the best waffle maker brand 2021

Waffle Makers – Review and comparison in 2021

In the morning, preparing breakfast is very important, and with a waffle maker you can delight your family and quickly prepare food for a perfect start to the day. You have, in this guide, a series of features, after which you can orient yourself to the desired model, as well as a list of products. If you want a professional, powerful device, you can go for the first optionH.Koenig GFX320 . You can prepare, at the same time, two large portions of 15 x 11 cm, quickly, with a power of 1400 W, with the possibility to adjust the desired temperature. Another variant for 4 servings is Star-Light WMH-1100W .

Comparative table

It is a professional waffle maker, with a maximum power of 1400 W, which allows you to quickly prepare the desired product, with mechanical panel for setting the temperature, with ceramic interior, anti-sticking, with stainless steel exterior, with light indicator, where you can makes two 15 x 11 cm waffle portions, rectangular in shape.

Being a high-performance, high-power model, it also has a slightly higher price than other products presented.

You can quickly prepare breakfast for two people, setting the degree of browning as you wish.

A waffle maker that allows the simultaneous baking of 4 portions, rectangular in shape, easy and convenient to use and maintain, with a non-stick coating on the inside, which does not allow the dough to stick, with thermally insulated handle, with LED lights , which helps you know exactly when the device is ready, with a maximum power of 1100 W.

This model of waffle maker is not equipped with an audible warning, so you cannot leave the kitchen when you use it.

You will be able to caress your family by preparing, in the morning or as a dessert for lunch, perfect waffles, with the help of this device.

With a power of 1000 W, this waffle maker allows you to prepare 5 products in the shape of a heart in 5-6 minutes, it has a non-stick interior so that the dough does not stick, light indicators that show its condition, ergonomic handle, can be stored vertically, is small and light.

Even if you can prepare 5 waffles at a time, they are small in size, being a suitable device for a family with 1-2 small children.

At a good, pleasant and practical price, this waffle maker is a good investment for you.

In-depth reviews about the best waffle makers

We have made the list below with products at good prices, chosen by popularity and divided into categories, in order to easily find the desired model of waffle maker.

Professional waffle maker

H.Koenig GFX320

the best waffle maker brand 2021

If you want a professional waffle maker, to quickly prepare your favorite snack, you can choose this model, which has a maximum power of 1400 W.

It allows the simultaneous preparation of two rectangular portions with a length of 15 cm and a width of 10 cm, enough for a table. The plates are made of ceramic and do not allow the dough to stick, and the exterior is made of stainless steel.

With the help of a mechanical button you can set the temperature to obtain the desired degree of browning. The appliance has overheating protection.

Also, with the help of the light indicator you will know when you can put the dough and when the waffles are ready. The device is rectangular in shape, with a width of 20 cm, a length of 22.5 cm and a height of 13.4 cm.


Beper BT.604

the best waffle maker brand 2021

Do you want to start your morning with a perfect breakfast, easy to prepare, for the whole family? Then do not hesitate to go on this professional waffle maker that in 5-6 minutes offers you up to 10 heart-shaped waffles.

The case is made of stainless steel and bakelite, and inside it has a non-stick coating so you can easily remove the waffles when they are ready. It is high power (1400 W) and allows you to adjust the temperature with a mechanical button.

The two lights warn you when the appliance is ready to pour the dough and when the waffles are ready. The handle is cool so you can handle it safely. The legs with which the device is equipped ensure a firm position on the countertop.


Star-Light waffle maker

Star-Light WMH-1100W

the best waffle maker brand 2021

It is a rectangular Star-Light waffle maker, with a pleasant appearance, in silver and black, to easily integrate into the design of your kitchen.

With a power of 1100 W and adjustable temperature knob, you will be able to prepare the desired dessert in the shortest time, fluffier, golden, or browner, depending on your preference. You can make 4 servings at a time, rectangular in shape.

The handle is heat-resistant, so you will not have any unpleasant injuries in use. You will be able to remove the waffles easily, on the inside they have a non-stick layer, which also allows a comfortable cleaning with the help of a cloth.

The two LED indicators let you know the operating status of the appliance, to know when you can put the dough and when you can remove the waffles.


Waffle maker

Beper BT.603Y

the best waffle maker brand 2021

This waffle maker has a very nice design, in red and white, it is small (21 x 12 x 27 cm box), very light 1.4 kg, so you can take it with you and if you go to visit, grandparents or friends, to prepare a delicious dessert.

The non-stick surface inside will allow you to easily remove the prepared product and also to comfortably maintain the appliance. The power is 1000 W, without the possibility to make adjustments.

The preparation time of 5 waffles, in the shape of a heart, is 5-6 minutes.

It has overheating protection and ergonomic handle. You can also store it vertically. In addition, it is a waffle maker at a good price, with an indicator light, to know what its operating status is.


Sapir SP 1442 GF

the best waffle maker brand 2021

A waffle maker, cheap and good, can be of interest to you, especially if you have children, to be able to prepare delicious desserts, and this model can be a good option.

It is made of stainless steel, with thermal insulation layer on the outside and non-stick on the inside, with a power of 1200 W. You can make 5 portions of waffles, in the shape of a heart, their total diameter being 18 cm.

For extra safety, it has overheating protection, and the lights warn you when the appliance is ready to put the dough and when the program is completed.

It is black and has rubber feet, which allow it a fixed position on the worktop.


Tristar WF-1160

the best waffle maker brand 2021

In case you are a lover of sweets and you want to quickly prepare a tasty breakfast or delicious desserts for the family, then you can opt for this waffle maker, at a good price.

It is round in shape and has a model with 5 hearts inside. The control panel is located at hand, with the mechanical button to be able to adjust the temperature (up to a maximum of 170 degrees C) for the desired dishes, more golden or browned.

Next to the button you have the light indicators that warn you when the preparation is ready.

The power is 700 W. The ceramic interior does not allow the preparation of the preparation, and on the outside the case is made of plastic with a very pleasant design, in black and silver. It has overheating protection and a stable position due to the rubber feet. It can be stored both horizontally and vertically.


Rommelsbacher WA1200

the best waffle maker brand 2021

With this model of waffle maker you are insured, even if you have a larger family, because you can make two servings at once, resulting in 10 perfect hearts to start the morning brilliantly.

Although larger in size, rectangular in shape (34 x 24.5 x 8.5 cm), when you do not use it you can store it vertically and save space. The cable of the device has a length of 1.1 m.

The housing is heat-resistant, and inside the surface is non-stick. Because it has flexible hinges, you can easily find a convenient position of the lid when pouring the composition or when removing the waffles.

The maximum power is 1200W and you can adjust the desired temperature level yourself.


AFK Belgian waffle-waffles

the best waffle maker brand 2021

For a family with several members, choose this rectangular device, for which you can prepare up to 10 heart-shaped waffles at a time.

The baking surface is made of aluminum, with a non-stick coating on the surface, which also determines an easy cleaning after use. The power is 1200 W.

Although it is a larger device, for two portions, 35 x 18 cm, it weighs only 0.5 kg and can be easily moved.

The control panel is mechanical and you can set the desired temperature. In addition, the device has anti-slip feet, thermally insulated handle, LEDs to easily see the operating status, audible warning at the end of the program.


Unold U48266

the best waffle maker brand 2021

It is a high-performance waffle maker, with a power of 1200 W, which allows you to have breakfast or a delicious dessert ready for lunch in just 3 minutes, which you can consume with syrup, jams and whipped cream, with fruit.

It has a square shape and you can once prepare 4 portions with a side of 11 cm. In case you like more browned or, on the contrary, golden and fluffy, the device offers you the possibility to adjust the temperature as you wish.

The two LEDs show you when the appliance is ready to insert the dough and when the program has finished.

The control panel is mechanical, easy to use, has support legs, overheating protection and cable storage space.


Graef WA80

the best waffle maker brand 2021

If you have a modern kitchen, you can opt for this type of waffle maker, with a very pleasant design, round and silver.

You can prepare up to 5 heart-shaped waffles at a time, being a perfect dessert for breakfast. The control panel is positioned under the handle and you can set 6 temperature steps to have control over the appearance and level of browning.

On the inside it has a non-stick layer, which does not allow the dough to stick and, in addition, it is easy to clean. At the end of the program, it announces you both audio and visual.

The power is 850 W. The cable is retractable and will not take up much space on the counter (27 x 20.5 x 8.4 cm, weighs 2.6 kg).



Buying guide

If you like to prepare desserts at home, to know exactly what ingredients they contain, especially if you have children, but do not want to spend many hours in the kitchen, then you can choose the best waffle maker, correlated with your wishes and you will have good results. You have many cooking options and various recipes, both sweet and savory and you will be satisfied with the choice made.

There are many models on the market and you will be able to easily find cheap and good waffle makers that match your requirements. But let’s see, below, what are the selection criteria:

the best waffle maker brand 2021

Number of servings: in order to be able to make servings for all family members at once, you must choose the right appliance. Thus, if you are 2-3 members, you can choose smaller models, either with 4 rectangular portions or with 5 heart-shaped portions, easier to manage by the little ones.

For larger families, you can opt for double devices, which allow you to make up to 10 servings in the form of a heart. In two adults you can choose devices with 2 larger waffles (15 x 11 cm) to ensure the right amount. You will easily find variants of waffle makers, at good prices, correlated with the number of family members.

Interior plates: these are very important and those with non-stick material must be chosen so that the waffles do not stick to baking. Usually they can be: made of ceramic material, preferably, according to several opinions about the best devices for waffles, because they distribute heat evenly; made of stainless steel with non-stick, resistant state; or aluminum with non-stick coating, but which can be scratched more easily when used.

You can also opt for variants in which the inner plates are detachable, which will allow you to clean them more easily. Most often they have the shape of a honeycomb so that they can be well syruped, but you can also find other models such as hearts, teddy bears, squares, etc.

Baking temperature adjustment: the best waffle makers offer you the possibility to adjust the temperature, either with the help of a mechanical or digital button. Thus, at a lower temperature, you will get fluffy and golden waffles, and at a higher temperature they will be well browned.

Power: the higher the power, the faster it will reach the optimum temperature for the preparation of the waffles. Thus, a low-power appliance will bake the waffles too hard inside, while the outside will not be ready yet.

It is best to choose a device that has a power between 1000 – 1200 W, suitable for baking well and efficiently for home, the desired waffles (6 – 7 minutes). There are also more powerful devices, of 1500 – 2200 W or more, which allow a shorter preparation time, of 2 – 4 minutes.

Safety systems: to avoid unpleasant accidents, look for models of devices with overheating protection, to automatically stop operation in case of need. In addition, make sure that the handles are thermally insulated so that you can handle them safely.

The rubber feet have the role of ensuring a firm position during operation. Flexible hinges can ensure a stable position of the lid when you put the composition or remove the waffles.

Light and sound indicators: most models have LED lights, which warn you when the device is in operation, when it is ready to be able to put the composition, when the program is ready.

The ones with audible warning when the waffles are ready are also helpful, so that, in the meantime, you can do various other activities.

Dedicated programs: they are much more convenient to use, because all you have to do is press a button, then the device alone will decide the ideal temperature and time to get your favorite products.

Storage:some devices can be stored both horizontally and vertically, to take up as little space as possible on the worktop. Also, the option of retractable cable or a special place where you can tighten the cable is very helpful. Do not forget the option to lock the device, which will ensure a firm position when you place it vertically.

the best waffle maker brand 2021

Design: you definitely want the waffle maker to be in perfect harmony with the rest of the kitchen appliances, and fortunately you have a wide range of models. You can choose stainless steel, silver, round or square devices, with plastic case of different colors, most often on black, white or red.

Wafe – 3 delicious recipes

If you are wondering how to prepare perfect waffles, then you have found the right place, because we will continue to present you some recipes that will surely please you.

the best waffle maker brand 2021

1. Fluffy waffles – is a simple recipe, which you can keep as a base and can be consumed with whipped cream, jam, fresh fruit, chocolate, etc. To prepare 10 waffles you need the following ingredients: 165 g flour, 2 eggs, 440 ml milk, 100 g melted butter, 2 tablespoons sugar, 4 teaspoons baking powder, half a teaspoon of salt and an envelope of sugar vanilla for flavor.

In a larger bowl put all the powdered ingredients and mix. Separately, in another bowl, mix eggs with milk and butter until a homogeneous mass. Pour into the bowl with the powdered ingredients and mix well with a whisk. The composition thus prepared is left for 5 minutes, after which it is placed in the waffle maker.

1. Salted waffle recipe– for breakfast it is very suitable to prepare salted waffles, which you can consume with different products, instead of bread. You can use the above ingredients, without sugar and vanilla, which you replace with a pepper powder. To obtain cheese waffles you can add 2 tablespoons of grated cheese to the composition, and / or pieces of bacon, green onions, etc. If you want them crispier, reduce the amount of milk to about 380 ml and put only a teaspoon of baking powder.

the best waffle maker brand 2021

2. Wafes with honey and cinnamon – suitable for the cold season with warm milk in the morning. As ingredients, for about 10 servings, you need 250 g flour, 50 g brown sugar, a teaspoon of baking powder, vanilla and cinnamon, a pinch of salt. Stir in a bowl. Separately, mix 4 eggs, 90 grams of melted butter, 250 ml of milk, 120 ml of yogurt and 3 tablespoons of honey. After mixing, pour over the powdered ingredients and continue to mix with a whisk.

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