Hu Jun 胡军 as Da Chun 大春


When the director came to me, he said, “I’m going to change your image, something out of character for you.” After going through the script I find this character very interesting, it’s really something I’ve never endeavoured before, it’s half-human, half-robot.


While he’s still a human, he’s a cop. After becoming a cyborg, he has fighting scenes, and his appearance changes too. But, he’s never a tough guy.

After turning into a cyborg, he returns to an ambiguous state, he has to relearn everything. When he sees a chopper, he’d turn into a chopper, and learn how to use a chopper. It’s very enigmatic process. He’d also start learning to look at things from the perspective of robots. He also has romances, like being secretly in love with Sun Li, etc.

He’s actually very contradictory. Today, with better technology, various types of electronic equipment are churned out, when men don’t like anything, they’d just scrap it… I feel that this cyborg character, can serve as some kind of reminder to us humans on not being wasteful.

Alex Fong 方力申 as K-1 De Ming 德明’m playing an android, a 100% robot. He doesn’t look like robots, but resembles men. However, he is anaemic looking. The robots in this film would be doing kungfu. and my character versed in lots of weapons, like nunchuka.

I’m dating Sun Li in the film, but actually, robots are supposed to be impersonal, so, to play a robot, and to have to be in a relationship, it’s very paradoxical. This love affair will be very unusual, and very romantic. I’m also a very popular robot in the backwater town.

Sun Li 孙俪 as Su Mei 素梅
The director says that love is still key theme of the movie, and I have two romantic plotlines, one is my love for Alex Fong, another is being loved by Hu Jun and Ronald Cheng. Alex Fong, who is a robot, sweeps me of my feet, but love knows no boundaries, it doesn’t matter if he is human or not, love is love, no matter what.

Frankly speaking, I was a little worried initially knowing that I’d in a comedy. I’ve never done grossly exaggerated expressions before, but on the set, I came to know that the director wanted my acting to be very truthful, using our most sincere feelings to playact.

Watching his past movies, they’re very mou lei tau, very nonsensical, especially exaggerated, but after having a good laugh throughout, they’re still very nostalgic.

Working with director Jeffrey Lau, I find him to be a very meticulous person when it comes to emotions. He’s a very imaginative person, his ideas are really atypical; as some of us might have already said, we don’t have a fixed script, our scenes may change every day.

If Painted Skin director Gordan Chan were said to be like a snake, slowly roaming and exploring, I’d equate director Jeff Lau with a monkey, jumping about here and there.

Ronald Cheng 郑中基 as Xiao Jiang 小江
I play a primary school teacher, one with buckteeth, very reserved, and gentle. He carries a torch for Sun Li, and is also obsessed with robots, insofar as badly wanting to be one, and turns insane. They’re robots who look like men on the outside, yet I, who am a human on the inside, want to look like a robot on the outside. So, my image in the film is the most bizzare and hilarious.

Wu Jing 吴京 as K-88 Chen Long 陈龙
Being the latest invention and such a state-of-the-art android, I have a mind of my own, being able to think independently. So, I question orders from humans, have misgivings about their motives and desire to become a human. This is a very special, radical aspect.

Indubitably, I’m also the best fighter, and I have to challenge a robot Bruce Lee in the film, so the pressure is very big. The director also let me battle a 30m tall gargantuan robot, using a huge blade that is much taller than I, but the result is very good.

As the film gives plenty of room for imagination, I’d pose many questions to martial arts director Yuen Tak and the special effects team, such as asking how far ahead is the technology of that time, how do you tell apart this android from normal humans. Initially, they welcomed my suggestions. But, later, I kept having even more ideas, and they spent even more funds. In the end, they told me to shut up, or they’d blow the budget.

According to art producer Bill Lui, they made 4 experimental crescent blades of different lengths – 1.6, 1.8, 2.0 and 2.2 metres – and handed them over to the action director Yuen Tak, for he and Wu Jing are of similar build. Yuen Tak picked 1.8m long blade, and so, they had the actual blade, bearing ornate carvings, made, as well as a mould created to make duplicates. They had to think of how to give it a metallic look and feel, is lightweight, yet would not break, and looks lethal when wielded. It’s by no means an easy task and took them 10 days to complete.

But, after Wu Jing tested it, he found that the 2m one worked best. So, again, they had to rush out one real blade, along with several duplicates. They also had to choose the right material for forge it.

Gan Wei 甘薇 as Su Qing 素清
I play Sun Li’s younger sister in the film, and am an undergraduate. My hair is shockingly straggly, courtesy of the director. There are only three main characters in the film who are real humans, I, my elder sister Sun Li, and Ronald Cheng. I’m in love with Ronald Cheng, but he loves my sister instead. But, being the love expert, I have to teach my sister how to court Alex Fong, all kinds of means. You’d find out when you see the film in the theatres.

Newcomer Gan Wei is no stranger to the movie industry, having worked as marketing planner for CJ7, Warlords, Red Cliff 2, etc. ever since graduating in July 2007.


Being an animal lover, she and Sun Li, an animal lover as well, who recently published a book Take Me Home: The Stories of I and Stray Animals, are especially pally on the set, and wished that they were acquainted with each other earlier. Both adopt stray/abandoned cats and dogs, finding new homes for them.  Watch Movie


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