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Toasters – Review and comparison in 2021


Avocado and cherry tomatoes, bruschetta with salmon and fluffy cheese, crispy slices of butter and jam – these are just some of the tasty dishes you can get for breakfast by using a toaster. If you are among those who have come to the conclusion that such a device would be useful to them, we help you with some useful recommendations and carefully evaluated examples.Bosch TAT6A117 is one of the 2-slice models, provided with defrost function and the possibility to control the degree of frying according to preferences. For large families, who need a fast and powerful device, we propose as an alternative Star-Light TD-4160W , with space for 4 slices.


Comparative table

It is a version with a power of 1090W, above average for 2-slice models, and the possibility of adjusting the browning intensity, in 6 steps, to obtain the exact degree of frying desired. Includes defrost function, support for heating buns and croissants and removable tray that allows quick removal of crumbs.

The design is wide, with the bread slots placed in parallel, less suitable for those looking for a slim version or want to be able to insert longer slices of bread.

Efficient toaster, provided with the functions necessary for the quick preparation of red slices for breakfast and nutritious snacks during the day.

Toaster with high power and capacity of 4 slices, designed to provide a quick and uniform browning, which allows separate management of bread cracks, two by two. Includes slice centering system and 7 levels of intensity, which ensures good results every time.

It is one of the technical variants that are not provided with a grid for heating buns or croissants.

Robust and efficient model, made of stainless steel, with space for 4 slices, frying control and enough power to ensure fast browning.

It is one of the variants that includes support for heating fluffy bakery products, such as buns or croissants, simple or with cream, and allows the use of small slices, being equipped with a button for additional lifting of the metal support from the slots. Includes 8 intensity levels and defrost / heating option, plus automatic and manual shutdown.

It uses a power of 750W, which can be reduced for those looking for a fast toaster model with a short working time.

Toaster version for 2 slices, with medium power and compact design, easy to integrate in the kitchen economy.


In-depth reviews about the best toasters

Do you want to be able to eat sandwiches or sandwiches with crispy slices of bread at any time? You can do this by choosing the best toaster for your culinary habits. Use the descriptions below to identify the right model that fits your preferences exactly.



Bosch toaster:

Bosch TAT6A117

The best toaster to choose for your kitchen With an elegant design, in a contrasting combination of oil gray and cream, and space for two slices, this Bosch toaster model fits perfectly in kitchens with a feminine, shabby chic accent, in which it is cooked for 1-2 people. .

The appliance includes an automatic slice centering system and a sensor for uniform frying, so that you get the same sliced brown on the entire surface. It has a power of 1090W and offers you the possibility to choose the degree of thermal exposure, using the 6-way rotary knob. The lifting stand helps you easily remove the small slices, raising the base higher than other models.

Stopping the frying process is done both automatically and manually, and on the list of additional functions you have the option to defrost the bread stored in the freezer. It is also provided with a support for buns and croissants and a detachable tray, which helps you keep the device clean.




Bosch TAT3A004

The best toaster to choose for your kitchen Are you looking for a slightly thinner toaster model that you can place on the counter, near the wall, without taking up too much space? We offer you Bosch TAT3A004, with a single, oversized slot, in which you can include two or three medium slices or an extra-long one. It has a length of 43cm, a width of 12 and a dark red plastic exterior, suitable for kitchens that need a splash of color.

At a functional level, it offers you 980W, slice centering system, for uniform frying and 6 intensity levels from which you can easily choose, according to your preferences, the targeted preparation. It also provides you with the option of defrosting, useful for those who prefer to keep fresh bread in the freezer, and reheating.

Although it usually stops automatically, this Bosch toaster also includes a Stop button, in case you want to interrupt the toasting process before it starts. You can also use it to heat fluffy buns for sandwiches or burgers, the delivery package including special support for these products.



4-slice toaster:

Star-Light TD-4160W

The best toaster to choose for your kitchen You will fall in love with this 4-slice toaster, if you like the retro-looking design, you prefer stainless steel instead of plastic and you have more confidence in a robust and functional-looking appliance. We will tell you from the beginning that the four slots included in the format of the device can be controlled two by two, the device being in fact two toasters in one.

The list of functions provided includes the possibility to manage the intensity of browning the slice, in 7 steps, using the 1600W that define the power of the device. You can also use it for defrosting or reheating, but it does not include a bun holder, so it is a version dedicated exclusively to slices of bread. However, it is provided with an automatic centering system, which ensures uniform frying, without burned areas.

In terms of maintenance, the design includes a detachable crumb tray, which allows you to quickly remove debris that could burn and give off an unpleasant odor.




Star-Light TEB-4130BR

The best toaster to choose for your kitchen Also from the category of 4-slice toaster models, we propose this version with a slightly longer and thinner format, designed with two long slots, in which you can insert either two standard slices or a longer one. It provides a power of 1300W, sufficient for this working capacity, and allows the management of the frying intensity on 7 steps, so that you can get exactly the degree of browning you want.

The appearance is elegant, with rounded corners, the plastic exterior being painted in a deep black, with glossy areas, which fits very well in kitchens with classic design, and in modern ones.

It is provided with a defrost and reheat function, and with a slice centering system, which ensures uniform frying. Includes detachable, firm tray for quick and easy removal of residues after use. Ejecting the slices and stopping the frying process is done automatically.



Philips toaster:

Philips HD2581 / 00

The best toaster to choose for your kitchen This Philips toaster belongs to the category of versions designed to work with 2 slices. It uses a power of 750W, which can mean a slightly longer waiting time. However, it is provided with adjustable slots, which can be easily adapted to slices of different widths, and an additional lifting button, essential for those who use smaller slices of bread.

Regarding the control of the frying process, it provides you with 8 levels of intensity, with the help of which you can vary the degree of browning according to your own preferences. It also includes a grill for heating croissants and buns, so it can be useful beyond just toasting the bread.

It stops automatically, but also includes a manual Stop button, and the slices eject themselves from the slots, without you having to start the extraction. The appliance can also be used to reheat ready-fried slices or to defrost those kept cold, the two functions being available on the same button.



Tefal toaster:

Tefal Express TT3601

The best toaster to choose for your kitchen If you want to be able to prepare both red and crispy bread, as well as hot buns, rolls and croissants, we recommend that you go for a model similar to this Tefal toaster, which includes a grill that allows you to place larger bakery products above the slots. Heating.

This version is designed to prepare only two slices of bread at a time, with a power of 850W, which can be managed in 7 stages of intensity, to get exactly the degree of frying desired. For those bothered by the burning smell, Tefal provides a detachable tray that ensures the quick removal of crumbs after each use.

This Tefal toaster can also be used for defrosting and reheating, it stops automatically, but it is also provided with the option of manual shutdown, and the slices come out of the slots on their own when they are ready. The design is modern, minimalist, with white exterior, compact format and control panel with metallic details.



Toaster Russell Hobbs:

Russell Hobbs Retro Vintage Cream 21682-56

The best toaster to choose for your kitchen This Russel Hobbs toaster model is one of the appliances designed to fit a certain type of interior design, namely retro. You will notice from the first moment the creamy, vintage exterior, the slightly rounded corners, the metallic upper edge, with slots, and especially, the timer with classic display, which tells you how long you have to wait.

Beneath these details meant to delight your aesthetic sense are hidden technical functions of the best quality. It is a variant with frying space for 2 slices, which is based on a powerful motor, 1200W, which translates into a short waiting time. It includes of course the slice centering system and allows the control of the degree of frying on 6 steps.

What it offers you in addition is the Lift & Look function, which ensures the possibility of evaluating the degree of browning, without interrupting the frying process. It is also equipped with a barbecue grill, detachable tray for crumbs and defrosting and reheating options.



Heinner toaster:

Heinner Charm TP-1000BG

The best toaster to choose for your kitchen With the Heinner Charm TP-1000BG toaster, breakfast can be simple, tasty and elegant. If you want a device that does not go unnoticed, and contributes to the look of the kitchen, you will definitely love this compact version, with an exterior that combines the charm of burgundy with the clarity of stainless steel.

It is recommended for those looking for a 2-slice toaster, with several levels of browning – in this case, 6 steps, and which can also be used to reheat the slices and defrost those kept cold.

It provides a power of 850W and automatic centering function, which ensures uniform frying of slices on the entire surface and on both sides. To clean it as easily as possible and prevent the smell of burnt crumbs, the model is equipped with a large, detachable tray, which helps to quickly remove residues. The control panel is mechanical, and easy to use.



Gorenje toaster:

Gorenje T1000E

The best toaster to choose for your kitchen In families with small children, a cold-walled model will prove useful. This Gorenje toaster tends to this technical feature. But don’t expect the walls not to heat up at all, if you use it for hours on end, but to maintain a lower outside temperature than other versions.

The design is one that attracts attention through the slim-looking format, created by the elongated contour and rounded corners. It is made of plastic and metal, and will fit perfectly in a modern kitchen.

As a functionality, it offers you a power of 1000W, with 7 stages of intensity, slots that allow the introduction of slices of different thicknesses, with automatic stopping of the frying process. The ejection of the slices is also done automatically, and on the list of work options you can also include defrosting and reheating, two options that help you make the most of your favorite recipes. It is provided with a detachable tray of crumbs, non-slip feet and space for storing the power cable.




Buying guide

In principle, the toaster is a very simple device with clear functionality, used to fry slices of bread. But if you start looking for such a device, you will be amazed to discover that the manufacturers compete in technical additions, meant to offer you a perfect experience.

Here are some technical elements to keep in mind if you want to easily choose the best toaster for your family.


The best toaster to choose for your kitchen

Capacity and dimensions: The capacity of the toaster is probably the most important functional aspect that you have to take into account, because it directly determines the number of slices that you can fry at the same time. The available models are divided into versions of 2 and 4 slices, respectively. The first ones are recommended for homes with 1-2 people, and those that can prepare four slices at a time, for families with children, with 3-5 members.

But the choice does not stop here. You can opt for example for a toaster, at a good price, of 2 slices, which has a single, long slit, in which you can also insert a larger slice or a model with two short slits, placed in parallel. In the first case, you will have a appliance with a slim and elongated design in the kitchen, and in the second one a more square one, so take into account the available space.

And in the category of four-slice toasters, you can choose between structures that place all four slots in parallel (shorter and wider) and, respectively, options that frame them two by two (thinner and longer).

So consider the number of slices you think you need for a single use of the toaster, their dimensions, but also the surface you have available in the kitchen to place the toaster.


Basic functions: Most toasters, at good prices, have an impressive list of functions on offer. In order to be able to easily differentiate between models, it is good to determine which of them are essential for you, and which you can do without, especially if you are limited by your budget.

On the list of basic functions we include the possibility to select the degree of frying of the slices, which is offered in the form of intensity levels generally varying between 3 and 8. Also related to the frying quality, it is good for the device to include a uniform exposure sensor. to ensure the automatic centering of the slices inside, so that one side is not closer or farther from the hot walls, than the other.

The automatic ejector is a “must-have” for any toaster, cheap and good. If the device only announces to you that the bread is ready and you have to remove it manually, you will have to pay attention to the appliance, instead of making coffee or taking a shower. You also need a Stop key, which allows you to manually interrupt the process, if necessary, and a safety system that shuts off the appliance if the slices are stuck.


Additional functions: In this category we include options that you will usually find at the best toasters, available at medium and high prices. On the first level are the options for defrosting, for the slices you keep fresh in the freezer, and for reheating, quite popular with medium-level appliances, which combine an affordable price with a high quality.

The presence of a timer to tell you how long you have to wait is usually a premium option, as well as the fast frying option which also involves a higher power of the appliance. Also here we include the Lift & Look function, which allows you to check the degree of frying without interrupting the process.

Some versions include a high-level lifting system to facilitate the extraction of small slices, and others are also provided with a fixed or folding support that allows the heating of buns or rolls. The latter is a newer option that you can find in many of the models of toasters, cheap and good, which tend to extend the functionality of the product.


The best toaster to choose for your kitchen


Power: This indicator generally varies between 600 and 1200W in the case of 2-slice versions and between 750 and 1600W, when it comes to options that allow the preparation of 4 slices at the same time.

Because the power directly influences the working time, especially at the high stages of frying intensity, we recommend you to choose a bread toaster, at a good price, of 2 slices, with a power of at least 900 – 1000W or one with a minimum of 4 slices 1200 – 1300W. Those who need as little training time as possible can focus on the models that represent the maxims in this category.


Maintenance and design: The main factor you need to check from this point of view is the presence of the removable tray, which allows easy and frequent removal of crumbs.

In the design category, it is good to know that you will find in stores, two types of devices: with stainless steel or plastic exterior. Stainless steel is of course more durable, but is only available in its own color version (metallic silver), while plastic is used in a variety of colors.


Frequent questions

How much should a professional toaster cost?

If you want to buy aprofessional toaster, it is good to know that they usually have a much higher working capacity than the household ones, the most popular being the 16-slice ones. They have either a classic, vertical format, with slots in which the slices are inserted, or an oven-type design, with horizontal grills. Their price starts from a minimum of 600 – 700 lei and can exceed 2000 – 3000 lei, depending on the technical characteristics and the brand.


The best toaster to choose for your kitchen

Is a toaster indispensable in the kitchen or can it be replaced by other appliances?

Many opinions about the best toasters will tell you that few other appliances will allow you to get slices of bread that are just as evenly browned and crispy. But it is also true that if you do not want to buy a toaster, you can solve this problem in other ways. You can prepare slices of bread quite easily using the electric or gas oven, either using only the upper heating and turning the bread, or using both heat points (upper and lower),

If you don’t want to start the oven just for bread, you can prepare it in a pan, preferably a grill type, but also with a smooth bottom. In this case it is absolutely necessary to toast the bread one by one, on both sides. If you have a sandwich maker, you can also use it to fry slices of bread.



Top 5 snacks for which you need a toaster

Few foods in the kitchen are as adaptable as a slice of toast. In principle, you can combine it with almost anything, to get a sandwich or a sandwich. But here are some recipes that seem to be made to be served with a crispy and hot slice.


The best toaster to choose for your kitchen


Whether you choose to serve it simply, just mix it with a little lemon juice and salt, or you prefer to turn it into guacamole, adding garlic and maybe a little hot pepper, avocado is the perfect complement to toast. In fact, the creamy and fresh-tasting cream never presents its true value on a slice that does not have a crunchy consistency. Don’t forget to put some cherry tomatoes on top.


Mozzarella, tomatoes and basil

It is definitely the most effective simple recipe, with which you will impress the taste buds of the most demanding gourmets. You can use fresh basil leaves or you can use the well-known Italian pesto sauce, which brings in addition the aroma of olive oil and the strong taste of Parmesan. We recommend you to use cherry tomatoes, with a strong taste, or the Romanian garden alternative.



As you may have already guessed, on the first place in the ranking of recipes for toast is everything that can be made into a paste, because it creates a base layer on which you can easily fix other ingredients. It was therefore inevitable to reach the well-known Arabic hummus, which we recommend you combine with simple tomatoes, with a mixture of tomatoes and parsley, plus finely chopped onions, or with goat cheese and cucumbers.


The best toaster to choose for your kitchen

Olive paste

Less known than hummus, olive paste is nutritious and appetizing, especially served with pieces of pepper or cucumber. It is one of the recipes that can easily drive away the monotony of the menu during fasting.


Salmon and butter with greens

You’ve probably heard of the well-known salmon bruschetta. You can easily replicate them if you have a bread toaster. The scented butter is obtained by mixing it with fresh dill and green onions, finely chopped, and a little salt (if the butter is not already salted). First spread the butter on the toast, then lightly place the pieces of smoked salmon.


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