Top 10 benefits of hot air fryer

hot air fryers

French fries are obviously part of the universal culinary tradition and it is not written anywhere that this golden delight must be cooked in astronomical amounts of oil. And why would it be necessary to smell fried in your kitchen the next day? No wonder the hot air fryer is so successful.

Oil-free and fat-free fryers can be found more and more often in households, but this does not mean that they all have the same characteristics. So, you should know how such a device can benefit you. In this article we will analyze the advantages one by one and we will discuss them briefly:

Prepare healthier and lower calorie foods

The great advantage of cooking food in a hot air fryer is that the food is less greasy and therefore healthier than that cooked in a conventional fryer or pan. Foods are not fried in fat, but crispy cooked in hot air.

Another advantage of the hot air fryer is that it preserves the initial taste of the food. Because little or no oil is used, the food used retains its natural taste and appearance.

We have already insisted on this aspect, but we cannot cite the advantages of the appliance without mentioning the fact that fried foods – especially, but not only – absorb less fat, are less caloric and therefore better for health with this new way to cook.

Top 10 benefits of hot air fryer

The hot air fryer allows you to cook or fry food without the need to use oil. French fries become lighter because they simply contain 3% fat. Thus, a person who consumes a portion of french fries will ingest only 200 calories.

According to European doctors, the energy required for digestion decreases significantly. When it comes to taste, food is much better, especially for someone who doesn't like fatty food.

It is faster and more economical

The combination of the heating element and the hot air circulation allows your dishes to cook faster in a hot air fryer than in a traditional oven. This is why this appliance should not only be seen as a healthier alternative to a traditional fryer, but also as a more economical baking alternative.

If you need to quickly prepare snacks or meals, the oil-free fryer will save you time. You can cook fresh and frozen food and even reheat the remaining meat, fish, stews, sandwiches and lots of vegetables. Some devices have additional features, such as a frying pan, hob or cooking basket. Dividable baskets also allow you to cook several things at the same time.

Preheating becomes unnecessary

Unlike most fryers and ovens, preheating will not be necessary with a hot air fryer. This saves you time and allows you to prepare more spontaneous snacks. Because they are smaller than an oven and circulate hot air with fans, oil-free fryers cook food faster. An oven may need up to 30 minutes to preheat properly, while these appliances reach the optimum temperature in a few minutes.

Food should not be mixed or turned over

The hot air, possibly accompanied by an amount of oil, passes through the food at high speed and thus cooks all parts of the ingredients evenly. So you will no longer have to sit next to the device, mix or turn the food, or, for your peace of mind and the guarantee of a brilliant result, you can still do this operation about halfway through the cooking cycle.

Top 10 benefits of hot air fryer

It is a safer device

A hot air fryer not only eliminates the risk of splashing with hot oil or grease, but its closed and well-insulated design also minimizes the risk of burns and other accidents. Therefore, this appliance is ideal if you do not feel very safe when using a traditional fryer.

It is a greener device

The air that is released by the device passes through a series of filters. They ensure that this air does not contain harmful substances and unpleasant odors. It is good for the environment and for cooking.

It is a welcome change for your senses as well – your kitchen will not have the lingering smell of burnt oil that can occur when frying.

You can choose the oil

You can add a little oil if you want to brown the French fries. One tablespoon is more than enough. If you need advice, consider omega 3 or 6 rich oils, olive oil, or even flavored ones. Use the oil of your choice, depending on your taste or recipe. It can also be peanut oil, sunflower oil or melted butter.

You can cook simultaneously

The basket, which can be equipped with a separator often supplied with the appliance or sold separately, allows you to cook two dishes at the same time. This appliance can cook anything other than french fries. Some models are even accompanied by a recipe book.

Top 10 benefits of hot air fryer

You save space

With a hot air fryer you can not only replace the conventional fryer, but also a table grill. Many devices have more than one level, which allows you, for example, to prepare french fries and meat at the same time. Due to this fact you can save space in the kitchen by purchasing such a device.

It is energy efficient, easy to clean and maintain

These fat-free devices are not as dangerous as hot plates. They do not pose a fire hazard and use much less electricity than most people think. Carbon emissions are reduced by using oil-free fryers, which also consume less electricity than a conventional oven.

In general, oil stains on devices are difficult to clean. But, using this modern fryer, all you have to do is disassemble the pieces one by one. Wash them lightly with suitable products. For extra comfort, the bottom can be cleaned with a sponge soaked in soapy water.

In terms of safety, this car is not dangerous. Your children will have no risk of roasting with hot oil, unlike traditional fryers. With a clear glass or other cover, they will never be able to open the device.

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