The best wok pan for cooking in 2021

Wokuri – Review and comparison in 2021

When you want to diversify your way of cooking, you also need the right containers for this. This is why most buyers are looking for a good quality wok. If you feel overwhelmed by the offer on the market, the first proposal of our team is a simple and efficient product:Tefal Elegance offers you the full range of advantages of Tefal dishes, including an excellent non-stick coating, durable and resistant, a careful shape thoughtful, a temperature indicator and an ergonomic handle and very convenient to handle. And if you want an alternative, another proposal is Perfect Home 36 cm .

Comparative table

It is a quality product, belonging to a well-known brand, which provides you with not only a suitable space for food preparation, for up to 4 people, but also a very resistant non-stick interior, an ergonomic handle for easier handling and a sensor useful temperature.

The part is compatible with all heat sources, except induction hobs, which limits the number of buyers.

It is one of the most suitable choices when it comes to buyers who want a piece with a correct ratio between price and quality, which promises not only good durability, but also comfortable handling.

It is a piece of very generous dimensions, ideal for large portions of food, for a large family. It is made of cast iron, one of the most popular materials when it comes to cooking pots, which speeds up the entire baking process and improves the taste of food.

The handles of the vessel are relatively small, also cast in cast iron, and heat up very strongly during use.

It is one of the best choices for buyers who want to cook healthy and tasty, in a durable and easy to maintain dish. In addition, when choosing it, you do not have to worry about compatibility with your type of cooking machine.

It is a product from the professional range, made of the best quality stainless steel, multilayered, which makes it compatible even with induction hobs. It is one of the rare models that includes a lid, its remarkable maneuverability due to the two handles, one of which is long and protected from heat.

The vessel is very large and is available at a very prohibitive price, not being the first choice of the average user.

It is the best choice for professionals or for people who are really passionate about cooking, who want to benefit from all the advantages offered by a product in this category.

In-depth reviews about the best wokuri

Wok cooking has its advantages, which you can’t really experience unless you test such a cooking vessel. It’s mainly about the speed of preparation, the possibility to use less oil and to keep some crispy vegetables. If you don’t really know which model is right for you, you still have some interesting proposals.

Wok Tefal

Tefal Elegance

The best wok pan for cooking in 2021 One of the best wokuri available on the market is provided by Tefal, a world leader in the production of cooking utensils, especially various assortments of pans, but not only. Our proposal this time is a container with a diameter of 28 cm, which we believe will be very helpful in testing new recipes.

Numerous opinions about the best wokuri mention the importance of a non-stick coating, and in this regard, Tefal excels. Titanium Force is a multilayer coating made of a solid base that incorporates titanium particles, a 3D holographic layer with metal inserts and a very thick top layer. The result is a very resistant coating.

But this is not the only advantage if you choose a Tefal wok. You will also benefit from the Thermo-Spot indicator that tells you when the pan is perfectly heated, a very comfortable handle and a deep shape, more efficient in storing and distributing heat.

Tefal Color Edition

The best wok pan for cooking in 2021 If you want a cheap and good wok, without compromising from the point of view of the brand you opt for, our proposal is this Tefal brand model, a product delivered with a 24-month warranty, buyers interested in a food that healthier.

The proposed piece has a generous diameter of 28 cm, which allows you to prepare enough portions for 4 edible adults. The large depth, of 9 – 10 cm, helps you to use less oil and to mix the ingredients more easily, without them falling out of the bowl, because the heat is distributed more evenly.

This Tefal wok is compatible with normal stoves and electric hobs, but does not work on induction hobs. The non-stick coating offers you the recognized quality of the manufacturer, the temperature indicator being a welcome accessory, which helps you to optimally use the pan for the quick preparation of the ingredients. Durability is appreciated by users, who provide positive reviews.

Tefal Performa

The best wok pan for cooking in 2021 If you are interested in the offer of watches at good prices, we recommend you take a look at this product, which we believe will delight you in terms of ease of use, but also the functions offered, or durability.

We are talking about a piece with a diameter of 28 cm, generous enough in terms of the amount of food you can prepare with its help. The non-stick coating is a Tefal patent, the remarkable resistance to scratches being remarkable. In addition, it is perfectly safe, as it does not contain PFOA, lead or cadmium.

This pan is compatible with all types of cooking machines, except induction hobs. Thanks to the Thermo-Spot indicator that tells you when the piece has reached the optimum temperature, you will benefit from the best cooking conditions, respecting exactly the operating principle of these pieces. Finally, it is worth saying that the wok is easy and maneuverable.

Wok fonta

Perfect Home 36 cm

The best wok pan for cooking in 2021 If you really want to enjoy the qualities of a product in this category, we recommend that you focus on a cast iron wok, a piece that can really give you the optimal temperature for this type of cooking, evenly distributed, for results. optimal.

These cheap and good wokuri have a very generous diameter of 36 cm and a height of 9.7 cm, which allows you to prepare large portions of food and also gives you enough space to “play” inside, with the ingredients, which they will be mixed and turned easily.

Another important advantage of the product is that it is compatible with all types of hobs, from the common stove to the induction hob. Regarding the maintenance method, you will have to respect the particularities that cast iron implies, to bypass the dishwasher and to prepare it by oiling and burning before each use.

Perfect Home 880003

The best wok pan for cooking in 2021 If you are passionate about cooking and do it frequently, both for family and friends, this set of two woks could be a good choice for you. We are talking about a quality set, with a good durability, which we think you will appreciate.

The largest cast iron wok pan in the set has a diameter of 36.5 cm in diameter, with a width of 44 cm and a height of 9.7 cm. Its smaller “sister” measures 30.6 cm in diameter, 37 cm wide and 8.4 cm deep, both being generous enough for a wide range of recipes and dishes.

Like any cast iron cookware, it is also compatible with any type of cooking machine, be it a stove, stove, ceramic hob or induction hob. Proper seasoning before each use and storage in perfectly dry places is recommended, and a little caution is needed so that it does not deteriorate or rust.

Professional wok pan

Hendi Inox

The best wok pan for cooking in 2021 A professional wok pan requires a significantly higher investment than other products in the same category, but also offers the advantages of unquestionable quality, superior durability and those related to unpretentious maintenance.

If you are looking for the best wok, this large product with a lid is the right choice. It is made of thick stainless steel, cast in 3 layers, specially designed so that it can be used on the induction hob, without any problems. In terms of size, the product has a diameter of 36 cm and a height of 18 cm, being one of the largest in the range.

It is much easier to handle than other models due to the stainless steel handle, with sleeve, which will not heat up. On the opposite side there is a second handle, smaller, necessary if the vessel is full and very heavy. Thanks to the lid – a rare accessory in wokuri, but this time we are dealing with a professional wok pan – the food can stay warm for longer.

Carbon steel wok pan

Buyer Carbon Plus

The best wok pan for cooking in 2021 A carbon steel wok pan is another wise choice because it is compatible with all types of hobs, including induction hobs. In addition, the characteristics of the material give it some qualities that we think are worth mentioning.

For example, carbon steel has natural non-stick properties, which you will accentuate by proper seasoning and you will keep them by avoiding detergents and the dishwasher. In addition, it must be cleaned with water, dried and oiled before storage.

Its dimensions are suitable for relatively large portions, as we are talking about a diameter of 35 cm, a height of 8.5 cm and a thickness of 1.5 mm of the material. Being a perfectly hemispherical product, it offers the best cooking space, instead it requires a special support for the hobs without the concave heating area. The handle is very resistant, fastened with solid rivets, so that it is easy for you to handle the product.

Grunberg 32 cm

The best wok pan for cooking in 2021 If you need a wok at a good price, we recommend that you focus on this product that will provide you with the characteristic shape of such a pan, with all its advantages, with lower limit costs for this category.

Made of carbon steel, the piece is compatible with all types of hobs. Being made of a three-layered material, the piece is very effective in preventing food sticking, but also in evenly distributing a large amount of heat to the food you prepare, which means that cooking times will be greatly reduced.

The product has an average diameter of 32 cm, with a depth of 10.6 cm, which gives you the right space for up to 4 servings of food. The weight of the empty container exceeds by at least 1 kg, which means that it will keep its maneuverability and once filled. The riveted handle is partially covered in plastic, which allows you to handle it without burning yourself.

Wok ceramic

Tefal Ceramic Control

The best wok pan for cooking in 2021 If you are part of the category of buyers who want a more natural way to prepare healthy food, we suggest you take a look at this ceramic wok brand Tefal, which offers you the guarantee of a good quality piece.

Unlike most parts in the manufacturer’s range, this model somehow included in the premium range is compatible with induction hobs, thanks to the 4 mm thick base. The much appreciated temperature indicator is kept for this piece as well, being, as far as we know, the first such accessory placed on a ceramic coating.

Given the good strength of the interior, in this pan you can successfully use metal utensils, without worrying that you will damage it. The exterior is covered with the same type of coating, so it is easy to clean and will keep its appearance for a long time. The bakelite handle is comfortable and ergonomic, guaranteeing good maneuverability.

Buying guide

Choosing a wok at a good price will allow you to diversify the recipes prepared for your family, but also to test new ways of cooking, healthier. But it is not easy to choose an ideal product, perfect according to your needs, which is why we have written these recommendations that could help you.

The best wok pan for cooking in 2021

Materials : The quality, durability and ease of use and maintenance depend largely on the materials from which the chosen wok is made.

Professional products are sometimes made of stainless steel, a durable, highly resistant material that offers simple maintenance options and allows it to maintain its appearance and be impeccably sanitized, as claimed in the food industry.

For household products, stainless steel is not a common choice, the purchase price being quite high. In addition, if you opt for such a model, it is essential to make sure that it has a double or triple bottom, otherwise you risk the food sticking when you use the high heat and a small amount of oil.

Carbon steel is a slightly less durable option than stainless steel, but parts made of this material have a slightly lower weight and are characterized by non-stick properties that are worth appreciating.

Aluminum is the version available in the most advantageous price offers. It is also the reason why it is most frequently bought, but it is also part of the materials of choice for reliable brands, such as Tefal. The feature of aluminum woks is their low weight, but this is not the only advantage: this metal heats up 9 times faster than stainless steel.

The durability of aluminum is at least debatable, which is why some manufacturers use anodized aluminum, which is a bit more expensive, but also more resistant.

Always, the aluminum in the structure of these vessels is covered in a non-stick coating, either of the type of tefon that gave Tefal the well-known market success, or in a ceramic coating, somewhat more resistant to the use of metal utensils.

If it is a top piece from a functional point of view, cast iron is one of the best choices. It heats up faster than stainless steel, but retains heat very well, which it gradually releases, so that food cooks for an extended period of time.

The best wok pan for cooking in 2021

The use of cast iron vessels requires the observance of several rules, for a long “collaboration”. First of all, these vessels should not be subjected to sudden variations in temperature, which can cause them to crack.

The cast iron pot will always be allowed to cool in the air, no cold water will be poured into it when it is hot. Washing is done with hot water, preferably without detergent, because an essential step is the seasoning of these dishes, performed by oil lubrication and combustion. Finally, the pieces are stored only in dry places and only after they have been carefully greased with oil.

The main disadvantage of cast iron vessels is related to the high weight. Especially when you opt for a large wok, it is important that it is equipped with two handles, to make it easier for you to handle it.

Design: If you think that in this chapter we will only discuss the dimensions and the metal or bakelite handles, you are wrong. Depending on the design and the recipes for which it is recommended, the wok can be of Cantonese, Turkish or Chinese origin.

Cantonese and Turkish wok have two small handles, which will allow you to handle them with both hands; the downside is that they will obviously get very hot. The most common model on the market is the Chinese wok, or an adaptation of it, which includes a longer tail, like a frying pan, and a small handle.

The shape of the wok is a characteristic, impossible to confuse, but there are some variations in this chapter as well. For example, some of them have a completely rounded shape, which will make it impossible for you to use them on a ceramic hob or with normal induction, and will make it difficult to use a normal stove. The advantages of this model are the lack of adhesion and uniform heating, so it is the first choice of professionals.

Wokos for regular shoppers have a flat bottom, like normal pans. It is important that the walls are carefully curved, so that the heating is done evenly and that there are no angles at which the food sticks.

Non-stick coating: In the range of products on the market, there are materials with non-stick properties such as stainless steel and cast iron, as well as options that require mandatory coating with a separate non-stick coating.

The most common option is Teflon, but the high temperatures at which it is cooked in the wok are not compatible with this material, which only withstands temperatures of about 250 degrees. At temperatures above this value, Teflon reacts chemically with food, which is undesirable.

The best wok pan for cooking in 2021

The ceramic coating is the immediately superior variant, which is characterized by a greater durability and stability at temperatures up to 450 degrees. The qualities related to anti-adhesion are not as surprising as those of Teflon, but the proper use, packaged with the shape of the vessel will allow you to use them in very good conditions.

In an attempt to offer users a more pleasant and healthy experience, some manufacturers use other types of non-stick coating, marble and granite being appreciated at this time.

Frequent questions

How do I recognize a Chinese wok?

The main thing that distinguishes a Chinese wok from other types of woks is the conformation of the handles. The Chinese wok is often preferred by regular shoppers because it includes a slightly longer tail, like that of regular pans, and on the opposite side has a smaller, additional handle, similar to pot pots. Thus, it can be handled with one or two hands, depending on the weight.

The best wok pan for cooking in 2021

What are the most popular wok pan recipes?

In general, the wok is used for oriental recipes, especially for the Chinese ones, which have penetrated the Romanian market for some time and are very appreciated. The characteristic of the recipes prepared in this way is the high cooking temperature, but also the fact that the vegetables remain crispy, half raw and with almost intact vitamins, while the small pieces of meat, well fried over a high heat, keep their tenderness.

Often, various recipes are prepared that include wok vegetables, pork or duck, or even beef.

How do I prepare the cast iron wok for use or storage?

The qualities of the cast iron wok are partially overshadowed by the need to season the product before use or storage.

Immediately after purchase, the dish is washed well with water and detergent, rinsed thoroughly and wiped well to be perfectly dry. After that, grease the dish well with a layer of oil and bake at 250 degrees for 20 minutes in the oven. If you have opted for a vessel with a wooden or bakelite handle, it must be protected with damp cloths and then wrapped in aluminum foil to survive the operation. In general, however, these parts have metal handles.

After use, wash the dish with warm water and dry to prevent rust. Also to prevent the appearance of rust, it is recommended to lubricate with a layer of oil after each use, before storing in a dry and ventilated place.

Remove the wok

We will continue to present you two of the most popular recipes that are prepared with the help of a wok.

The best wok pan for cooking in 2021

Recipe with chicken and vegetables

A delicious wok chicken with vegetables involves buying two pieces of chicken breast, a green pepper, two carrots, two cloves of garlic, a small onion, a tablespoon of pepper paste, three tablespoons of soy sauce and two tablespoons of oil. You can add, if you like vegetables, some mushrooms, some carrots, bamboo shoots and / or some leeks.

The ingredients are prepared carefully: the chest is cut into strips, the onion is cut into juliennes, the mushrooms, the carrot, the garlic, the pepper are cut into slices, the leek is cut into slices.

Heat the wok with oil and brown the meat with a little salt. Remove the meat and put the vegetables on high heat, stirring constantly. They should remain crispy, so cook over high heat for just a few minutes. When they are ready, put the chicken again, season with soy sauce and, possibly, with other Chinese spices, depending on your preferences, add the pepper sauce and turn off the heat.

In general, the favorite garnish is rice, but at the request of children, you can adapt other garnishes.

Recipe with beef and vegetables

If you love the flavor of beef, we suggest you try a beef recipe with wok vegetables. For this you need 500 g beef, 3 bell peppers, 100 g green beans, 100 g peas, 100 g mushrooms, an onion, ginger, soy sauce, salt and oil and, optionally, oyster sauce.

Meat and vegetables are cleaned and cut into thin strips. Grease the wok with a little oil and heat over high heat, then put the meat and fry until the juice is removed. Now add the soy sauce and, if you like, the oyster sauce, add the mushrooms and fry for a few minutes. Add the rest of the vegetables, which are fried for a few minutes, until they are half crispy. If necessary, you can add salt, but it is mandatory to taste and check, because soy sauce is generally very salty.

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