the best spice to use on your daily culinary activity

Spices – Review and comparison in 2021

Spices are those that can radically change the taste of any prepared food, therefore they are an important part of any kitchen. One of the most popular products in this category isMDH Fish Curry Masala , a very inspired choice for buyers who want to enjoy the specific flavor of Indian dishes and essentially change the taste of fish, with which they are accustomed since childhood. Importantly, the combination is also suitable for vegans. And if you don’t really know how to use it, you can enjoy it following the simple instructions of the recipe proposed on the package. And if you want an alternative, also from the range of Indian spices, we offer you Spizing Garam Masala .

Comparative table

It is a high quality product, a complex spice that contains a large number of ingredients, carefully chosen and properly mixed to offer the user a unique tasting experience, exciting and aromatic, inspired by the delicious mysteries of the Orient. It is also suitable for vegans, given the ingredients and how to prepare it.

The spice is a special one dedicated to the preparation of fish, so we recommend it to buyers who are used to preparing something like this frequently.

It is one of the best and most inspired ideas that you can test, when it comes to Indian cuisine, the quality of the ingredients being doubled by the completely new flavor that the fish prepared in this way acquires.

It is one of the most well-known, used and appreciated spices of Indian origin, which has been imposed on the European market for some time, although here there is a tendency to be used a little differently from the country of origin. It can be used as an additional spice to enhance other flavors, or as a unique variant, European style.

The purchase price is a relatively spicy one, but we cannot criticize it, considering the distant origin of the product.

It can be one of the most inspired options for people who already love oriental cuisine and who prefer to try some traditional recipes from this area of the world at home.

It is one of the best grilled spices, especially recommended for lamb and sheep meat, which will become tender and pleasantly flavorful after being rubbed with this mixture, a few hours before cooking. It is a mixture of European plants of controlled origin, so it has organic certification.

In the case of large barbecue enthusiasts, or for seasoning portions of meat for a group of friends, more than one envelope will be needed.

It is a product especially recommended for lovers of grilled red meat, especially compatible with sheep meat, which also has the greatest need for a “treatment” suitable for tenderization and a pleasant aroma.

In-depth reviews about the best spices

The secret to choosing the right spices and combining them for a fine, delicate, full of flavor aroma is the key to a successful kitchen. It’s incredible how many different tastes a particular recipe can get, depending on the spices you choose to put in it. And in the following lines, you will discover some of the most appreciated variants available on the market.

Spices for fish

MDH Fish Curry Masala

the best spice to use on your daily culinary activity If you are not a big fan of fish, or if you are simply bored of traditional recipes, we offer a mixture of spices for fish that will completely change its flavor. It is a combination of Indian origin that can be used with confidence, with the mention that it is also suitable for vegans, and that it does not contain any other additions of ingredients.

If you are already a fan of Indian spices you will find on the list of ingredients enough already known names: coriander, chili, turmeric, cumin, fenugreek, salt, black pepper, dried mango, dried ginger, mustard, cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom or Asafoetida .

The 100 g package is enough for several dishes, and on the envelope you will find an easy recipe for cooking fish with curry in coconut sauce, which is prepared quickly, the list of ingredients including, in addition to this spice at a good price , fish, 30 g coconut kernel, red onion and a little oil.


Indian spices

Spizing Garam Masala

the best spice to use on your daily culinary activity If you want to discover Indian cuisine, or if you are already captivated by it and prefer to experiment in the same range of products, many opinions about the best spices recommend you stay in the classic sphere, where garam masala is one of the first elections.

If in Indian cuisine garam masala is used in combination with other spices, just to add an extra flavor at the end of the cooking process, Europeans have taken it and use it as a main spice for a lot of tasty recipes. It is very compatible with curry dishes and fits well with the option of masala tandori.

The mixture we propose to you is a dry one, which does not contain preservatives, additives, sugar or salt, available in a beautiful box with an airtight lid that allows you to keep the aroma. Given its origin, we believe we are dealing with a spice at a good price, the list of ingredients including coriander, cumin, fennel, cinnamon, green and black cardamom, nutmeg, anise, black pepper and cloves.


Spices for lamb

Sonnentor Rub Me Tender Bio

the best spice to use on your daily culinary activity If you want a tender and fragrant grill, we offer a mixture of spices for lamb that we think you might like. The product is manufactured and packaged in Austria and is certified AT-BIO-301, so you don’t have to worry about the list of ingredients it includes.

We are talking about a mixture of spices at good prices, intended primarily for barbecue lovers, who take every opportunity to prepare such a meal to enjoy with family or friends. The meat rubbed in time with this mixture will become more tender and have a spicy and tempting aroma.

The list of ingredients includes well-known names, traditionally used in the preparation of mutton, perfectly dosed in the right ratio for the most delicious flavor. These are garlic, thyme, paprika, hot paprika, rosemary, cumin, juniper, allspice and nutmeg.


Spices for chicken

Sonnentor Verdeturi de Provence

the best spice to use on your daily culinary activity If you want a highly adaptable product, a mixture of spices for chicken that can be perfect for lamb, fish, vegetables or quiche, this is the right choice for you. We are talking about a high quality product, available in a 25g envelope, a traditional Provencal combination that also has an ecological certificate.
Regardless of whether you choose to use it as chicken spices or for other types of recipes, the manufacturer’s recommendation is to add it to the food at the end, so that it is preserved as much as possible from the discreet flavor of the herbs included in the mixture. Delicious Mediterranean aromas will be preserved, to the delight of the taste buds.

Appreciated as one of the best spices, this product contains oregano, thyme, basil, rosemary and delicate lavender flowers. It is preferred by many consumers because it is vegan, does not include garlic, yeast or salt and is not contaminated with the most common food allergens known.


Fuchs spices

Fuchs Boiled wine

the best spice to use on your daily culinary activity In the Fuchs spices category you will find a lot of mixtures for certain types of dishes, but one that is very successful among buyers, especially in the cold season, is this product available at an affordable price, which will make you loved among friends and neighbors.

It is a mixture of spices for mulled wine that can be used for about 3 liters of red wine, which will give it its characteristic aroma, so beloved by snow lovers who can’t wait to warm up by the fireplace. The 300 g of product does not contain any sugar, which you are free to add if you want in the preferred quantity.

On the list of ingredients of this range of Fuchs spices you will find traditional names: cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, orange peel, cloves and anise. Their combination is not necessarily original, but the way they are balanced makes it one of the most sought after products on the market.


Chinese spices

Fuchs Piri Piri

the best spice to use on your daily culinary activity If you are a fan of Chinese spices because you love how spicy – aromatic their food is, we recommend you take the opportunity and test this proposal of piri piri from Fuchs, one of the most appreciated producers on the market.

If you are unfamiliar with the name, piri piri is a species of hot pepper that grows naturally in Africa and has been brought to the Orient, where it is commonly used to prepare particularly spicy foods. The proposed product is presented in the form of hot pepper flakes, a cheap and good spice that will spice up your life.

Piri piri is considered the best spice for spicy food lovers, but few people know how this product behaves once added to food. It is ideal for meat, vegetables or fish, being indispensable in chilli con meat, gyros or thai-curry recipes, but its taste, instead of being neutralized by boiling, intensifies with increasing cooking time.


Lebensbaum chicken fried

the best spice to use on your daily culinary activity If chicken is the most commonly consumed in your family, we offer this product, which you must try and which will give a new flavor to your regular food, turning the ordinary fried chicken into a royal taste. . The 60 g in the package keeps your aroma for a long time, provided it is resealed after each use.

First of all, you should know that this is an certified organic product that may contain traces of mustard and celery – important information for people with allergies – but which does not include in its recipe genetically modified organisms, flavors or preservatives. Made in Germany, it complies with European Union standards for products labeled as Organic.

On the list of ingredients to which it owes its special aroma are rosemary, oregano, ginger, cinnamon, paprika, coriander, onion, fennel, fenugreek, nutmeg, cinnamon and cardamom. Thus, the warm, southern, spicy and fresh notes combine in a delicious result, which will make the fried chicken the family’s favorite food.


Seasoning support

Grunberg Rotary support

the best spice to use on your daily culinary activity If you need a spice organizer to use, including on the table, when you have lunch or dinner with your family or when you have guests, we suggest you take a look at this product, which caught our attention. for several reasons, we say important.

It is a set of 7 pieces, a rotating plastic support and 6 glass containers, with perforated plastic lids, in which you can put Turkish or chicken spices, or simply separate herbs, depending on your habits. family cuisine.

Buyers consider it a practical and easy to use product and especially appreciate the possibility of opening the lids, for easy refilling of containers. Being made of glass, they are durable and easy to handle and sanitize, being a welcome addition both on the family table and in restaurants that respect each other.


Seasoning container


the best spice to use on your daily culinary activity A well-sized set of spice jars is a useful addition to any kitchen. That is why we propose to those who are really passionate, a product with generous dimensions, which still remains very practical and easy to use.

We are talking about a mobile rotating support, made of chromed stainless steel for a more attractive appearance and for a longer life, which contains 16 glass containers. Each of them has a relatively wide mouth, so it is easy for you to refill them, and it is covered with a stainless steel lid that is fixed with thread. For more precise dosing, each jar has a detachable plastic sieve.

Because the containers close tightly, it is now easier to keep the original flavor of the contents, whether it’s spices for rice, meat or anything else. The dimensions of 19 x 28 cm are small enough for this product to find its place very well in any kitchen, without becoming uncomfortable.


Grated spices

Heinner Rasnite Sare Piper

the best spice to use on your daily culinary activity Salt and pepper are cheap and good spices that are generally on any table at any time of the day. In order to enjoy fresh salt that does not draw moisture and is not contaminated with environmental impurities and so that you can really appreciate the aroma of freshly ground peppercorns, one of the most practical solutions is the grinders.

This is why we suggest you consider this alternative: a set of two chromatically different grinders, made of rubber shaft wood and with an integrated ceramic mechanism, light, durable and of convenient size.

Contrasting colors – red and black – not only fit well on any table, but also save you the need to use spice labels. The height of the two pieces is 20 cm each, which means that they are easy to grip and handle and still do not take up much space.


Buying guide

If you are looking for new spices to change the flavor of the foods you are already used to, or if you are simply looking for new alternatives, in terms of producers, for what you already used as spices for fish or lamb, this is the article you need. Here’s what to look for when shopping.

the best spice to use on your daily culinary activity

Typology: There are, as you have probably already noticed, simple spices, which contain a single ingredient, and complex spices, which contain mixtures of several ingredients.

If we are talking about simple spices, it will be easy for you to notice their packaging: black or red or green pepper, thyme or basil, curry or chilli and a thousand other carefully processed plants and roots, which you can dose in food depending on your culinary preferences and the tastes of your family. It is one of the favorite variants of simple and healthy kitchen followers, who do not necessarily want to combine many flavors.

If you choose a product from the category of complex spices, you will find on the market packaging labeled as “lamb spices” for example, intended for a certain type of meat, or vegetables, or fish. They contain a mixture of several plants or roots, all compatible with the main ingredient of the food you want to prepare.

Provenance: Certainly, the best-selling spices on the market are those used in traditional Romanian cuisine. Pepper, thyme, sage, rosemary, cloves are “old since the world”: we got used to their taste, we love it, we know what to add, so much so that we have the impression that they are local.

Newer appeared on the market, but more and more sought after since the opening of so many Chinese, oriental, Italian restaurants and so on, are the complex variants that promise to bring in your kitchen the delicious flavors above. You will find on the market Arabic or Provencal spices, Indian or Chinese, ready combined to be able to reproduce the taste appreciated at the restaurant.

the best spice to use on your daily culinary activity

Ingredients: In most bags of simple spices you will find a variable amount of leaves, root or seeds of the plant whose name is mentioned on the label.

In the case of mixed spices, however, the contents of the package are worth checking. The best of them contain only a mixture of natural ingredients, but others have included on the list salt, sugar, various preservatives.

In the case of others, “spices for beef” means a mixture of the famous Vegeta type of the past, in which, in addition to many chemicals, there are also some aromatic plants.

Of course, we must be careful of food restrictions or allergies when reading such a label, even for ingredients of certified natural origin.

Form of presentation: Depending on the quantity and quality, spices can be sold in various forms of presentation. The smallest variants are the sachets with various dried and crushed herbs, which offer you a small amount of product. There are also larger envelopes, most often reserved for various spice mixtures for certain specific food recipes: for sarmale, for pilaf or spice for gingerbread.

A marketing option suitable for those who usually buy larger quantities of spices, or simply suitable if it is a more special spice, which you want to keep its aroma as long as possible, is that of jars. ; the fact that they close tightly with a lid makes them easier and more practical to use. Some of them are provided with a dosing screen; others are intended to be used to refill containers in a spice wall holder.

When it comes to packaging, the resealing option is very important; if it also allows the elimination of as much air as possible from inside, the spices will keep their flavor for longer.

the best spice to use on your daily culinary activity

Degree of processing: Of course, famous and very pretentious chefs will recommend using spices in the freshest possible condition, but it can be difficult to find green bay in the middle of winter. Most of the herbs you can buy are already dried; some are shredded, others are whole leaves, so that they can be taken out of the food after cooking.

Especially in the case of grains and seeds, the degree of processing can be quite different. As a pulp, pepper can often be purchased in the form of grains or ground pepper. Of course, if you are a real gourmet, you will prefer exclusively the berry version, which you will choose to grind yourself, if and when you need it, for a fresh aroma,

On the other hand, if we think of coriander, used a little less often in our kitchen, the purchase of the ground product would be a little risky, because it will lose much of its flavor, if it is left open for a long time.

Frequent questions

What are the most used spices for rice?

In Romanian cuisine, traditional pilaf can be cooked with a little onion, or a wider range of roots can be used for extra flavor.

Salt and pepper are usually part of the usual list of spices for rice, but they can be added to curry, turmeric or saffron.

the best spice to use on your daily culinary activity

What are the most popular Arabic spices?

Arabic cuisine is characterized by an absolutely special flavor and particular flavors, hard to confuse. Among the most used are saffron, sesame and turmeric, pepper and anise, cumin and cardamom or coriander, there are also special mixtures, characteristic: red sugar (sesame, sumac, thyme), or green sugar (sesame, salt, oregano, marjoram). Baharat, Za’faran, Sumak are some other names.

What sausage spices should I use for extra flavor?

The taste of the sausages depends essentially on the spices used during the preparation. Salt and pepper are common in these recipes, as is thyme, but for extra flavor you can add coriander, for example, a carefully measured amount of garlic and paprika.

Are there any spices for mushrooms?

Most people choose to use salt, pepper and garlic in the preparation of mushrooms, but if you want to experiment, you can create a mixture of cinnamon, anise, ginger and cloves at home, which you can add to the preparation. Use a small amount of spices, because the mushrooms retain the taste very easily.

If you do not feel inspired by this solution, you can use parsley, tarragon, curry, coriander or fenugreek.

4 Spice mixtures for meat

If you don’t like the idea of using mixed spices prepared in the store, you can choose to create your own mixes at home. For example, you can get a delicious spice for chicken by mixing sweet paprika, hot paprika, black pepper, garlic powder, onion flakes, salt, oregano and basil, in the proportions you consider to be the most suitable.

If you want to test a new flavor for pork, we suggest you mix brown sugar, allspice, thyme, mustard, cumin, black pepper, rosemary, paprika or hot; the resulting combination can be used for marinating, along with a little oil.

the best spice to use on your daily culinary activity

Although most housewives prefer to take advantage of the natural aroma of fish and keep things simple, when you feel like a change in taste you can use a mixture of brown sugar, salt, basil, oregano, parsley and rosemary.

If Greek cuisine inspires you, a mixture that works well for chicken and beef is made up of garlic, cinnamon, nutmeg, thyme, basil, onion, parsley, dill, salt, pepper, rosemary and oregano. The advantage of this recipe is that it can be used for vegetables, fish and pork, the flavors being fresh and invigorating and very light.

What we encourage you to do is to experiment, depending on your and your family’s preferences, as diverse combinations as possible; you will definitely find other personalized recipes that are worth noting in your cookbook.

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