The best wood boiler

How do you choose the best wood boiler? What functions and features should the wood-fired boiler have according to your needs? Read our guide and choose informed.

The best wood boiler For many people, hot water is a hard thing to get. When they do not have a boiler that can make hot water available directly from the tap, it is difficult to use it for household purposes, wasting a lot of time to heat it.

Fortunately, for those who can not buy an electric or gas boiler, there is a very convenient version of the wood boiler.

If you are also interested in such a good in your home, we urge you to read this article to find out how you can choose the best wood boiler.

Top 3 recommended wood boilers

Why choose the best wood boiler?

Especially if you live in the country, you probably lack many facilities that those in the city enjoy. These include running hot water .

Fortunately, convenient solutions have appeared on the market even for those living in a rural area. The wood boiler is one of these practical solutions. Ingeniously built, it is able to heat the water in the house , using the heat generated by burning wood.

You can understand even from this simple description that it is a complex system . So, in order to choose the best one, it is necessary to inform yourself a little better .

How to choose the best wood boiler

The best wood boiler Although very advantageous, you should know that only the best wood boiler will meet the needs of your family. There are many variables that differentiate boilers of this type, although, at first glance, they all look about the same.

The truth is that the type of wood boiler , the material from which it is made, the temperature at which it can bring water, safety measures , special functions, but also the volume of the water basin, are just a few aspects that can severely influence the final price.

How can you be sure that you are paying a fair price, even though it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the rich supply on the market? It is important to get information from a reliable source.

We researched the market and found the best wood boilers at a very good quality / price ratio , which you will find below. Before that, however, we want to teach you through a shopping guide , which are all the selection criteria you must take into account.

So here's everything you need to know before buying a wood-fired boiler.

How does a wood boiler work?

The wood boiler is an ingenious water heating system, which allows you to provide hot water for the bathroom or for the whole house if you select the right one.

Its components are the following:

  • A space for burning wood . It works on the same principle as a stove . A door opens and inside you will start the fire, and you will supply it as you like with wood. You should know that the energy efficiency of the boiler also depends a lot on the quality of the wood used. So keep that in mind when choosing the right fuel for your boiler.
  • A boiler . Inside it will be found the flue pipe . Following this process, the liquid will be heated and you will be able to use it at will.

It doesn't stop there. To ensure proper operation you will need to connect the boiler to the water mains in your home. Also, the gases emitted after combustion, ie smoke, will have to be eliminated safely.

So, most likely, you will have to make a new drain . It is very likely that you will need someone to help you with the installation, so consider these costs in addition to the purchase price.

Unlike a gas or electric boiler, it is more difficult to use. That's because the water will be warm, just as long as you maintain it. If you want hot water every day, you will need to make the fire daily and feed it regularly.

In the absence of fire, the water will stay warm for a little longer , if the boiler will be very well insulated and will have thick walls .

Types of wood boilers

Now that you understand how it works, you will need to know the options that the manufacturers offer you, what are the differences between them and what advantages each can offer you.

  • Simple wood boiler

It is the cheapest option on the market. It is simple because it no longer has an alternative variant of feeding apart from wood. The only way you can get hot water is if you make a fire in the stove.

Even if it has nothing spectacular, it is an option that proves to be more than enough for most conventional users .

  • Wood and electric boiler

It is always good to have a backup plan . Thus, a boiler that is powered both electrically and on wood, can provide you with hot water for a longer time.

Consider the scenario where you don't have wood cut for that day or you want to keep the water warm without putting wood on the fire. In this case, an electrical heater inside the boiler will take over this load.

When you want a single power supply to work, preferably a wood one because it is the most economical, it is enough to unplug the electrical component .

If the wood boiler is equipped with two thermostats for each energy source, you will be able to simply set the thermostat that belongs to the electrical source to 0 . This way all the heat will be generated by burning the wood, and you will not waste energy .

  • Wooden boiler with coil

The role of the coil is to take over the task of heating the water from a source other than wood. For example, you can use the thermal power plant when you have one or the energy from a solar panel to introduce thermal agent into the coil that will heat the water, in turn.

Thus, you will have hot water without necessarily making fire, using an energy source that works regardless of whether or not you want to use the boiler. You will make significant savings using such a coil boiler.

The volume of the wood boiler

The best wood boiler The best wood-fired boiler must be able to provide the necessary water for the whole family. You need to know from the beginning that these are not small appliances and that they will take up quite a lot of space, usually right in your bathroom.

Therefore, you must first make sure that you have the necessary space prepared to install them properly.

Returning to the volume of the tank, it must be selected according to the number of people in the house . The larger it is, the more roomy the boiler will have to have.

The smallest variant on the market is 80 liters and is recommended for families of 2 adults . For each child, you will need to add another 20 liters.

So if you are two adults with a child, the tank will be 100 liters , and for another child you will have to select a wood boiler with a tank of at least 120 liters .

However, a larger volume comes with disadvantages . For example, the larger the volume of water, the longer it will take and the greater the amount of wood to heat it .

Even if manufacturers provide some information about the time required for water to reach maximum temperature, there are many variables to consider, as they provide values obtained in optimal conditions .

For example, even if they say that it takes an hour for the water to reach 60 degrees , the poor quality of the wood, a slow and interrupted burning, can prolong this period.

The wood boiler must be equipped with a thermometer to indicate the temperature at which the water has reached. It is also important that it has an adjustable thermostat . This will give you some control over the temperature your water can reach.

Protection measures

Because it operates on a flame basis, there will always be a risk of fire or even explosion due to water pressure, unless some mandatory safety measures are in place. Here are these:

  • Safety valve

It is necessary to control the pressure inside the boiler and thus avoid an explosion. Each manufacturer will indicate the maximum pressure that the water in the boiler can reach, a pressure which, if exceeded, will lead to accidents.

The safety valve releases very hot steam, so the pressure is kept under control. The maximum accepted pressure is 3 bar on some models, but can reach up to 6 bar on others.

  • Corrosion protection

Mineral deposits can form inside the boiler, which can lead to the formation of rust over time. This could cause the boiler to damage more quickly , which no one wants. To avoid this, the inside of the metal boiler must be treated with anti-corrosion protection .

It is also important to have an email layer on the inside. Another good treatment is the one with magnesium anode . Thus limestone deposits will be rejected and you will not have to worry about this.

  • Proper installation

As the risk factors are very high, it is important not to improvise and let the professionals handle this process , even if it may involve additional costs on your part.

For example, the chimney will be installed in such a way that accidents do not occur and in accordance with the safety regulations in force.

If your wood-burning boiler will also have an electrical component, you will need a professional to do the grounding .

Boiler material

The best wood boiler There are two variants on the market in this respect: steel and stainless steel wood boilers.

Specialists recommend choosing a stainless steel wood boiler , which has more advantages than the steel sheet, the main being durability .

Stainless steel can cope better with blows, but also with factors that are not so obvious to the human eye, such as the negative action of chlorine, acids or other alkaline solutions.

Because we are talking about stainless steel, it will be more resistant to corrosion , but also to the high temperature values that water reaches. Of course, it is a more expensive option, but the investment is worth it because the need to repair or replace the boiler will appear later.

Other information on lighting and maintenance of fire

For everyone's safety, while the fire is burning, the stove door will have to stay closed . This way no heat will be lost outside, the combustion will be better and the risk of fire will be considerably reduced.

For this reason, you must pay attention to the length of the wood you use. They must not be so large that the door cannot close properly.

You have to be careful about how and how often you feed the fire . Normally, as soon as the water temperature reaches the desired value, you will not have to add wood to the stove until the temperature drops. If you ignore this urge, the pressure in the boiler will increase beyond the limits it can withstand.

Maintenance of a wood boiler

The maintenance of a wood boiler will be done daily, weekly and monthly. Every day you will have to clean the ash left over from burning wood.

Also, to ensure a good flow of oxygen, the grill on which the wood is placed must be cleaned of ash.

Every week you will need to better clean the residues that result from burning. Then, once a month, you will generally clean the hearth, as well as the drain.


You can find the best wood boiler online . Here you will easily find a model that is right for you.

If you are not sure if you are making a good choice or not, you can consult the opinion and experience of other users with that product. This way you will avoid an unfortunate investment and you will only buy the best wood boiler for you.

The best wood boiler: recommendations

Taking into account the above tips, analyzing the opinions of buyers and the existing offer, we further recommend some models of wood boilers that offer an excellent quality / price ratio.

1. Wood-electric boiler Ariston SLE 80, 1200 W, 80 l, 0.8 Mpa

The best wood boiler Wood boiler in two versions SL, only on wood, and SLE, operation on wood or electric.
The sle electric version has electrical resistance (1200 w), thermostat and cover for component inspection.
Corrosion protection by enamelling of the boiler body and the smoke circuit,
Additional protection with large magnesium anode.
Inspection flange.

See details and price

2. Wood boiler assembly with FM cast iron door, stainless steel, 120 l

The best wood boiler The boiler is made of stainless steel.
The working pressure of the bath boiler is max. 3 bar.
The boiler operates under pressure and for safety in operation the boiler has been provided with a connection for a safety valve and a safety valve.
Capacity: 120 l – Energy source: Solid fuel.
Mounting type: Vertical – Mounting surface: Floor.
Power: 7500 W – Maximum working pressure: 3 bar.

See details and price

3. Fornello stainless steel wood boiler with 90 liter tin hearth

The best wood boiler Maximum pressure: 3 bar – Max. of water: 65 C ° – Caloric flow: 5.5 KW.
Boiler volume: 90 L – Connect the body: 120 mm – Wall thickness: 2 mm.
Boiler type: With storage – Capacity: 90 l.
Energy source: Solid fuel.
Mounting type: Vertical – Mounting surface: Floor.
Control panel type: Mechanical.

See details and price

4. Stainless steel wood boiler with FM hearth 90 liters

The best wood boiler The 90L stainless steel boiler and FM economic hearth assembly is intended for the production of domestic hot water, by burning a solid fuel in the hearth of the stove.
The boiler works under pressure and for safety in operation is provided with a connection for a safety valve.
This boiler is made of 2 mm thick stainless steel, and its working pressure is a maximum of 6 bar.
Boiler volume – 90 liters – Caloric flow – 5.5 kW.

See details and price

5. Fornello steel wood boiler with 90 liter tin hearth

The best wood boiler 90 Liter steel plate boiler assembly with economical hearth.
Maximum pressure: 3 bar.
Max. of water: 65 C ° – Caloric flow: 5.5 KW.
Boiler volume: 90 L.
Energy source: Solid fuel.
Mounting type: Vertical – Mounting surface: Floor.
Control panel type: Mechanical.

See details and price

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