The best stove with electric oven gas

Electric Oven Stoves – Review and comparison in 2021

More precise control of the internal temperature, predefined programs, automatic cleaning systems – are just some of the arguments that support the choice of a stove equipped with electric oven and not gas. Choosing a model according to the cooking style and affordable price remains a complicated process. Find out in this guide how to properly evaluate the options available on the market or consider directly some versions tested by others. Arctic AEM5611DTLA is a mixed version, with gas burners and electric oven, with an average capacity of 66 liters, convection heating, ventilation, and 6 preset programs. If you prefer a model with a self-cleaning system, we recommend the Bosch HXN39AD50 as an alternative.

Comparative table

Model with roomy oven, 66 liters, provided with upper and lower heating, plus ventilation for fast temperature uniformity and lower electricity consumption. The hob includes a large 2.9kW burner, for dishes up to 24cm, all four meshes being supplied with gas, for low bills in homes where you cook a lot.

The hob has a width of 50 cm and can be too small for families where food is prepared in large quantities, in large dishes.

Mixed option, with gas hob and electric oven, for households with 3-4 people.

Stove variant equipped with medium size hob, suitable for larger dishes, with 3kW burner and protection against child access. The oven has a capacity of 66 liters, lower and upper heating, convection and ventilation, can reach temperatures of up to 275oC, and the walls are covered with nanoceramic layer, which ensures automatic cleaning.

Due to the superior technical characteristics of other mixed models, similar in structure, this version is available at a significantly higher price.

Model designed to ensure a comfortable and efficient use, easy to clean and maintain, with a modern look and predefined baking functions.

Stove with large capacity oven, 72 liters, suitable for households with many members and houses where they bake in large quantities. Quick and easy cleaning is provided by the EcoClean system, with nanoparticle walls that absorb grease and decompose dirt, during the cooking process, and the use is simplified by the 8 predefined programs.

The 60cm wide hob and the spacious oven come with above average external dimensions, which can cause problems in small kitchens.

Modern and high-performance model, for intensive cooking and in large quantities, recommended for spacious homes.

In-depth reviews about the best electric oven cookers

Are you looking for a stove with an electric oven, at a good price, and you don’t know exactly what to choose? Carefully review the models listed below, selected as examples based on their popularity, and extract the main features you think you need.


Stove with electric oven and gas hob:

Arctic AEM5611DTLA

The best stove with electric oven gas Stove with gas hob and electric oven, Arctic AEM5611DTLA brings home the charm of traditional dishes, prepared in the family, in a perfect combination with modern technology. Includes roomy oven with a capacity of 66 liters and predefined heating programs, which combine the source of hot air (up and / or down) with ventilation, to create the best conditions for each recipe. It is also delivered with a dough tray and grill for steaks, grilled vegetables and casserole heating.

You can set the desired baking temperature and cooking time, and the oven will turn off automatically when the food is ready. It includes a preheating function, which ensures the rapid rise of the temperature inside to the level necessary for the introduction of food.

The hob is equipped with an auxiliary burner (1kW) for 12 – 18cm dishes, two normal or medium (2kW), for 18 – 20cm containers, and a large one (2.9kW), on which you can easily place pots and pans with base from 22 to 24cm. It is a gas-fired version, equipped with electric ignition and safety system that stops power if the flame goes out.



Beko FSE62134DCR

The best stove with electric oven gas For those who want to have a little more space for pots and pans, we recommend as an option this model of stove with Beko electric oven, equipped with 60cm hob, with four gas burners, designed to offer a yield of up to 25 % better consumption than standard versions.

Don’t be fooled by the traditional, vintage look, with cream, enamel exterior, and hardware with metallic bronze finish. Under the classic aspect are hidden the latest technological improvements, which help you to easily choose between conventional and ventilated baking, and to alternate the heating elements depending on the thermal effect you want to achieve.

The classic ignition with matches or lighter is replaced by a much more comfortable automatic electric alternative, included in the functionality of the burners. The meshes are also equipped with a safety system that prevents accidental gas release.



Bosch gas stove and electric oven:

Bosch HXN39AD50

The best stove with electric oven gas If you really want an oven where you don’t have to rub the burnt residue after each steak on the tray, you might like what this model has to offer. The stove with gas hob and electric oven, Bosch HXN39AD50 includes EcoClean self-cleaning system, which involves the presence, on the inner walls of the oven, of a layer of nanoceramic particles that absorb fat and decompose dirt, even during the cooking process. All you have to do after use is wipe the surface with a damp cloth.

The oven offers a capacity of 66 liters (average), with up and down heating and conventional cooking option and ventilation, plus electric grill and the possibility to cook pizza with fluffy interior and crispy base, at temperatures up to 275oC.

The product is made of stainless steel, with a glass lid, which means that you will also enjoy a special look, ideal for modern kitchens. The hob has an area of 60 x 60cm and includes four burners, one of which is 3kW, strong enough to ensure fast cooking or frying of food.



Stove with Beko electric oven:

Beko FSM62530DXMS

The best stove with electric oven gas Do you like to cook in style and do you need a tailor-made appliance to keep up with you? Try this model of Beko stove, with high capacity electric oven (72 liters), with catalytic self-cleaning and 8 predefined baking programs, which puts at your disposal everything you need for successful dishes, with minimal maintenance effort.

The walls are covered with nanoparticles that decompose the dirt themselves, and the glass of the door benefits from a special coating, which ensures the easy and fast removal of deposits. You can bake or fry using only the lower / upper heater or both, conventional (static) or with ventilation, classic or grill, easily managing both the cooking time and the temperature at which you want to keep the oven.

The burners are powered by gas and provided with electric ignition, safety system and stable cast iron grill, for the safe placement of cooking utensils. You have four meshes at your disposal: 1kW, 2kW and 2.9kW, so that you can easily adapt to the type of food you want to prepare and the time you have available.




Hansa stove with electric oven:

Hansa FCMW582109

The best stove with electric oven gas For those looking for an efficient, quality and affordable model, we propose as a variant this Hansa stove, with roomy electric oven, 62 liters and pleasant appearance, with enamelled steel cover, white, which you can use as an additional surface work in any kitchen where space is a challenge.

The hob is a version with gas burners, with four meshes, of which the big one offers you 3kW, in order to be able to finish cooking quickly, when you are in a hurry. It is a 50cm wide model, so optimal for those who cook in medium-sized dishes and do not need to use large containers on all four burners at the same time.

The oven has walls covered with a layer of smooth enamel, which allows easier removal of residues left over from steaks or stews, and is provided with two compatible trays that you can use to test it from the first hours of delivery.




Whirlpool electric oven:

Whirlpool ACMT 6533 / IX

The best stove with electric oven gas The stainless steel structure, a modern and impressive exterior, plus automatic cleaning system and menu with digital display are just some of the features that will impress you with this version of the Whirlpool electric oven stove. It offers a capacity of 59 liters, suitable for families of 3-4 people, with catalytic coating of nanoparticles, on all interior walls, which ensures the rapid removal of residues, without friction or the need to use steam for soaking.

The hob is part of the vitroceramic category, so the product is an entirely electric model, suitable for those who no longer want to depend on the gas connection. It includes four burners, of: 1.2kW, 1.7kW and 2.3kW respectively, and an area of 60 x 60cm, available for placing cooking utensils.

The oven provides 11 auxiliary functions, including grill, conventional and forced cooking and combinations with the simultaneous or separate use of the two heating elements (lower and upper). You also have at hand a timer and thermostat, for setting the working time and temperature, and interior lighting, for viewing the dishes.




Electrolux electric oven stove:

Electrolux EKK52550OW

The best stove with electric oven gas The compact format, the average capacity of the oven and the white exterior, which does not take up much visual space, recommend this Electrolux electric oven stove, especially for kitchens that are limited in area or where you want to maintain a more airy look. From a technical point of view, it is a mixed version, with a gas-fired hob that includes four burners, 1kW, 2kW and 3kW, which allow you to easily adapt to the amount of food cooked and the time you have available.

The oven is an electric model with a capacity of 57 liters and energy class A, with heating element up and down, grill function and the possibility of static heat release or forced air, with the help of the integrated fan.

This stove with electric oven and gas hob can reach a temperature of up to 250oC and comes with two compatible enameled trays, which you can also store in the dish drawer in the lower area of the stove. We draw your attention that the depth of 60 cm is valid for the body of the device, the handle adding another approximately 5 centimeters.

Stove with mixed hob and electric oven:

Samus SR660EL3C

The best stove with electric oven gas If you like the vintage style and in general, you love things well done, you will definitely arouse interest and this stove with mixed hob and electric oven from Samus. The creamy, enameled exterior, with traditional details, ideal for a rustic kitchen, discreetly hides technical elements that will easily convince those looking for a combination with the best adaptability to home resources.

You have at your disposal a hob with three gas burners and an electric one that works by induction, offering you high efficiency, with low consumption, and the possibility to react easily in the moments when the gas is interrupted. The upper area has an area of 60 x 60 cm, thus providing enough space for large cooking utensils.

It is a stove with induction hob and electric oven with a capacity of 56 liters, enough for a family of 3-4 people, which allows both traditional baking, ventilation, and forced air version, for faster temperature uniformity, plus rotisserie.



Stainless steel stove with electric oven:


Whirlpool ACMT 6332 / IX

The best stove with electric oven gas If you really want a stainless steel stove with an electric oven that fits perfectly in a modern kitchen , you might like this version from Whirlpool. The hob is classic, powered by gas, but provided with electric ignition, child protection and safety system.

The flames are easy to manage from the button, and in terms of power, it is good to know that you have at your disposal both a powerful burner, 3.3kW, and two medium meshes of 1.9kW and a small one, of 1kW. It has an area of 60 x 60cm, roomy and for large dishes.

The electric oven has a capacity of 59 liters, with heating element up and down, the walls being covered with resistant coating, with titanium particles, which helps to remove dirt more easily. It is provided with a drawer for storing dishes and delivered together with a compatible tray, for dough or steak.




Buying guide

This type of stove always includes an electric oven but, in terms of the hob, it can be a combination with a gas version, ceramic hob, halogen, induction or a mix of burners with different operating base.

This is why it is good to know, from the very beginning, what defines the best electric oven stove for your family, starting from the dimensions and capacity and up to the automatic cleaning systems integrated in the oven and the type of burners available.


The best stove with electric oven gas

Capacity and dimensions: Most oven models in stores will offer you a capacity between 50 and 70 liters, but you will also find smaller and larger options. A stove with electric oven, cheap and good, with a capacity of 30 – 40 liters is welcome in a home with one or two people, where it is cooked occasionally and in small quantities, so as not to consume unnecessary electricity.

The 40 – 70 liter variants are recommended for families with 3 or 4 members, in which the oven is frequently used, and those over 70 liters are already dedicated to households with more than 4 people or, in which, simply, a lot is eaten .

Regarding the hob, we can tell you that you will get along well with a model with a side of 50 – 58cm, if you usually cook in smaller dishes. For housewives who are accustomed to using large pots for borscht or large pans for steak and stews, 60cm hobs are more suitable, which provide enough space for several large containers used at the same time.

Interior coating and cleaning system: In this category you can choose between options that clean themselves, either catalytic or pyrolytic, which need very little attention from you, and respectively, models of electric oven stoves, cheap and good, with non-stick coating, which leaves the cleaning in your charge.

It is important to know that some catalytic models have only a part of the inner walls covered with nanoparticles that absorb fat, and that you have to identify and maintain the rest in the classic way. Also in this case it is important to remember that the catalytic material is not cleaned with abrasive substances or aggressive solutions for the oven, but only with a damp cloth, which is sufficient.

The pyrolytic variants provide a program that heats the inside of the furnace at a high temperature, turning any trace of residue into ash. All you have to do is then remove the ash with a damp cloth, without any other cleaning effort, but it consumes more electricity and gives off an unpleasant odor and toxic gases that require efficient ventilation of the kitchen during the process.

If you have opted for a stove with an electric oven, at a good price, with hydrolytic cleaning, it means that you can benefit from the help of steam for softening residues on the inside. You will usually have a choice, in these cases, between options with enamel-covered walls and variants with titanium particles, the latter being somewhat more resistant to deposits.


Heating mode: An oven with heating elements both up and down is more efficient than one with electrical resistance only at the base of the oven, and a model that also uses a fan to even out the heat, gives better efficiency than a version with static heating .

In the case of the hob, you can opt for the classic gas version, with quick response to temperature change, visible flame, preferred by some chefs, and low costs due to the lower price of fuel.

Vitroceramic and halogen versions are powered by electricity, so intensive use can mean slightly higher current bills, have a slower reaction to changes in combustion temperature, and in some cases, surfaces can be difficult to clean. However, they are equipped with a timer, predefined programs, residual heat sensor and child protection and do not present the risk of accidental gas release.

The most efficient are certainly the induction hobs, which ensure a very good efficiency of the use of electricity, are very easy to clean, because the surface does not heat up and the residues do not burn and are also safer for families with small children. . However, they involve higher costs, so carefully weigh all the important factors.

For those who appreciate diversity, the best electric oven stoves will probably be those with a mixed hob, which combines electric burners with gas burners.


The best stove with electric oven gas

Power and temperature: The standard structure of a hob involves a large burner, from 2.3 to 3.6kW, two averages from 1.5 to 2.2kW, and a small one, from 1 to 1.4kW. If the chosen model also includes a wok, it will generate between 3 and 4kW. Make sure you have at least one high power eye, if you know that you are used to cooking for the whole family, in large quantities, which would otherwise require too long a thermal processing time.

When it comes to baking, many opinions about the best electric cookers consider that a version that allows the temperature to reach 250oC is generally suitable, even when cooking bread or pizza. Of course, there are options that allow heating up to 275oC, but recommended for those who want to follow the recipe down to the smallest detail.


Accessories: Because the dimensions of the ovens differ, it is good to make sure that you receive the new one together with at least one cooking tray and a grill. Some versions are equipped with a drawer, which allows efficient storage of trays and pans, and all models of electric oven cookers, at good prices, should have a lighted interior to allow observation of the baking process.



Frequent questions

How practical is a gas stove and electric oven?

A gas cooker model with electric oven combines the efficiency of the latest technology with the low costs of the gas hob. On the one hand, you have at hand a stronger and easier to manage oven, with heating elements both up and down and forced air system, which ensures faster temperature uniformity. On the other hand, you can cook quietly on burners, no matter how much and often, knowing that the bills are kept at a low level.

The best stove with electric oven gas

How much does an electric stove consume?

Consumption depends on how often you use it and for how long. If, for example, you have a 2.5kW model and you cook 2 hours a week, as at some point the thermostat intervenes and the oven only works at maximum power for a short period of time, you can estimate the consumption at 2.5 – 3kW per week. Monthly, it would mean 10 – 12kW, which, at a price of 0.6 lei / kW, reaches 6 – 7.2 lei per month. Double, if you cook 4 hours a week, triple if you use it 6 hours and so on.


How to clean the stove with electric oven?

The cleaning process depends on the characteristics of the product. If you bought, for example, a version of the Hansa electric oven stove at an affordable price, it most likely does not have an integrated self-cleaning system and you will need to soften the residue by creating steam inside and then clean it using a cloth or a sponge and special oven solutions. In the case of a variant of Bosch, Electrolux or Whirlpool electric oven stove, with catalytic cleaning, all you need to do is wipe the inside from time to time with a damp cloth. If you have a model with a pyrolytic system, you will need to periodically activate the program and then remove the ash with a damp material.



Short instructions for use for a stove with hob and electric oven

Have you recently bought a stove equipped with an electric oven and are you happy with the functions it offers you? Don’t forget that the real level of performance also depends on how you use its technical advantages and its correct maintenance. Here are some tips that can help you enjoy this appliance for a longer period of time.


The best stove with electric oven gas

Pay attention to the cleaning system

If you bought an Electrolux stove with electric oven, or a model of the brands Whirlpool, Bosch, Beko, Samus etc. the product may offer you a catalytic self-cleaning system. In this case, it is very important to know that you should not clean the walls with aggressive substances or abrasive sponges, because you risk removing the layer that ensures the absorption of grease and the destruction of dirt, without your intervention. At the same time, it is good to know that many models do not have all the walls covered with this layer, so check carefully in the technical manual.


Carefully follow the instructions for use

There are enough differences between the operation of the electric oven and the gas oven that you need to read the technical manual carefully, to know exactly which cooking program fits your recipes. Don’t forget that here we are talking about the heat that comes from two directions and that can lead to obtaining a burnt dough on top and raw inside, if you do not know how to use the heating and ventilation elements correctly. Equally important is the level at which you place the tray. Even the best electric oven stove, with intuitive menu, needs a few minutes on your part to make itself understood and give you results as expected.


Don’t forget that you work with electricity

Unplug the oven when you want to clean it or change the bulb inside to prevent accidents. It is equally important to periodically evaluate the condition of the system in order to be able to fix any problems in time. Never intervene personally to repair an electric oven, but always turn to the services of a specialist.


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