Top 4 soups to make at multicooker

Hot or cold, tasty and nutritious, soups are a favorite dish in any season, especially after a tiring day, when the body is not ready to work on a heavier meal. Here are some delicious recipes that you can easily prepare using a multicooker.


The multicooker is a complex and efficient device that many housewives want to have in the kitchen. If you are among those who have decided on the model and brand and just take it out of the box, enjoying the choice made, we help you with some tasty soup recipes that are worth trying with this device.


Greek soup with zucchini meatballs

If you like meatball soup, but you are ready to try other interpretations of the classic chicken recipe, we suggest the pumpkin version. To obtain the meatballs you need: 2 pumpkins, 1 small chopped onion, 2-3 cloves of crushed garlic, half a bunch of chopped parsley, 1 egg and semolina (250g) to bind the composition.

Wash and peel the pumpkins and remove the seeds if they are large. Then pass them through a large grater, sprinkle with salt, mix well and drain in a large sieve for half an hour.

Meanwhile, start preparing the soup. For it you need 2 carrots, a parsnip root, half a celery root, 1 bunch of dill, 150g rice, 3 egg yolks, 200g sour cream, lemon juice to taste, salt and pepper. Wash and cut the vegetables into cubes and rinse the rice in some water, then boil them in water with salt and pepper. Choose the soup program for multicooker and set it to 15 minutes.

Top 4 soups to make at multicooker

In the 15 minutes, take care of the meatballs. Squeeze the zucchini well and put them in a bowl with the rest of the ingredients for the meatballs, which you mix well until the composition is uniform. It takes a few minutes for the semolina to swell and give the right texture to the mixture. In order not to stick to your palms when forming the hairs, moisten your hands with water or a little oil. Form round meatballs, pass them through semolina and place them on a plate or on a wooden bottom until you can add them to the soup.

After the soup program is over, add the meatballs carefully, dividing them so that they do not touch each other. Set the multicooker for the manual cooking option and boil them for 5 minutes. When they are ready they will rise to the surface.

In a bowl, mix the egg yolks with sour cream and lemon juice. When the meatballs are ready and you can open the appliance, take the juice from the soup with a polish and pour it slowly into the mixture, in order to balance the temperature. Do this with 3-4 polishes, stirring, then pour all the contents of the bowl, slowly, into the soup.

The soup is almost ready. All you have to do is add the dill and then salt, pepper and lemon juice to taste.


Raudautean soup

If you like Radauti soup and you have a multicooker in the kitchen, you will be glad to know that you can prepare it in just 30 minutes. As ingredients, you must have: chicken (2 thighs, 1 breast), 2 carrots, a quarter of celery root, a parsnip, 3 cloves of garlic, green parsley, a lemon and an onion. You still need 2 eggs (only the yolks), 200g of sour cream, salt and pepper.

Wash and clean the vegetables and meat and put them whole in the multicooker, then add water until close to the maximum. Set the soup program for 15 minutes and press START. After the time has elapsed, release the steam valve and leave for 5-10 minutes for the pressure to drop. Then open the lid carefully, using a kitchen glove. Remove the vegetables and meat on a cutting board and cut them into cubes.

In a suitable bowl, mix the cream with the yolks, then take a multicooker soup with a polish and add a little, stirring with a spoon, so as to slowly raise the temperature of the composition. After 2-3 polishes added, pour the contents of the bowl into the multicooker soup and mix. Match salt, pepper and lemon. Serve by placing pieces of vegetables and meat, soup and chopped parsley in bowls.


Fish soup

For those who love the flavor of fish soup, we propose a delicious recipe, very easy to make, especially if you use a multicooker . For this preparation you need an onion, 2-3 carrots, 2-3 potatoes, 3-4 cloves of garlic, a sprig of dill. In the fish chapter, we recommend you to combine cod fillets (about half a kilogram), salmon (two pieces or 500g) and small, whole fish (300g), which you can replace with a tail or head of trout or salmon. Also prepare 3 bay leaves, spice for fish containing juniper (2 teaspoons), black pepper (5 – 6 berries), white wine (100ml), lemon, salt and pepper.

Top 4 soups to make at multicooker Put in the pressure cooker: catfish, small fish, bay leaves, pepper, salt, onion and water, and set it to boil for 40 minutes. When ready, remove the salmon, debone it and place the pieces in a covered bowl. Strain the juice obtained and remove the onion and small fish.

Cut the cod into larger pieces, the carrot into long, thin slices and the potatoes into four and add them to the pot, along with the strained juice, setting the appliance on the boil for 30 minutes. Meanwhile, finely chop the greens and grind the garlic, you will add them to the soup, along with the wine, when the 30 minutes of cooking have passed. Mix carefully and match the taste. When serving, add to the bowl, along with the soup from the pot, and a piece of salmon. Don't forget to place lemon slices next to the plate.


Summer soup

For summer soup you need beetroot (500g), celery root (150g), a carrot, an onion and a potato. You need 3 more cloves of garlic, salt, pepper, bay leaf and sour cream. Cut the vegetables into thin strips, except for the onions, which you use whole and then remove. Add the chopped vegetables in the multicooker, bay leaf, pepper, salt and water, and set to boil for 20 minutes. When ready, add the crushed garlic and let it sit for 15 minutes. Serve with finely chopped greens and sour cream.

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