The stove, a choice between features and types

The stove is one of the most important and useful appliances. There is a wide range of models on the market that differ depending on the type of stove and its characteristics. In this article we will provide some tips and details to help you when you decide to change the stove. Given the evolution of technology, many models of stoves have appeared and choosing the right one is more difficult without more detailed documentation. For a tasty and quick meal, in addition to the rest of the kitchen utensils, the stove is just as important. Depending on your budget and needs, you will also make the best decision.

Stove features

The dimensions and design of the stove

The choice of the size of the stove depends on the available space where it will be installed. There are different sizes and the most common models have a width of 50 cm but there are also stoves with dimensions of 60, 70 and 90 cm. Depending on the chosen size also depends on the capacity, volume and burners it offers. It is important to measure the place where the stove will be located and in this way you will definitely make the right choice. The dimensions of the stove represent an important criterion both in terms of available space and in terms of the purpose and needs that it must meet. An important aspect is the size of the oven. If you cook often and a lot, then opt for a stove that has an oven of at least 60 liters. Although a little more expensive but much more efficient, another option may be the double oven that gives you the opportunity to cook two dishes at the same time. In terms of stove design, there are simple or modern models. The design is a factor that does not influence the quality of the other functions of the stove, but depending on the available budget, choose a stove with a pleasant and modern look, especially since there are many models on the market. Most stoves on the market now have a beautiful design.

Construction materials

This factor directly influences the durability of the stove. Given that it is a long-term investment, this feature deserves all the necessary attention. Although the cooking qualities of a stove do not depend on this criterion, quality construction materials will give the stove a long life and it will be much easier for you to maintain it. The most common stoves are made of stainless steel and enamel. Both models offer advantages and disadvantages. A stainless steel stove, although it does not turn yellow over time, is more difficult to clean and requires special products. These stoves offer the most pleasant models in terms of design. Instead, enamel cookers are durable over time and are easier to clean. For both the oven door and the lid, you can opt for double glazing. But, in terms of cover, another option would be metal, offering more resistance over time.

The stove, a choice between features and types


The number of burners is another important factor when you want to buy the best stove. A classic stove generally contains 4 burners but there are also models with several burners. Depending on your preferences and needs, the most suitable stove for a house is the one that includes on average 4-5 burners. The power of the burners is another important aspect on which the performance of the stove depends. Most stove models have burners of different sizes, both large burners for quick cooking and small burners for smaller utensils.

The oven

The stove oven is a very important element when the baking function will be a frequently used one. The quality of the dishes also depends on the functions of the oven. An essential factor for choosing the oven will be made depending on how large the family is. For larger quantities of cooking, an oven of at least 60 liters is ideal. Stoves that have a double oven are more advantageous because they offer the possibility to cook several dishes simultaneously. It is good to choose an oven that offers a wide range of programs, functions and settings. A quality stove includes the grill and the toaster, the convection function and temperature regulation settings, aspects on which the correct cooking of the food depends.


Types of stoves

Depending on your preferences and needs, there are several types of stoves and the most popular are gas, electric and induction cookers. Each stove model offers advantages and disadvantages and the right choice depends on your preferences, specifications but also on the available budget.

Gas stove

This is the most used stove in Romania and on the market there is a very varied range of models. Gas cookers are the most affordable option from an economic point of view. The biggest advantage is that the gas stoves do not require time for heating because it is done instantly. Gas stoves produce a high temperature and the heat of the flames spreads over the entire surface of the cooking utensils. For safety, it is important that if you buy a gas stove, to install a gas detector.

Induction cookers

Although this model of stove is the most expensive, it still offers many advantages. The electric induction cooker is relatively new on the market. This stove emits a constant heat and the temperature is very easy to adjust. It offers a high degree of safety and is very practical when it comes to maintenance and cleaning. This type of stove minimizes the risk of injury because once the dish is removed from the stove, it cools immediately.

The stove, a choice between features and types

Electric stove

In terms of price, the electric stove is between the gas stove and the induction cookers. These stoves have become increasingly popular and sought after. It offers the advantage of temperature adjustment that is done easily and quickly. Like induction cookers, electric cookers offer a high degree of safety. Electric cookers also offer an even more pleasing look. However, the heating is not done quickly and the consumption will be a little higher. These stoves work with a resistor that is powered by current. The electric cooker plate is very easy to clean but it scratches even faster if it is not properly maintained. The electric oven is a very advantageous one because there is a wide range of models that bring innovative technologies. Electric ovens have many functions and programs that facilitate and offer great convenience in cooking. The electric oven has an electronic control panel that gives you the opportunity to easily control all the functions it has.

Important functions of the electric stove

A quality electric stove must have the most innovative functions and specifications. Most functions are included in the electric oven. Thus, the electric stove includes the air convection function which provides a uniform distribution of hot air in the oven. This process is done with the help of a fan. The safety function is one of the most advantageous specifications that the electric stove. For a uniform cooking, the electric oven has the function of toaster that allows the rotation of food and the control of the rotation speed. The grill is another important specification that works on the basis of an electrical resistance that is usually found in the upper part of the oven. Another useful element is the stove timer which offers a fixed cooking time for certain dishes. For added convenience, electric cookers come with the smart clean function, an option that will clean the stove automatically.

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The stove, a choice between features and typesThe stove, a choice between features and types

If you are not interested in buying a classic stove with oven, well you can only opt for a built-in oven. This choice is a practical one because you can mount it on a piece of furniture without having a hob or you can customize it, including an electric or gas hob. You can also adjust the height to which you want to mount it, so you can say goodbye to continuous bending.

A successful built-in oven in our opinion will have to be electric, be roomy for whatever you want to cook, have enough arms to help you adjust height where you want to place the tray, and at the same time it is preferable that the oven should have enough space for cooking to allow you to use 2 trays simultaneously if necessary. In addition to all this, the functions of: grill, roaster, defrost, double heating (through the top and bottom), defrost and display for adjusting the controls are mandatory.

However, if you opt for a built-in gas oven, you must keep in mind that it heats up a lot at the top, so you will have to check the food that you cook quite often so that it does not burn.

We must not omit the materials from which the oven is built. The best and resistant materials for it are: stainless steel, stainless steel, anti-fingerprint stainless steel, heat-resistant glass. and so on

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The stove, a choice between features and typesThe stove, a choice between features and types


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