The most appreciated 9 sweet desserts served for coffee

Some people like sugar in coffee. Others prefer it with it – in the form of desserts. Whether it's a square of chocolate or a lemon pie, there is no denying that some sweets were invented as if to be enjoyed with a "shot" of caffeine. Let's see a list of 9 such "treatments".

After a hearty meal, nothing is better than a delicious coffee to digest everything. And if it is accompanied by small sweet bites, it becomes even the best time of the day. Here are some ideas to accompany coffee to be successful even with the finest gourmets.


With such an intense and daring coffee aroma, it can be easy to lose the taste of dessert, which is why it is recommended to combine espresso with something just as intense. Espresso does not always work very well with a milk chocolate dessert, but it works very well with a dark chocolate. Fruit desserts match well, but they must be full enough to retain them.

For an espresso tasting session, serve simple cookies without salt or sugar and plain water to rinse your palate between each sample.

Espresso is also combined with alcohol or food. Add a tablespoon of vanilla ice cream to make an "affogato". Mix the espresso with vodka or liqueur or add it to a coffee cake batter to replace instant coffee. Of course, you can stay in the coffee sphere, preparing more complex drinks based on espresso, such as "cafe latte", mocha or cappuccino.

The most appreciated 9 sweet desserts served for coffee


Delicate sweets fit with this soft drink, garnished with milk foam or whipped cream. Cappuccino works very well with ice cream desserts, although sometimes you may think you taste the same thing, for example, if you take a mouthful of ice cream with a cappuccino, they almost only have different temperatures rather than super different flavors.

To differentiate the textures of coffee and ice cream, you can try a fine and crunchy recipe for vanilla ice cream with chocolate flakes.


Cafe latte is similar to a cappuccino both in terms of the amount of espresso and the proportion of milk, so you can opt for the same principle: softness. It goes very well with a tart or a dessert based on milk chocolate. Also, the cookies fit well, or something you can dip a little and then soften in your mouth. You can use Oreo, known as milk biscuit chocolate chip cookies.

Coffee with milk

While espresso can overload a dessert with a cafe au lait, coffee dessert can overload. As the fullest of milk, the most watery, and the least intense in flavor assortment, consider combining a coffee shop with milk with a coffee-flavored dessert.

For an approach to a classic dessert in this category, you can try a classic tiramisu or an Israeli one, which replaces traditional mascarpone with vanilla pudding and homemade cheese.


The favorite pairing of some confectioners between coffee and desserts is with a cortado – which has less milk than a cappuccino – and an intense chocolate dessert, such as a slice of flourless cake with chocolate and almonds, which combines the richness of the sweet taste of chocolates with the complexity of fried almonds, or a chocolate cake.

The most appreciated 9 sweet desserts served for coffee

Black coffee

How many times have you served coffee in a bar or restaurant without being accompanied by chocolate? Square or round pieces, chocolate always finds its place next to our end-of-meal drink. We cannot specify whether it is a tradition, a custom, an intelligent culinary mixture, or simply a delicacy that has remained over the years.

In the opinion of confectioners, almost anything goes well with black coffee made in an electric kettle ( a list of some compared products can be found here ) or in any other way: any kind of chocolate, all kinds of nuts-based desserts.

However, there are two ingredients that are believed to never be served with black coffee: salt and cheese. Even if the cream cheeses are very dense, they don't work. Often, the flavors completely collide or the cheese completely defeats everything else.

Gourmet cafe

In French restaurants, you can be offered to finish your meal with a "gourmet coffee". It is a coffee served with one or more different desserts. Dessert and coffee are combined, which saves customers time, and gourmets take a dessert without "really" ordering one.

In any case, you can have fun choosing from the following dessert categories: cakes cut into small pieces: blackberries, lemon tarts, chocolate cakes, yogurt cakes or candied fruit cakes; baked cakes in suitable forms: madeleine, muffins, cannelloni; biscuits, cookies, biscuits; individual desserts arranged in small containers: lava cake, cheese cake, chocolate cream, creme brulee and, of course, fruit pasta, macaroon and other meringues, now classic.

Finally, to inspire you to decorate your own gourmet cafe, think of candy and chocolate (homemade or commercial): colorful and fun, will add a touch of cheerfulness to the table. Prawns, violets, liqueurs, caramels, colored chocolates, glazed almonds, jellies. Again, you will be pampered to your heart's content.

Austrian fashion

Austrians, for example, like their coffee quite full, with a hint of bitterness; it is always served with milk and brown sugar. Because they usually have a frugal lunch, Kaffee und Kucher appreciates: now more organized on weekends (to have time to cook), this kind of snack gathers family and friends around a wide range of "homemade" pastries: Apfelstrudel (pastry with apples, raisins and cinnamon), chocolate tart, cakes, all accompanied by coffee. Whether you prefer Schale Gold (with a lot of milk), Fiaker (espresso mixed with alcohol), Einspanner (coffee with a lot of cream), the main thing is to share the moment and the goodies with your loved ones.

Turkish coffee

It goes well with sweet Turkish desserts, such as baklava or pistachio halva, candied pumpkin and candied quinces. If you serve it alone, you can add a piece or two of Turkish shit ( lockum ), a small decorative dessert to complete the service.

Always serve Turkish coffee with a small glass of water. It is common for people to drink a sip of water after each sip of coffee.

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