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Spatule – Review and comparison in 2021

Most likely you have a spatula in the kitchen that you use very often, so you know how useful such a tool is. If you want to buy more such tools or change the old ones, we have prepared a list of the most interesting spatulas online.Tefal Ingenio, for cakes , is the product in the first place, and we drew our attention by the fact that it is built in such a way as to be useful in a lot of situations, because it has a straight and a curved side, it is made of high quality silicone and measures 35.5 x 9.2 x 26.5 cm. It can be used on any type of surface, thanks to the material from which it is made and it is easy to clean. If you want a more affordable financial item, the 2nd place is occupied by Maxx 47029019 .

Comparative table

It is of real use in all kitchens, especially in those where housewives frequently cook cream cakes, with a curved side, to extract all the contents from a bowl and a straight one, to spread the cream with great ease. It is made of silicone and has an ergonomic handle.

It is a little more expensive in terms of acquisition cost, if we compare it with other options presented in the list.

Buy this spatula if you want to easily make cream cakes and decorate them in a useful and pleasant way.

It is a set that contains three spatulas of different sizes (23, 24, respectively 25 cm), which also have different ends, to help you when cooking. They are made of high temperature resistant silicone and have handles made of plastic with hanging holes.

They have a flexible end, which could be more unpleasant for certain actions such as taking various goodies out of the pan or returning them.

If you want to buy a set of flexible spatulas, made of silicone, this product could be the right choice for your kitchen.

It is a spatula made of black plastic, resistant to high temperatures and has slots on the surface to drain the liquid. It has a robust, ergonomic handle, which has hooks to keep it easily and at hand, and can be washed in the automatic dishwasher.

It does not have a suitable shape to be used for mixing in various preparations or for garnishing cream cakes.

It is a product suitable for you, if you want to buy a spatula with slots, made of plastic, a material that will not scratch your cooking utensils.

In-depth reviews about the best spatulas

Spatulas are very popular cooking tools, which we find in all kitchens. If you want to change them and get newer ones, below you will find the most popular variants in the online environment.

Silicone finishing spatula

Tefal Ingenio, for cakes

the best spatula to buy for cooking Do you like to cook desserts and are you looking for a silicone finishing spatula? Have you seen this model from Tefal? It is a variant that is very useful for the fact that it is equipped with a blade that has a rounded side and a straight one. Thus, you will be able to handle it with precision and the final result will be the one you want.

This utensil is made of red silicone and has a handle made of black plastic. This material will allow you to use it even when you want to act on dishes that you have in a pan made of materials such as Teflon, because it does not scratch the surface on which it is used. Thanks to the curved shape on one side, you can easily empty any bowl in which you had various mixtures.

This cake spatula has dimensions of 35.5 x 9.2 x 26.5 cm and a weight of 208 grams. The handle is robust and will not slip out of your hand when used. It has no hanging hole, in case such a detail would help you.


Silicone spatula

Maxx 47029019

the best spatula to buy for cooking If what you are looking for is a silicone spatula, the product now brought to your attention is a set of three models with slightly different heads and various sizes, which will help you cook easily regardless of the material from which the dish on which I act with they.

These items can withstand temperatures of up to 260 degrees Celsius, so you can use them without problems when you want to mix in a pan that is on fire. The handles are made of reusable plastic, transparent, blue, and have holes that allow hanging.

Regarding the dimensions, these blue spatulas have lengths of 23, 24 and 25 cm. They can even be used to spread cream on cakes, to turn various dishes that are on fire, to take from the walls of a bowl all the content that was prepared in it and so on. These items are slightly flexible at the top and have a straight shape, which is why they are harder to use if you want to extract certain dishes from the pan.


Plastic spatula

Tefal Ingenio, with slits

the best spatula to buy for cooking And this is one of the products you must have in the kitchen, if you want to buy cheap and good spatulas. Due to its shape, this item can be used to more easily serve food from various containers, but also to help you turn the dishes when cooking or steal them from the pan / pot / tray, etc.

This spatula has a rectangular end, with slots that allow the liquid to drain, if you are interested in the food you prepare not being served or kept with too much oil, sauce, etc. It is made of black plastic, resistant to high temperatures (up to 230 degrees Celsius) and which does not present a danger when it comes into contact with food. At the same time, you can use it for all types of cooking utensils, because it will not scratch them.

This plastic spatula is equipped with a robust handle, which will not slip out of your hand easily. On its surface you will find at the end a hanging hole and in the middle with a silicone ring for protection. The dimensions are 40 x 9.8 x 4.4 cm, and the weight is 141 grams.


Cake spatula

Ambition Savant

the best spatula to buy for cooking We now bring to your attention a cake spatula that will be appreciated by housewives who cook cakes very frequently. It has a triangular end, gray, on which you will find a series of numbers that will help you slice the portion.

This spatula, cheap and good, is equipped with a black handle, which will not easily slip out of your hand and which has a hole for hanging, in case you have such a system to keep kitchen utensils. It is made entirely of plastic, a variant that does not become harmful when it comes in contact with food. It will not scratch surfaces if you use it on a Teflon tray, for example, and will not deteriorate over time.

This model of spatula is not expensive, but has a purchase price that will be accessible to those with lower budgets. It can be cleaned in the automatic dishwasher.


Pancake spatula

Tefal Ingenio Proflex

the best spatula to buy for cooking In the event that you like to cook pancakes frequently, you know too well that a special spatula can help you to turn them easily and not give you headaches in this regard. The tool we present to you in the following is one that will simply delight you, because it will make your work easier.

This pancake spatula is ideal in any kitchen and has a straight shape. At the same time, it is thin, to easily penetrate under this dessert and is made of natural silicone, a material that is not harmful to the body if used in food preparation, and which does not change the taste of food.

This spatula, at a good price, is red and is manufactured in such a way as not to allow the separation of the end handle. It has a hole for hanging on one of the edges. It can be washed in the dishwasher automatically, without being damaged.


Tefal Comfort

the best spatula to buy for cooking In any kitchen this spatula could be helpful, at a good price. It is of real use, because it can be used in many ways, being useful both for spreading the cream on cakes and pies, as well as for turning pancakes, extracting various dishes from the cooking vessel or chewing in a non-stick dish. .

The spatula we are talking about now can be used in any pan, regardless of the material from which it is made, because it does not allow scratching, being made of high quality polyamide, resistant to high temperatures. It will not change the taste of food and will not be harmful in contact with food.

The handle made of plastic connects with the rest of the spatula through two metal bars, which gives it a pleasant and elegant look, but also resistance over time. The end of this tool is slightly flexible, and the handle is ergonomic and has a hole for hanging at the end. The length of the product is 32.5 cm.


Stainless steel spatula

Hendi, for burgers

the best spatula to buy for cooking When you want to grill, in order to act on the food placed on its surface, you need kitchen utensils that do not deteriorate when used directly over the fire, more precisely articles made of stainless steel, as is the product about which we are talking about now.

This could be the best spatula especially for burgers or vegetables, because it has a working surface of 10.5 x 14 cm. The length is 30.8 cm, to allow you to use it safely. Being made of stainless steel, it is a little heavier, weighing 0.309 kg. It can also be used to act on food cooked in non-scratch dishes or to place various dishes on the plate.

This spatula is equipped with a handle made of black polypropylene. It has no hanging hole and is comfortable to use even for a longer period.


Tescoma Presto

the best spatula to buy for cooking This spatula is another utensil that we often find in people’s kitchens. It is made of stainless steel and will help you especially when you have to extract various foods from a bowl. For example, it will be of real use to you when you want to take boiled potatoes out of boiling water. It can also be used as a foamer when cooking meat.

With this stainless steel spatula, the end is round, with slots that allow the liquid to drain. The handle is made of the same material, but half of it is covered with plastic. There is also a hole for hanging at the end, because this tool must always be at hand.

Given that it is made of stainless steel, it is not recommended to be used when cooking in pans made of materials that are easily scratched. The length of the product is 32 cm, so it can be used in taller pots.


Cream spread spatula

Hendi 855690

the best spatula to buy for cooking Hendi 855690 is a spatula for spreading cream that will help to make cakes that look very good. It is flat and is equipped with a blade made of stainless steel, which is very smooth and allows easy operation on desserts. It has rounded ends, and on it is written the brand name and some other details.

This product is equipped with a handle covered with hard plastic. It has a robust shape, easy to handle and is black. It doesn’t have a hanging hole, but it doesn’t have to be either, because it’s not an item you need every day in the kitchen (if you don’t work in desserts).

The length of this spatula is 20.3 cm, which is not much, because, as a rule, the dimensions of cakes and cream cakes are larger. The width of this article is 3.4 cm.


Spatula set

Mrk Prestige MRK-05

the best spatula to buy for cooking If you want to buy the best spatulas to use in your kitchen, we recommend this set, which contains 13 utensils that can be used for various purposes, they are enough for everything you could need (pliers with silicone heads , spatulas of various sizes and shapes, tel, pasta spoon, foamer, polish, paddles with and without water drain slots, silicone glove).

All the elements contained in this set are red with gray details. They are made of various materials – plastic, silicone and stainless steel, which do not become harmful if they come into contact with food.

These utensils are resistant to temperatures between -60 and 260 degrees Celsius and have a length between 205 and 337 mm. On the purchase site you will find exactly how much each item measures. All have hooks to be nailed.


Buying guide

In the context in which we are talking now, the spatula is a kitchen utensil that helps to mix the food while it is being cooked, to spread the creams on cakes and pies, to turn some dishes such as pancakes or papanasi and so on. It is a “must have ” in any kitchen, which is why you must know how to choose it in the right way. We will meet you with a series of important selection criteria:

Purpose:When you are interested in buying spatulas at good prices, you need to know why you want to buy such a product, to figure out how it should be.

the best spatula to buy for cooking

To apply creams – if you are used to making cakes and cream cakes frequently, then you need a spatula that allows you to make perfect finishes. It must be fixed, straight and fine and long enough to make your job easier. At the same time, the material from which it is made must be more slippery, allowing a more uniform stretch (stainless steel, plastic, silicone).

To mix in food – when it comes to cooking food, and it should always be mixed while on fire, useful spatulas are those that have a straight shape and that end up in the shape of a spoon. They must be chosen according to the material of the cooking pot, so that it does not scratch.

To turn dishes – in this case, you need tools that are slightly inclined, but also thin, to allow an easy grip and a quick turn. In this case we do not recommend flexible spatulas.

To take various foods from the cooking pot – here you can use several types of items, depending on the food you want to steal. For example, if it is a cake, there are special products that have a triangular shape at the end, if we refer to the removal of certain preparations from the oil, then you need a spatula with holes that allow oil to drain, if it is food that you simply have to take them out of the cooking pot and place them on the plate, then it is possible that the models in the shape of a spoon or which are slightly inclined and have a slightly wider end will be helpful.

Materials: Regarding this selection criterion, most often you will find in stores spatulas made from the following variants:

Silicone– is a material that has a low weight, can be used in all types of dishes because they will not be scratched, can be easily cleaned, can have a higher or lower hardness, is resistant to both very high temperatures and very low and is available in a lot of colors.

the best spatula to buy for cooking

Plastic – be very careful when choosing a spatula made of this material, because to be sure it must not contain BPA. If it is okay from this point of view, it has the advantage that it can be used in all types of dishes without scratching them, it is a slightly harder and helpful material when it comes to fixed utensils, it is often found on handles and not it is resistant to very high temperatures.

Wood – a good purchase if you want to go for an ecological option. This material is suitable for all types of pans and pans, because it will not scratch them, it is not harmful to food, but it can deteriorate quickly, acquire a different color than the original one and is not resistant to high temperatures.

Stainless steel – we are talking now about a hard material, which does not allow rapid deterioration, which is very resistant to extreme temperatures and which is not harmful to food. But it also has some disadvantages such as: it should be used only if we are not talking about cookware that can be scratched, has a slightly heavier weight and is not available in too many colors.

Dimensions: When you want to buy a spatula and you want to take into account this selection criterion, orient yourself according to the cooking dishes you have. If you have a large family and your pots and pans are more roomy, then the length of these utensils should be longer. Weight is not extremely relevant because these items are not bulky.

Key features: Those who often offer opinions about the best spatulas, also talk about some details that these products can have and that can be helpful to have a pleasant experience and easy use:

Hangers – help to catch the utensils in different systems or to place them in the nails you have in the kitchen, so that you always know them at hand.

the best spatula to buy for cooking Oil drain holes – these details will help you get rid of excess oil that can be soaked in certain dishes, especially when they are cooked in this liquid.

Design: In terms of how a spatula looks, pay attention to the shape it has, so that it is really useful for what you want, the way the handle is built (it seems the easiest to hold in the hand are the ones that have a conical shape, because they allow a better adhesion), but also the color, if you pay attention to this detail.

Next time, before you buy a spatula, make sure that you run it knowingly and that it is exactly what you need. If you want to have enough time to find the right one, buy from online stores.

Frequent questions

What is an electric spatula and what is it used for?

The electric spatula has nothing to do with the classic one, used in the kitchen. It is an instrument used in dental technique, in making wax crafts, in making jewelry or in wood engraving.

the best spatula to buy for cooking

Can I scratch the pans if I use a spatula?

Yes, you can scratch the pans if you use a spatula, but not all of them and not with the same type of tool. For example, if the cookware you are using is made of more sensitive materials, such as Teflon, then a stainless steel spatula can scratch the pan. To ensure that you do not have such incidents, we recommend that you use such utensils made of silicone, plastic or wood.

the best spatula to buy for cooking

How high temperature resistant are silicone spatulas?

The silicone used in making spatulas is a very resistant one that will not cause you problems, regardless of the temperature at which you cook, because it usually withstands up to 260 degrees. This is also the reason why we often meet it in other elements of the kitchens, including those that involve introduction into the oven (trays, muffin tins, etc.).

How to finish a cake with a spatula

When it comes to cakes, the spatula is very useful in terms of finishing. If you have made such a dessert and you want to finish it in a simple and pleasant way, consider the following tips:

the best spatula to buy for cooking

Use a rotating support to place the cake on it, so that it is as easy as possible for you to turn it to make it uniform.

If you do not own such an item and you do not want to buy it, then carefully rotate the plate on which the dessert is positioned or turn around the tables to manage to do everything as well as possible.

Use the spatula to spread the cream

Now is the time to use this tool. It’s nothing very complicated. Take the required amount from the filling container, position it in the middle of the worktop and then even out everything with the spatula. Do the same for the sides. Place the cream in various places, then make everything uniform. You will need an angled or straight tool, depending on the model you have.

the best spatula to buy for cooking

Use other elements that contribute to the final result.

For example, after the cream has been spread evenly with a spatula, you can use various special squeegees, which leave behind shapes, to give the cake an even more special look.

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