The best wine decanter

How do you choose the best wine decanter? What properties and characteristics must the wine decanter have according to your needs? Read our guide and choose informed.

The best wine decanter If you have only just started to take your first steps in the world of wine, the idea of a wine decanter probably seems too new or too sophisticated and extra for you.

However, using a decanter is quality, it can completely change the way you enjoy this highly prized drink.

As you come to appreciate the complexity of the flavors that a good wine offers, the use of a wine decanter becomes a necessity for you to enjoy a truly delightful taste.

If you have reached this stage, here is how you can buy the best wine decanter for yourself, or to give as a gift to a wine lover.

Top 3 recommended wine decanters

Why choose the best wine decanter?

What good is a wine decanter and how does it make such a big difference? The wine decanter is a container for serving wine, in order to decant it. They are usually used for red wine, but can also be used for whiskey, bourbon, brandy or other types of liqueur. For wine, decanters are used for two main reasons:

  • Aeration – The decanter allows the wine to be exposed to air before drinking it. This exposure helps to intensify the aromas of the wine, which means that you will enjoy a tastier glass of wine, allowing you to feel all the taste dimensions of it.
  • Separates sediments – As the wine ages, sediments are collected. In the settling process, the sediments are deposited on the bottom of the settling tank, which means that there will be only liquid in your glass. This separation helps to clarify the wine, but also helps to reduce the bitterness of the wine.

Some people think that a wine decanter can also make a cheap wine taste better . Others consider it an important element to be able to fully enjoy the qualities of an old wine. In conclusion, regardless of the type of wine you consume, there is a good chance that it will taste better when you decant it.

In addition, these serving pieces are very good- looking , some with an intriguing design that will surely be praised by guests. They are the ideal element to add extra elegance and sophistication to any setting.

How to choose the best wine decanter

The best wine decanter In order to choose a good decanter, however, it is necessary to be very well informed, because the offer on the market is quite varied.

In this regard, we invite you to read this shopping guide to discover how you can choose the best wine decanter .

Also, at the end we have prepared a list of the best decanters on the market, selected according to the quality criteria that we will analyze below.

This way you will be able to enjoy the best product at the best quality / price ratio on the market.

The decanter neck

Wine decanters have various shapes, many of them being specially designed to be both attractive and functional. One of the elements that differentiates between a functional decanter and a handsome one is its neck.

  • Wide neck decanter

If the purpose for which you use the decanter is to aerate the wine, it is recommended to choose a decanter with a wide neck. They allow a greater amount of oxygen to enter, which makes the wine aerate faster and more efficiently.

They are even easier to clean than the narrower neck versions. These are the most popular on the market, and are appreciated by most wine lovers.

  • Narrow-necked decanter

These models are not as good for aerating wine. The reason is obvious, the throat allowing a small amount of oxygen to enter the container. They can also be very difficult to clean . Normally, it would be necessary to purchase a special brush with a special head in order to be able to clean the appropriate decanter.

However, they are very effective in separating wine from sediments . When pouring the wine from a narrow-necked decanter, it is good to pour it lightly, ideally with a light source close, so that as you pour it you can detect the sediments and stop before they reach the glass.

This is a more complex process, which is not necessary for all wines. However, it is an important process for expensive wines that are quite old.

For a passionate wine collector, such a decanter can be an essential element to be able to fully enjoy the quality of an old wine.

Decanter size

Wine decanters are available on the market in various volume variants. In this sense you have a choice. Most models have a volume that matches the capacity of a normal wine bottle .

But you can find decanters with a larger capacity , as well as models that have enough volume for a single glass of wine . Of course, there are versions that fall somewhere in the middle .

For most buyers, wine decanters that have a capacity for a bottle of wine are the most practical. The smaller decanters are for those who are afraid that they will not finish the bottle of wine in one evening, which would compromise the drink, as it becomes acidic.

Larger decanters can be practical when serving a meal with many people, and you want to be able to maintain a continuous flow of decanted wine. However, it is good to remember that when you use a larger decanter, the amount of wine exposed to the air will be smaller, which means that the aeration of the wine will not be as good.

The shape of the decanter

The best wine decanter The diversity of forms for wine decanters that you will find on the market, can only make you happy. However, it can be a distraction, as not all forms are necessarily functional.

One of the things you should treat carefully is the wide base of the decanter . This surface will decide how well the wine is exposed to the air. The wider it is, the better the wine will "stretch" and aerate better.

The shape can also influence the way the wine is poured. If this is not the right one, splashes of wine will reach all over your tablecloths.

Among the most popular shapes are the classic one, with a wide base that narrows towards the neck, or unconventional U-shaped or swan models. Other shapes are: cornet type, duck (they also have a handle).

The appearance of the decanter

Many decanters at higher prices have a design meant to be out of the ordinary, to impress. You can buy a wine decanter that is purely functional, and it will look pretty good anyway. If you want to impress your guests, however, you can choose a decanter that is both functional and very aesthetic, maybe even artistic.

Of course, if you want something really special, you will have to look for something more. Online , you will find something to your liking faster.

Decanter material

Glass and crystal are the materials used for wine decanters. In terms of functionality no material adds to the other, the differences are more related to appearance, durability and price.

If you have a small budget , choose a glass decanter. They are even easier to maintain and wash in the dishwasher. Because the crystal is porous, it must be washed by hand, while the glass does not have this problem. Glass is more resistant to high temperatures than crystal.

A crystal wine decanter is more durable and more decorative , allowing more complex designs to be made. If you want a decanter that will last for decades, and be very aesthetic, crystal is the best choice. However, if you buy from junk, do not buy crystal decanters that were manufactured before 1969. Lead was used in the manufacturing process, and you could be poisoned with this substance.

Avoid smoky or colored glass patterns. Such a decanter defies its very purpose because you will not be able to see the sediments to make sure that they do not reach the glass.

The type of wine and its age

Generally speaking, no matter what we are talking about, decanting it is always better than not decanting it. However, some decanters are specially made to serve a certain type of wine.

You can find decanters that are sold especially for types of wine such as merlot, cabernet, syrah, etc. All of these can be used with any type of wine after all, but if you tend to consume a particular type of wine in particular, it may be helpful to choose a decanter with your favorite wine in mind.

As I mentioned, older wine may require a more complicated decanting process than newer ones. If you are more concerned with sediments than aerating the wine, then choose a decanter with a long and narrow neck . They are not very wide at the base, which means that the wine will retain its glass flavor, only without sediment.

Decanter cleaning

The best wine decanter Many people claim that it is not good to wash a decanter with normal dishwashing detergent . If you do not rinse it properly, the detergent could end up influencing the aroma of the wine, which you do not want, of course.

You can purchase special tools for cleaning the glass, such as brushes specially shaped to fit on the narrow neck and can be stretched to clean the wide base of the decanter. There are also delicate cleaning balls that have the role of reaching areas inaccessible to the brush.

The cleaning process requires time, patience and a lot of attention , so you need to think about how the shape of the decanter will make the process more difficult. If you are not a meticulous person, the best option for you is to buy a decanter that can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Ease of casting

Every time you use a decanter, you will pour wine from it. If it's a heavy decanter for you or tends to splash, you might think it's not worth the effort, just so that every time the tablecloth is stained with wine. When looking for a model, choose one that does not splash, and keep an eye on other buyers' reviews.

Other aspects and accessories to consider

  • Shock resistance – if you are not skilled and think you are more likely to break the decanter, especially after a glass of wine. Choose one made of thicker glass that can be more shock resistant.
  • Washing machine dishwasher – an important criterion when you are not meticulous and persistent in the cleaning process.
  • Lid – If you leave the wine in the decanter overnight, it will spoil in a few hours. It is a good idea to buy a clogged decanter. It can be a simple wooden ball, very aesthetic, or a very decorative glass or crystal accessory.
  • Cooled decanter – suitable for white wines. It allows you to decant white wine and keep it cold longer.

Price and manufacturers

The price of a decanter will vary depending on the material, shape and special accessories. However, any decanter built correctly will do your job, even if it is cheaper. The manufacturer can be an indication of quality. The most popular are: Zwiesel, Villeroy & Boch, Schott Zwiesel .

We recommend that you search for the best wine decanter online . Here you have the best chances to find a wine decanter that is both functional, but also has the look you want. It is much more convenient than going through a lot of stores in search.

Also, special offers and discounts are more common online, which means you will be able to buy a decanter at a better price. Don't forget to check the opinion of other buyers. This way you can know if the product is really good.

Now that you have all this information, you are ready to buy the best wine decanter .

The best wine decanter: recommendations

Taking into account the above tips, analyzing the opinions of buyers and the existing offer, we still recommend some models of home wine decanters that offer an excellent quality / price ratio.

1. Spiegelau Pisa wine decanter 1.5 l

The best wine decanter This 1.5 L decanter is a beautiful centerpiece in any home.
Its beautiful and amazing design can be an excellent topic of discussion.
The generous base offers the best aeration system to compliment any wine.
The shape ensures that the wine always covers the largest area, which allows optimal aeration, all for a better tasting experience.
High breaking strength and suitable for dishwashers.
Material: crystal glass.

See details and price

2. Vin Bouquet FIA002 professional decanter and aerator

The best wine decanter

The set consists of aerator and decanter.
It is easy to use. Just place the aerator on the mouth of the decanter and pour the entire contents of the bottle.
The wine will aerate much faster than usual.
The set includes an individual base for storing the aerator, as well as a bag to protect it.
It is recommended to use the decanter for a bottle with a capacity of 750 ml.

See details and price

3. Professional decanter wine InnovaGoods

The best wine decanter Are you looking for a kitchen assistant? Invite the equipment proposed by InnovaGoods!
An innovative brand that through these practical accessories will inspire you to spend time cooking healthy dishes for you and your loved ones.

Dimensions: 18.5 x 40 x 16.5 cm (length x height x width).
Material: ABS, AS, silicone.
Features: anti-slip finish, foldable cover, protection.

See details and price

4. Decanter Twister 750 ml WDA 650

The best wine decanter The aeration process is obtained in two stages, the first by pouring the wine from the glass into the decanter and the second stage by pouring the wine from the decanter into the glass.
The special design offers a superior aeration of the wine also emphasizing the taste and aroma.

Material: Glass.
Capacity 750 ml.

See details and price

5. Wine decanter, 1.5 L Glimpse

The best wine decanter It offers a note of elegance and style to any table, regardless of the time of day or occasion.
The wine decanter is essential in highlighting the quality of the wine.
It aerates the old wines and helps to deposit the sediments they contain.
In younger wines, with aeration, oxygen removes astringent taste, makes tannins less abrasive and gives the wine a finer flavor profile.
Material: Glass – Capacity: 1.5 l.

See details and price

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