the best tomato shredder for home use

Red Chopping Machines – Review and comparison in 2021

If you like to prepare your own tomato sauces and juice, very rich in vitamins and nutrients, then surely a tomato chopper will be very helpful. To prepare large quantities, in a short time, you need a dedicated, professional car and you can choose the first product presented by us, namely:Ardes AR7400 set . It contains a tomato chopper with a power of 400 W, with which you can make up to 150 kg of juice per hour. It is durable and compact, made of cast aluminum and stainless steel sieve. You will receive a gift and a recipe book. If you want a meat grinder and tomatoes, you can head to Bosch MFW2515W .

Comparative table

It is a set that contains: a professional tomato shredder, with which you can prepare up to 150 kg per hour, with a power of 400 W, made of cast aluminum and stainless steel sieve, easy to feed and use; and a cookbook written by a food and nutrition professional with over 15 years of experience in the field.

Being a device from the professional range, of quality, it also has a higher price than other products presented.

With this set you can learn to prepare tasty recipes, to choose the ingredients used, having a reliable help in the kitchen.

With this model of meat and tomato mincer, you have the advantage of being able to quickly chop up to 1.7 kg of product per minute, having a firm position on the worktop, thanks to the anti-slip feet, with accessories for sausages and juicer, with a pleasant and compact design.

It has only 2 sieves, to finely chop and larger, the desired ingredients.

A convenient way to chop different products, from meat, to vegetables and soft, red fruits, which will be useful in the kitchen.

This model has a series of accessories, and you can easily grind different products: meat, vegetables, fruits; with a stainless steel knife, with 3 stainless steel sieves of different sizes, accessory for pushing, for sausages, for tomato juice, for kebbe, which has a pleasant design and space for the component parts.

It weighs 3.44 kg and it is more difficult to keep moving it from place to place, being preferable to find a dedicated space on the worktop.

A device that allows you to do several operations to prepare food ingredients, from fruit juices to sausages and tomato juice.

In-depth reviews about the best red choppers

Before choosing, do not hesitate to read reviews about the best red shredders of other customers, to consult the list below, which contains some of the most popular products, to read the shopping guide, being much easier to focus on the best product for you.

Electric tomato shredder

Ardes AR7400 set

the best tomato shredder for home use

In case you like to prepare different sauces and preserves for the winter at home, you can opt for this set that contains a red, electric mincer, which is part of the professional range, as well as a recipe book.

With the help of this dedicated red shredder, you can prepare up to 150 kg per hour, it has a power of 400 W. It is made of cast aluminum, especially for food use, being durable over time, the diameter of the feed tube is 5 cm, you can put small tomatoes whole or cut in half. The sieve is made of stainless steel, and the car is equipped with anti-slip feet.

The recipe book, which you receive in the set, is called “Pickles, sauces and chutney from vegetables and fruits” written by Jennifer MacKenzie, a professional specialist in nutrition and nutrition. With a rich experience in the field, for over 15 years, the writer shares her knowledge, in order to easily prepare various assortments, described step by step, including how to choose the best vegetables and fruits, as well as the utensils used.


Ardes AR7400

the best tomato shredder for home use

With this model of red, electric chopping machine, dedicated and included in the professional range, you will be able to obtain, in the shortest time, fresh tomato juice, which you can consume as such or can preserve, but also other fresh fruit juices.

It is a very efficient crusher, with a power of 400 W, with which you can get up to 150 kg of juice in an hour. It is very comfortable to use and has a fixed position on the worktop, being with non-slip feet. The supply tube has an opening of 5 cm, so enter halves or quarters of tomatoes.

After pressing a simple button, all you have to do is supply the car with products, obtaining on the one hand the desired juice, on the other hand the skin and the seeds. The machine is made of cast aluminum, dedicated to food, and the sieve is made of stainless steel.


Meat grinder and tomatoes

Bosch MFW2515W

the best tomato shredder for home use

Certainly, a meat and tomato mincer, the Bosch brand, may be of interest to you, so don’t miss out on this product, as it may be exactly what you’re looking for. It is an electric model, white in color, which will easily fit into the decor of your kitchen.

It has a power of 350W and you can chop up to 1.7 kg of product per minute. It comes equipped with several accessories of interest to you, such as 2 stainless steel screens with holes of 3.8 mm and 8 mm, funnel designed to make homemade sausages, juicer for tomatoes, vegetables and soft fruits.

Thus, you can have a tomato mincer, at a good price, which allows you to perform other operations, so you can have freshly processed ingredients to prepare food. It has a firm position on the worktop, being equipped with anti-slip feet.


Electric meat grinder with tomato accessories

Star-Light MG-120B

the best tomato shredder for home use

This Star-Light MG-120b, 1400W chopping machine, tomato / sausage accessory, 3 stainless steel sieves, stainless steel knife will be very helpful in the kitchen, with several options to use, both for meat and vegetables or fruit, easily preparing the necessary ingredients.

More broadly, it is an electric meat grinder, with accessories for tomatoes, sausages, kebbe, but also for pushing ingredients, being a safer way to work. It also has the reverse function, in case it is a thicker piece of meat that hangs. The knife is made of stainless steel, being resistant and sharp, and has 3 screens, also made of stainless steel, of different sizes, to cut larger, medium or small.

The motor is powerful, 1400 W, and you can chop up to 1 kg of products per minute. It has a combination of colors, black and white, and has a special space to keep all the accessories together. You can consider that you have a tomato chopper, at a good price, which allows you other operations. It weighs 3.44 kg and is of medium size (34.4 x 17.5 x 37.4 cm).


Heinner MG1500TA-BL

the best tomato shredder for home use

An electric meat grinder, with accessories for tomatoes, is very useful in the kitchen, being able to easily and conveniently prepare several dishes, with freshly prepared ingredients that will give a special taste to the food.

This model is very convenient to use, requiring a single push of a button to start the job. It is equipped with 3 sieves of different sizes, which allow you a larger chopping – using the one with holes of 7 mm, medium – of 5 mm or small of 3 mm. The knife is made of stainless steel, very strong, and you can use the device for meat or different types of vegetables.

The power of the car is 1600 W and can chop up to 1.2 kg of products per minute, thus finishing the job quickly and well. It comes with a device for sausages and tomato juice, thus having a tomato mincer, cheap and good and very convenient to use. It also has a very nice design, being metallic blue.



Buying guide

It is very advisable for health to consume tomato juice, either as such or to use it in different dishes you prepare, and one of the best tomato choppers will help you get it easily, without seeds and skin. The offer on the market is very diverse and you can easily find red choppers at good prices, which have the characteristics that you consider important for you, such as:

the best tomato shredder for home use

Type of red shredder: you can choose a manual or an electric model.

In case you do not prepare large quantities of tomato juice and you have a smaller budget, you can opt for the manual version. As a way of functioning, the tomatoes are pushed on a snail that crushes them and, through the perforated cone, the juice will flow on one side, on the other side the skin and the seeds. You need strength to be able to put the tomatoes in the car. There are red shredders, cheap and good, with which you can make your desired product.

If you are used to consuming larger amounts of tomato juice and make broth for the winter, or various sauces for pasta, meat, vegetables, then it is better to choose an electric model, at a higher price, but which helps you get , effortlessly and in a short time, the desired product.

Device functions: in general, to obtain tomato juice, you will use the dedicated accessory that comes with the meat grinder. Thus, you will choose a device that has the desired functions, in accordance with what you are specially preparing.

You can choose a meat and tomato mincer, which also has an accessory for preparing sausages or kebbe, which you will use more often. You will be able to use it for other vegetables or fruits.

The electric models ensure your ease of use, being only necessary to press a button to obtain the chopping of the desired ingredients. The reverse function is useful, because certain products can get caught in the mechanism, and with its help you can easily unlock the car.

You can also opt for a dedicated machine to make tomato juice, which is generally less potent, but produces a large amount of product.

Component parts of interest: most often, shredders have a stainless steel knife, which is very durable over time and remains sharp. The number of sites is very important, because, depending on them, you will get a very fine, medium, or larger shred, as you wish. The number of sites can vary between 1, 2 or 3, usually.

A push attachment is also very useful because it allows you to push the products into the mouth of the shredder, without it being dangerous to catch your fingers or other utensils.

Quantity processed : in general, this criterion refers to electric shredders, which specify, by the manufacturer, the maximum quantity that can be processed in a certain time interval, usually per minute. Thus, you can opt for more powerful models (over 1600 W), which process up to 2 – 2.5 kg of product per minute, or lower power (under 1000 W) with up to 1.5 kg per minute.

Those dedicated only to tomato juice, have a lower power (400 – 600 W) and offer a large amount of product, up to 2 kg per minute.

The manual ones are related to the force and speed with which you turn the handle, and the quantity obtained is usually smaller than for electric models.

the best tomato shredder for home use

Design : you can easily buy the best tomato chopper for you, choosing the design you want, to match the other appliances you already have in the kitchen. The color palette is quite wide, either in the usual colors white, white and black, silver, or stronger colors (metallic blue) or more cheerful (red).

For electric models, you must also see how long the power cord is so that you can easily connect them to the mains, if they have a cable clamping system, when you store them. Some devices also have spaces for storing accessories, being very helpful, so as not to miss certain components.

The manual ones are compact and light, the clamping mechanism on the worktop being important. For electric ones, the presence of rubber feet is welcome, in order to have a firm position on the countertop.

Following the above criteria and taking into account the dishes you want to get, but also the necessary quantities, you will be able to buy the best tomato chopper for you, within your allocated budget.

How to make broth at home

During the autumn, most canning recipes are prepared for the winter, and one of them is the broth. It is very often used in Romanian cuisine, in stews, soups, soups, but it can also be consumed as such, rich in vitamins and very tasty.

Preparing the broth at home is not a very complicated operation like other cans, and it keeps well in the pantry throughout the winter. Of course, there are many recipes kept in families, and some have a few little secrets that keep them a beautiful color, depending on everyone’s taste.

Next, we present a simple recipe, which you can make even if you do not have much experience in the kitchen and which will keep nicely in the pantry.

the best tomato shredder for home use

What ingredients are needed:

We present below what ingredients are needed and in what quantities, to prepare a portion of 4 liters of broth: 6 kg of ripe tomatoes, it is recommended to buy them from small producers, to be baked in the sun and full of jam ; 2 celery stalks with leaves; a small piece of horseradish that has the role of keeping a beautiful, red color for a longer time; 3 teaspoons of salt, special for cans (grated or fuller, depending on how you want the taste to be).

Required preparation time:

After you have purchased all the ingredients, you need to take into account a few hours of an afternoon in order to be able to quietly prepare the broth. Maybe the most, as time, will take care of washing the tomatoes, cutting and crushing them.

Basically, the cooking time is around 30 minutes, then the cooking time is 1 hour or 1 hour and fifteen minutes, depending on the consistency you want the broth to have.

Preparation of ingredients:

Wash the tomatoes well in a stream of cold water, then cut into four. You can crush them in several ways, either with a mincer and tomato juice, which is dedicated to this operation, being very easy to use, or with a blender or a food processor.

the best tomato shredder for home use

Boiling the juice:

After you have prepared the juice cold, removing the peels and seeds, you need a roomy, tall pot, because during cooking, the broth can swell and not flow on the stove.

The pot is placed directly on the flame, in the middle to the sea. Add the other ingredients, so big, which in the end can be removed to keep only the flavor and color. Do not add too much salt, because when boiling the amount decreases. Stir occasionally and check consistency.

After the fire is extinguished, leave it to cool a bit. Then they are placed in jars or bottles that are sterilized and placed in the pantry for the winter.

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