The best steam cooker for home kitchen

The best steam cooker – Our recommendations for 2021

Because steam cookers are something relatively new on the Romanian market, when purchasing such a device you need some indispensable information. We do not rule out the possibility that you are a very busy person, and then there is no point in asking you to read this whole article. So here are the two models on steps 1 and 2 and why I placed them this way. The first isPhilips HD9126 / 00 , a product that offers at a low price all the advantages of healthy and economical cooking, with features that should be found in every alternative you consider: it is strong enough to cook quickly and efficiently; has a sufficient baking capacity, given the number of containers and their weight; includes a timer that ensures the preferential preparation of different types of food; it is safe to use, as the parts you touch always remain cold. A unique function, which will be enjoyed especially by those who love the taste of well-seasoned food, is the flavor intensifier, in which you can introduce any aromatic mixture, so that the prepared ingredients take on that taste. If you are interested in another brand or additional functions,   Tefal Ultracompact VC1006   is the second option we recommend.

Comparison table

You can prepare soup, rice, stew, and this is due to the special bowl with which it is accessorized, but also to the stackable containers inside which you will simultaneously cook vegetables, meat and all kinds of garnishes, in the healthiest cooking conditions.

With only 80cm in length of power cord, it’s no wonder that few can use it on the kitchen counter, without the need to attach an extension cord – not everyone has a plug strategically located in the kitchen.

It is both economical, reliable and adequate to prepare enough food so that the whole family can enjoy a healthy diet.

Besides the fact that it is part of the offer of a brand of respected kitchen appliances on the Romanian market, this model is used without difficulties even by those who have never used such a thing, having an intuitive design.

It is considered an ideal alternative for buyers who want to spend a minimum, so from the point of view of the included functions, the capabilities of the object can be designated as somewhat limited, offering the strict necessary in terms of prepared recipes.

When you analyze the price of the device, especially in relation to capacity, it is very likely that you will come to the conclusion that it is worth trying.

It offers the highest cooking capacity (12l), in relation to the most advantageous price and with a power that promises to quickly obtain the most delicious and healthiest dishes; thus receives the unanimous vote of the users.

Some users accuse the instructions for use of being inconclusive, others have complained that stackable plastic containers deteriorate quickly if they are sanitized in the dishwasher; so it remains to use it intuitively and clean it manually.

Because it offers at least three categories of food cooked at once and is sold at a great price, this device receives the vote of popularity.

How to choose a good steam cooker

Buyer’s guide

When you and your family want a healthy diet, you will definitely prefer a steaming method. Therefore, it is advisable to rely on the solution of a device that will help you prepare all kinds of food, without using even a drop of fat and even without boiling. The answer is simple: you need a steamer that rises to your expectations.

Such a device is part of the range of kitchen appliances and guarantees the thermal processing of the ingredients, without eliminating vitamins and enzymes by effective boiling or frying. In this way, dishes full of beneficial nutrients are obtained. However, before you ask yourself where other interested buyers can find steam cookers at good prices, you need to know some important performance indicators for this type of product.

The best steam cooker for home kitchen

Power: ensures the separation of these devices into three classes: low power, standard devices and high power models. Do you have a large family, do you want to use the steamer often and do you want steamed food to be made very quickly? – Then you need a product that offers you at least 1800W. Of course, you can find more powerful versions on the market, with over 2000W.

If you occasionally use the device and give a little more time to prepare recipes, you can be satisfied with a standard steamer. It will provide you with 900W, enough to properly process moderate amounts of ingredients. If you want to save money and you don’t even need too large portions, you can also opt for a low power one, with 600W. In any case, do not forget that energy consumption will be commensurate with the power offered.

Capacity: it is calculated according to the number of baskets and the volume of loading with food. For example, on the market you can find steamers with 2 or 3 baskets, inside which you can separate various types of ingredients. If you want to be able to prepare meat and vegetables differently and you want them to be in considerable quantities, we suggest you choose a model with 3 baskets.

Of course, most variants of this type can be disassembled, so that you keep only 2 of the 3 baskets, when you happen to cook less. If you know that you will not prepare large portions, it is no problem to choose a product with only 2 baskets. The volume can vary, from the smallest models, which have a capacity of 3l, to 12l. When you have a large family, you will want as much space as possible, so you will rely on something of great capacity.

Design: includes the following aspects: positioning of the chimneys, the water tank and the component materials. When you never know how much you will prepare with a steam cooker, it is good to choose one with a versatile design, to which you can add or remove one of the containers. Usually, the process is possible for models in which food vats are superimposed in horizontal layers. According to many opinions about the best cheap steam cookers,

when you want the preparation process to take longer, being delayed, you need a large amount of steam and implicitly a water tank with an extended capacity of over 1l. In order to be able to observe what is happening inside, choose a device that includes transparent baskets. The most popular models include materials such as stainless steel and ultra-resistant plastic.

The best steam cooker for home kitchen

Functions: must include: timer, adjustable thermostat, quick steam option, keeping warm, preparation with vitamin protection and, as far as possible, preset programs, to comply with various steam cooking recipes, among other functions additional varying from one example to another. Do you want to not complicate yourself with cookbooks and have the device do almost all the work? – It is recommended to choose something with an intuitive menu, but with multiple programs.

If you are used to cooking food for your diet, choose something that allows you to cook at low temperatures that do not destroy enzymes. Mothers will greatly appreciate a variant of a steam cooker and blender, which will allow them to obtain a healthy puree for the little one in the shortest time.

If you respect all these landmarks, you will be able to find an advantageous offer, discovering where you can find steam cookers at a good price, which are also efficient. We advise you to order a model online, because the prices are lower on the internet, but you receive the same guarantee. When you are not satisfied with the order, you can return or replace it.

Recommended models in 2021

Philips HD9126 / 00

The best steam cooker for home kitchen

Through this product, the Philips brand has created a practical, economical, but also efficient steam cooker. It has a standard power of 900W, has 3 detachable cooking baskets and will process quite large quantities of food, with a capacity of 9l, enough to prepare a menu for a family with several members.

Given that food needs different cooking times, the product gives you the opportunity to properly prepare vegetables, fish, rice, and other ingredients, thanks to the timer provided. The model includes a very useful bowl for steaming soup, stew, rice, but also other foods.

Regarding the built-in functions, it is worth mentioning the one that keeps the handles cool during operation, the one that indicates the water level and the function that will alert you when the appliance can be used. An advantage offered by this model is that, thanks to the flavor enhancer, you can season the ingredients according to your preference, just by adding the flavors in the specially designed space. The device is easy to use and clean, all its components being compatible with the dishwasher.

Model compatible with dishwasher

It is equipped with an aroma intensifier, which allows seasoning the ingredients

Properly prepare a wide range of foods, thanks to the built-in timer


The power cord may be quite short, requiring an extension cord

Tefal Ultracompact VC1006

The best steam cooker for home kitchen If you are looking to buy a steam cooker, but you do not have a considerable amount, we suggest you pay attention to the Tefal Ultracompact VC1006 model. Most users who have tried it have been satisfied with its performance and recommend it especially for the very good ratio between its cost and efficiency.

You will be able to prepare food quickly, easily, without putting too much effort, the model running at a power of 900W and having a capacity of 9l, enough even for situations when you have to cook for several people. The device preserves the optimal taste of the ingredients used, and in addition to various assortments of fish, meat, and vegetables, you can also prepare rice, the model having included a special bowl for it.

It is equipped with 3 cooking baskets, includes an adjustable thermostat and a detachable tray. It has a compact storage system, so you can easily store the bowls at the base of the device.

Considering the quality and facilities offered, the price is considered to be reasonable

It is easy to use, practical and with a pleasant and compact design

It includes a bowl for making rice


It may not fully satisfy users who want a high-performance device with multiple functions

Heinner Master Collection HSA-1000XMC  

The best steam cooker for home kitchen Have you set out to find a cheap and good steam cooker? – Well, our example for this product category is the Heinner model. The justification is simple, it is sold as one of the most popular devices ordered online, it has a moderate price, and the reviews of those who tested it show that it offers the expected performances.

With a power of 1000W, compared to a total capacity of 12l, the device can be used frequently enough to cook healthy food for an entire family. Here we also mention the fact that the water tank has a storage volume of 1.4l, which indicates plenty of steam for cooking vegetables and rice.

It consists of 3 different overlapping containers, includes a bowl for rice, while the dishes can be prepared as you like, especially because it offers both pre-set cooking modes and timer, which allows you to experiment with various boiling periods. We mention the functions of automatic shutdown, overheating protection and audible warning as part of the device’s reliability scheme.

Equipped with anti-slip system and for plugging the cable, this model will be very popular in any kitchen.


Price as convenient as possible.

Includes 2 bowls for steaming and one special for rice.

It has a power of 1000W and a cooking capacity of 12l – suitable for families.

Equipped with preset programs and timer.

Reliable due to the included safety functions: automatic shut-off, audible signal.


The materials from which it is made are not very resistant, some users accusing that the plastic will deteriorate prematurely.

It does not have a detailed user manual.

Russell Hobbs Cook @ Home 19270-56

The best steam cooker for home kitchen An interesting suggestion for healthy food lovers is the product Russel Hobbs Cook @ Home 19270-56. It is a roomy model, ideal even for large families, due to the 3 levels of food preparation.

With a total capacity of 9 liters and a power of 800 W, the piece also has some obvious advantages in terms of functionality: side holes allow you to add water during cooking, and the timer allows you to select the time needed to prepare food at the desired interval in within 60 minutes.

The cooking baskets are compact and, especially importantly, are designed in such a way as to allow storage in a small space. The rice bowl is an additional accessory, specially designed to offer you the tastiest recipes that include this food. In short, we warmly recommend it for the possibility of preparing healthy foods rich in vitamins.


Powerful and efficient device thanks to the 800 W.

It offers 3 food baskets with a capacity of 9 liters – roomy.

It has the timer option for automatic shutdown once the food is ready – reliable.

Easy to clean and store.


There is no stop option once the timer has been set, except for unplugging.

Tefal Vitacuisine 400330

The best steam cooker for home kitchen

For those who want to adopt a healthy eating style and ask “what is the best steam cooker?”, This model is the ideal choice, the investment is fully worth it. Created in collaboration with nutritionists, the model offered by Tefal has a very high power of 1800W, so it will be able to prepare food quickly, and thanks to the patented Vitamin + function, it will be able to keep optimally the nutritional values of the ingredients used.

It is very suitable for those interested in steaming a wide range of recipes, even offering the possibility to cook marinated in sauce, the model including a 60-minute digital stopwatch with automatic shutdown at the end of the cooking session and the delayed start function.

Also, the function of keeping food warm until it is consumed will be very useful. The device is equipped with 3 cooking baskets and has an extended capacity of 10 l, being suitable for large families. It is compact, does not take up much space, the bowls can be stored in the base of the device.

It has a very high operating power, so it will process food in a short time

It is made to store food nutrients

It includes a number of extremely useful functions for users


The components of the appliance are not compatible with the dishwasher

Philips HD9140 / 91

The best steam cooker for home kitchen

Here is a practical product that will prove very useful for those who are fans of steamed food and want to buy such an efficient device, with which to cook easily and quickly. It works at a power of 900W, is equipped with 3 baskets and has a capacity of 9 l, enough for larger families.

You can prepare a wide range of foods such as rice, eggs, vegetables, chicken and fish, due to the preset time intervals, which automatically turn off the steam once the set period has been reached. For an extra flavor you can add your favorite spices, because the device is provided with an aroma intensifier.

Moreover, to diversify the menu, you have an Extra Large bowl, with which you can steam or stew soup. The model has the function of keeping food warm until serving, as well as the function for softening and the one that will indicate the water level in the appliance.

Includes preset programs for preparing various foods

It has an aroma intensifier, which allows the seasoning of the ingredients

It can be easily cleaned, the components being compatible with the dishwasher


The length of the power cord may not meet the needs of some users

Tefal Mini VC130130

The best steam cooker for home kitchen

For users who want to have such a device in the kitchen arsenal, but are looking for products with better prices, the model designed by Tefal is a good choice.

It offers, at an affordable price and for people with a lower budget, satisfactory quality and is a practical and easy solution to cook healthy food. Operating at a power of 650W and with a capacity of 6.5 l, Tefal Mini VC130130 will prove very useful for making portions for 2-3 people.

It includes a system that will make the appliance turn off automatically when it runs out of water, so you will not have to follow the entire cooking process. Also noteworthy is the AquaTimer function, which will control the water level to avoid losses. The device is equipped with 3 cooking baskets, and as an accessory includes a bowl for preparing rice. It has a collecting vessel for the juices resulting from the preparation of the ingredients and at the same time it ensures an easy storage method.

The price is very economical

Easy to use model and ideal for families with few members

It has a compact design and a patented bowl tightening system


It has a low capacity, being suitable for preparing moderate amounts of food

Philips Avent SCF870 / 22

The best steam cooker for home kitchen

For people looking to buy a good steam cooker and blender, we suggest you look at the product designed by Philips.

Mothers will definitely appreciate this model, because they will be able to prepare a healthy food for their babies, without losing vitamins from food, the device having a built-in blender, with the help of which they will be able to prepare various purees. Moreover, the manufacturers offer a book that includes 12 useful recipes and professional advice from nutritionists.

The model has a capacity of 800 g for solid foods and 450 ml for liquid foods. It offers easy use, being easy to fill with water, having few components that need to be cleaned, and to activate the blender function, you just have to steam the food, then turn the bowl to mix. The model works at high power and is versatile, allowing the preparation of vegetables, fruits, meat or fish and being suitable for sauces and dry foods.

Very useful for preparing baby food, the model being provided with a blender

It is designed to preserve the nutrients and texture of food

It has a compact design, making it easy to store


Relatively high price, according to the performance offered by the product

How to use a steam cooker

If you want to cook healthy for yourself and your loved ones, then you need to have a steam cooker in your kitchen. As they are less used even today, here are some things you need to know about using and keeping them in good condition.

The best steam cooker for home kitchen

Where you put it

As soon as you bring it home and take it out of the box, marveling at how beautiful your purchase is, you have to make room for the steam cooker in the kitchen. A smart location is close to a socket and on a flat surface, not extremely high and stable, from which it will not fall. And if you don’t use it too often, make sure you keep it in a well-ventilated space.

How to use it correctly

When you start cooking, you must make sure that you have enough water in the steamer and that it is connected to the power supply. For best results, you must use it as instructed in the user manual. Over time, you will easily distinguish between programs and you will be able to adapt it to your own culinary needs and preferences.

How to cook

If you are a beginner in the steam cooking industry, you may fail a few times when you start using this device. In addition to using it according to the instructions, the way you prepare the vegetables before cooking them is just as important.

In order for the steam to penetrate well, cut them into equal pieces and place them, as far as possible, in categories. Thus, you can put carrots and potatoes in the same compartment, but it is good to place the meat in another basket, because it is harder. In addition, leave room between vegetables and do not overload the steamer, to allow the steam to circulate and completely penetrate all the ingredients.

What are you cooking

You can put almost anything in this cooking device, but some foods are an exception. For example, you have to be very careful if you put mushrooms, because they, because of their texture, will dry quite quickly.

Also, mutton or beef can be difficult to penetrate with just the power of steam and can take more than an hour to prepare. If you want to make a recipe for steak with wine, you can easily add wine to the water compartment.

The best steam cooker for home kitchen

Buy some useful accessories

It is good to buy some useful accessories that will allow you to diversify recipes and dose certain quantities correctly: a meat grill for the steamer, a rice bowl, a cup of water or a cookbook with steamed recipes can be very helpful.

Make sure you take care of it properly

It is also important to maintain the product and use it according to the safety instructions that are specified in the user manual. After each cooking, the appliance must be cleaned, so disassembled, and each basket washed separately. It is good to leave it disassembled when you are not using it and to keep it in a safe place, and for the food preparation containers to be placed in the special storage space that some appliances have incorporated.

Popular brands:

Steam cookers are gaining more and more interest on the Romanian market, which does not surprise us, given that they allow anyone to cook healthier and with less fat. Buying it is not difficult, but it is important to know which reliable manufacturers you can turn to, so as not to wake up that the device fails from the first year of use. According to our research and buyers’ preferences, Philips, Tefal and Russel Hobbs brands remain in the top.

The best steam cooker for home kitchen

It is unlikely that there are people who have not heard of the Philips brand, given that it came to people’s attention more than a century ago. Brand of the Dutch company Koninklijke Philips NV, it was born in 1891, the founders being Gerard Phillips and his father, Frederik.

From a small factory specializing in the manufacture of electric incandescent bulbs, founded on the desire to make these objects safer and more accessible to anyone, Philips has now become one of the largest and most popular electronics manufacturers in the world. global. With a profit of 226 million euros in 2012, 121,284 employees and trade made on almost all continents, Phillips managed to maintain itself as one of the market leaders in the production segments.

Interest has been maintained for the improvement and development of lighting solutions, this being one of the important divisions of the company, together with the health and lifestyle departments of consumers. Moreover, the revenues obtained from the sale of products from the lighting range were clearly detached from those of the competition, Philips being the largest manufacturer, in 2012.

A considerable part of the company’s revenues goes to research departments, investing 1.61 billion euros in 2011 alone. Innovation is also in the first place when it comes to the direction the company will take in the future, with the focus on improving quality of life of consumers.

The best steam cooker for home kitchen

Ever since Tefal patented, in 1954, the first non-stick pan, transforming the lives of all housewives, the news of the quality of this brand’s products has been spread overnight, making the manufacturer quickly become a world leader in consumer appliances and cooking utensils. .

The invention belongs to the founder of the brand, Marc Grégoire, who in the ’50s laid the foundation of the first factory, in Sarcelles, somewhere in the suburbs of Paris. The production capacity at that time reached 100 pans per day. In the following years, it managed to open subsidiaries in Europe, and in 1968, Tefal was bought by Groupe SEB, one of the international leaders in the small appliances market.

Since then and until now, the brand has left its mark on a series of equally spectacular and useful innovations. What would once again revolutionize the way it was cooked was ThermoSpot technology, that red dot, heat indicator, that warns when the temperature is right for adding food.

Currently, the Tefal product range has expanded to other directions, being composed of cooking appliances, kitchen utensils, appliances for cooking (blenders, mixers, juicers, etc.), devices for fabric care (irons and ironing stations). ) and personal care products (scales).

The best steam cooker for home kitchen

Russel Hobbs is an English brand, recognized and appreciated on the home appliance market for more than 50 years. It is under the tutelage of Spectrum Brands Inc., along with other famous brands, such as Remington, Tetra and VARTA, since 2010.

The brand was launched in 1952, when Bill Russell and Peter Hobbs produced the first automatic coffee maker with a filtering device. The collaboration between the two is older, and before the partnership that would set up the Russel Hobbs brand, each of the founders had been involved in designing and making electronics such as pop-up toasters, electric hair dryers, irons and other appliances. housewives.

On the UK market, the brand is synonymous with the first automatic kettles to appear in the world, the invention being published in 1955. Then followed other models, more efficient, such as the first programmable kettle, made entirely of plastic, but also the Millennium range , in 1997, with cooking time reduced by half.

In addition to innovation, the manufacturer’s attention has focused on the appearance, each product, from toasters, blenders, mixers, juicers, coffee makers to kitchen accessories with a fine and elegant design, pleasant to integrate into any room where cook.

»Here you can find recommendations from previous years

Steam Cookers – Review and comparison in 2021

Have you heard of the benefits of steaming food and want to buy such a device? If the decision has been made, it is time to look for a suitable model, because the variants are many and very different in function and structure.Tefal Steam n’Light VC3008 is, for example, one of the family-owned steam cookers, including three tiered containers, a 900W motor and 6 predefined operating programs. If you prefer to evaluate several variants before choosing, Philips Daily Collection HD9126 / 90 is another model that you can consider for your family.

In-depth reviews about the best steam cookers

Are you looking for the best steamer for your family or baby food? Compare your requirements with some of the most popular models available in online stores and decide which is the perfect device for you.



Tefal steam cooker

Tefal Steam n’Light VC3008

If your brand options include a Tefal steam cooker, you will definitely be interested in the Steam n’Light VC3008 model, with three cooking pots and a total capacity of 10l, which helps you easily prepare food for the whole family.

It’s a stackable version, so it doesn’t take up much space in the closet. In addition, it includes 6 predefined programs (fish, white meat, rice, eggs, vegetables, dessert) that quickly take you from amateur to professional when it comes to steam cooking.

The engine has a power of 900W, enough to prepare thermally, quite quickly, the entire amount, and the water tank includes a filling indicator and is designed to allow the addition of liquid during operation. It also offers you a function of keeping food warm and a timer with automatic shut-off, which have the role of helping you save time. Note, however, that the containers require careful cleaning, due to the holes included in the design, and that the tank must be cleaned periodically, if you live in an area with hard water.

Tefal VS400333 VitaCuisine Compact

Sufficient opinions about the best steam cookers include this model on the list of products worth consulting, so that Tefal VitaCuisine Compact wins a place among our proposals. It is distinguished primarily by the powerful 1800W motor, which reduces cooking time for large amounts of food. In addition, it includes Vitamin + function which reduces the duration of exposure to steam, to reduce nutrient losses.

The capacity is 10l, average, enough for families of 3-4 members, and the structure includes three dishes for cooking, which means you can prepare three dishes at the same time, if you do not need very large portions.

Allows automatic start at a certain time and includes a preset stop timer. In the category of functions, it also offers you the option of keeping the dishes warm, and the structure of the cooking pots, made of plastic, allows them to be stacked for storage. It is not a perfect product: the manual does not contain instructions in Romanian and the list of recipes is quite poor, but it will help you cook healthy, comfortable meat, vegetables and desserts for the whole family.


Tefal VC145130

Not everyone needs a large cooking device with impressive power. For those who prepare steamed food only occasionally or for 1-2 people, we have included in the list of proposals Tefal brand, model VC145130, with a capacity of 6 liters and 900W motor.

It is a version with stainless steel dishes, dedicated to those who prefer to avoid plastic, without being attracted by the more vulnerable structure of the glass. Among the advantages offered, which you will definitely use, are automatic shut-off with mechanical timer, water tank fill indicator, easy to check, and easy-to-use filling system during operation.

Includes two large bowls and a special container for rice, slightly smaller. The tray that collects the water created by the condensation will color over time, if you do not maintain it carefully. Instead, you can rely on the cooking times specified in the manual and it is also suitable for baby food.

Philips steam cooker


Philips Daily Collection HD9126 / 90

From the category of models with three baskets, which allow the simultaneous preparation of three dishes, we offer you this Philips steam cooker, with a capacity of 9 liters and a power of 900W. It is provided with anti-slip feet, which ensures a very good stability, even on glossy surfaces, overheating protection, operation indicator light and special space for storing the power cable.

In addition to these secondary but useful features, it also provides you with a number of important functions. These include the timer that allows you to set a precise cooking period and eliminates the need to monitor the device. The anti-drip lid and the flavor intensifier are also helpful, which means tastier and more fragrant foods, without water running down the counter.

Because the three dishes can be stored in each other, the appliance takes up little space in the closet, being useful in small kitchens. In addition, the water tank is equipped with an external filling hole, easy to approach while the appliance is operating.


Steam cooker and blender


Philips-AVENT SCF870 / 22

If it is time to start diversifying your baby’s food, we advise you to consider this steam cooker and blender. Philips-AVENT SCF870 / 22 will simplify your work a lot and you will get healthy dishes, rich in nutrients, ready to be mashed, only good for feeding the little one.

It is a device with a compact design, an efficient steam cycle, supported by a 400W motor, and an operating system that keeps the juices created after the thermal preparation and reintegrates them in the food obtained. Thus, nothing is lost and the child enjoys a nutritious and tasty meal.

It is very easy to use. After cooking the ingredients, all you have to do is turn the bowl over and start the blender to pass them. The food container can contain up to 450ml of liquids, and the water container has a capacity of 200ml, enough for this amount of food.

Philips-Avent SCF881 / 01

From the category of useful options in the preparation of baby food, we also offer you the Philips Avent SCF881 / 01 steam cooker model, which you can use both to heat process food and to defrost, blend and reheat, as needed.

It is a compact model, with a 1l container that allows you to prepare up to four single-use portions, which you can reheat then it’s time to feed the baby. It is easy to clean, under running water, and includes a timer that notifies you when the food is ready, which means that, in the meantime, you can take care of other household chores.

Cook the food quickly, so the little one won’t have to wait too long, and takes up little space in the closet. This Philips Avent model, steam cooker and blender, is a version available at a higher price than other variants, so carefully analyze the alternatives if your budget is limited.

Rice cooker

Beper Loto 90,550

If you like Asian cuisine and cook rice dishes frequently, you will definitely love this device. With a design similar to a classic pot, Beper Loto offers you a capacity of 1l, in a stainless steel container, with non-stick interior and exterior that remains cold to the touch, even during operation.

You no longer have to worry that the rice will burn, even if you forget about it, because this device directly activates the function of keeping food warm when it runs out of water. You can easily cook vegetables and meat, using the steaming basket.

It uses a power of 400W and comes with useful accessories, such as the steaming element made of aluminum, transparent, detachable lid, paddle for easy mixing and graduated container. The handles are thermally insulated, so you can easily move the appliance from one place to another, without the risk of burning yourself. It is easy to clean and is ideal for those who want to try cooking without oil.

Steam cooker for babies

DomoClip DOP174

For parents who are not very fond of reheating, we recommend a steam cooker and blender with a slightly smaller capacity of 0.5l and 250W motor. It is also a more affordable model compared to other options, so ideal if you consider that you will not use it after this stage of feeding with ingredients in the past form.

It has a timer that allows you to set the cooking time up to a maximum of 30 minutes. If you think it’s a little, we’ll tell you that you don’t need more for most ingredients. It stops automatically when the set time has elapsed, so you don’t have to wait to watch it. Just be careful not to forget that the food is ready and can be served.

The design is horizontal, with the vessel on the side of the operating system, which means that it takes up a little more space than the vertical alternatives. If you have a small kitchen, it is good to consider this aspect.


Heinner steam cooker

Heinner Master Collection HSA-1000XMC

In households where cooking is frequent and in large quantities, for several people, a more generous model is usually needed in terms of operating parameters and capacity, such as this Heinner steam cooker, with 1000W motor and three dishes. which accumulates a volume of 12 liters. In addition, it includes a larger than average water tank, 1.4l, which you will have to refill less often.

We remind you that this is a brand that provides affordable products, so do not expect the same features as a premium model. For example, plastic is not as robust. But, properly maintained, it helps you cook a variety of healthy recipes, easily, quickly and with a reasonable investment.

It is equipped with a timer, which allows you to set the cooking time at intervals of up to 90 minutes, which means that you can let it do its job while you rest or take care of other household chores.


Russel Hobbs steam cooker

Russell Hobbs Cook @ Home 19270-56

Practical, efficient, easy to clean and use, Russell Hobbs Cook @ Home 19270-56 is one of the household appliances you should have in your home if you need a healthy and quick way to cook your favorite foods.

It is a version with a capacity of 9l, materialized in 3 individual bowls, together with which you receive a special container for rice, of 1l. The motor is 800W, powerful enough to be able to prepare meat, rice and other recipes of this type in due time, and in terms of functions it offers you the option of automatic shutdown, based on timer.

In the accessories category you receive the water drain tray, which collects the liquid resulting from condensation. Compared to other models, not as much steam comes out of the device, which means that it can be used in kitchens that are not provided with optimal ventilation solutions, without the risk of causing dampness.


Buying guide

A steam cooker, at a good price, can help you prepare a variety of recipes in a healthier and more efficient way than by baking, frying, boiling or any other classic method. You keep more of the nutrients and you get tastier food faster, for the whole family, if you choose the right model. Here are some criteria you need to consider to easily identify the right option.


Power and capacity: These two parameters influence the amount of food you can prepare and the time it will be ready. So analyze them according to the frequency with which you will use the device and the number of servings required. You will find in stores steam cookers, at good prices, with motors starting from 250W and up to 2000W. Of course, those under 500W are usually models for babies, who have a single cooking pot with a capacity of up to 1l.

For a household with 1-2 people, models of at least 500 – 600W are recommended, and for families with several members it is good to opt for supported variants of at least 850 – 1000W. The higher the power, the more intense the hot steam is released and you can cook faster.

In terms of capacity, you will generally have a choice between 1 to 12l versions, depending on the number of servings you want to be able to cook at once, how many family members consume steamed food and how often you will use it. . If you think that a steam cooker, at a good price, has the chance to become your main gastronomic device, look for a version of at least 8 liters for a family with 3-4 people.

Don’t forget to check the capacity of the water tank. We recommend that you choose a variant of at least 1l, so that you don’t have to refill very often, and with the option of easy recharging on the outside.


Number of baskets:When analyzing how much food you can cook with this appliance, it is good to check both the total and the individual capacity of each dish. You can opt, for example, for a cheap and good steam cooker with a single container, or for a model with 3 or four. The individual capacity varies from 1 to 3-4 liters and not in all cases the vessels are equal. In addition, they can have a round, oval or rectangular shape, and when you choose it is good to keep in mind that if you want to make fish you will need a longer design.


There are special dishes for rice, eggs, with the structure that allows the storage of the sauce, etc., so no detail is overlooked in the presentation of the product.


Functions: First of all, it is good to know that you can choose between steam cookers, cheap and good, which offer only the part of thermal preparation, and models that include mechanical processing, or, in other words blender. The second category often includes options for preparing baby food, but there are also standard devices for adults that integrate blender.

Leaving this separation aside, the basic functions that the device needs for safe and efficient use include automatic timer shutdown, water level indicator and overheating protection. On the next step are the functions of defrosting, reheating and keeping warm the dishes, and the flavor intensifier.


Design and accessories: The best steam cookers, especially for small kitchens, are the vertical truncated or stackable, which allow the storage of cooking utensils in each other, thus occupying very little space. But not all have this structure. Some remain at full vertical size when placed in the closet, and horizontal ones, with dishes placed next to each other, are recommended for spacious kitchens, because they take up the most space.

Two of the accessories that are good to have for such a device are the anti-drip lid and the water collection tray. Both manage condensation due to steam. Some versions of appliances have a single collection tray, while others include one for each cooking vessel, thus preventing the combination of flavors and tastes.


Programs:Like the high-performance models of electric ovens, some steam cookers also offer a series of predefined programs that greatly simplify the preparation of recipes. The number generally varies between 2 and 8 programs, the most popular being those for eggs, rice, vegetables, fish, white meat and desserts.


Frequent questions

Are there glass steam cookers?

Yes, you can also opt for a glass steam cooker, but these models are a bit harder to find, cost a little more and usually include a single dish. They are really healthier than plastic ones, but glass is more vulnerable to scratches and breakage, so carefully weigh the pros and cons.


Can rice be cooked on a steam cooker?

Because rice is a widely used food and its classic cooking can take quite a long time, it is one of the basic products you can cook on a steamer. There are even models with special rice dishes.


How to clean a steam cooker for babies?

If you have decided to use a steam cooker for babies to prepare food, fast and healthy, for the little one, it is good to know that it must be cleaned correctly and frequently. Washable accessories are washed after each use, preferably by hand, even if they can be inserted in the dishwasher, and ideally, with eco detergents. Remember that the water tank also needs regular sanitation to remove germs and stones and rinse it with water with vinegar or lemon juice, at least once a month.



Top 2 recipes for the Tefal steam cooker

If you bought a Tefal steam cooker, you are definitely looking forward to trying some simple and tasty recipes to test its performance. So we offer you some healthy and appetizing foods, which come out best on steam. You can try them, of course, if you have another model, such as a Philips HD9126 / 00 steam cooker, Heinner, Beper or any other brand.


Delicious asparagus

Rich in vitamin K, fiber, potassium and folic acid, asparagus or asparagus are among the vegetables that help reduce negative cholesterol levels, prevent urinary tract infections and help detoxify the body. It is tender, good in taste and, with the help of a steam appliance, very easy to cook.

All you have to do is clean it, steam it for 4-5 minutes and then serve it on a hot plate, sprinkled with a little olive oil, salt, pepper and lemon juice. It fits perfectly in the role of garnish for fish dishes, which you can also steam.

Pea puree

Steamed, peas retain more of their specific sweetness and an intense color, very pleasing to the eye. Use a blender for the bird and season with salt, pepper and mint.


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