance's engine, damaging it.

Proper coating of the vessel saves the appliance from damage and keeps the water level so that the temperature is constant.

Make sure that the vacuum seal is very tight

You put the meat in the bag, you added the herbs, but did you make sure it was tight? When you put the bag in water, it must be well sealed so that no water enters at all.

Air gaps could lead to uneven cooking. In this case, it is recommended to use a vacuum cleaner, which removes all the air from the bag. If you do not have such a device, a ziplock bag is also good. Get as much air out of the bag as possible and seal it quickly.

Place the dish on a non-flammable surface

The next tip to keep in mind is simple and intuitive: do not put the pot of water in a flammable place. The pot will take over the heat of the water and, believe us, you wouldn't want to put the pot of water on the kitchen counter.

Some countertops can withstand prolonged heat (such as marble, some borders), others can not. But why risk ruining it?

Place the pot of water on a safe surface. It can be placed, for example, on the stove, this being one of the safest places. We don't think we need to mention that no eyes need to be lit, do we?

Check that the bag is always immersed in water

Sometimes, the device causes the bag to rise to the surface due to circular motion. At which point you need to immerse it again so that it is completely covered with water.

The bag may also rise to the surface due to the fact that there are air vents inside the bag. If the air is removed, then the bag will sink back.

Use a guide to choose the right temperature

Using a temperature and time guide can make vacuum cooking easier, as it already tells you how long you have to let the food cook, so that the results are perfect.

Hours or minutes, as well as temperatures vary depending on the food chosen. Some devices come with such a practical guide, but the internet is also a very good source of documentation. Search on a search engine "sous vide cooking temperatures" and choose the one that suits you.

Questions and answers

How do you pronounce sous-vide?

"Sous-vide" is a French expression and is pronounced "suvid". As I said above, it means "vacuum", and the translation involves removing the letter "b" from the Romanian adaptation, so as to pronounce the word in French.

Can I leave the sous vide monitor unattended?

Yes, you can leave a sous-vide device unattended so you can do other chores around the house.

Can I cook frozen meat in sous-vide mode?

Cooking frozen meat sous-vide is as safe as cooking fresh meat. Moreover, it can also be used for faster thawing of meat.

Can you cook too much meat in sous-vide?

As the water bath is set at a fixed temperature, the meat cannot be overcooked! With vacuum cooking, precise timing is guaranteed.


You don't have to be a professional chef to cook sous-vide. It's simpler than you might think, and the taste and flavor of the food changes substantially. As for this type of sous-vide cooking, the opinions are positive, many saying that it really changes the quality of the meat.

We discovered which is the best sous vide appliance, what it means to prepare food under vacuum, what you need and what you can cook using a sous vide cooking appliance.

If you want to buy such a device, now you know what features it should have and what differentiates a durable device from a less durable one. Don't forget the advice at the end, it will guarantee you an honorable meal, believe us!

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