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Knife Sharpening Stones – Review and comparison in 2021

Are you looking for the best knife sharpener and you don’t know how to choose it and where to buy it? In this guide, we will present you the most important selection criteria, but also a list of popular items in online stores. If you are on the run and do not have time to read it head-to-tail, we inform you that the product that attracted our most attention isZokura Z1020 . This knife sharpening stone has dimensions of 19 x 7 x 3.5 cm, is made of ceramic, has two faces (grit 1000/3000) and is rectangular, with sharp corners. If you still want to quickly see a model with a smaller grain, on the 2nd place is Zokura Z1021 .

Comparative table

This stone is one of quite generous dimensions, so that it can be used in a comfortable way, placed on a table, having in this sense a non-stick base type accessory. It has two sides, one with a grit of 1000 grit and another of 3000 grit, being recommended for sharpening and finishing.

It must be maintained in time, because a depression can form in the middle, after 5-7 uses and it will not be as efficient.

It is a stone that could be useful in any kitchen, because it will contribute both to sharpening and finishing knives.

It will be useful in the kitchens of housewives who want to prepare food for their loved ones in the simplest way possible, because using it, the knives will always be sharp and you will not waste time when it comes to chopping / slicing. It has two sides and comes with a support that has a rubber base.

Considering that the granulation is of 400, respectively 1000 grit, it is not a stone that we recommend to be used for professional knives.

If what you need is a stone with medium granulation, we recommend this product with two sides (grit 400/1000).

It is a rather complex kit, which in addition to the sharpening stone which is 1000/6000 grit, also has one for finishing, but also two elements that help to adjust the angles. It is delivered in a box that also serves as a storage space, but also as a solid base during the blade preparation process.

Be careful not to subject it to strong mechanical shocks, because, being made of ceramic, it can shatter quite easily.

It is a good choice for people who want a sharpening stone that allows the finest actions and bringing the blade in the best possible condition.

In-depth reviews about the best knife sharpening stones

In the continuation of this guide, you will find a list that includes some of the most interesting knife sharpeners, cheap and good, that you can buy from online stores. They are popular products, appreciated by many people who are looking for these accessories.

Hand sharpening knife

Zokura Z1020

the best stone knife sharpener

Many buyers appreciate this hand-sharpened knife stone because it is an item that has proven useful in many kitchens. It is a model provided with two faces, one with a grain size of 1000 grit, in order to restore the blade edge so that it acts as efficiently as possible, another of 3000 grit, in order to finish everything as pleasantly as possible.

This product is made of ceramic, a material that must be used carefully so as not to chip. It can be consumed quite quickly, if it is not used correctly and it easily forms that depression given by wear, which can be solved very simply, by rubbing the surface with another stone.

The dimensions of this article are 19 x 7 x 3.5 cm, and the non-stick base it comes with makes it very easy to use when placed on a table or other such surface. The corners are sharp, and the girls have different shades – white and brown, respectively. It must be kept in water, according to the instructions, to give the best possible results.

Maranc M43

the best stone knife sharpener

If you want to buy a hand-sharpened knife, this option may be right for you. Why? Because it is a stable model, easy to handle, and this is due to the fact that it is positioned on a support made of bamboo wood, which in turn is based on a silicone insert, which prevents slipping.

Regarding the granulation, it is 1000, respectively 6000 grit, the model having two faces (green and white). It will be very useful to give the shape of the knife, but also to sharpen it very well. The pottery from which this stone is made is of a high quality, which will be very difficult to wear.

This product has dimensions of 18 x 6 x 3 cm and a weight of 638 grams. It’s not the best option if you want a model that you can take with you very easily. The purchase package also includes a knife holder, which helps set the working angle and makes the whole activity easier. Everything comes packaged in an elegant box.

Raider 499959

the best stone knife sharpener

If you can’t afford or don’t want to invest in a more expensive product, we recommend this cheap and good knife sharpener. It could be helpful in classic kitchens, where cutting accessories are not extremely used, but are commonly used.

This product is equipped with two sides, one gray, the other orange, with a different grain on each side. They are not very high values, because we are talking about 100 and 320 grit, respectively, but you will be able to give the knives the efficiency they had at the beginning.

20 x 5 x 2.5 cm are the dimensions of this product, and the corners are sharp, the shape being rectangular. To prepare it for use, you can use either water or oil. If you want to use this stone on a table, then you need to place a non-stick surface at the base, because otherwise it will slip and you risk getting injured.

Carl Schmidt Sohn Tromso

the best stone knife sharpener

This article is not a sharpening knife with a grinder, but it is a classic, countertop model, which comes to the aid of people who want to bring a cutting tool to the best possible shape, in order to be as efficient as possible. It’s a model with two faces, a big plus, because each has its own grain. The lighter part has 800 grit, to make the most delicate finishes, and the darkest part 240 grit, which is why it helps to sharpen and give a shape you want. It is made of natural stone.

This item is delivered with a support made of plastic, which gives it stability during sharpening, but also facilitates the whole process, because it raises the base a little and everything is much simpler.

The length of this stone is 18.5 cm, the width is 6.5 cm, and the thickness is 3.5. For best results, you will need to soak it in water for 10-15 minutes before each use.

Zokura knife sharpening stone

Zokura Z1021

the best stone knife sharpener

This knife sharpener, Zokura, is a good purchase for any kitchen where it is cooked normally, if you always want to have cutting tools with a blade ready to do an excellent job. It is a model of generous dimensions, measuring 18 x 6 x 3 cm, which is why it is placed on the table to be used, with a base made of rubber, which allows a good fixation during the sharpening process.

This model has two sides – one white, which comes with a grit of 1000 grit and is suitable for finer actions and an orange, 400 grit, which will help you sharpen the blade itself. They are not the most appreciated values, but they are correct, if we refer to the price and to the fact that it is not a product for professional kitchens.

This item is made of ceramic and requires immersion in water for at least 5 minutes, or lubrication with oil, before each use, to make everything as simple and accurate as possible.

Zokura 3000/8000

the best stone knife sharpener

When it comes to the best knife sharpening stone, many remember this model, which is one appreciated primarily for its grain size. This is 3000 grit on one side and 8000 grit on the other, which means that the blade will be sharpened in a very fine way, so that the results are among the best even when you have high quality knives.

This product is based on a support that ensures a good fixation during use and measures 19 x 7 x 3.6 cm. The corners are sharp, so be careful how you handle it, so as not to accidentally hit you. It is made of ceramic, so use it carefully and not to chip it.

This knife sharpening stone, Zokura, has the disadvantage that the 3000 grit part is consumed quite quickly, becoming muddy. It must be leveled quite often for good results.

Knife sharpening kit

Zokura, stone kit

the best stone knife sharpener

If you are looking for opinions about the best knife sharpeners, you may come across this kit, which contains a series of very useful elements that will help you prepare the blade of a cutting tool – sharpening stone, spacers to adjust angles, smoothing stone and non-slip base box.

The main “star” of the kit is the stone, which is a model with two faces, which of course have different granulation. One is 1000 grit, being recommended to sharpen the blade, another 6000 grit, which will allow careful finishes, so that in the end everything is as fine and sharp as possible. It is made of ceramic.

The 1000 grit face is blue, the 6000 grit face is white, if you value such details. The shape is rectangular and the corners are sharp. All the elements can be stored in the box that is used as a support, in order to have them as organized as possible and always at hand.

Buyer’s guide

Usually, the knife blade loses its quality and will not be as efficient. In such situations, you do not have to change the tool completely, but use a special stone to bring it to its original shape. How to choose such an accessory and what selection criteria you should follow, we will tell you below:

the best stone knife sharpener

Granulation : This is one of the most important features when you have to buy a knife sharpener, at a good price, because this way you will realize how you will use it.

The models we find on the market with the greatest ease, have a value of up to 8000 grit and can start from 200 grit. The higher the value, the finer and faster the sharpening will be.

Keep in mind that a smaller grain is used for sharpening, and a larger one for finishing. Some models even have two faces with different grits, to use them for both actions.

Materials : Even though they are called sharpening stones, these products are often not made of natural stone . If so, then it would have a high price and many people would not afford it. There are also such options, but harder to find or more expensive. You can eventually look for a natural stone on the mountain and if you know how, sand it and bring it to the right shape to use it for such purposes.

Most of the time, these products are made ofceramic , a more affordable material that can have varying degrees of abrasion. They must be used with care, because if they get out of hand they can chip.

Dimensions : A knife sharpening stone, at a good price, is of course chosen depending on its size. The larger they are, the higher the comfort will be when you want to use the product by placing it on the table or other surfaces (for example 18 x 5 x 2.5 cm).

If you want an option that you can take with you everywhere, if you go to the mountains with a tent, fishing, barbecue or all kinds of such activities, then turn your attention to small models (for example 10 x 3 x 0.5 cm). They are also suitable for sharpening knives by holding them directly in your hand, so be very careful how you handle everything.

Appearance : Some people are also interested in what such products look like.

Here, form could matter the most. We know that when we buy a sharpening knife with a grinder, it is round. But, in the case of the classic, manual variants, it is most of the times rectangular.

There are also models in tubular shapes, with sharp edges, a kind of thicker files, which are small in size, can be taken with you anywhere and allow sharpening by holding them in your hand.

Another aspect of design is color. It is usually gray, but there are also variants that have more diverse faces, in shades of orange, blue or white or black.

the best stone knife sharpener

Key Features : Often, small details can make the difference between a higher quality product and a weaker one. Regarding the knife sharpening stones, here are the aspects that could lead to the improvement of the experience:

Girls with different textures – if the item you bought has the same grain everywhere, it will be just as effective on all sides. But there are also variants that have two sides, on one being a lower grid value, for sharpening, and on the other higher, for finishing. Thus, with a single stone you can do everything you need.

Anti-slip sponge – it is helpful to provide stability to items that are used on the worktop, not in the hand, so that it does not slip during use.

Rounded corners – are present on models that will be very comfortable to hold in your hand. They will not hurt you if you catch them too tightly and there is no danger of being stung in the corners which can be very sharp.

Use without water / oil – most of the time, these sharpening stones must be kept in water 10 minutes before use or greased with oil. If you do not like such an idea, then you will have to take a larger amount of money out of your pocket, because the options that do not require such actions are usually much more expensive.

Now that you have learned how to choose the best knife sharpening stones, all you have to do is go to the online stores and make the desired purchase. There is nothing very difficult, and the product will come into your possession as soon as possible.

How to sharpen knives correctly depending on the material and type

Many people ask this question and try to find the best answer to it. In practice, what you need to know about the materials that can be sharpened with a stone.

the best stone knife sharpener

For example, you can act whenever you need on cutting accessories made of carbon steel, stainless steel or other types of metals, but you will not have to sharpen variants made of ceramic.

Regarding how to sharpen a certain knife depending on its type, you may not find information for absolutely any model. And you wouldn’t even need it. Why? Because a number of general rules apply.

First of all, you have to prepare the stone with which you will do the work. It must be kept in water for 10-15 minutes, to cool the knife blade during sharpening, because it will get very hot. You can also use oil if you want, but don’t forget that since you used this liquid once, you only have to use it once.

When you actually go sharp, go with the blade over the stone keeping it at an angle of about 20 degrees. With one hand hold the handle of the knife to form the required angle, with the other press on the top of the blade. Do this a few times, until you see that you reach the desired result. If you use a stone with two faces, first work with the more abrasive part, for sharpening, then with the fine one, for finishing.

If you have a knife with a more strange shape, then a small stone or a massage could help you, which will penetrate even the most difficult to reach angles, as happens in the case of curved ones.

Finally, we want to tell you a little more about how most knife sharpening stones work (at good prices). The results may not be the ones you want at first. And this is normal. Why? Because 4-5 sharpening will have to be done until the stone makes its “run-in”.

the best stone knife sharpener

At the same time, you should also know that in time, on the surface of this accessory it can be formed as a kind of depression, this happening because the middle area is used more. To keep the stone in very good condition, after 4-5 uses, use another similar product to level it. You simply take both elements and rub them together.

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