Top 5 brands that offer you good kettles

Are you looking for a good kettle and you don't know which brands to target? Find out from this article five brands that offer you good quality models, at different price levels and what experience they bring behind the technology they provide.


If you like to drink tea, chocolate, hot or coffee, or sometimes you don't have time to cook and you quickly resort to an instant soup, a kettle would definitely be useful. This type of home appliance is produced and sold by numerous brands, more or less known on the Romanian market. Here are some of the most appreciated brands in the offer of which you will surely find a model suitable for you.


Star Light

For several years, the name Star-Light has appeared in many searches for household appliances and is among the popular names in online sales. What you may not know is that Star-Light is a Romanian brand, the result of the partnership between Flanco and Emag, and the products are made in Turkey.

Under this name are sold mixers, blenders, juicers, refrigerators, choppers, televisions, vacuum cleaners, dehumidifiers, stoves, espresso machines, radiators, hoods, etc. covering much of what home appliances mean.

Those who have already tested the products available under this name know that the brand mainly provides good quality devices at affordable prices. You will find it harder to find high-performance options under this brand, premium or framing the latest technologies this year, but the integrated systems and materials used ensure, instead, efficient and long-lasting operation. It is the most suitable brand for those who want to buy a good product, at a price between 50 and 120 lei.


Top 5 brands that offer you good kettles


Founded in Eindhoven in 1891, Royal Philips is a Dutch company based in Amsterdam, which currently has over 122,000 employees in over 60 countries. The company develops technological products and includes three departments, one dedicated to lighting equipment and systems, another aimed at products to improve the lifestyle of consumers and the third, aimed at the development of medical equipment.

The range of household products is divided into food processing machines (blenders, mixers, pasta makers, etc.), thermal preparation options (multicooker, soup machines, etc.), beverage devices (coffee makers, kettles, etc.) and systems. for air quality (humidifiers, purifiers, etc.).

The kettle line includes models with a capacity between 0.8 and 1.8 liters and an engine from 1800 to 2400W. There are versions made of both stainless steel and plastic. Most variants can be purchased at a price between 100 and 400 lei.



Robert Bosch Gmbh, or Bosch for short, is a German multinational based in Gerlingen with over 230 years of experience. Its product portfolio is quite extensive, covering four different areas: mobility, goods for final consumers, technology for industry and, respectively, energy and technology for construction.

The offer for end consumers includes both power tools and appliances, under the name Bosch, finding in stores almost everything you need for the house and maintenance or repair projects, from the drill and lawn mower, to the coffee maker and stove.

The range of appliances consists of cooking appliances, washing machines and dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators, coffee and espresso machines, breakfast appliances (coffee makers, kettles), multicookers, food processors, appliances small cooking utensils, vacuum cleaners, steam irons, etc.

The kettles are therefore a product among dozens that you can buy under this name, but bringing home the specific quality of Bosch. The models have a capacity between 1 and 1.7 liters, are available in wired and wireless versions, at prices between 90 and 400 lei.



Considered the second largest manufacturer of home appliances after Whirlpool, Electrolux is a Swedish company founded in 1919 by entrepreneur Axel Wenner-Gren. The company's activity began with the sale of vacuum cleaners, but today the portfolio includes a variety of home appliances, sold under the brands AEG, Electrolux, Zanussi, Electrolux Grand Cuisine and Frigidaire.

The company's annual sales exceed 60 million products, its market covering over 150 countries. Kitchen appliances represent two thirds of the products sold, 4% of this range being intended for professionals.

The offer of kitchen appliances includes hoods, hobs, microwave ovens, classic ovens, freezers, refrigerators, dishwashers and small devices such as water heaters ( here is our list ) , juicers, mixers, blenders, food processors. kitchen etc. The most popular models available under this brand have a capacity of 1.5 – 1.7 liters, modern design, plastic or stainless steel, and are available at prices between 150 and 300 lei.


Top 5 brands that offer you good kettles


The Zilan brand belongs to the Turkish company Zilan Group, based in Istanbul, and covers a variety of electrical devices designed to improve lifestyle. The brand's portfolio includes heaters (hobs, ovens, etc.), food processing devices (choppers, mixers, sandwich makers, etc.), models for preparing beverages (coffee makers, kettles), home care options (vacuum cleaners, irons). ), body care products, heating and cooling systems, cooking utensils, cutlery and kitchen utensils, bathroom accessories, etc.

It is also one of the brands that focuses on offering affordable products, the kettles being available for example at costs starting from 35 lei. The capacity of the Zilan versions varies between 1 and 1.7 liters, and the design includes both plastic versions, with a tank with a transparent wall, which allows the visualization of the liquid, and stainless steel versions, which keep the heat better.

Most of the Zilan kettles can be bought with a maximum budget of 100-120 lei, being therefore suitable for students and those who want a product that efficiently fulfills its basic function.


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