the best vertical blender food processor combo

Vertical Blenders – Review and comparison in 2021

In order to properly equip your kitchen, with a vertical blender as useful as possible, good-looking and long-lasting, you can use our information and advice. Our recommendation is theBosch MSM24500 model. This blender is quite powerful, with a 400 W motor, and you can have the power by a simple push of a button, which initiates the standard speed. Easy to use, cleaned and used, it stands out through two resistant plastic containers, with an adhesive sole, which can also be used for storage as covered dishes. Plastic that comes in contact with food is safe for babies. You also have a target for whipped cream, omelette or mayonnaise. If you need a more powerful device, you can buy Braun MQ3025Wh Omlette .

Comparison table

Very easy to use, this blender does not give you headaches and is very suitable for various daily, conventional recipes. With a single button for operation, solid and safe containers for health, as well as good durability, it is the ideal tool in a practical kitchen.

If you need a variable speed to be able to prepare more varied foods, which require more attention, you will not be able to do this, because this device uses a single speed.

This blender model has all the chances to please the hurried parents and those who limit themselves to simple dishes, as fast as possible, without loading their kitchen with elaborate devices.

With this product you have at hand, at a decent price, all the essential functions of a blender adapted to most types of food, and the possibility to accelerate the processing with the help of turbo speed, which the powerful engine makes possible.

The materials from which this mixer is made, although they greatly reduce the weight of the product, do not allow a long operation, because there is an excessive heating of the motorized handle.

When you have to do more than the minimum in the kitchen and you want to use a blender with a good capacity without putting your hand too deep in your pocket, this is the option you should think about.

This model offers you the opportunity to enjoy a powerful engine at the pace you want, because you benefit from variable speed pressing, but also the turbo function, and the processing volume is quite large, with high capacity containers .

It has a fairly small target, which means that the preparation of foam, mayonnaise or similar will take longer, and if you want to prepare a larger amount you will need to repeat the procedure.

It is a more useful blender if your recipes and food need more attention to processing and you want to produce enough food to reach the whole family.

In-depth reviews about the best vertical blenders

Because we want you to find the best vertical blender in the shortest possible time, we have compiled a list of selected products from which you can choose the one that suits you best. This way you have at hand the most important information and relevant details.

Bosch vertical blender

Bosch MSM24500

the best vertical blender food processor combo

Those who need a simple, easy to use and efficient product can confidently use this Bosch vertical blender. The MSM24500 has a 400 W overheat protected motor and safety system. The strength of this endowment makes it effective both for light and soft products, as well as for foods that are more difficult to chop, such as roots or hazelnuts and walnuts. It is operated with a single button, having a single speed.

It can be maneuvered without difficulty, because, although it weighs 1.2 kg, it has an ergonomic handle and its accessories can be mounted easily and quickly. You have at your disposal a container for chopping, with your own knife, as well as a 0.7 liter container for kneading and mixing, which you can use either with the foot provided with blades or with the tel accessory, for creams, foams and light doughs. . The plastic that comes in contact with the products has two important qualities: it is heat resistant, so you can prepare hot cream soups, and it does not contain BPA, so you can quietly process the baby’s food.

The transparent dishes have a removable adhesive plastic base that can be used as a lid when you want to refrigerate the food obtained, and the mixing container is graduated. To avoid splashing and spreading the processed food, the foot of the blender is provided at the end with a specially shaped guard. Both this and the other parts, apart from the electric motor handle, can be safely cleaned in the dishwasher.


Bosch MSM14000

the best vertical blender food processor combo

For those who want to benefit from increased strength in a lightweight device, the solution could be a Bosch MSM14000 vertical blender. It has a 400 W motor, but weighs only 0.62 kg, easy to handle regardless of the power you have. Equipped with both a safety system and protection in case of overheating, this model is designed for mixing, chopping and mixing.

Without additional accessories, the blender is based exclusively on the knife foot that is mounted on the handle. It is put into operation with the help of a button and has a single gear, which recommends it especially for simple operations, with food that does not require speed adjustment. Keep in mind that the dish in which you have to mix or grind is not included in the package, but you have to buy it, if it is not already among the accessories in your kitchen.

In order to keep the workplace clean, the work arm has a well-designed guard at the end of the blade, which prevents splashing. You can put the chopper to be cleaned in the dishwasher, without fear that it will be damaged.


Braun vertical blender

Braun MQ3025Wh Omelette

the best vertical blender food processor combo

When you need a minimum of adaptability from the utensil you buy, you can add a Braun vertical blender to the list. We are especially thinking of the powerful and lightweight MQ3025Wh Omlette model, which has both attractive specifications and very useful accessories. Its 700 W motor is the basis of a very efficient shredding system, PowerBell Plus technology, with an extra blade, ensuring fine shredding of products in just a few seconds. In addition to safe use, offered by the safety system and the overheating protection system, the blender provides you with two gears. Switching them is simple, with one hand.

An innovative technology, SplashControl, retains processed foods and keeps the kitchen clean, thanks to a specific design. For a better grip, the handle has a slightly curved shape, following the shape of the hand, and the material is easily cleaned. It can be handled well due to its low weight, of only 720 grams.

In the package of this Braun vertical blender you will also find a 0.6 l glass, graduated in ml and oz, as well as a 350 ml bowl for the mincer, in which you can put soft or hard foods, such as meat, cheese, roots or nuts. The plastic from which the glass is made does not contain BPA, which makes it safe for babies to eat. To beat eggs or whipped cream you can use the goal included in the price. The accessories are easy to mount on the handle, thanks to the improved EasyClick technology.


Philips vertical blender

Philips HR2655 / 90

the best vertical blender food processor combo

Do you want a Philips vertical blender? Then you might like the HR2655 / 90 model. Its powerful 800 W motor and innovative technologies place it among the most successful products. The large capacity of the engine makes it an ideal candidate for processing all types of food in a very short time. In addition to strength, the blender integrates ProMix technology, the result of applied research, which makes possible a continuous flow of food, for constant results. You will recognize the technology by the triangular shape of the mixing leg.

The functions that you will fully appreciate are the ones that offer you variable and maximum speed. With SpeedTocuh you use a button that adjusts the speed advance in a constant rhythm, without changing the settings and sudden switches, to the desired level. If you want to approach the processing with maximum speed, you can use the Turbo function. High speed will not cause dirt, because the accessory is equipped with an efficient, wavy-shaped guard.

Changing the mixer, shredder and target is easy, with the help of a release button. A major advantage is the large capacity of the 1 l chopper, which allows you to combine foods for several people. In addition to these accessories, the Philips product also provides you with two containers of 500 and 300 ml, respectively. The tall, graduated glass is used to mix eggs or whipped cream, and the low-volume one is useful for storing or transporting cream soup or other products.


Philips HR1673 / 90

the best vertical blender food processor combo

A Philips vertical blender can significantly improve your performance in the kitchen, especially if you are dealing with an HR1673 / 90 model. It benefits from an 800 W motor and integrates innovative processing technology. To enhance the powerful engine, the blender is designed with the mixing leg in a triangular shape, which ensures a constant supply of processing material and fine poultry. The power of the motor makes the blender act efficiently in combination with any of the accessories.

Working speed control is provided with only two buttons, which you can use with your hand on the blender handle. SpeedTouch technology allows you to use a single button to adjust the speed with a weaker or stronger press, without sudden switches, while the Turbo button gives you maximum speed for fast processing. The use of the blender is facilitated by the ergonomic handle made of soft material, and at the end you can enjoy a clean workspace, the mixer blade being protected against splashing with a wave-shaped guard. Detachable components can also be easily washed, including in the dishwasher.

The accessories are easy to mount and remove, as the device is equipped with a button that releases them. In the set you will find both the classic pin, with blade, and two bowl shredders. A large one, whose triangular dish, with ergonomic drainage, has a capacity of 1 liter for meat, cheese, vegetables, nuts and other products, and one of 300 ml, more suitable for onions, sauces, spices, etc. The blade used by the mixer has a resistance six times higher than ordinary knives, made of stainless steel, due to the protective layer of titanium, which does not affect food safety. In addition, its shape has been rethought for superior results. The purpose of the blender can be used from the package can be used together with a tall, 700 ml graduated glass.


Tefal vertical blender

Tefal HB453138

the best vertical blender food processor combo

Those who are looking for a Tefal vertical blender could choose the HB453138 model. Its motor with a nominal power of 450 W is enhanced by a two-speed adjustment for different recipes, to which is added the Turbo function, whose efficiency makes processing take place quickly, regardless of the nature of the product. These gears are easily accessible via a secure button, conveniently placed on the blender handle. Because it emphasizes the easy and comfortable use of the product, the manufacturer has created a special shape of the handle, suitable for daily use, which allows firm grip and safe handling.

To combine engine power with accessories that increase its efficiency, the blades used by this Tefal vertical blender are of the Zelkrom type, a high-strength stainless steel. The blade accessory is ready for clean, spray-free processing, and if you’re worried about cleaning, find out that detachable parts can be washed safely in the dishwasher.

In addition to the strainer, the product is equipped with a shredder with a capacity of 500 ml, as well as a target that fits perfectly with the 800 ml graduated glass. In this way, both the crushing of greens or spices, as well as the preparation of mayonnaise, egg mousse or light dough become quick and easy operations.


Moulinex vertical blender

Moulinex LM125D31

the best vertical blender food processor combo

If you are determined to use a table mixer, we recommend a Moulinex vertical blender. A good option, for those who are exclusively interested in food processing by crushing and poultry, is the LM125D31 model. It was created to ensure a uniform, quality preparation.

The motor power, of 350 W, is capitalized by using two gears, and is coupled to an 800 ml plastic vessel. The transparent plastic material gives you the possibility to follow the development of the mixing process, which you can control manually, depending on the estimation of the processing degree of the preparation. It is a resistant dish, which is also suitable for hard dishes, such as walnuts or hazelnuts, or for blending hot soups.

The narrow container can be used both with the base down and up, for chopping greens and vegetables that require volume around the knife. In addition, the device occupies a small space, can be stored and easily transported, measuring 13 x 11.5 x 32 cm and weighing only a quarter of a kg. The stainless steel base has adherent legs for stability, and a special housing for the power cord.


Professional vertical blender

Solac BV5724

the best vertical blender food processor combo

In some cases, the use of a professional vertical blender is the optimal solution in the kitchen, with the guarantee of a fast food processing, regardless of the type of product or recipe. To get enviable results every time, you can buy the Solac BV5724 model. It has the power and adjustments necessary to bring the dishes accurately to the desired degree of mixing: with a force of 1250 W, the 5 gears and the Turbo function have maximum efficiency, even if you set out to crush the ice. The design helps you to modulate the speed accordingly, as the device has built-in LEDs that indicate the programmed gear.

The blender includes a durable glass bowl and a fine sieve, ideal for passing and extracting fruit juice by separating the remains of the pulp. Regardless of the processed product, a knife with 6 long blades, made of stainless steel, will face the challenge.

The large capacity of the glass vessel, 1.5 liters, is an advantage for chefs who want to prepare large quantities in a single use. Heat resistance, specific to a professional vertical blender, gives you the opportunity to cook cold or hot food, as appropriate. The safety cover will protect you from splashes, spills or other unwanted accidents. The metal body of the mixer is stabilized with the help of adherent legs.


Albatross vertical blender

Albatross MB701B

the best vertical blender food processor combo

When you want to have more functions, but at a reasonable price, the Albatros MB701B product could be the most convenient solution. It has a capable motor, of 700 W, which you can put to work by using the two speed buttons. One button controls the turbo function, in case you want to use the highest available power, and the other operates the shaft at the set speed. To set the speed, use the disc placed on the handle, with marked steps, and which offers you 15 steps to increase the speed.

The package also includes the accessories you need for poultry and chopping, ie a bowl with very sharp chopping blades, 500 ml, as well as a graduated glass, 800 ml, for passing and mixing soups, smoothies or soft dough.

The device, made of stainless steel, is also suitable for icebirds, a capacity that some vertical blenders do not reach. Plastic vessels are more prone to failure, while the gear has a high durability. With a total weight of 1.3 kg, the mixer handles well due to the ergonomic design.


Stainless steel vertical blender

Fakir Mr. Chef Quadro

the best vertical blender food processor combo

A complete product, recommended by the famous brand Fakir, manufacturer of electrical devices since 1933, is the blender Mr. Chef Quadro. The rated power of 1000 W and the associated utensils place it among the highly efficient multifunctional processors.

In terms of material quality, some components are made of durable plastic, and the processing accessories are made of stainless steel, easy to clean and durable. In addition to the ergonomics of the handle, there are large buttons, easily accessible. Mounting the different ends on the handle is done by Click, fast and reliable mounting system.

The blender comes with an impressive range of accessories. The blender knife has 4 steel blades, with a shape created for optimized efficiency, even for crushing ice. The measuring and mixing cup, graduated, is of large volume, 900 ml. For chopping, the product has a chopping vessel to which either a slicing or scraping component can be mounted. The vessel allows the preparation of significant quantities, with a volume of 1.5 liters. The set also includes 2 targets placed on an accessory, for fast beating.


Buying guide

You will, of course, find vertical blenders at good prices, but you have to take into account several criteria, in addition to the budget you have at your disposal, so we have prepared some brief remarks about the features you need to pay attention to.

the best vertical blender food processor combo

Type: There are two distinct types of blender or vertical mixer.

While some models allow you great flexibility and can be handled, stored and transported very easily, even with one hand, others are a bit heavier, but usually stronger and more stable, so they are sometimes even integrated. in food processors.

Thus, a manual vertical blender has an independent body, the handle that integrates the motor, while the vertical countertop mixer has a fixed base, on which the mixing container is placed. Depending on the power and mobility you need, and by consulting more opinions about the best vertical blenders, you can focus on one of the two options.

Power: Normally, the higher the maximum power, the more efficient an engine you should enjoy. Among the devices that you can consider endowed with a power high enough to do its job without problems are those whose power in watts is greater than 250. For the moments when you have to process harder food or expect a longer operation, it would be preferable to look for mixers with a power of over 400 watts, preferably 600.

Of course, the best vertical blenders have a good efficiency, so the energy consumed will turn into more mechanical force. The greater the difference between the rated specification and the maximum power, the better the efficiency.

Gears: To be able to use a blender only for basic functions, such as chopping and poultry, you will need one or two speeds, which most blenders offer. But the more functions it puts at your disposal and the greater the diversity of foods and procedures, the more you will need a blender with better speed control.

Several steps will allow you to better adapt to the material you are processing, from egg whites to nuts and hazelnuts, and will allow you to achieve the desired result in a timely manner. Some mixers have up to 12 gears, so the choice depends on the estimates you make regarding the usefulness of this setting.

Control: Theoretically, a hand blender should be very easy to control, but the product design and mass play an important role in this regard, so the ergonomics and weight give you an impression of the degree of control of the blender. If the handle is too thick and the buttons are placed at a great distance, the weight and difficulty of grasping them and operating with one hand could make it difficult to use and create discomfort.

Check the weight specifications of the device. Some weigh a little over half a kilogram, while others are twice as heavy. You will not feel this difference too much if the use of the device is short-lived, but when you have to pass or mix large quantities, you may get tired.

Ergonomic handles, which have a good grip and soft buttons, are preferable. The narrower the handle and the easier it is to reach the buttons, the better. This way you will have a free hand, in order to be able to add ingredients or keep the mixing bowl in position.

the best vertical blender food processor combo

Accessories: In terms of accessories, it would be good to consider both their number and their quality and how you can attach or detach them from the blender handle. The number of accessories that accompany the product is important, first of all, because it determines the functions that you can enjoy. Thus, a blender that has in the package a mixing bowl with a knife included, a target and an arm with a knife, can perform at least three operations, and those with graduated dishes save you from many of the product transfers that fill your sink. with dirty dishes.

Some blenders have several knives, so you can put the right one into operation, for softer or harder food, for faster cutting or poultry. Others have a knife with 4 blades to process faster.

You can find vertical blenders, cheap and good, that do not have their own dish, which can be useful for those who already have enough equipment and do not want to crowd their kitchen. On the other hand, many of those who want to buy a blender are happy to find even more dishes included in the price, for different amounts of food.

Materials: It goes without saying that you want good quality materials, and in this sense it is good to mention the fact that many of the products use very resistant plastics. In some cases, especially when you want to prepare baby food, you should avoid the presence of certain compounds in the plastic (BPA), but not all manufacturers specify these details.

The presence of stainless steel increases, of course, the durability of the products, which acquire a high resistance to shocks and an extended life, but its use also leads to an increase in the weight of the products, as well as their price.

As for the parts, it is easy to notice that a more resistant target, for example, instead of those made of thin wire, will cope even in viscous substances, if it is coupled with a strong blender. At the same time, vessels that have an adherent base will maintain their stability even if you do not hold them by hand.

Both the design and the good quality material can make the maintenance of the appliance easier, many of the blenders have components that can be washed safely in the dishwasher.

Frequent questions

How to make mayonnaise in a vertical blender?

For the classic mayonnaise recipe, a hard boiled egg yolk and a raw one are usually used, but in the case of quick mayonnaise, prepared with a vertical blender, you have to put two whole eggs, 200 ml of oil, a tablespoon of mustard and a little juice in the bowl. lemon, salt and pepper. The ingredients are put from the beginning and it is important that the container in which you make mayonnaise is high and narrow. Start the mixer and insist first at the base of the bowl, so that, as the amount of mayonnaise formed, you go up towards the lip, slowly incorporating the oil. In the end, a top-down movement will homogenize the entire amount.

the best vertical blender food processor combo

What desserts can be prepared with a vertical blender?

Using a vertical blender, cheap and good, you can prepare both whole desserts and creams and doughs for desserts. Among the most handy sweets recipes are those of sorbet, pancake dough, whipped cream and ice cream. For the pancake dough you only need 3 ingredients (milk, eggs and flour), to which you can add products according to various indications, whether it is melted butter or mineral water. The sorbet can be prepared directly from frozen fruit, adding a quantity of sugar and a little lemon juice, or you can first pass the fruit and squeeze the juice, then put it in forms, in the freezer.

How to clean the vertical blender?

Cleaning the vertical blender should be as simple as possible. In most cases, rinsing the accessories with water and dishwashing detergent is sufficient, and if you bought a vertical blender at a good price, you should be able to use the dishwasher. The body of the blender is cleaned with wet and dry wipes or cloth. Do not insert the gear under water, as the water reaching the engine will damage it, making it unusable.

What can you do with a vertical blender?

Most often, a vertical belender, at a good price, is useful when the dishes you want to get require more than just a mix. To strain and chop the ingredients, obtaining a homogeneous and fine mixture, the best solution is to use a blender. Here’s how it can help you:

To get drinks

Although no longer so new and in vogue, smoothies and milkshakes remain among the most enjoyable and nutritious drinks. To give them the pasty consistency and the desired homogeneity, the most suitable tool in the kitchen is the vertical blender, which does not miss a single piece and makes everything fast. Add the possibility to make drinks with ice, without having to grind the cubes separately.

Make light doughs

Whenever you want to make a pancake dough, muffins with yogurt or cake, a vertical blender can be as effective as the one with a bowl, even more economical, because you will not spread flour and dough on the table or on the walls of a bowl big.


Beat eggs or whipped cream

When you need a mayonnaise or a portion of whipped cream as fast as possible, you do not have to resort to classic or cumbersome options, a hand blender is faster and easier to use. The best vertical blenders are able to turn eggs into dense foam in a short time, for this being equipped with a special purpose, the one that is used even when you get whipped cream.

Make cream soup

One of the most well-known uses is the transformation of vegetable soups into cream soups, which is why mothers of babies are among the most devoted users of these appliances.

For purees, sauces and other mixtures

Fruit or vegetable purees, used as such or for other recipes, such as pesto sauce for pasta or bruschettas, chickpea hummus, homemade pate or salad dressing, can all be obtained with a vertical blender.

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