the best tefal frying pan for your kitchen

Tefai Tefal – Review and comparison in 2021

Do you want to buy a new pan and have decided to opt for a Tefal version? If you have already started looking, you know that the manufacturer’s offer includes enough models to get lost among the advantages offered. For those who do not have time for detailed presentations and do not have the patience to read whole articles on this topic, but need quick advice, we start the direct guide with two interesting products. Tefal Chef 3168430277700 is among the ideal options for those who want to have in the house a universal pan, of medium size, with quality non-stick coating and aluminum structure. If you want a model for grill, we recommend as an alternative Tefal Color Edition B3884052 .



Comparative table

Universal format model, which can be used for a variety of preparations, with aluminum structure and PowerGlide inner layer, which prevents the ingredients from sticking. Includes ThermoSpot, for use at the perfect temperature, the exterior is covered with enamel, and the structure allows use on gas, electric, halogen or ceramic hobs.

It is one of the variants that are not compatible with induction hobs and is not accompanied by a lid, which must be purchased separately.

Frying pan with a diameter of 28cm, suitable for family kitchens, with fixed handle, round shape and aluminum structure, for a good heat distribution.

It is a grill pan, with a square design, roomy, and medium size, suitable for those who cook for several people and prefer healthy grilled dishes, without oil. The interior is covered with non-stick coating, which prevents the upper layers of food from sticking to the pan, and the optimum cooking temperature is indicated by ThermoSpot technology.

Its structure does not allow the use of induction hobs.

Model designed for use on the stove or hob, ideal for grilling slices of vegetables or meat from fish or chicken.

Frying pan version with wok type structure, spacious format and ergonomic handle, easy to use and maintain. Includes non-stick inner and outer layer, to prevent sticking and burning of food, has low weight, which allows easy handling during preparation, and ergonomic handle for comfortable support.

It is one of the wok versions whose structure is not compatible with induction hob models.

Product specially designed for the preparation of recipes inspired by Asian cuisine, with high walls and round shape, with fixed handle and Teflon inner coating, without PFOA, cadmium and lead.

In-depth reviews about the best Tefal pans

Have you decided on a Tefal grill pan? Are you more passionate about wok vegetables or do you need a universal format, good for any type of recipe? We offer you some of the models offered by this brand, which enjoy the appreciation of a large number of customers who already use them.


Classic Tefal pan:

Tefal Chef 3168430277700

the best tefal frying pan for your kitchen For family kitchens, where it is cooked for 3-4 people, the best Tefal pan is a 28cm model, spacious enough to prepare food for everyone. This version of the Chef collection offers you a universal format, deep enough to deal with both thin and fragrant pancakes, as well as eggs, eggs or tasty mixtures of vegetables, or steaks with a crispy exterior.

The interior is covered with PowerGlide non-stick coating, which ensures easy frying, without oil and without gluing the pan, and the exterior is covered in enamel with a dual role: protection – against burning and scratches and aesthetics – adding color and energy to the kitchen .

It has a round shape, it is made of aluminum, a material that ensures a uniform, efficient heat distribution, Teflon is a safe formula, without PFOA, cadmium and lead, and in terms of compatibility, it can be used on a gas hob, with halogen or glass ceramic, but not with induction. Does not include lid.


Tefal Chef’s Delight 3168430250956

the best tefal frying pan for your kitchen Are you looking for a Tefal frying pan, at a good price, that will offer you a better resistance of the non-stick layer than of the standard products on the market? We recommend you try this model from the Chef’s Delight collection, with Titanium Pro, which offers durability up to 4 times higher than the basic versions sold under this brand and 2 times higher than Titanium Force.

It is a universal variant, with high and slightly curved walls, which helps you to be able to cook without splashing, larger amounts of food, and to obtain effects similar to using a wok. The structure is made of aluminum, with non-stick exterior, for easy maintenance, and the handle is made of bakelite.

The pan can be used on any kind of hob, including induction, and the materials allow the introduction in the oven. It has a diameter of 22cm, being recommended especially for those who cook for one person, and includes ThermoSpot which shows you when it’s time to put the ingredients in the hot pan. We remind you that Tefal Tefal does not include PFOA, lead or cadmium, toxic substances.

Tefal grill pan:

Tefal Color Edition B3884052

the best tefal frying pan for your kitchen Eggplant, peppers, zucchini, chicken breast are just some of the foods you can turn into a healthy and delicious snack, using this 26cm Tefal pan, suitable for preparing portions for 2-3 people.

It has a square format, to include more easily the pieces subject to frying, and the interior is covered with resistant Teflon, which prevents gluing, ensuring easy baking of dishes and quick and easy cleaning. We draw your attention to the fact that the non-stick layer is sensitive to scratches, so use only plastic or wooden utensils and avoid abrasive sponges. It is one of the models you can put in the dishwasher.

It is made of aluminum, a material that ensures a very good thermal conduction, and can be used on gas hobs, ceramic hobs. It is not sold with a lid, but in this case you will not need one either, the grill pan works perfectly without coating. Includes Thermo-Spot that tells you when the surface is hot enough to get the best results.

Tefal Talent Pro 3168430226258

the best tefal frying pan for your kitchen All Tefal Talent Pro pan models are dedicated to people who want to have the best utensils in the kitchen. We will start by telling you that the base of these versions is made of aluminum and titanium, with a thickness of 4.5mm, which ensures very good durability over time and a good heat distribution. The protective coating of the interior, with two anti-abrasive layers, titanium particles and two non-stick layers, contributes to the same extended lifespan, for 3 times greater resistance to wear.

The format is the classic one for the grill, square, with a side of 26cm, a size that allows the preparation of several portions in a single round, and in terms of compatibility, we can tell you that the pan can be used on all types of hob, including with induction.

ThermoSpot technology helps you know for sure when the surface has the right temperature to place vegetables and meat, and for easy and quick cleaning, you can insert the pan into the dishwasher.


Tefal wok pan:

Tefal Invissia 3168430250840

the best tefal frying pan for your kitchen Do you like to cook Asian style and are you looking for a wok suitable for a family with several people? Numerous opinions about the best Tefal pans recommend, from the category “quality above expectations, at affordable prices”, this model from the Invissia series. We will start by telling you that it has a diameter of 28cm, with a deep and roomy format, in which you will be able to play without worries with your favorite recipes.

The interior is covered with PowerGlide non-stick coating, which prevents the ingredients from sticking, even when working with high heat, and the exterior is not left behind, being treated with a non-stick layer that reduces the risk of burns. So you can clean this product, easily and quickly, both inside and out.

The ergonomic handle and low weight make this pan easy to handle. In terms of compatibility, we can tell you that you can use it on gas, electric, halogen and glass ceramic hobs.

Tefal Color Edition Wok 28cm

the best tefal frying pan for your kitchen Those who are trying for the first time the flavors and textures of Asian cuisine will do great with this 28cm Tefal pan, with wok type format. The deep and slightly sloping walls give you the space you need to eat traditional vegetables or combinations with exotic ingredients.

You don’t have to worry about the food sticking to the pan if you don’t use too much oil or chicken, because the PowerGlide coating prevents sticking even at high temperatures. In addition, the exterior is covered with an additional layer of enamel, which has the role of preventing burns and scratches. The brightly colored design recommends it for modern and efficient kitchens.

For fast handling and precision in movements, you have a fixed handle, with ergonomic format, and easy maintenance is guaranteed by the compatibility with the dishwasher. Do not forget to avoid the use of metal utensils or abrasive sponges on the inner surface, to keep the Teflon intact for as long as possible.

Tefal pancake pan:

Tefal Talent Pro 3168430226524

the best tefal frying pan for your kitchen If you want to use the best tools for each recipe you approach and you like pancakes, we recommend you focus on a pan specially designed for this dish, from the Talent Pro collection. This model gives you a diameter of 25 cm, enough to get perfectly cooked discs, medium size.

It is a Tefal pancake pan, with a round base and without a lid, which you don’t really need, provided with a fixed handle, with a stainless steel insert, which ensures a superior resistance to other versions. In the non-stick chapter, it is classified in the category of variants covered with Titanium Excellence, the top formula from Tefal, with extended durability and without cadmium, lead or PFOA.

There is also the ThermoSpot that tells you when the perfect temperature has been reached for the dough to benefit from optimal cooking. It also gives you full compatibility, which means you can use it on any type of hob, including those with induction.

Tefal pan 28 cm:

Tefal Ceramic Control C9080652

the best tefal frying pan for your kitchen Do you prefer to bet on the resistance of a non-stick ceramic layer, which is not exposed to the risk of releasing toxic substances in food? If what you are looking for is a 28cm model, spacious enough to prepare food for 3-4 people, you might like what this variant from the Ceramic Control collection has to offer.

The format is universal, but the rest of the features are special. The structure of the non-stick coating includes two layers of ceramic, the combination offering enough hardness to make this model a pan in which you can worry-free use of metal utensils (except the knife blade). It also includes the well-known ThermoSpo technology, adapted to the ceramic coating, which helps you know exactly when it is best to add the ingredients.

It is provided with a 4mm thick base, which ensures uniform heat distribution and compatibility with the induction heating system, which means you can use it for any type of hob. The handle is made of bakelite, with ergonomic design, and on the outside it is covered with a hard layer of ceramic, which prevents scratching and provides protection against mechanical shocks.

Tefal pan 26 cm:

Tefal So Intensive

the best tefal frying pan for your kitchen With a diameter of 26cm and a balanced combination of technical features, this pan model is one of the best choices in the category of universal, medium-sized options. It allows the cooking of up to 3 servings of food, being therefore suitable both for couples and for families with a child or bachelors who frequently receive visiting friends and love to cook.

It is an affordable version, designed for those who are still familiar with the secrets of the kitchen and includes a non-stick Titanium Force coating, which makes their work easier, preventing sticking, even when the eye is a little hard. It is at the same time a formula without PFOA, cadmium or plum, b that offers twice the strength of the options in the basic collections of the brand.

To avoid burning the pan, leaving it too much on the fire without ingredients, the base includes ThermoSpot, which changes color when the surface is hot enough and it’s time to start cooking. It is compatible with gas, electric, halogen and ceramic hobs, you can easily clean it in the washing machine, but it is not accompanied by a lid, which you will have to buy separately.

Buying guide

If when you think of the non-stick pan, the Tefal brand comes to mind, it is because this is the brand that invented the first kitchen utensil of this type, in 1954. The company still maintains its leading status, selling products in over 120 countries and bringing on the market a varied offer, adapted both to the practical needs of those in their first steps in learning the culinary art, and to the high demands of professional chefs.

The role of this guide is to help you easily find your way among the many products of this brand, so that you can choose the best model for you, whether it is a Tefal Character grill pan or the simplest universal version.

the best tefal frying pan for your kitchen

Non- stick: Most people turn to the Tefal brand for an efficient and durable non-stick surface. So let’s start by clarifying what the manufacturer provides in this category. The available products are divided into three main groups: non-stick formula (teflon layer), ceramic interior and options with stainless steel surface, without coating.

Versions with non-stick coating and ceramic interior are built to prevent food sticking even when cooking without oil (Teflon) or with very little fat (ceramic). Although there are models covered with Teflon that are not damaged by the use of metal utensils, for most of them it is recommended to avoid them and replace them with plastic or wood models. Because the manufacturer periodically launches new collections, it is best to carefully check the product description and instructions for use to know which category you belong to.

In terms of durability, in the economical range you will currently find Tefal pans, cheap and good, with PowerGlide or Easy-Plus on-stick coating. The Teflon Titanium Force and Titanium Pro formulas offer twice the lifespan, and on the premium pans you will find either the Titanium Excellence anti-stick system or Prometal Pro, with a durability three times longer than the standard versions.

Also, Tefal Tefal does not include PFOA, cadmium and lead, the main toxic substances present in the non-stick layer in other brands of pans, responsible for the negative effects of long-term use. If you still want to avoid Teflon completely, in principle, the non-stick alternative 100% safe, without harmful effects is ceramic.

Models with a stainless steel surface are recommended for experienced cooks because they do not include a non-stick layer and require the careful use of fat, so as to prevent sticking by carefully managing the cooking process. But they are more durable than the versions with non-stick coating, you can use any type of tool in them and they cope better with high temperatures, although they do not need them to do their job. It is also among the products without the risk of toxic emissions.


Format:In terms of format, Tefal offers you all the classic types of pans. The pancake pattern has a flat bottom and low, straight edges, to allow the formation of a thin layer of dough, without warping or thickening areas. The universal version has higher walls and slightly rounded edges at the base, to allow the gathering of vegetables and pieces of meat in the middle.

the best tefal frying pan for your kitchen

If you want a Tefal pan, at a good price, of the grill type, we can tell you that they have formed a square, with a straight base, covered by linear protuberances, and a double bottom, for efficient heat uniformity. You also have at your disposal pan frying pan versions, with a straight base and perpendicular walls, taller than the universal models, which allow you to easily use the utensils inside, without fear that something might jump on the stove.

For Asian cuisine enthusiasts there is the wok type format (for example, the Tefal Only Cook wok pan), similar to a bowl, also with high walls, this time oblique, and the small base, straight or rounded, depending on the model. The format allows cooking vegetables and pieces of meat at high temperatures and with a little oil.

Dimensions: If you are looking for a variant of Tefal pan, cheap and good, for one person, we recommend you to choose a product with a diameter of 18 or 20 cm, large enough to prepare two chicken legs or 2-3 eggs. . For those who need a tool that allows food preparation for 2 people, we recommend the 24-26cm options in which you can fry 3-4 chicken legs or two breasts.

In families with children, efficiency means a diameter of 28, 30 or 32 cm, which gives you enough space to prepare, in the same shift, a quantity of food suitable for everyone in the house, or even something extra. We draw your attention to the fact that not all Tefal collections include all sizes of pans and that the most efficient is, if you have found a suitable series in terms of price and quality, to search online for the name, together with the desired diameter, to check availability.


Thermal control: All pans produced under this brand offer support for easy temperature control, but the way of integration into products differs. The basic level is represented by ThermoSpot – that red dot on the surface of the pan, which changes color when the material is hot enough to put food. Some versions indicate three temperature levels (low, medium and high).

The sets with detachable handle include in its structure: display that displays your temperature, thermal sensor and predefined programs for egg-type dishes, steak, etc., plus an audible signal that attracts your attention when it’s time to put the ingredients.

The best Tefal pans automatically control the temperature by limiting it to a maximum of 230oC to prevent food burning and vessel damage.


Accessories and compatibility: Check carefully when buying the pan, if it is accompanied by the lid, or you need to buy it separately, and whether or not it can be used in the oven. It is also important to know that not all Tefal pans can be placed in the oven, because in some cases the handle is not compatible with high temperatures. the best tefal frying pan for your kitchen

There are also special models for those who want a high level of adaptability, which include a fixed handle that can be included in the oven or detachable handle.

If you have an induction hob, another essential aspect is to check the compatibility with this type of heating system. For example, currently, products from the Hero and Tefal Pleasure collections can only be used on gas, electric or halogen hobs.


Frequent questions

Are Tefal pans covered with Teflon dangerous?

The most dangerous element in the composition of Teflon is perfluorooctanic acid (PFOA) which can lead to infertility, hyperthyroidism, liver problems, etc., which is why it is excluded from the formula used by Tefal for its products. Also on the list of items removed from the composition, to make Teflon safer for you, are lead and cadmium.


the best tefal frying pan for your kitchen

Are Tefal ceramic pans also manufactured?

Yes, you will find Tefal frying pans, at good prices, with ceramic interior coating, in the Natural Ceramic and Ceramic Control collections, which include 24, 28 and 30cm versions, compatible with induction hobs.


the best tefal frying pan for your kitchen

How much to invest in a Tefal wok pan?

You will find Tefal pan with Wok format in stores and at prices of 50-70 lei. But if you want to have a more durable product, we recommend you go a little higher, to the versions with non-stick titanium coating, which have a resistance 2 or 3 times higher than the economical ones. Their prices start from 100 – 150 RON, depending on the rest of the technical characteristics and dimensions.


Can I buy a Tefal double pan?

The Tefal product range also includes this pan option, with a double structure, but the models are harder to find, at the moment, in stores in Romania.


the best tefal frying pan for your kitchen

How to clean and maintain Tefal pans

Even the most robust models, such as a Tefal Invissia grill pan, made of very durable materials, need proper care to be able to be used in good condition for a long time. So make sure you know how to take care of your utensils to maintain their properties and always offer you the tastiest dishes, cooked effortlessly.


Non-stick and scratches

To ensure that the non-stick coating will remain just as effective for many years to come, preventing burns and sticking to dishes, we recommend that you avoid using metal utensils on its surface. You can easily find pallets, spoons and everything you need in stores, made of melamine or wood, which you can use safely.

Also, always use the thermal sensor present in all Tefal models, in the form of ThermoSpot or integrated in the detachable handle, in some collections, and does not let the pan burn. Avoid filling a dirty, hot pan with cold water, so as not to pass the material through an aggressive contracting process, which can cause small cracks in the non-stick layer.


the best tefal frying pan for your kitchen

Washing Tefal pans

Because nothing sticks to them and you don’t use grease, the dirt that needs to be removed does not involve any difficulty. We recommend that you always use hot water to get rid of the fats removed from the cooked meat and to add dish detergent only if necessary.

Carefully read the user manual of the purchased model, to know for sure whether or not you can put the product in the dishwasher. Also, if you use the machine frequently, it is good to periodically grease the pan with a little oil as follows: heat the product for 30 seconds on the stove, apply a thin layer of oil and spread with a paper napkin, letting the fat absorb.

Because the ceramic versions have a less effective non-stick coating, they require a more concentrated solution in dishwashing detergent and eventually, soaking it in hot water with vinegar, to obtain a flawless surface.



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