Top 3 recipes to prepare in the electric oven

Unlike the classic version, the electric oven offers you a much better control of the cooking temperature and functions that can successfully replace the cooking experience. You can easily prepare delicious recipes, such as custard with prunes, baked salmon fillets or sticky wings just by following the recipe instructions.

If you have recently switched from a gas oven to an electric one, you are probably already impressed by the level of precision it offers you in cooking and the multitude of predefined programs that help you prepare food more easily. To leisurely test its qualities, we offer you some tasty recipes that will delight the whole family.


Baked salmon fillets

Salmon is a delicate fish, which you must cook carefully to remain tender and tasty and not become dry or too soft. The preparation inside the oven helps it to capture the aromas of spices better than outside and to form a light crust, keeping the core fragile and good.

For this simple but effective recipe, you need coarse salt and pepper, half a teaspoon of oil, a teaspoon of honey and a salmon fillet as uniform in thickness. It is a very simple dish to make, which does not require much cooking time and which you can place on a plate, without emotions, at the most demanding parties. In order for it to come out perfectly, it may be necessary to cut it through the areas where it is thicker, so as to obtain the most uniform baking on the entire surface.

The preparation of the salmon includes wiping with napkins on the entire surface, to dry it as well as possible, and covering with large salt sprinkled with plenty. Then let it sit for about 30 minutes, then remove the excess salt and absorb the water again with the napkins, until the fillet is dry.

Then follow the spices, to taste, and grease the fillet with a mixture of oil and honey which must then be massaged, to penetrate evenly everywhere, and which ensures a delicious browning. Don't forget to bake it on a layer of paper so that it can be easily removed without breaking it.

Cook the salmon in the oven at 120 o C, for 20 minutes, and then use the grill function, with the heat emanating from the top heater and the thermostat set at 220 o C to brown it. Use this option for 5 minutes, during which time you must follow the salmon closely, so as not to brown it too much.

When the formed crust pleases you, take it out of the oven and serve it according to your preferences. We recommend you put it on the table with a little olive oil and a few slices of lemon, and as a garnish, you can opt for some green pods, cooked quickly, al dente.


Top 3 recipes to prepare in the electric oven

Flan with prunes

The recipe is also called lighthouse bangs and is originally from Brittany, being similar to the puddings you make when you need a dessert quickly. It combines the delicate vanilla aroma with the strong taste of prunes and is very easy to make, especially if you have an electric oven (here and our comparative analysis) .

On the list of ingredients you must add 150g of dried plums, 50ml of cognac, black or rum tea, 50g of butter, half a liter of milk, three eggs and two yolks, 120g of powdered sugar, 80g of flour, salt and 40g of starch. For flavor you can use an envelope of vanilla sugar, vanilla essence or pod core.

The first step is to put the plums in heated cognac and leave them until they absorb or cool. In a bowl, add eggs and sugar and mix with a blender until smooth. Combine flour, starch and salt separately and add the mixture to the bowl, using a whisk to even out the composition.

You will use half of the butter to grease the tray in which you will put the pudding, and you will melt the rest and put it in the mixture, together with a spoonful of cognac and milk. After homogenization you will get a dough similar in consistency to that of pancakes.

Place the plums on the bottom of the tray, in a single layer, and then pour the composition over them. Before inserting the tray into the oven, you must preheat it to 240 o C. But remember that immediately after you put the tray in the oven, the temperature must be lowered to 170 o C, a level that will remain for the 45 minutes needed for baking.

When you take the flan out of the oven, it will be brown, beautiful and swollen. Don't be sad if in 5 minutes it will deflate in an obvious way, this is the recipe and this is exactly how it should behave. For a better taste, we recommend serving it at room temperature, covered with cinnamon syrup.


Top 3 recipes to prepare in the electric oven

Sticky wings

Ideal for a picnic with family, meetings with friends and movie nights, ripe wings are easy to make and very tasty. All you need are 10 wings, soy sauce (40ml), orange juice (40ml), a tablespoon of honey, a tablespoon of brown sugar, 2 tablespoons of rice vinegar, a teaspoon of sesame oil, Chinese spices after preferably, 2 cloves of garlic and chili flakes.

Cut the tips and split the wings in half, wash them under running water and then use the napkins to dry them well. Crush the garlic and mix it with chili and spices, then massage the meat with the mixture obtained, to penetrate as well as possible.

Combine the orange juice with the sesame sauce, vinegar, honey and sugar in a bowl and mix until the sugar dissolves. Put the wings in a deep plate or a tray and pour over them the mixture obtained, leaving them to marinate in the refrigerator for 4 hours.

It is important that before putting them in the oven, take them out to reach room temperature. Preheat the oven to 220 o C in the standard version or to 200 o C in the ventilated version. The wings need 1 hour to make, during which time it is recommended to cover them again with the sauce in the pan every 15 minutes. When the sauce starts to thicken and look like honey, it's time to take them out.

Careful! The cooking time may differ depending on how big the pieces of meat are, so watch the wings carefully after the first 30-40 minutes of cooking. You can eat them plain or with various garnishes, such as mashed potatoes, au gratin vegetables or rice.



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