the best way to grow amaranth

Amarant – Review and comparison in 2021

Do you want to include amaranth in your diet and you do not know exactly in what form or in what recipes? Find out in this guide everything you need to know to enjoy its nutrient-rich content. For those who are used to skipping the lines to the useful information, we mention from the beginning two forms of amaranth that are easy to use. As the namesuggests, Herbavit Amaranth Seed 500g is the right option to replace cereals in garnishes or breakfast dishes in the form of easy-to-cook seeds. It is sold in 500g bags, optimal for occasional use. If it is easier for you to use amaranth in dough, we recommend Herbavit Amaranth Flour 500g.



Comparative table

Amaranth in the form of seeds, packed in 500g bags, suitable both for those who use it to occasionally replace cereals, and for long-lasting belts, with low daily intake. It brings a rich addition of protein, vitamins, minerals and fiber, helping to regulate blood sugar and intestinal transit.

The packaging is medium in size, with too much for those who test the seeds for the first time, and too small for those who consume daily.

Cereal substitute sold in the form of seeds, in a format suitable for regular use.

This format offers the possibility of integrating amaranth into bakery and pastry products and is ideal for those who have difficulty consuming this food in the form of seeds. It is a 500g version, sufficient for subtle additions, in various recipes, and contributes to a balanced intake of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

To protect the flour from moisture, it is necessary to change the product in a container that can be sealed.

Flour obtained from amaranth seeds, with pleasant taste and fine texture, suitable for inclusion in various recipes with dough, such as bread, cakes, cookies, pancakes.

Amaranth in the form of oil, easy to administer by those who do not want to change too much the structure of the diet. It is an eco-certified formula, obtained by cold maceration, in combination with thyme, for internal and external use, with a beneficial effect on the body, from stimulating digestion to protecting the heart and a brighter complexion.

It is administered on an empty, simple stomach, the oily texture can be unpleasant for some people.

Oil rich in proteins, minerals, vitamins, fiber and antioxidants, sold in dark glass, which ensures the protection of nutrients from the action of sunlight.

In-depth reviews about the best amaranth variants

Amaranth can be added surprisingly easily to the daily diet, although it seems an exotic and unknown addition. Here are some products that illustrate the shapes you find in stores and the advantages that each of them offers you.


Amaranth seeds:

Herbavit Amaranth seeds 500g

the best way to grow amaranth Herbavit provides you with amaranth seeds imported from India, suitable for those who follow diets for weight loss, for vegetarians, vegans and people who want to enrich their diet.

In this case it is about a quantity of 500g, for which we recommend you to opt if you have already tried this pseudocereal and you are sure that you will consume in half half a kilogram. You will easily notice the need to store the seeds in a container (preferably glass or ceramic), which provides both easy access and protection from moisture and insects, the original bag being made of transparent plastic, without resealing system.

Amaranth provides you with a large part of the necessary intake of protein, vitamins, minerals and fiber, this product being an effective option both for those who are used to consuming amaranth in large quantities, instead of rice, and for people who follow a diet. long lasting, adding it frequently in soups and salads.

Solaris 400g

the best way to grow amaranth This version from Solaris includes amaranth seeds imported from Poland and sold in the 400g / bag version. From a quantitative point of view, it is an option that responds well to the requirements of a household, in which amaranth-based recipes are occasionally cooked or in which the seeds are used as an additive in various preparations.

It is a healthy and easy-to-approach solution for replacing animal protein in vegetarian diets, whether it’s a permanent lifestyle or traditional fasting periods. They cook easily, by boiling, and ensure a nutritious and satisfying addition to the diet of people trying to lose weight.

The product is marketed under the mention 100% natural, which means without additives or synthetic preservatives. However, it is not a product classified as organic or organic, so if you really want seeds in this category, you can find a suitable alternative, although a bit more expensive, also in the offer of the same producer.

Niavis Ecologic / Bio 500g

the best way to grow amaranth For those who care a lot about Bio / Eco certificates, we have included in our list of proposals this variant from Niavis, with amaranth, at a good price, in the form of seeds. The product is also part of the 500g options category, but this time we are talking about a package that also allows storage. The bag is made of soft, black, matte plastic, with sealing system, which allows storage in the best conditions, while having a pleasant appearance.

On the front of the package you will see the well-known leaf on a green background, which symbolizes Bio certification, which means that the seeds are not genetically modified and that no pesticides, synthetic fertilizers or any type of artificial additive were used to obtain them.

It can be used to diversify a healthy diet, which aims to balance animal and vegetable proteins, being beneficial for the regeneration and re-energization of the body, as well as for maintaining a healthy bone and circulatory system.

Biorganik PV 500gr

the best way to grow amaranth For those who are very attentive to everything they put on the table and are always looking for organic products, we have included in the list of proposals this variant of amaranth, in the form of seeds, from Biorganik. It is easy to cook, by boiling, similar to rice or couscous, and can be used both as an addition to soups and salads, as an additional protein intake, and as a garnish for chicken, pork or beef steaks.

This variant from Biorganik is available in a 500g package, which you will find very suitable as a quantity, for occasional use or for situations where you want to have a cure that involves adding a few grams of amaranth to various dishes. If you like the combination of amaranth and milk, you can also opt for a tasty pudding recipe.

It is among the certified organic options, which means that you will consume seeds obtained from naturally developed crops, without synthetic fertilizers, without pesticides or genetic modifications. The product itself is also protected from artificial additives or preservatives, being a healthy addition to your daily diet.

Amaranth flour:

Herbavit Amaranth flour 500g

the best way to grow amaranth If you want to enjoy the benefits of consuming amaranth by integrating it into bakery products, we offer you this version in the form of flour from Herbavit. It is sold in a transparent bag, made of plastic, with a capacity of 500g, enough to add to your favorite bread, biscuits, pancakes or cake.

It is usually used as an addition, in addition to a traditional type of flour, because it diminishes the dough’s ability to grow. In order to keep its properties as long as possible and to avoid the wetting and penetration of insects, we recommend that you store it in a tightly closed container, made of glass or ceramic.

It gives pastries and bakery a pleasant taste, which leads to peanuts or nuts, and helps to obtain dishes richer in nutrients, beneficial for the body and that can complete a healthy diet. Amaranth flour is recommended in diets for weight loss and in diets deficient in calcium, phosphorus or iron.

Amaranth oil:

Pronated Amaranth oil PRN3586

the best way to grow amaranth Obtained in Germany, by cold maceration, from a mixture of amaranth and rosemary seeds and leaves, this amaranth oil is recommended for both internal and external use. It is one of the products with ecological certificate, which means that no synthetic chemicals were used, neither in the cultivation of the plants used, nor in the process of obtaining the oil.

In addition, cold maceration, ie at room temperature, offers the possibility of protecting the active and nutritious substances from the plants used. Internally, it replaces the intake of amaranth seeds or flour in the diet, simplifying things for those who want to use it only as a natural medicine. Helps control cholesterol levels, protects blood vessels and heart, stimulates digestion and regenerates the body.

Externally, in cosmetic applications, it is highly appreciated for its formula rich in vitamins and antioxidants that moisturize, nourish and regenerate the skin, giving the skin a younger and velvety appearance.

Amaranth snacks:

Byodo Vafe from rice and amaranth

the best way to grow amaranth Have you started to better control the quality of the products you eat and are you looking for a nutritious and easy to eat snack? Try these Byodo waffles made from wholemeal expanded rice, amaranth and sea salt. It is an amaranth snack suitable for those who need an energy boost between main meals, providing, in 100 grams: 82.6g carbohydrates, 8.3g protein and 2.6g fat.

Among the advantages it offers you, compared to other similar products, are the gluten-free content, which makes it possible to consume it for people with sensitivity to this ingredient, and the Bio certificate. It is therefore about ingredients protected from genetic modifications, pesticides and synthetic fertilizers or artificial additives or preservatives.

In addition, the bag is made of a quality material, which allows it to be closed, so you can easily keep snacks even in your bag.

Rapunzel MusliSnak Bio

the best way to grow amaranth Cereal bars are a healthy and simple way to ensure a proper nutritional intake between main meals. Rapunzel MusliSnak is also part of this product category, obtained from a mixture of oats, rice, corn, wheat, sugar cane, amaranth, coconut, honey, vanilla and sea salt. It therefore contains gluten, so it is not indicated for those with sensitivity to this ingredient.

One package contains 4 bars of 29g each, the mixture offering per 100 grams: 64g carbohydrates, 6g protein, 4g fiber and 406kcal. They are suitable as a snack with amaranth, rich in protein, for fitness enthusiasts, as a small energizer during the service program and even in the child’s package, as a healthy alternative to wafers or biscuits with a lot of sugar.

It is one of the most affordable options in which you can consume amaranth, without having to cook. In addition, the composition includes fragments of coconut, which gives the product a pleasant and appetizing taste.

Organic Spielberger Integral Amaranth Flakes

the best way to grow amaranth If you like to start the day with a tasty bowl of cereal, which will fill you with energy and you want to try something new, we recommend you try the amaranth flakes from Spielberger. It is sold in 250g bags, enough to test the fit with your tastes, the paper packaging allowing the correct storage for the period of consumption.

We can tell you that 100g of this product provides your body with 56.8g carbohydrates, 15.8g protein and 8.8g lipids and that you can consume amaranth flakes with sweet milk, yogurt or soaked in warm water, along with seeds, candied fruit, nuts and honey (if you prefer the sweeter version).

You can opt for simple consumption or in combination with barley flakes, oats, wheat and other cereals that you want to include in your diet. Please note that this product may contain traces of gluten, so it is not recommended for people with allergic reactions to this element.



Buying guide

Used since antiquity in food and appreciated for its structure rich in minerals, vitamins and proteins, amaranth is beginning to make its place again among the traditional foods brought to light by the good habits of past centuries.

Because it is less well known and not as familiar as other products you buy daily, this guide gives you some basic information that is good to have on hand to choose the best amaranth on the market. Because there are differences here too.


the best way to grow amaranth

Amaranth – properties and uses : Amaranth is considered a pseudo-cereal and wonder food, having in common with cereals a number of nutritional characteristics and preparation, and providing a content rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins and fiber. Thus, with 250g of cooked amaranth, you will provide your body with 40% of the daily amount of magnesium – mineral involved in carbohydrate and glucose metabolism, increasing bone density, proper functioning of muscle fibers and maintaining a good level of energy and emotional balance. .

Also in a cup of amaranth, cheap and good, you find 36% of the necessary phosphorus, essential for bone health, 29% of iron, which you need for efficient transport of oxygen to tissues and 19% of selenium. , with antioxidant effect, heart protection and reducing the effects of aging.

Amaranth is also rich in fiber, which contributes to an efficient and healthy digestive system, vitamins (A, C, D and K) and antioxidants, which protect the body against the action of free radicals.

It is therefore recommended in obesity and diets to reduce body weight, combining a high protein content with stimulating carbohydrate metabolism. Because it does not contain gluten, it is one of the products recommended in celiac disease.

In addition, many opinions about the best forms of amaranth recommend its inclusion in the diet of hypertensive people, those suffering from digestive disorders, mineral deficiencies, respiratory diseases, chronic fatigue or cancer.


Type of packaging: In the category of amaranth products, cheap and good, you will most often find seeds or flour, in transparent plastic bags, often hard and harder to cut so as not to break at all. It is a packaging version that we recommend you orient yourself if you want to buy a version with the lowest possible price and if you intend to move the seeds to another storage container once you get home.

For those who prefer options that do not require much intervention, we recommend soft and denser plastic bags, matte, often in dark colors and with a resealing system, designed for long use. They are a bit more expensive, but there is no need to move the content from them.


the best way to grow amaranth

When it is good to avoid it:   Although side effects are rare and poorly documented, it is a good idea to consult your doctor before consuming this product if you suffer from any chronic disease, especially in the digestive tract. Because it contains oxalates, amaranth is also contraindicated in kidney disease and rheumatoid arthritis.

It is also very important to read carefully any allergens it may contain because it has shared the same processing line with products containing nuts, hazelnuts, almonds, etc., if you know you are allergic to some ingredients of this type.


Natural, organic, eco:In order to be sure that you are consuming a quality product, which contains only beneficial substances, we recommend that you focus on amaranth variants, at good prices, certified as organic. This means that they have not been subjected to genetic modifications, no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides have been used in their cultivation or artificial additives in processing.


Shape: The most obvious aspect that you will have to clarify when you enter the store to choose amaranth, at a good price is the shape in which you want to buy it. You will find it in its basic state, of raw beans, which you can use instead of cereals or with them, in salads and soups, in the form of caviar, etc., or as flour. The ground variant can be used to obtain doughs (bread, cake, pancakes, biscuits, pies, cakes, etc.) and in sauces or smoothies. It has a yellow color, soft texture and an aromatic taste, unusual but pleasant, which enriches the dishes in which it is included.

You can also buy this wonder food in the form of amaranth oil, which can be used for internal use, either combined in the classic oils used for salads (olive, sunflower, etc.), or simply, according to the instructions on the package, or externally, as a cosmetic formula.

the best way to grow amaranth

Another option in which you can include amaranth in your diet is to buy ready-made snacks such as bars, biscuits, flakes for breakfast. It is the simplest solution if you are not used to cooking or you do not want to complicate yourself with ingredients that are less common in family foods.

The plant also consumes leaves and flowers, from which it can be infused, with a remineralizing and regenerating role, recommended especially in spring and in the cold season.



Frequent questions

What does amaranth mean, what kind of plant is it?

Known to us also as stir, amaranth is considered a pseudo-cereal, because it has in common some characteristics with cereals, but being at the same time different. It is a tall plant, with broad leaves and inflorescences colored in red or gold, depending on the species.

the best way to grow amaranth

The small seeds resemble in appearance and preparation with quinoa, having a nutritional content rich in minerals, vitamins, proteins and fiber, which warmly recommends it in any healthy diet.

For those who consume amaranth, properties such as re-energizing the body, controlling cholesterol levels and supporting muscle fibers through magnesium content, are concrete benefits provided to the body every day.


Are there any contraindications to amaranth?

Although it is so beneficial as part of the diet, amaranth also has some contraindications. First of all, caution is recommended when introducing children into the diet, which is done gradually. It is good to avoid consumption if you suffer from stomach and / or intestinal disorders or urolithiasis. It is also advisable to consult a doctor if you have cholecystitis or pancreatitis and never eliminate the possibility of a specific individual sensitivity, even when you buy the best forms of amaranth, with ecological certificate.


the best way to grow amaranth

Is it possible to make bread with amaranth flour?

You can get a tasty and nutritious bread by replacing up to 20% of the flour used in your regular recipe with flour obtained from amaranth. It is good to remember that amaranth absorbs more water than wheat, so carefully adjust the quantities to get a pleasant texture.



Amaranth – recipe

Even if for you amaranth is perhaps a wonder food recently discovered, a little strange and exotic, it has been used since antiquity due to its rich nutritional content. Nowadays it is adopted and adapted to a growing number of classic or modern recipes, which allow easy integration into everyday food. Here are three ways you can consume it.


the best way to grow amaranth

Amaranth caviar

It is one of the simplest and easiest recipes to include in this product. For amaranth caviar you need 2 medium red onions, 150g amaranth, 90g mayonnaise (regular or vegetable), 1 teaspoon lemon juice and salt. Let the amaranth soak in water for 24 hours, then boil it for 20 minutes, using a water ratio of 1 to 3, ie half a cup of seeds, 1 cup and a half of water. Drain it using a sieve, then mix with mayonnaise to taste (no need to put the whole amount, or you can use more), add lemon juice in the evening and finely chopped red onions. Serve on slices of plain or toast, stick or pieces of vegetables, similar to hummus.


Amaranth pudding

For the pudding you need half a cup of regular amaranth, three times as much cow’s or coconut milk and berries (blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, cranberries, etc.). Put the amaranth rehydrated the day before. The fastest way to get the desired texture is to boil the milk and add the amaranth when it starts to froth on the walls of the pot. Let it simmer until the seeds have absorbed all the milk and become soft and sticky. Put the amaranth pudding in the bowl and let it cool for 10-15 minutes, add the berries, then enjoy a healthy breakfast.


the best way to grow amaranth

Bread with amaranth flour

To obtain bread with amaranth flour, it is enough to replace, in any recipe with wheat flour, 15 to 20% of the quantity with the variant obtained from amaranth. But it is good to know that the dough will absorb more water and will grow less than in the case of the traditional formula.


What you need to know about amaranth

In the category of superfoods, amaranth occupies a special place. We are talking about a product that does not contain gluten, a pseudocereal that can bring a series of undeniable benefits to those who consume it regularly, as part of their own diet.

An ingredient used since Aztec times, amaranth is a pseudocereal that can be included in the regular diet of any family. Its effects on the health of each consumer are so important that it is given therapeutic value. Here is what is important to know about amaranth and how inspired its use is.

Who can consume amaranth?

Amaranth is an ingredient that can be part of the diet of each of us. Described as a pseudocereal, it is, in fact, the seeds of a plant grown and consumed in South America.

One of its great advantages is that it does not contain gluten, so it can successfully replace cereals in the diet of people with celiac disease and gluten intolerance. Moreover, it can be included in a wide variety of recipes, replacing white flour, for example. Therefore, amaranth can be consumed by virtually anyone.

the best way to grow amaranth

What does amaranth offer you from a nutritional point of view?

Although it is labeled as a pseudo-cereal, which ultimately means that it can be used similarly to them, amaranth has a much higher nutritional content than cereals. For example, it is a very rich source of protein, containing 26 g per cup. To give you an idea, white rice contains only 13 g of protein per cup of product, and the classic cereals we use in our diet have even less than that.

Although perhaps unexpected in a culture that promotes dairy products as the main source of calcium, amaranth also has this advantage: a cup of unsweetened amaranth provides you with 31% of the recommended dose of calcium and, most importantly, offers it in a form characterized by a remarkable assimilability. And calcium is not the only mineral that amaranth generously offers, because in the same cup I mentioned above you will find 14% of the recommended daily dose of vitamin C and 82% of the necessary iron.

In smaller quantities, these seeds provide you with magnesium, potassium and phosphorus. Depending on the cooking method, the actual intake may be higher or lower.

Did I say something about the therapeutic value?

You don’t have to think that amaranth is a kind of panacea for the health problems that each of us can have, but keep in mind that when we talk about amaranth, beneficial properties derive from its special composition.

For example, there are studies that have shown that regular consumption of amaranth, as part of the daily diet, can reduce cholesterol levels, which in turn has beneficial consequences for the entire cardiovascular system.

Whether you choose the best amaranth (or the product marketed this way) or opt for a form of presentation available in the supermarket, its antioxidant properties are also attested. It seems that some of its compounds have anti-inflammatory properties that fight gout and arthritis and may even decrease the intensity of symptoms in the exacerbation of systemic lupus erythematosus.

the best way to grow amaranth

Given its high mineral content, amaranth consumed as such or in the form of amaranth oil seems to be effective in combating osteoporosis or loss of bone density due to other causes.

From the point of view of digestion, this alternative has, once again, its advantages. You can look, with amaranth, for simple and quick recipes, in order to benefit from the high fiber content that significantly improves digestion. Moreover, it seems that gastric ulcer heals more easily under conditions of regular consumption of this pseudocereal, which is a good choice for people looking to lose weight: the large amount of fiber gives a feeling of satiety, while the high protein content develop muscle mass.

Finally, among the lesser known benefits are improved vision due to the high content of vitamin A and carotenoids, but also the improvement of the problem of varicose veins, thanks to the high content of flavonoids. Some advantages that are worth taking into account, given that amaranth is prepared about how to cook quinoa.

How can we consume amaranth?

Many people say they are worried about the way and duration of preparation, but amaranth is boiled about as much as quinoa is boiled, an ingredient more frequently used by our housewives. You can use it boiled, fried, as such or mixed with other cereals.

For boiling, a ratio of 1 to 1 amaranth and water is preferred. The preparation time is about 20 minutes, after which you can include it in a lot of desserts with dairy products, fruits, seeds, cinnamon. You can also include it in various vegetable recipes, in which it offers a balance in terms of taste.

If you want to benefit from a stronger aroma, you can use the fried amaranth version. In a non-stick pan, it can be taken in a small amount of butter or olive oil, after which it can be consumed either as a snack or as an addition to salads or soups, which increase its nutritional value and make it more satiated.

the best way to grow amaranth

If amaranth as such does not particularly delight you, you can combine it with healthy cereals. One of the established mixtures is that of amaranth and brown rice, which is prepared according to the specific indications of rice. In general, the proportion is one part amaranth to 3 parts rice; the result will be one with a special taste, with a much higher protein intake, a rich source of fiber and a slightly lower glycemic index.

Another idea that housewives apply in their own kitchen is to replace the flour used to thicken amaranth sauces. It is obviously a much healthier alternative, but also much richer in terms of nutrients made available to the body. The subtle aroma of amaranth comes to enhance the natural taste of the other ingredients, rather than to cover or modify it, therefore the change will not be noticed even by the most capricious children… .or partners.

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