The boiler, a convenient and efficient method for heating water

Being a very useful object for any home, the boiler is the most convenient and efficient way to constantly secure your hot water. The boiler is a container equipped with a system that heats the water that is stored inside it. If you are looking for an efficient solution for fast water heating, then opt to purchase this product. Some time ago, the boiler worked only on wood, gas or coal. However, later other models appeared, including the electric boiler, which quickly became very popular due to its increased efficiency. When deciding to buy a boiler, it is good to keep in mind some important aspects. It is essential to inform you about the types of boilers that exist on the market but also about the characteristics that it must have.

The boiler works on different types of fuel such as gas, wood, oil, electricity or solar panels. It is also important to consider the type of boiler that suits your needs. The room in the house where it will be located, but also how many people will use it frequently, are two important aspects that you must take into account when buying a boiler. The most sought after boilers are the electric ones and they can be instant, with bivalent accumulation or tank-to-tank boilers. Besides the fact that the electric boiler makes the water heating much faster, it is also very easy to install. The operation is very easy. The boiler is supplied with cold water and after accumulating the right amount of water depending on its size, the heating process begins, using the principle of pressure. There is a very wide range of boilers on the market and through this article we will detail the most important aspects in such a way as to facilitate the choice of a suitable boiler, depending on your preferences and needs.

Types of boilers

To choose the type of boiler we must first think about what kind of fuel is suitable. There are several types of boilers such as electric boilers, gas boilers, wood boilers, thermoelectric boilers, instant type boilers, tank to tank boilers and bivalent boilers.

The boiler, a convenient and efficient method for heating water

Electric boilers

This type of boiler is the most popular. It has a high degree of ease of use. The water heats up very easily and quickly. This boiler uses electric heaters that are powered by current. They are easy to install wherever there is a power connection. And from an economic point of view, electric boilers are very efficient.

Gas boiler

The latest generation gas boilers offer performance but also safety. This type of boiler allows rapid heating and continuous hot water supply. Gas boilers are also economically affordable because their prices are not high. Since gas is cheaper than electricity, gas boilers are more economical. The cumulative gas boiler is recommended in case of high consumption and the instant one is ideal for a smaller family.

Wood boilers

This type of boiler has a large capacity and can heat large amounts of water. Wood burning boilers are generally recommended for a rural area where wood is found and can be easily stored. These boilers use a hearth to burn wood. A wood boiler has two parts, the boiler and a stove that heats the water. Wood boilers easily heat large water capacities.

Thermoelectric boiler

A thermoelectric boiler offers the advantage of operation by supplying electricity but also with the help of the heating agent. This type of boiler is an electric one but it also offers the possibility to connect with other energy sources. The water in the boiler is heated by means of the electric resistance. The connection or disconnection of the electric resistance from the electric current is done by means of a thermostat and it must have a maximum temperature of 60 degrees. This saves electricity but also offers resistance over time.

Instant boiler

The instant boiler does not have an internal tank, heating water in real time in a very fast way. Because the instantaneous boiler does not always have to be in operation, this offers a very low electricity consumption, even 40% lower than other boilers. The instant boiler is very compact and the installation and placement takes up little space and is very easy to do. It is even possible to install multiple, where each room where hot water is needed, can benefit from an instant boiler. Although it heats the water very quickly, the instantaneous boiler does not offer high pressure.

The boiler, a convenient and efficient method for heating waterThe boiler, a convenient and efficient method for heating waterThe boiler, a convenient and efficient method for heating water


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