the best toasted sandwich maker you can buy in 2021

Sandwich makers – Review and comparison in 2021

The sandwich maker is the optimal solution for breakfast and delicious and quick snacks, for which you no longer want to turn on the stove. If you have come to the conclusion that such a device can make your life easier, we help you find the right model with relevant recommendations and some carefully evaluated examples.Breville Panini Large VST026X-01 is one of the suitable options for families with 3-4 members, who need a powerful device to quickly prepare something good to eat for the whole family. For those who prefer a multifunctional model, which can be used both as a press and as a grill and hob, we propose as an alternative Russell Hobbs 17888-56 .



Comparative table

Large version, with enough space for four servings, suitable for large families, with a power level that allows quick preparation of dishes. It is made of durable stainless steel, with non-stick inner surface and provided with non-slip feet, which ensures stability on the support surface.

Being a higher quality version, this model is slightly more expensive than other options in the same product category.

It is a sandwich maker suitable for those who are used to buying high-performance and durable appliances, easy to handle, fast and powerful, with which you can cook a variety of dishes.

Model with 3 in 1 structure that includes press, grill and hob, ideal for those who want to have more food preparation solutions at hand. The surface allows the preparation of 3-4 servings at the same time, depending on the type of bread chosen, and prevents the food from sticking, due to the non-stick Teflon layer that covers the inside.

It is part of the category of versions with fixed plates, which do not allow replacement with options for waffles or sandwiches in a triangle.

Efficient and multifunctional device, ideal for households that prefer to cook tasty and quick dishes, from sandwiches and steak to grilled mushrooms.

If you want a model that allows you to prepare both sandwiches, vegetables and meat on the grill, as well as waffles with sweet filling, this device is suitable for you. It is provided with a cold handle, locking system and preheating indicator, all designed to help you use it comfortably and alone.

This technical variant is part of the category of options with a capacity of two portions, less suitable for families with many members.

Sandwich maker with three types of plates, interchangeable, suitable for savory dishes and quick and tasty desserts.

In-depth reviews about the best sandwich makers

Are you looking for a cheap and good sandwich maker, suitable for the necessary portions in your family? You can start by analyzing the models below, selected based on the positive evaluations received from those who have already tested them.


Sandwich maker Breville:

Breville Panini Large VST026X-01

the best toasted sandwich maker you can buy in 2021 After the reviews of the people who tested the product, the sandwich maker model Breville Panini Large VST026X-01, 2000W, black / stainless steel, impresses from all points of view. The large dimensions allow the preparation of three – four sandwiches at the same time, and the power of 2kW makes the waiting time very short.

You can also cook vegetables, meat, omelets and cheeses, without the risk of sticking, the inner surface being non-stick due to the Teflon coating. The device itself is made of durable stainless steel, which makes it a durable and robust device. It is provided with feet that prevent slipping and a light indicator that informs you about the power supply. It tells you when the temperature is right for cooking and includes a locking system that prevents accidental opening.

It is stored vertically and is provided with a 0.9m power cable, so carefully analyze the location in the kitchen, because it is preferable not to use an extension cord. The lid of this sandwich maker Breville is foldable and easily adapts to different thicknesses of the dishes.


Breville Panini VST025X-01

the best toasted sandwich maker you can buy in 2021 This version is part of the category of panini press models, with fixed plates, designed to allow the rapid production of sandwiches, but also the grill cooking of vegetables and meat dishes. It is made of stainless steel, with very good resistance over time, and Teflon interior, which prevents food from sticking and ensures easy and fast cleaning.

The sandwich maker variant Breville Panini VST025X-01 has 1kW and enough space for two or three servings, depending on the type of bread used. It is provided with a protective handle, to prevent accidental burning, and adherent feet, so that the device does not slip on smooth surfaces.

It includes two indicators, which tell you when it’s time to put the dishes inside and a locking system, which ensures that a minimum pressure is maintained on the sandwich, so that the heat penetrates inside. It is stored vertically to save space and is equipped with a power cable clamping system.


Sandwich maker 3 in 1:

Russell Hobbs 17888-56

the best toasted sandwich maker you can buy in 2021 Do you think a 3 in 1 sandwich maker is a better investment than a standard version? Then you will definitely like this model from Russel Hobbs, with fixed plates, grill type, which you can use both as a press and as a grill and, respectively, in the form of a hob, with the two parts unfolded at 180 grade.

It is a 1.8kW model, spacious enough to be able to prepare four sandwiches at the same time and strong enough not to have to wait too long. You can also use it to prepare omelettes, grilled steaks, eggplants and baked peppers and a variety of other dishes.

The structure is made of stainless steel and plastic, and the plates are covered on the inside with Teflon, to prevent the adhesion of food particles and grease. The design includes operation indicator light and adherent legs for a safe and stable position during use.


Tefal sandwich maker:

Tefal Snack Time 3in1 SW342D38

the best toasted sandwich maker you can buy in 2021 Are fluffy waffles filled with chocolate cream and walnut among your childhood memories? Do you really like delicate and tasty triangle-shaped sandwiches and panini versions? With this Tefal 3 in 1 sandwich maker model, with three interchangeable plates, you can have them all.

The tiles are covered with a non-stick Teflon coating and can be put in the dishwasher, which means that the cleaning part is reduced to a few minutes. It is a 0.7kW model, designed to prepare two servings at once, so generally suitable for households with 1-2 people.

Safety features include a cold handle to prevent accidental burning, a locking system during operation and feet with an adherent layer to limit the risk of loss of stability. For easy use, the design of this Tefal sandwich maker includes on / off and preheat indicator, which tells you when the device is warm enough to be used.


Professional sandwich maker:

Sinbo SSM 2530

the best toasted sandwich maker you can buy in 2021 If you are wondering what a professional sandwich maker model can offer you, we can tell you that, in this case, a power of 2kW for a device designed for two portions and granite interior surface, non-stick, durable and easy to clean.

Sinbo SSM 2530 is made of stainless steel and includes an opening system with floating hinges, which allow easy adaptation to snacks of different thicknesses. At the same time, it offers the possibility to open the device 180 degrees, to use it both as a press and as a grill.

Because it belongs to the category of models with above average power, it includes overheating protection, essential for safe and carefree use. It is small enough not to take up unnecessary space in the kitchen and is provided with the area for storing the power cord. In addition, you can buy it at an affordable price, being ideal for students and busy people who do not have time to cook.



Philips sandwich maker

Philips Daily Collection HD2395 / 00

the best toasted sandwich maker you can buy in 2021 Small, efficient and easy to handle – these are the main features of this Philips sandwich maker, with an ergonomic design specially designed to take up little space and save time. It is a version of 0.82kW, with a capacity of two portions, provided with a locking system directly on the handle, so that no extra movement is needed.

It is made of plastic, which means a lower weight, and the interior is covered with a layer of Teflon, which prevents food from sticking and allows quick and easy cleaning with a damp cloth.

The handle is insulated to prevent contact with high temperatures, the legs are covered with non-slip material, and the design includes a special space allocated for the power cord, 0.8m, so that storage is easy. It can be stored vertically, to take up as little space as possible. The light weight and small size make it a suitable option for travel or holidays when you decide to rent a studio instead of staying at a hotel.


Sandwich maker grill:

Star-Light SMH-900W

the best toasted sandwich maker you can buy in 2021 For those who want to replace as much as possible the oil frying with the grill, much healthier, we recommend as an option this sandwich maker grill, with panini press design, ideal for eggplant, peppers, zucchini, chicken breast and various combinations in the form the sandwich.

The plates are fixed, but large enough to allow cooking two to three servings at the same time, depending on the size of the slices of bread, and the power of 0.9kW guarantees a short waiting time. The product is made of stainless steel, with good resistance over time, and inside, the profile of the plates is covered with non-stick Teflon, which prevents the food fragments from sticking.

It is used and cleaned just as easily and is equipped with a locking system and indicator light that tells you when it’s time to put food on a hot surface so that you get the best results. The height and the flexible hinges allow you to use it with thicker sandwiches.


Heinner Delice 300

the best toasted sandwich maker you can buy in 2021 Affordable and easy to use, this Heinner Delice 300 sandwich maker is the right option for those who want an efficient and easy to maintain device. It uses a power of 0.75kW, sufficient for the space of two sandwiches allocated by the design and is provided with an indicator light that signals the operation of the device.

The locking system is on the handle, easier to use than the alternatives placed when joining the hinges. The product is made of plastic and stainless steel, with Teflon-coated plates, in order not to catch food particles. The interior is non-compartmentalized, so you have complete freedom in how to arrange the dishes and you can also use it as a grill.

The design includes non-slip feet that ensure stability on smooth surfaces such as glossy countertops or tiles. Please note that, similar to most models of this type, this Heinner sandwich maker is also equipped with a fairly short cable, so if you do not have a socket near the cooking area, you will need an extension cord.


Ceramic sandwich maker:

Teesa 3 in 1

the best toasted sandwich maker you can buy in 2021 If you want to avoid Teflon as a non-stick coating, we recommend that you try a ceramic sandwich maker, such as this version from Teesa. It is stored vertically, being a recommended version for kitchens limited in space, it includes a locking system at the level of the handle, which is also thermally insulated, so as not to risk burning.

It is part of the category of models for two portions, has a power of 0.8kW and a robust stainless steel structure. Includes overheating protection, thermostat control, power indicator and signal for reaching the right cooking temperature.

It is also a 3 in 1 sandwich maker, including three types of plates, which you can change as needed, so you can prepare waffles, grill or triangle sandwiches. The plates are covered with ceramic coating that prevents the food from sticking and guarantees fast and easy cleaning.



Buying guide

In essence, a sandwich maker is an appliance whose main purpose is to thermally cook sandwiches, using electricity. The slices of bread and the elements used for the filling are inserted between two surfaces that heat up, heating the food and giving them a tasty crust.

Because despite the simplicity, not all devices of this type are the same, the role of this guide is to help you differentiate between format, capacity, materials, accessories and functions to easily choose the best sandwich maker for you and your family.


the best toasted sandwich maker you can buy in 2021

Power: The first criterion you will look at will probably be power. For most models this parameter has values between 0.64 and 1.4kW.

In reality, however, it is not an indicator that does not let you sleep, because in most cases a level of 0.75 – 0.8kW is enough, especially if we are talking about small variants, of 2 servings.

If you are looking for slightly larger versions, it is good to know that the power offered should increase in direct proportion to the amount of food you can prepare.


Number of servings: You will find sandwich makers in stores, at good prices, which allow you to cook a single serving, versions for two servings, non-compartmental models that can fit three and variants for four pieces.

The choice is made, from this point of view, taking into account the number of people in the family. Thus, if you live alone, you will be able to handle the smallest format without any problems.

For couples, we recommend a two-portion version, and for households with children, it is good to choose a large sandwich maker, which can cook 3-4 sandwiches at the same time.

Material: Regarding the case, you usually have two options: plastic or stainless steel, with the mention that those made only of stainless steel last better over time, but they are also a bit more expensive. Inside, many opinions about the best sandwich makers insist on a non-stick surface that ensures quick cleaning. Otherwise, using this device will prove more complicated than the result obtained.

You can choose between Teflon, granite and ceramic material, Teflon being the most popular and most accessible. But do not focus on the cheapest products because it is possible that the non-stick layer will be thinner and deteriorate over time, and avoid using hard metal utensils inside.


the best toasted sandwich maker you can buy in 2021

Adaptability: Specialists generally divide these devices into two categories: bread press, with non-compartmented interior and grill profile plates (parallel lines) and sandwich maker for triangles, with compartmentalized inner surface, which ensures the sectioning of slices of bread even while fry in a triangle shape.

You can choose any of these options, or you can go for a model with interchangeable plates, which gives you the opportunity to fry both grill and sandwiches and waffles. There are also models that allow opening to 180 degrees and use as a hob or grill in this format, ideal for those who want to grill vegetables or different types of meat.


Locking system: The standard locking system is one with fixed hinges, which allows you a predetermined level of height for the sandwich. But there are modern versions that use floating hinges that adjust to the total thickness of the dish and allow you to prepare richer sandwiches, without removing the filling between the slices due to the pressure applied.

Functions: For comfort and safety, we recommend you to opt for a sandwich maker, at a good price, which includes thermal insulation at least at the level of the handles (ideally, on the entire surface of the appliance). Look for a version with locking system, which prevents accidental opening during use and protection against overheating.

A timer can help you prepare breakfast without worries, while you get dressed and get ready for work, and the ability to control the temperature allows you to choose between “just a little warm” and “crispy”.

the best toasted sandwich maker you can buy in 2021

Important for your comfort are also the details such as: non-slip legs, for good stability on the table, cable storage system, for periods when you do not use the device and the possibility to store it vertically, to save space.

Most of the cheap and good sandwich maker models are designed so that they can be cleaned in the dishwasher to save time. However, it is good to check in the technical description of the product if it is also the case of the variant selected by you.



Frequent questions

When I want a cheaper model, what should I choose: Rohnson sandwich maker or Myria sandwich maker?

Although they make both in the category of products available at an affordable price, Rohnson models are a bit more expensive than Myria. The features offered by each of the two brands are similar, but in terms of customer reviews, you will notice a higher share of positive reviews for the Rohnson brand.


the best toasted sandwich maker you can buy in 2021

Is there still a Bosch sandwich maker on the Romanian market?

Those who want to find a sandwich maker, at a good price, from the Bosch range, on the Romanian market must search for these products using the search words “electric grill” or “grill”, as Bosch sells them on its own site under the original name “contact grill”, taken over and translated by distributors in our country.

the best toasted sandwich maker you can buy in 2021

Can Teflon melt at a sandwich maker? Can it become dangerous?

The standard temperature at which studies indicate the beginning of melting Teflon is 335oC, but most sandwich makers do not reach this level unless they are used intensively. But over time, Teflon will begin to peel and come off, at which point it is important to replace the device, because otherwise small fragments of Teflon can reach the digestive system, along with food heated with it.

Also, when heated, Teflon releases toxic gases, which pollute the atmosphere, which is why it is recommended, if your budget allows, to consider a ceramic sandwich maker.



Retete sandwich maker

The sandwich maker is a device designed mainly to save time and allow easy preparation of simple and tasty dishes. It is preferred for breakfast and quick snacks on busy days, and can help you prepare some light and delicious food. Here are three of them.


the best toasted sandwich maker you can buy in 2021

Chicken and cheese sandwich

If you have managed to find the best sandwich maker for your kitchen, now is the time to test it. Buy two mini-baguettes from the store and cut them in half, lengthwise. Take a consistent piece of boiled or fried chicken breast, unwrap it in strips and mix it in a bowl with 2-3 tablespoons of mayonnaise or Greek yogurt, to taste, grated cheese and finely chopped green onions .

Add salt, pepper, paprika and parsley and put the composition between the two halves of the baguettes. Then heat the sandwich maker and place the dish inside, leaving it to brown nicely.


Chesadilla with bacon and sauce

You need ready-made tortilla sheets, which you can find at the store and your favorite sauce, homemade or bought in the bottle from the culinary specialty district. You also need bacon, grated cheese, diced bell peppers and sliced green onions. Spread the tortilla sheet and cover it with sauce, then sprinkle all the ingredients, layer upon layer and fold. After the sandwich maker has warmed up, put everything inside and wait a few minutes until it is ready.


the best toasted sandwich maker you can buy in 2021

Grilled vegetables

The best sandwich makers allow use as a grill. If you like vegetables, clean a zucchini and an eggplant, cut slices 3-4 mm thick, sprinkle salt on both sides and place them inside the appliance. Meanwhile, prepare the garlic sauce, from 1-2 cloves of mashed and mixed with oil and salt. You can serve with slices of toast prepared on the same device.


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